Saturday, January 12, 2008

Time to kick this pig

While Runner Girl and Angry Runner perform an epic duel in the land of the screaming brats and retirees...I will brave slightly warmer than usual temperatures in order to continue my battle against the clock and mother nature to get in my normally ill fated long ride. The last 4 attempts have been unsucessful for reasons ranging from impedending snow storms/darkness to an obligation to the "Pope" Today will be a relatively short ride....hoping for 50 miles, most likely will get in 30 and a run. Tomorrow will be another attempt at long ride up at the lake, once again racing darkness and snow, which usually doesn't fall or if it does a relatively small amount.....thank God for La Nina, cold as Hell but not as much snow to deal with. If anyone in the greater New England area is interested in riding tomorrow here's the game plan:

Lake Waramaug:
Parking at Town Beach, that little lot on your right at the stop sign right across the street from Doc's Resturant.

Planning on Starting the ride at 12:30PM to be safe...hopefully my priest gives a short homily tomorrow.

Planning on Doing 10-15 loops of the Lake, possible 2 loop run afterward depending on Darkness (Man I really miss summer. When I could finish a ride at 7:30 PM and still have about an hour of daylight left.)

Will I be successful on my 5th attempt? Maybe I should make that a poll.

Well those are my ramblings for the weekend. I will post again on Monday as I contiune to fight
lack of the interweb at the homestead.

Bobbke III.

For those about to marathon we salute you......

Well tomorrow is D-Day for the Angry Runner his first marathon and what better way to celebrate than having , a fur covered rodent ( either a mouse or a chipmunk) give you a towel and foil blanket after you have just put yourself through the physical torture that is the marathon. No for the Angry Runner and Runner girl this is the culmination of months of getting out in frigid weather, bearing the long tedium of long hours on the road, hundreds of dollars on gear, training,nutrition,and proper fitting shoes. In short to paraphrase ACDC for those about to Run We salute you.

Friday, January 11, 2008

I have been to Hell and I have seen the devil...his name is Coach Troy...

Last night on a whim I decided to haul up to Newington Cycle and take advantage of their free spinning classes ( it beats sitting in my room alone hunched over the areobars cussing Coach Troy as I diligently crank out my Spinnervals.) Instead it was a group of 10 of us hunched over our aerobars noticing Troy's "fuzzy math" Count downs. Seriously did you notice how he jumps from 5 to up when he wants you out of the saddle and it seems like he has a 10 second pause between 5 and 3 and the end of set count down. Troy was not the only one taking a beating as Jeff, the senior mechanic, was revealing his "mid-life Crisis purchases" We chimed in if you start a tour team you've got plenty of takers. ( the takers being me and 4 other 20 somethings grinding it out in the back.) It felt good to group "ride" for the first time in almost two months, granted I definitely think I talk too much. (New Year's resolution " Shut the Hell Up Rob!") . Well my motor mouth aside it was a good 75 min. of aerobic base building, I'm pretty sure I was in zone 2 0r 3 but I don't have a heart rate monitor so I go off or perceived exertion, so if I'm huffing puffing and can barely talk, I know I'm in my anaerobic zone, If I can talk with little difficulty I'm in aerobic and if I'm making hand movements with my speech then I'm not working hard enough. I know it's low tech and primitive in this age of heart rate monitiors, GPS monitors, Power taps, Monkey girated, lazer calibrated HM, GPS, Power reading bike mounted Espresso machines, but hey that's how my poor college student ass rolls, eventually I'll get my self a heart rate monitor ( I'm looking timex, polar, or possibly Garmin but like I said I don't like to be like the other kids on the block.) ut for right now i have more pressing expenses.


