Friday, February 8, 2008

Snooze buttons should be banned....

Last night When I collasped into bed I did so witht he intention of getting up and running at 5:30AM, as usual 5:30 turned to 6...etc So when I got up a 7AM I woke up to a layer of the white stuff and a lovely ice coated under surface, ( my mom agreed to take my sister in after I dicscovered the roads in my part of town sucked and there was no way I would be back in time to get to work @ 8:30.) so I showered and began to walk to work...which is only a mile from the home stead....after 3/4 of a mile I was picked up by my mom and proceeded to get my car......( apparently the town plowed and salted when I was in the shower.....) Needless to say I felt like a complete tool this morning. Tonight if the roads remain good I will go to Masters and have my ass kicked into shape by the lovely Miss Stefanie( yes Angry has Trainer, I have Stef to fufill my Masochistic desires.) Tomorrow I have a ride planned, some forecasters are talking snow, others rain, others the end of the I'll play that by ear, All I know is I need to run one final twenty miler and get a few more miles in the saddle....I'm afraid that my one 75 miler just won't cut it. Next week begins taper, if my lack of long runs and one to two rides aweek doesn't already count. So this weekend will be a reign of unholy distance, next week I confine my self to quality not quanity, no runs over 10 miles, and 1 to two hour trainner sessions, the swims will cut down to 3500 to 4000 yards. So the taper is insight after two more really long days in the saddle.

The Road warrior.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Two weeks until Bob's live from New Zealand.

Yes that right in a mere 16 days my well defined posterior chain will be resting on a plush seat on a big steel bird, on a 18 hr. Flight to the "Lands down under." Last night I did my weekly run with Bjoern, and picked up the bike case that will transport The Bitch Stomper to Ironman Glory. I've already been told that an Ironman finisher's decal needs to adorn it when I return it to him for his Swiss Adventure. ( I guess if they have a sisterhood of traveling pants then we have a much more macho fraternity of the traveling bike case.)

I have given alot of thought to my post Ironman Racing season, I have decided since I already forked over the $250 I'm doing Eagleman. Rhode Island is on the back burner , I figure if I have$250 , I haven't qualified for Kona or Clearwater, and its not sold out I'll enter, otherwise I either take a rest week or do some local rink a dink tri. Most of my races are local and don't sell out until May so I have a little time to get my entries in. ( Granted I'm entering the Patriot and Griskus series in March just because those DO SELL OUT!)

Bjoern has expressed interest into doing IM New Zealand 09 as has one of my fellow HEATsters, I figure I might do it again next year, but unlike last year I will begin putting cash away for it like March 2. ( you know like $40-100 bucks a pay period) ...figure that way I can pay for airfare and race entry before the end of August or I might opt for a "domestic" Ironman in 09, so I'm not getting killed on airfare. Also this year there is no bike purchase in the cards ( so figure that's about $1k toward getting out of debt, 2009 races, student loan payment, Bronze Statue of Angry Runner slaying optimus sub-prime, on my front of Claire on my buldging left army of fury rodents to do my bidding...etc.), unless of course I win a bike via raffle, or get sponsored and given one by say Specialized, or C-dizzle, Trek, Jamis, Motobecane.

So 2 to the 008 is looking to be a year of much racing, and less debt racking...( barring utter castastrophe). I'm going to try to cut back on the useage of my credit lines, I have found out how bad being over extended is and how much it sucks, thankfully I am not too over extended ( income tax check will help me get back to a reasonable level of financial concord/ allow me to pay for races via "cash system.") and therefore can still have hope of moving out of my parent's home and hopefully out West before I'm 28.

But the main purpose of this post was not to describe my financial/personal goals or my purchasing habits..rather it was to describe that I will be blogging Live from New Zealand throughout the Eight Days I am down there. So there will be Ironman updates, results, the mention of WARM weather to my readers that live in tropical locals such as Hartford, Boston, Alberta, and Cleveland. ( Don't worry it will be heading our way fairly shortly, winter is almost over.), pictures, and questions on how to make jersey tan/burn lines less noticeable. so it should be an interesting blogging experience.

Well that's it for now.

The Prodigal Planner.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

For the second time in as many years I did not get my ashes.

Yes that's right I'm probably the most Hell bound Eucharistic Minister in the Archdiocese of Hartford. For the second consecutive year I forgot( ie...didn't have time to get to mass.) on Ash Wednesday. Now I didn't really do anything that bad..I ate today which if you go off the old school 1500's theology is bad because you're supposed to fast which means nothing but maybe a glass of water. or in the 1960's Vatican II theology means just don't snack and eat a big meal and like a yogurt or cereal for breakfast and lunch. I didn't do either, but I didn't have meat and I'm doing 140.6 miles for charity I'm sure that earns brownie points with the boss right? Ok the fact that I am a moderately "bad" Catholic aside. I have recieved a lot of donations to Team Blazeman and a couple of donations to the send Bob-o to Taupo fund or I guess as it can now be called, keep Bob-o from eating Ramen the week before the Ironman fund. Which is very full so there will be much reprocity.
I have now decided I am charged with 5 sacred tasks on my New Zealand Oddessey

1. Kidnap a Kiwi Bird for My Sister Crissy.
2. Find a hot young New Zealandette to become Angry's Baby Mama.
3. Qualify for Kona or die trying.
4. Find descent, afforable, yet meaningful souveniers for those I have promised them to.
5. Say hi to the 20 something year old Canadian Dude for Leana.

