Friday, October 12, 2007

Run on Angry Runner!

Yes tomorrow is the United Technologies Greater Hartford Marathon/Half Marathon and Huck Finn 5k. Unfortunately this endurance minded blogger has been chained to a desk and will have to miss the Angry Runner's Rendezvous with Half Marathon Greatness as he races all 13.1 miles in the Purple livery of the Leukemia Lymphoma Society's Team in Training, after raising well over $1500 to help bitch stomp the diseases. All I can say Sir Angry is stomp that bitch, stomp it for those suffering, for those that believe in you, and for one cantankerous bank teller who will be handing out envelopes of cash and saying "Thank You ( especially for cussing me out you psycho) Have a Great Day!" as you march on toward destiny...also for any other blogger preparing to Bitch Stomp Hartford. or Central students preparing to do battle in Stanley Park .....I will paraphrase ACDC ......" For those about to Run I salute you!"


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Human Krakatoa

Well as you can tell from previous posts pressure has been building on me, with school, work, training, trying to finance New Zealand, help out my family, bail my self out from helpping out, trying to manage the stress of two jobs as well coach the fledgling swimmers of the tri club. Well last night I exploded...maybe not Krakatoa-like but I did let off some steam in a rather negative fashion that could cost me my lifeguard job ( which I desperately need.) On Monday Night the Aquatic director went off on me when he saw two lap swimmers using equipment THAT IS ONLY FOR THE SWIM TEAM!!!!! Now it's not our fault that the age groupers don't put away their shit so I rather forcefully and bluntly told my tri swimmers that unless they want to swim in the Stanley Park Lake NOT TO USE ANYTHING THAT HAS A NAME ON IT OR SAYS SUNOCO OR CCSU SWIM TEAM ON IT!!!!! Bjoern and I then took a look at the budget and decided that swim equipment might be a smart investment...
fast forward to Tues. As I was warming down from my 3400 yard workout I spied on of my fellow guards coming to swim laps using a Sunnocco Kick board Sure enough in half panic half Rage I told her anything that has SUNOCO OR A NAME IS OFF LIMITS!
but it was in the lap swim bin she Retorted.
she grabbed another kick board how about this one..
does it have an name on it?
yes NO!
needless to say the guards currently on duty were bewildered at my rather childish actions and I then passed along the message given to me last night. One lap swimmer said that these rules were ridiculous but I informed him THE SWIM TEAM HAS PRIORITY again he muttered something about this shit being unfair and that if the swimmers left their shit out they deserve to have it used by someone much as I agree with his sentiments I was hired by the aquatic director and his rule is law and as far as he's concerned Sunoco are the golden children and we lap swimmers are the peons. Needless to say my outburst was recorded and I was confronted by my supervisor who pretty much went through the if you're not on duty keep you big mouth shut...or deal with this in a more calm responsible tone...which sorry to any one who expereinced my out burst shouting was the result of a lot of already built up pressure and this trival little incident was the spark that inginted an minor explosion. Needless to say I felt like shit the rest of the night, I fell like shit now, I will probably feel like shit the rest of the day for acting like such a 5 year old...and yes this is the reason I stay one should have to deal with my problems first of all and no body deserves to be on the end of one of my out bursts! So if people notice I tend to be isolated, I don't talk much, I don't really hangout with anyone this is least if I'm a lone and make a fool of myself I won't bring anyone down with me. Well that's my neagative rant...I've got to clean myself up and get in 7 hours at the shop...maybe a run..and then class...the same old shit just like every other day.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Enough about Ironman training so far....

Well my last few posts have dealt mostly with the New York Yankees post Season performance (or lack there of) so I guess now I should deal with my own post season evaluations. As many of you know I am training for Ironman New Zealand ( the financial implications are difficult to explain but hopefully I will pull this off...I'm filing my taxes at midnight Jan.1 so I can get my refund quickly to pay for this bitch...) So far the training has been not as intense as I would have hoped for, granted I'm only two weeks in . In the past week my runs have consisted of a 4 miler last Tue. on Central's rock hard knee killing indoor track, a 6 miler on the pitted back roads of my home town last Thursday, and a 12 miler on the same roads on Saturday Tomorrow Afternoon I'm hoping to cram in a 6 miler before class.. My pool performances have ranged from the grand total of 8, 200 yards I did last week ( 2000 on Mon., 3000 on Tues. and 3200 on Friday) this week I'm on pace to crack 10,000 ( I did 3200 yesterday, will do about 3500 tonight, and hopefully another 3000 tomorrow morning plus my Friday 3000 + master's workout) Yet the finding time to get in the necessary bike distances is tough. Last week I managed to get in a 50 miler on Sat. This week I only eked out a 25 mile ride on Sunday night and nearly killed myself on the trainer ( stupid uneven floor surface) causing me to feel shaky at best on it ( so much for my idea of watching the playoffs while riding to better fitness, granted now that the Yankees are done there is little point for me to watch accept that Colorado might Win the World Series which would be sweet for them, so the Ironman/TDF highlight dvd's will be getting much use.) Indeed I want to get as much time on the Bitch Stomper as possible. I know my reliable road bike ( Enrico) can handle any terrain and high cross winds but I really need to get used to how TBS ( The Bitch Stomper) will handle on varied terrain, and variable weather, also the fact I have to get used to clipping and unclipping into my Look pedals ( which I am very comfortable clipping in but bailing out is still a chore.) the unseasonably warm weather seems to be at an end which means the window for me to get in real long rides and not trainer simulations is closing rapidly by the day, ( and sadly my town is mostly hills that are not plowed exceptionally well and I do not find the idea of riding on a icy and steep descent while dodging speeding traffic fun. So on tap for the week are a lot of swim and run work outs ( which I can easily fit into my packed schedule) and trainer sessions in my room ( which has a steadier floor surface than my living room) and Hopefully long out door rides on Saturday and Sunday. At the End of the Month I have a week of vacation, so if the weather co-operates with me I will be able to have a real hammerfest bike focus week. (I will be stringing 25 mile daily rides together with a 75-100 mile ride and 10 mile run brick that Saturday. )All in all I'm hoping to at least have the base for the Ironman by Jan. and hopefully mother nature will bless Connecticut with a warm apocalyptic style global warming , winter ( you know the kind you can wear shorts on Christmas kind of Winter) So I will have the ability to still get in long rides on roads that are not covered in icy, snow, rock salt, sand, calcium brine, or some sick combination of all of them.
Well that's all I've got for now...If any one has any winter biking tips please post them on the comment board...any help I can get in this department is appreciated.