I apologize there have been no images in the last couple of posts, I've been posting when on break at work, because something happened with my router at home and now only one PC has Internet access, and my little brother has taken it hostage playing at club penguin or what ever little evil 12 year olds log on to, and with these kids today if you separate them from electronics there is Hell to Pay...not like in my day when we'd just pull out wiffle bats and start beating each other with them.....ahh memories, or lack thereof.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The 10 commandments and 7 deadly sins of Marathon Running

I was initially going to write this with a mock religious attitude but fearing excommunication, and sounding like a pompous ass I have decided to just play it straight. If you do desire a mock religious tone to this you can picture me singing this Gregorian Chant style in a priest outfit, complete with the funny little hat with the pompom ( actually I made do that for trick or trot next year.).

The Ten Commandments of Marathon Running:

I. Wear Clothing conductive to thy environment ( shorts and a tee shirt in weather 50degrees + Eskimo Crap only when below 0) , preferably made of a moisture wicking material.

II. Do not take the name of the gel thy Gu in Vain.

III. Remember to do thy weekly long runs.

IV. Honor the Kenyans and Ethiopians.

V. Thou Shalt remember to hydrate using both water and Gatorade. While water is thy friend too much water will dilute the sodium in thou body and can lead to thy demise.

VI. Thou shall not be rude to thy course volunteers, like thee thyself these volunteers were up at the butt crack of dawn ready to smite the race director, yet despite all this they try to be helpful and give thee thy nutrition and close the roads to traffic to prevent thou from becoming a road pizza, therefore do not blame thou poor preparation ( breaking commandment number 3) or circumstance beyond anyone's control ( monsoon, unusual 90 degree heat wave in December) on them.

VII. Thou shalt not race on new shoes, thou needs at least two training runs to break the fresh leather in.

VIII. Thou shall lube thy chafe zones up with Vaseline, body glide or Crisco to avoid major blistering of thy delicate skin.

IX. Thou shall take the race out at a comfortable pace lest thou wishes to experience the wrath of the running Gods or thou abused Muscles.

X. Thous shalt not gripe about thou finishing time for there are others who would kill to be able to finish a .2 mile run let alone 26.2.

The Seven DEADLY Sins

1. Eating too many Clif Bars before the race, the fiber will make its presence known at the the most inopportune time.

2. Going out at your 5k pace. Your legs will reward you with cramps that make you feel like your tendons are ripping apart at the 20 mile mark.

3. Wearing new shoes for a race. They will tear your feet up like a cheese grater.

4. Using an electrolyte replacement beverage that's too damn sweet. Trying to wash down the sticky mess with water will lead to overhydration, dilution of essential salts, and a whole mess of crap you don't want. Remember you can't go wrong with Gatorade.

5.Drinking to much water, it has worse effects than just making you have more trips to the bathroom, it could be deadly.

6. Not eating. Your body wil be burning mass quanities of sugar and salt, replenish accordingly.

7. Being rude to Volunteers.......bad thing happen when you cuss out volunteers....bad karma.

Bob-o Coach to the Stars...

Well it's getting down to crunch time and the financial gods are smacking me across the head for good measure. Credit cards, loans, my flight, a bike case, car insurance and a late registration fee, books all these crazy expenses are coming to a head, also the fact that I need to register for some of my summer events, are pulling my check book to pieces. All will be well when I get my loan check at the beginning of February and I get my Huge ass Income tax refund check sometime in February, which will take care of some of the other expenses so I will have money, it's just I just never seem to get cash fast enough. All right my rant on finance over....

My parents put yet another crazy idea in my head: Should I become a personal trainer/ coach?

As usual here is my pros/cons or benefits/risk dichotomy:


I have been involved in competitive sports for the last decade, mostly self trained and I have yet to experience major bonkage or injury.

I'd get to work with something I have passion for.

The ladies love a guy with a ripped chest in wind pants......ok so I don't have the ripped chest but I have the wind pants......half way there.

I speak fluent tri/runner/swimmer geek.

Title of Triathlon training guide: The Gospel according to Bob.

Extra income $$$


Might not take off

Cycling my Achilles Heel!!!!

Never WON let alone COMPETED in Kona/ Boston/ Le Tour/ USS or USMS Nationals/ the can we EVER take him seriously .

What the Hell does a History Major know about Anatomy, and Exercise Physiology?