Tonigh Bjoern has decided to swim and I think I'll join him afterall it is too late for me to get to Waterbury and spend time with the diva of the lane lines Miss Stef.

I reflected alot on my drive up to campus about my friends and all of the people that have got me here...alot of you were very generous and supportive and I have vowed to myself that I must pay this forward. A few of your have sent me direct financial assistance, kind words, donated to my charity page. I have decided that when I graduate form college and have my financial situation in order ( ie. I'm working behind a real desk, and earning more than $20k a year.) That I will start a fund for disadvantaged athletes. I guess the main reason for this epiphany has been the help I have gotten but it has also been in the spirit I have seen in some of the runners from Wilby High School. On New Year's day as I cranked out a 15 miler, a kid from Wilby's track team running in a borrowed pair of holey sneakers was trying to get in his 7 mile distance run. We started talking and did about 5 miles together, and the kid had heart, the whole track team had heart, the sad thing is they did not have the money for descent training gear. The city of Waterbury paid for Jerseys and spikes but they were on their own for trainers and this kid was reduced to borrowing from the track coach. Now I will tell you from experince that it takes a lot of balls to run in borrowed shoes and even more to run in holey shoes on a cold wet winter morning. So this is my vow, when I get secure, or if I croak in some crazy, bike vs. Kiwi vs. wild dingo accident in which this will be charged to the executor of my estate. I want money going into these inner city track and swimming programs. That will be the focus of my life after college, after Webster, and God willing when I'm 85 and I've grown tired of being the oldest Hawaii finisher every year, after competition.
Like I said if I don't start doing anything toward this when I'm well establiashed in about 5 years time , someone please mail me a hard copy of this post.

Sport has been very good to me.

Thank You!!!.

To everyone that donated to my ALS fundraising page Thank You...You helpped me surpass my goal and helpped to try to end a horrible killer. So give yourseleves a pat on the back...also Active Prints the info of everyone who donates so those that donated over $25 can expect a little something fron NZ in the mail or whenever I see you at the races. Also if anyone still wishes to donate...please do so your contributions are greatly appreciated. ( Also Should I use vinyl dry transfer decals or spray paint and stencil on my bike.... yes anyone who donated or helpped me in any way their name is either going on the bike or on my arm via sharpie.).

My long anticipated checks came in Yesterday, so I was able to pay my credit card which will in turn pay my airfare ( and give me bonus miles and trip!) I got a lovely inspirational card from Claire Yesterday...yes it is true that when an athlete gets dehydrated and goes hypoxic we do start thinking up of every inspirational phrase, scene, and moment we've ever heard, seen, or lived through....for me this happens at the 3 mile mark for some odd qoute Macca, "the nice music kicks in and I float to the finish line." Well, at least most of the time.

That's all for now... I'm using too much company bandwidth.

The Greatful Galloper.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ironman New Zealand Update / Desperate Appeal !!

Part I. Ironman update

Last night the Guys at Ironman New Zealand posted the age groups and bib numbers here's mine:

United States

Yes, I know putting my real name puts me at risk that some Hannibal Lector wantabe, will nibble on my well developed achilles with Fava beans and a nice chanti....but anyone who looks up my bib number is going to see it anyway. So yes I am now offcially a number. Speaking of numbers I am one of 44 competitors in my age group and only 1 of 3 Americans competing in the "little tykes" (18-24 age group...I know I'm a youngin'.) age group. So I might have a shot at highest placing American. One kid from the Czech Republic is showing up for this so I'm assuming he is hot fire ( bib # 121) Surprisingly there are only 4 Aussies, 1 Canadian, and a boatload of Japanese in my age group along with an army of Kiwis ( which I would expect this being their home Ironman.) For the most part barring the Country Music Marathon this is the most internationally diverse race I've ever done.

I've got that nerveous /excited/ scared shitless feeling going on. I haven't done a ride over 75 miles so I really don't want to bonk because I might have a good shot at Kona. So at this moment the bike is my only source of apprehension. I've pretty much been on run taper for the last 2 weeks so this week I plan on another long ride run brick if the weather is good this weekend.

