Monday, March 29, 2010

Racing like it's supposed to be...

Well as I was doing my 7 mile run this weekend I sort of had an epiphany of how I'm going to treat the 2010 racing season...and that is exactly like the 2007 racing season.
Just racing for the hell of it.

No worrying about Kona, no trying to attract sponsors, no whining about how I don't have the shiniest bike, or the best equipment, or coaching. I'm going to try to put off OCS until September so I can enjoy one last summer of racing like a champ before doing the pilot thing.
I'm going to drink gas station gatorade, I'm going to wolf down frozen snickers bars.
I'm not going to bitch about being 70 sec. away from a Kona slot a million years ( well ok it feels like it.) ago. Essentially I'm going every race this season to the point they've got to haul my busted broken down arse out on a stretcher. I want to go out with a bang and since I know I'm going to have to devote sometime to lifting I want to use it in my racing before I have to use it to survive the DI. So 2010 is going to be the year of working like a dog, beating my guts out and having fun with it like I used to. Because with the line of work I'm looking to go into there might not be a next season. So in the words of a famous warrior poet "I'm going to live in the moment ." because that's all I've got.

Living for the fight.