What works for me ( an insane amount of long distance with some speed thrown in for flavor) may not work for the general masses.

So I'm officially on the fence leaning toward no on this idea.....I do give tips and have advice for aspiring triathletes/ runners/swimmers, but there is a difference between " hey why don't you do this drill to improve your stroke." and " Here's your Ironman training plan, go get em tiger."

Keeping with the marathoning going on this weekend I will post the top 10 do's and don't's of Marathoning/ marthon training ...granted it might be a little too late.


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Running before work.

By the title of this post some people are probably thinking I traded in wing tips for New Balance flats, my shirt and tie for anything moisture wicking, and I have given the corporate world the finger , in order to grow out my hair and a beard and get my Pre on. Most of you have common sense and realize that I'm merely describing my morning workout which I was able to get in (I have to wait for my vacation to get my grunge/Pre look going on.) , in dare I say, daylight. The past few mornings I have had an addiction to the snooze button. Yesterday I did nothing, my sinus were starting and rather than push myself to get a post work run/ trainer session and susequent head cold in I decided to follow my body's warning signals and take a nice nap. Today I again hit snooze, got up a 7am and dropped my sister off at school. Got home and ran my normal 7-8 mile loop because I was not due in to work until 10AM. Now I definately like running this loop in the daylight better than at night, although on a clear night running around the lake is quite pleasant, but running past the old town burial ground is unsettling ( even in the daylight I pick up my pace a little as I run past.) My total time for my morning jog was an 1:02 which means I back to my summer pace. I just need to get in a couple more long runs and one long brick and I should be Taper ready. This weekend it supposed to get cooler but no snow or ice is in the forecast so I could be able to get some more outdoor riding in, perchance two bricks a 30mile bike/10 mile run on Saturday and a much longer ride on Sunday, up at Waramaug as always, riders always welcome. Next week looks to be mostly run focus as Temps are supposed to dip back below normal and the week after a "School enforced" taper begins, and it'll probably be in the 70's, with all these wacky weather patterns. Oh well back to the grind. And before I sign off a shout out to the Angry Runner, who is probably enroute to Orlando and 26.2 miles of ....Glory.
Well that's all I can crank out right now, Karas has some sadistic plan for me tonight.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

2008 Goals/Objectives

Ok in the business/ military world we have "goals" those warm fuzzy personal little things we want to do better but it won't be the end of the world if we don't achieve them, and then there are objectives...the things you absolutely must do if you value your life/position/ being employed for more than minimum wage. So here are the goals:

1. Get out of debt....( laugh, snicker, it's a nearly impossible dream but maybe I'll have a night where I'm on fire at the Craps table, or pick some lucky lotto numbers, or gasp go pro with this whole tri thing.)
2. Qualify for Kona
3. Win age group in New Zealand
4 Decimate Age Group in New Zealand
5. Win my age group in at least 3 races this year.

Here are the objectives:
1. Finish IM New Zealand: I am crossing that finish line even if I have to pay a set of Paramedics to carry my ass over it on a stretcher.
2. Qualify for Kona or Clearwater, or another North American Ironman ( don't know if they have slots for other races at Eagleman but it would be cool if they did.)
3. Improve my cycling skills...I am almost getting to the point where I am fearless again on 2 wheels.
4. Another Marathon I want to see how fast I can crank one of these suckers out on full rest.
5 Medal at the Griskus Sprint : Macca had Kona, Earnhardt had the Daytona 500, and I have this little sprint the race I just could not win.... like these two I will breakout and I think this year could be the year.
6. Plan for my 2009 Ironman....don't know if It'll be NZ, Placid, Arizona,Florida, Hawaii or CDA but I fully intend to do another M-dot. And I will actually have a more structured training regiment for this one. other than my hodge podge of long swims, long runs, and riding until I run out of daylight
7. Defend my age group title at the New and Improved Nutmeg State Half Iron. Bjorn will be better prepped and the bike course will be faster......breakout the areo helmet.
8. Get at least one race in the greater Boston and greater NYC metro area done this year. Claire hauled ass down here for a training ride so I sort of owe her. That and I need to meet the infamous cranky runner...maybe I'll volunteer for the NYC tri so I can get a free entry in 09.
9. Avoid injury

Well those are the objectives for 2008. See ya at the races.

also tax time is approaching so if anyone is interested please donate to the War on ALS or Claire's AIDS could get a deduction.

