Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Getting back

Well the last few days have been spent trying to get my body back into racing shape. I had some vacation time left from last year so I took an hour and a half from the office and went for a 7-8 mile jaunt through Wolcott and the West end of Waterbury. It wasn't my normal old 8 mile town loop but it was still pretty decent. Last night I did a 30 minute session in the weight room before hitting the pool. Now given that I'm recovering from a head cold and my last swim was over a week, my form and fitness were pretty ugly. I mean snot rockets and gimped elbows ugly. My arms were already tight from 3 set of TRX Press ups with Kettlebell deadlifts in betwwen. Followed by squats, with push ups between sets with inclined dumbell fly presses, with triceps presses between. Round that off with 100 crunches/ situps and ball work and I had already put in a stellar workout. I managed to warm up with 600 swim 600 pull and 10x 50's drill swim with a 200 kick. My main set was a brutal 3x500's on 7:00 which was quickly bumped up to a 7:15 interval as I was coming in just over the 7 minute mark. Afterward I felt just utterly annihilated.
So today when my alarm rang at 5:30am I promptly countered with the snooze button. I decided to request some of my left over vacation time to try to get a run in while there was still day light. Since my parent's car is in the shop they borrowed mine to try to take care of some of their running around, hence I started my run from my parent's place. I managed to come up with a solid loop granted it was a little traffic heavy. I don't know what it is with running in Wolcott but it just seems different than running in Waterbury. It's not as congested, there's a little more space on some shoulders, not enough on others. While the city has some pros (sidewalks, streetlights.) there was something that made running in Wolcott just seem a little nicer ( granted nearly half my run was through the East End of Waterbury.) maybe it was that I was familiar with that side of town or the fact that the only people really out were other crazies like myself trying to get their runs or walks in before sunset. Regardless I managed to get it done in 1:12 which is making me think my route was closer to 8miles than 7.

Tonight I coached my swimmers at the Waterbury Y. Only Lori showed and I ran her through technique.She's bit the bullet and decided to do Timberman, so my goal is to fix her stroke and get her pool workouts to average between 2000-2500 yard. One of my swimmers from last year and her husband came down. She's currently going into her 5th month of pregnancy so killer workouts have been replaced with "however many laps I can get in." Since the rest of my crew wasn't there and Lori was done by 8:15PM, I decided to do a beat the clock 3000 yard workout. It wasn't too bad but it did make me realize how far I have to comeback. My main set of 10X100 yards on 1:25 was brutal in that from 100 #4-10 I was just coming in under the interval. I was pretty proud that I was able to finish the whole 3k in just over 45 minutes, as the pool was closing.

So fitness is starting to comeback and I'm trying to harness that "a day without a workout is a wasted day philosophy" that I had in 2008-09. Things are starting to comeback into place and hopefully after few weeks of steady solid training I'll start seeing some results.

Happy Training

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Trying to plan a season

"Perseverance is not really a strength for me. I'm just too stubborn to give up."

Well as I sit here and type this out I'm trying to plan my season. So far there are no WTC races on the schedule. Initially I had thought about going back to Louisville, and getting some revenge on the run course ( I think I my have muttered something about burning it to the ground and scourging the earth with salt while the RN's were pumping me with fluids in the med center.) but upon looking at logistics any races that I would have to fly to seem out of the question in 2012, not saying that won't change but a $600 entry and then all the logistics of booking hotels and transport are looking too expensive and too much of a hassle this year. Despite the fact the clock is ticking on my Kona goal, I'm going to take this year to rebuild my wallet and my body before I commit myself to an assault on a spot, I figure 2013 will be the year to do something crazy again. So this year I'm looking at doing mostly Olys and Halves and maybe a non WTC full if I have the cash. I know Chesapeake Man is held in late September on the same course as Eagleman, and it might be a flat, fast, test of strength to see if I have my groove back.

So my ideal race schedule will mostly be of local events so here's the plan:

June is Hell month:
I'm hoping to take advantage of my Volunteer Discount and race the REV3 Half at Quassy on June 3. Likewise I'm also hoping to get a slot at the Patriot Half in East Freetown, MA on June 16as I always seem to have good races there. Steph and I are then heading up to Maine for a week so I start cutting my training back a bit. If the Patriot is full the Griskus Olympic is my back up race on the same weekend.
2 races this month either a monster half and a fast half or a monster half and monster Oly.

July is going to be short races.
I'm thinking about the KIC It Olympic on July 1 in Stamford, CT. Then the staple event of my tri career the Pat Griskus Sprint on July 11. I'm considering the Lowell Olympic on July 29 to finish out July on a high note.
3 Races this month.

August is a toss up month:
Ideally I want to do REV3 Half Old Orchard Beach on August 26th but if my budget is running tight I may opt for the Park City Mossman on the same date. Likewise I haven't raced the Niantic Bay Sprint in years and I love the course so I'm hoping to gain entry there as well.
In total 2 races this month.

In a perfect world I'll do Chesapeake Man on September 29 to closeout my tri season.

So I'm shooting for 8 races but like everything else in my life these are subject to change. I know I'll do at least 5, and those are the Griskus Sprint, REV3 half Quassy, Niantic, either Griskus Oly or Patriot, and either Rev3 Old Orchard or Park City, and even that's a pretty strong season. So hopefully the Income Tax Fairy will be good to me and I can put that refund to good use and have a little left over to fund this.