Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm Alive..

And no I'm not chowing down on the deceased members of an Urguarian Rugby team...

Ok refrences to the movie Alive are done for the night so pass me another hunk of co-pilot and settle down.
Well this week is hectic. After chilling on Shelter Island with Bjoern and the Crew at Sunset Beach...seriously the staff parties heartier than a bus load of guys from a Tokoyo office on Karaoke night. It was back to the "Real World" this morning first I had to pick up my new insurance policy for my little Red subaru. Another six months of Premiums in Progressive's pocket , but at least I'm covered. Wednesday I need to be out of my Grandpa's place which means I will be couch crashing as I attempt to find myself a career to replace the job. I won't bitch about my job, it's been pretty sweet, but I need more challenges, than getting screamed at by an old lady because I gave her 2 20's and a 10 instead of 3 10's and a 20. I've reached the point that I want my career to be just as fulfiling as my sports, that I want a challenge and I want to meet it. I want each day at work to be an adventure not the same old slog. I want to be a mover and shaker...I'll cut the rhyming out before I get a size 10 wing tip tossed at me. Essentially I don't want to get paid to check the BBC or file signature cards that I have filled n times before because I'm bored out of my mind. Also I want a pay grade that will hopefully elevate me from Calcutta beggar, to say, Boy in da hood. Yeah I know alot of random movie reffrences..bear with me.

So anyway in the midst of all this job seeking, arrangement making, moving packing madness, I have a little Oly in Brigdeport this weekend. Also my HEAT membership has expired I do need to renew but I'll cross that bridge once I get the more pressing expenses taken care my student loans. But needless to say Park City this year is going to be for the enjoyment of it. I love to race but my mind has been elsewhere lately so I'll see how I do. If I win my Age Group I'll put in for team Timex. Because quite frankly my results this year haven't been to steallar save for a Podium at the Griskus and an 8th in my Age Group in Taupo. So maybe some boosters like that will increase the likeihood of sponsorship. Well that's it from here I've got bags to pack, bills to pay, cover letters to write and a little taper week training to crank out for Park City.

Tally Ho!