Thursday, October 30, 2008

This weekend:Riding and Rhode Island

Well this weekend I'm going up to Newport, on an arranged date. One of my sister's friends has been hitting on me and she's trying to play matchmaker....don't know how that's going to go but it gives me an excuse to go Newport and hang out with some mutual friends..despite the fact that my sister is trying to hook me up with one of them.

Regardless it supposed to be awesome weather to ride in this weekend so I'll probably do a quick 50 -60 miler.

Also Taps on the Angry Runner's website..his cyncism will be missed...
Tomorrow I send in my Entry to IM NZ , if it goes through then I have something to motivate me to train through the winter if not then I can slack off and start fresh in March.

Well that's it for me

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

When we last left our hero....

Alright I'm not a hero but I am the protagonist of this blog, and things are getting busy and confusing in the World of Bob-o, also my sincerest apologies for the Howard Dean style rant at the end of my last post, but read this post from Speed Racer's Blog and you'll understand, I have a very similar sentiment, I hate it when other people tell me what I should do... unless I ask for advice but that's a rant for my other blog.

Getting Busy: This weekends my plans for long rides were dashed by a midterm and rolling back and forth to Newport. On the plus side I was able to get a nice 10 mile run in on Sunday. The semester is drawing to a close which means I need to get off my ass and do more research..also I have to draw and quarter...I mean corner my advisor so I can get my busy course load ready for next semester, and hopefully last semester at the Harvard of Centrally located State Universities in Connecticut. My sister wants me to haul up to Newport for her concert Next Weekend which I will most likely do , but I still want to ride on Saturday maybe even Sunday because the weather is supposed to be in the mid-50's after this week's Arctic chill. I miss you summer...are any girls in Australia/ New Zealand/ any where South of the Equator yet North of Antarctica looking for a room mate or a short term an October to May fling...or a boarder? Catherine, Simon I'm jealous. Also add to this Entry fees are due for IM New Zealand and IM Arizona and a little holiday that rhymes with "sickness" is around the corner. So yeah things are going into over drive.


Dear producers of AXE Shaving cream/ TAG body spray:
You know all your ads where you insinuate that your fine products will make you attractive to the opposite sex. They do.
This letter sent from the top of a palm tree where I've been cornered by a mass of frenzied women.

Alright it's not that bad but I'm am in a predicament that is kind of unusual for me. Usually I am what Angry would call the Beta male. I'm not overly agressive competing to attract a mate and produce offspring. In fact I really don't want to have kids, so I'm fully content to let my bloodline die with me. Selfish yes, but trust me somepeople have what it takes to be a parent and I don't.
So now having 4 women interested in me is an odd predicament. Normally I get attracted to a girl, hit on her, go on a few dates, feel awkward, realize it's not going to go anywhere focus on the more pressing things in life. Now it's the opposite the girls are attracted to me and I don't want to be a dousche bag, playa, baller, pimp, what ever the terms the Alpha males use. Weird for a guy who's idea of fun is inflicting mass quantities of pain on himself or takes rejection somewhat well he can't dish it out. Add to this some of Melissa's Salve friends are hitting on me, this is becoming more confusing than I ever wanted it to be...Part of me wants to go with that suppressed inner Alpha male, wants to sell, sell, sell, live it up use up my carnal inclinations. Sow my wild oats..etc. My Beta male self image, doesn't really want to hurt anybody, why do I have a conscience and morals! Damn you oh Catholic upbringing! I guess the sad thing is at the end of the day is I can't hit and quit..unless of course she 's the one quitting me then it's all good. Damn this is bad I'm quoting Hitch. Now I NEED to DO SOMETHING MANLY! How ever this situation works out is how it's going to workout, I've got more pressing issues on my plate, like training for an Ironman, getting through and planning my next semester, focusing my mind on life after college, debt reduction, wealth building, in essence my whole life post CCSU. This brings up a whole new set of confusing possibilities, but in essence, I feel I'm not in the right state of mind, or mode of existence to begin a relationship, especially when there is a lot more on the priority scale. Alright that done.

Well that's all from me, I'll start posting some more sport related posts again this week, I just had a lot to get out of my head, especially since it's going to be filled with more paper and midterm related crap. Ahh Academia how I will miss thee...Not!

The Cassanova of the Campus