Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Juan Valdez is my Homeboy....

That's right people it's finals week. Sleep has been replaced by has been replaced by writing...and to fuel that writing I'm sure I've single handedly helpped increase Colombia's legitamate GDP. I could go on a rant but I'm tired of staring at computer screens more than the back of my eye lids. On the thesis I have enough for a rough draft...essentially half the paper...I feel my ideas are a little all over the place but as long as I can put them togehter coherently it's all copies aren't due until the 20 so I have a week to write 10 pages.

My Modern Germany final paper is due I'll be working on that tonight and tomorrow before heading off to Salve....only 6 more pages on the Pope's actions or lack thereof in World War II...

Anth Mid term (to handle an incomplete)...I discovered file courrpted are the two most painful words in the English Language so I had to rewrite fact I need to find the articles that we used last semester for one question... arrg! I just want this thing done.

After all this paper writing nonsense is done I've got to clean my room and start packing...look for a real job and hope that the incompletes were handled so I can get my "sheet of paper" and hopefully start earning enough to pay off my debts...sigh....I wish my life wasn't as complicated as it becomes sometimes.

Well regardless back to the grind...

The human word processor.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Sprint Brick...

This weekend was spent mostly glued to my computer screen as due dates are rapidly aproaching. So far I'm about 4-5 pages into my 18-20 page thesis, and 2 pages in to my 8-10 pager for modern Germany most of that work was done yesterday as I have 2 different versions of each on my computer. ( some how I think I spent way to much time on introductions on the first versions so I restarted.) The modern Germany paper is proving to be more difficult than I thought. In either case this blog isn't about my academics it's about my athletics so here is the bloody gory.

Saturday: as mentioned I've been battling my sinuses/ head cold so I flaked on doing my normal swim workout on Friday..instead I napped and it was good. Saturday I worked, typed some more of my Thesis and decided to go for an early evening 8-9 miler. I did it in a not too shabby 1:11.

Sunday: After being a heathen once again and not going to Church in order to sleep. I got an email from Josie seeing if I was still down for a ride and possibly a run. I know I should have devoted that entire beautiful afternoon to paper writing. I know I should have sat hunched over my laptop with a pot of coffee I know I'm going to be paying for this sin tenfold as I'll mostly like be up late tonight and tomorrow typing away. But I hadn't been on the bike in two weeks, it was sitting in the basement screaming out "Ride me Bobby...Ride me." And so I relented I told Josie I'd meet her at 4:00 for a "short" ride/ run brick.
We met up in Middlebury and decided to do two loops of the Griskus Sprint loop.
The first loop of the ride it was evident my legs had a little rust in them also I was experimenting with different gearing on some of the climbs (Bjoern had noticed I had used a lot of power gears on climbs.) So needless to say on some of the hills I put myself into too low a gear and was immediately spanked by Josie as I was quite literally spinning my wheels and going no where. The first loop wasn't too bad although Josie was proving to be the uber climber. The second loop I contiuned my experiment, this time I had figured out my gearing a little better on the climbs. Granted Josie was still a better climber...after graduation I need to start doing hill repeats ...and lots of them trying to find the perfect balance between cadence and power...also some crossfit wouldn't hurt. Irregardless we did the 20.6 miles at an average speed of 17.5 mph in a time 1:10:48.
The Run I was in my glory. Josie made the mistake...I mean decision to try to run with me. We decided to continue our Griskus Preview by running the run loop. Needless to say I went out like a house on fire...I hit the 1 mile mark in 8:06 granted the markers were based on the course starting at Quassy amusement park ( proud home of the Pat Griskus Tri series, and the Rev 3 triathlon.) so realistically we were about 300-400 meters ahead of the markers. Sub-8 minute mile pace...this was turning out to be a tempo run instead of a transition. I looked back and Josie was about 200 meters back stating "I suck at running." We made our way down the hill to the turn around I hit it and started back and started clapping as I ran past Josie...I think I remember hearing something about hating running and I'm going to hurl.... I hit the 2 mile mark in 16:06 ( remember we are still about a quarter mile ahead of the markers...) I made it back up the hill and o the park I turned around to collect Josie who was about 200 meters behind... " I almost puked.." she stated huffing and puffing...We made it back to the cars in about 29 minutes. She did about 3.5 miles according to her Garmin so she was well under 9 min/ mile pace...with my loop back I did about 3.6 so I was right at the 8 min/mile threshold give or take a couple seconds.
Needless to say training this weekend wasn't a total loss granted I was coughing like I lit up two packs of Marlboro's at the end of it....stupid head yes if I'm pulling these splits under trained and sick imgaine what I can do when I'm healthy and "in shape" afraid New England Tri very, very, afraid.

Well back to the papers....

The Flying Academic