Thursday, April 22, 2010

Back to the Grind

Well last weekend was sort of a crappy one for training but I managed to kick off a nice little week of run focus. Over 26 miles from 2x 7 milers and a 13 miler in the begining of the week. This week I've only been doing one workout a day, one of them was a group ride with the Waterbury YMCA Tri Club. The rde wasn't bad but I will one thing I never thoght I would: I'm glad the race directors of the Pat Griskus Olympic Tri set the bie course up the way they did. Don't get me wrong the course is brutally hard, but having done it in reverse I would rather climb some of the narrower twisting sections of the course at 7-10 mph instead of trying to descend them a 40 mph with a pack on my tail. This weekend's supposed to be nice so hopefully here will be some more bike foucs.