Last night sporadic burst of sleet made me op out of going to Masters so tonight I've got my own 4000 yard workout of bliss planned. tomorrow I've got an early morning pool session and a night run with Germany's greatest export ( besides beer, chocolate, cars.....) Bjoern... I figure a nice 7-8 miler tomorrow, an 8-10 miler Thursday. And then one last 15-20 miler on Sunday after at least 4 hours on the bike....mileage be damned! Then I begin Taper and how to eat an energy bar with out being disloyal to GU...guys please make an energy bar....I beg you!

II. Desperate Appeal

Since I'm talking about the Ironman I will make another desperate appeal for donations to the War on ALS ( Lou Gehrig's disease.) Anyone who knows about Lou Gehrig's disease knows that it is a cruel quick killer. Over the course of two to five years a person can go from being perfectly healthy and active to being confined to a wheel chair and requiring a ventilator to breathe. We know the symptoms and progession of ALS but we have yet to fully understand the disease, and therfore treat it. ALS Warrior Poet ( Jon Blais's site) and some of the research have the most current developments posted.Groups such as the Blazeman Foundation, Auggies Quest, and Kurt's Pitch help to raise funds for research groups such as the MDA, ALSTDI, and ALSA, and neurological departments across the country. Through your generosity I currently have raised $503.. I would like to reach a goal of $525 ...$25 over the minium requirement for the Ironman fundraising level. Anyone who donates /has donated $25 or more can expect a momento from New Zealand. ( Warrior Woman I think I have your address via the donation confirmation e-mail. Cranky, Claire I'll see you at the Patriot, Angry my brother, I'll definately see you before then.) Anyone who donates as little as $1 will have their name decaled on my bike, as well as written on my arm during the race March 1. you can make donations here. Like I said it can be as little as $1 and your donation is always appreciated.

So in a quick recap:

Bob-o's bib number # 114

3 Americans and a lot of Kiwi's in the 18-24 division

Please donate to the War on ALS.

Athlete # 114


Monday, February 4, 2008

Nobody's Perfect......and training update.

Alright Yes the Giants won the super bowl ( making my week 2 wish come true, " I'll be happy if the only game they win all year is against the Patriots." and fufilling a "deathbed" promise, that the Giants would win another Superbowl in my life time. They had won in 1987, and 1991 but I was a little too young to understand.) Only thing I was unhappy about was Eli getting the MVP it belonged to the defense, the defense carried the team, and Brady had higherQB rating and NO INT's last night....but regardless the Giants won and I am rant done!

Saturday proved to be fruitless, I only got in about 10 miles on the bike after traversing the State like a mad man.

Sunday....well I got miles in and tried a nutrtional strategy. I intially was going to park in Woodbury and ride up to the lake, but decided to preview my route up, sure enough at the bottom of KettleHollow road there a sand pit, but as I drove a half mile up the road into Washington I noticed the roads were clear ( they use brine instead of sand.) I parked at this litte park at Bee Brook and rode the 4 miles to the lake. I did one regular loop of the lake and on my second loop decided to add in the "lollipop" on Arrowhead Ln. adding an extra mile. On my third loop I did the Sprint tri bike Course, now this was a bad idea. The climbs by the golf club and Farmhouse were bad as usual but the whole flat back section was torn to pieces. Whole sections of road just vanished ( apparently from where they did some mid-winter utility work.) and what pavement there was was covered in a broken asphlat, gravel, sand mix, needless to say I was happy to see the patch of chipseal they put down last summer. so that ended my third loop. I started to ride back to my car and decided Hell I have a good hour of daylight left, and I descedned down CT 109 and KettleHollow rd. into Woodbury. I turned around in the sandpit and then ascended back to Washington Depot and my nicewarm car. I didn't get the 70 miles I was hoping for but 50 is good enough. Also my nutrition plan is a little flawed, I set my watch to go off every 15 min. so I know to take a drink, and every third alarm to eat. Well this is good for a smooth flat road going a constant speed, sadly Connecticut doesn't believe in smooth, flat roads. Around the lake the plan worked pretty well , say for dodging potholes on the backhalf of the sprint course, or fighting the crosswinds on route 45. Climbing on 109 or dodging potholes on the descent down KettleHollow rd. @ 30mph you really can't take your hands off the bars.( and I didn't set up my aero drink, so I was relying completely on bottles.), but it served its purpose which was reminding me to eat and drink.
Sadly there was no running this weekend, but I plan on a nice pre work jog tomorrow, and a night run through da hood with Bjoern on Wednesday. If the weather decides to stay fairly mild I will attempt another long ride/brick on Saturday or Sunday to beat the snot out of my legs one last time before taper. The only thing I worry about is the bike split. I haven't gotten more than a 75 mile ride in so I'm hoping what I learned on that 75 miler / 7 mile brick will be enough. I think Next year I'm going to do Arizona, Cote D' Arlene, or Louisville, something in the summer so I have more time for long rides, although if I like it down there this might become a yearly tradition.
Well that's all I can post for now.

The Guy wearing a vintage Phil Sims Jersey at his desk.