The People have spoken:

and Cervelo has been brandished the most overated tri bike. ( Boo-yah !) in a close second Specialized ( d'oh)...third was PlanetX (a write in via Dr. Jodi) the other nominees did not recieve votes, which now means I cannot badmouth C-dizzle, or trek, or the QRoo/Litespeed and the sketchy although tempting bike and a wetsuit offer....putting my credit card in a block of ice. ...temptation averted. The newest poll is open until Saturday who will finish higher in the Disney Marathon:
Runner Girl Lenna the pride of Canada. A woman who's idea of whimping out is an 8 miler in -20 degree weather with -40 wind chills.
or the
New England's own Angry Runner. A ticked off young soul running on emotion, gansta rap, and pure piss and vinegar.
In either case it will be close current polls are deadlocked with each person recieving 2 votes a piece.

Monday, January 7, 2008

The Thaw: or I will be a running machine for the next three days

Yep, that's right the long awaited January Thaw had made its presence felt . Today it hit 60 and I celebrated by sitting at my desk. I did get in a nice 7-8 miler after work, in the dark in SHORTS for the first time in almost a month. Tomorrow I'll probably crank out another nice 7-10 miler before work, with the possibility of a trainer session or a quick set of hill repeats. ( I don't like riding in the dark.) I went to masters cranked out a 4500 yard workout. Part of me still feels under trained for this Ironman but I'm channeling the spirit of fellow HEATster Raphael on this one: if he could do Lake Placid in under 12 hours with no long runs, one long ride and a killer swim background...I know I should be able to do the same...with the long runs, and long swims but no real long ride as of yet....Saturday or Sunday I'm cranking out 5 hours I have to ,just to get the long brick thing in. Also temps for the weekend don't look to bad, seasonable , 30's - high 40's ....although another week of this warm stuff would be nice.
Angry and Leena tackle the Disney Marathon this weekend. My first Marathon was a 3:56 on the semi rolling Nashville Country Music Course...Angry's rolling in the Florida flatlands so I'm pretty confident he'll surpass my mark. Well that's it for me Karas kicked my ass again tonight so I'm hitting the sack.

The creature of the Night

Sunday, January 6, 2008

For some odd reason I just cannot get this freaking long ride in.

Well Today was supposed to be devoted to distance a day of just me, The Bitch Stomper and the road around Lake Waramaug. I left early and got to the lake early, only to hear from a group of runners that the shoulder was a little slick. I decided to go and grab more Gatorade and this turned into a nice 20 min. adventure down Route 109 into New Milford. I got back to the lake and started riding at 10am I figured I should be able to get a nice 5 hours in the saddle...right? Wrong. About 15 miles in I get a text and a voicemail...." Hey Bob are you still on for the Boar's Head Festival tonight." oh shit that was this weekend I thought to myself. It is just my luck that I would volunteer to help at my Chuch's largest fundraiser and it would be held on the warmest Sunday in 3 months. I managed to eek out another 15 miles before going home showering and heading to the Shrine. Now the role I was playing in this little end of Christmas music/arts extravaganza was a pope bearer. Pretty much I carry some dude in a pope costume around.

Pretty much in a fashion similar to this. ( Ain't being Catholic great.) It was neat and the guy we had playing the Il Papa was pretty light . If fact it just might become a New Exercise routine: 10 x Standing Pope lifts. ... So it turned out to be a good night. Granted I still need to get a ride in. I decided that if I am scheduled off on Saturday I'm taking the day off, no covering at the last second, no being the good employee, I need to get this ride in before my class imposed taper. My foot is down and any one that has a problem with that can take it up with the Pope.....ok so he wasn't the real Pope but I'm getting this ride in. And I'm serious about it.