Humble pie.....I cursed the Yankees.

Well my beloved New York Yankees are out of the playoffs ( cusses to self as he hears dead Red Sox fan uncles laughing and giving each other high fives from across the rift.) Which now leaves me more time to train and study. I believe that their playoff failure this year was not due ( as Steinbrenner seems to think) to Joe Torre's incompetence ( come on under his leadership the team cut a 7 game defecit to win the Wild Card and nearly snatched the divison from the Sox who once lead by 14 games), Player Cold streaks ( Jeter, Mr. Clutch was cold, Abreu cold, Wang, looked more like sum ting Wong....although Peittite, Rivera, A-Rod?, Damon and Caberra proved to be clutch and worth the money spent, they could not carry the team. ) No my fellow Yankee Fans ( or smart Alec Sox fans or Indians Fans reading and preparing to rub salt in the wound.) The Yankees loss was due to my cocky Remark...." And the Red Sox still suck " made to one neoprene free Sox fan when it seemed they were on the verge to losing the division to the then Red Hot Yanks. So Joe Torre if you can read this as you empty your desk, please forgive me.

Monday, October 8, 2007

The Empire Strikes Back!

Last night I was ready to write my angry rant on how stupid Steinbrenner would be for firing Joe torre as well as my post of the Top-10 reasons the (ugh) Cleveland Indians would beat the (double ugh and fist shake of rage) Boston Red Sox. Then came the inning The Yanks were trailing 3-1 ( clemens well...I think he should stay retired for good. shit the bed and gave up 3 runs) Phil Hughes was pitching in relief and working on a gem. And Brian Westbrook for Cleveland was just un hittable. The Yankees innings up to this point were predictable...lead off man gets on. Second guy strikes out...third guy grounds into double play...Cleveland gets up and adds a run to the lead..In the Indians duguout you could probably hear the following statements "Is it warm in Boston?" Or "hey Skip who we starting against Beckett?" Or Kenny Lofton Spouting " I wonder if I should put my AL pennant ring on my lucky neck chain?" Jason ( overpaid and overrated ) Giambi grounded out. Then came A-rod ( who earlier in the game broke his playoff cold streak) got a single then the unthinkable happended...Westbrook walked Matsui. Johnny "Jesus/Judas" Damon came to the plate he worked the count full I cringled waiting for the dreaded double play ball. Instead he lifted a high fly on to right center ( where Trot Nixon had launched one earlier...damn what is it with all these 04 Red Sox jumping ship?) a Three run Homer and a 2 run yankees lead...there was no turning back. A couple innings later the Yanks got back to back hits for the first time in this series and Robbinson Cano launched one to Nixon, who proceeded to let the ball roll toward the wall and let 3 runs score . Joba came on to relieve Hughes ( who should be offered a lifetime contract for his " Hey Steinbrenner you see these strain marks on my back that's from when I came in in the 3rd and carried your ass.) and gave up an rbi to Trot Nixon then from there on it was Good night as Mo Rivera shut down the Tribe's bats allowing the Yankees to survive for another day. Final score 8-4
Top 10 reasons the winners of this sereis will beat the Red Sox
(1-5 are for the Tribe 6-10 for the Yanks)
1. His name is Kenny Lofton.
2. Sabathia
3. Carmona
4. We just beat the Best hitting team in Baseball!
5. Revenge for Giving You guys Ortiz and Rameriez
6. Momentum Shift ( think the crap you guys pulled from game 4 on in the 2004 ALCS isn't pay back a bitch!)
7. Hey Red Sox Meet Joba!
8. A-Rod finally Learned to hit in the Playoffs ( MVP...MVP...)
9 Jeter= Clutch
10. Johnny Damon curse?