Friday, August 15, 2008

Major Purchases on the Horizon

That's right it looks like I'm going to have an Ironman of spending in the coming months here are the biggies after the bills are paid:

HEAT Memebership: $35 It expired I need to renew.

New Trainers $70-$140: After cranking out a 6.5 miler in my racing flats and not feeling the pain that I have with my current well worn trainers it's official they are dead and need replacement. I figure $100 bucks at Sports Authority, Modell's, Road and Track or Fleet Feet is better than having to pay a foot specialist to fix my messed up legs....that's what I get for hardcore run focus in the early season.

New swimsuits: $40-80 When I'm using one of last year's sets of tri shorts for parctice and they're going see-through you know its time.

Aero Helmet: $HEAT discount on Rudy Project- $175 Not a major necessity but I do want to get one to see if it makes a differnce in split times.

Entry to IM New Zealand: $525 See previous post for why.

Airfare and Ground Transport for IM New Zealand: Ken Glah is working the number cruncher 3000 as we speak.

Entry to IM Arizona: $425 Bjoern and Bob-o take on Tempe....let the wailing, beating of breasts, grinding of teeth, and shifting through the ashes left in our wake begin.

Flight and Rental car: I have until next September to figure it out.

A bike case: $250 from the good people @

If I have any extra money, it's going into a savings account, because quite frankly I know in a year I'm going to have a Federal Student Loan ( consolidation ) to pay back, but hopefully I'll be a bit making more, and striving toward coaching on the side......quite frankly I said it before and I'll say it again I'm a poor guy in a rich man's sport. Next year I'm hoping that a limited racing schedule will help me save some money and do better at the races I'm focusing on.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Am I what I eat?

Upon several emails to Catherine she has often joked she doesn't know how to cook for an athlete, and has made references to me having some sort of "mystical athlete's diet" while it is true a couple days before a race I tend to go lighter on the fried foods, and I try to get some fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet regularly, I eat like the average 23 year old. I still eat chips, ice cream, drink coca cola like it's going out of style. I eat white bread,granted I am sort of going over to whole wheat, white pasta, and processed sauce. My mornings are usually started by a bowl of somewhat healthy cereal ( as my Grandpa is a diabetic so no Lucky Charms for him.) Dunkin Donuts coffee is my down fall, occasionally I celebrate with 1 or 2 bottles of Sam Adams ( except for the post Ironman Pub crawl I haven't really hit the bar since Sophomore year of college, too much liquor makes me act like a moron.) I eat at Wendy's at least once every two weeks. My friend Adam and I are hot wing connoisseurs. Don't get me started on pizza,Chinese food, barbecue, cheesecake, and other shit that will probably lead to an early end, heart disease or diabetes. In essence if it's in my fridge I eat it, with the exception of Mayo . For some odd reason I hate the stuff. Maybe it's the texture, maybe the smell, maybe it's the fact that it can clog my arteries in .05 sec. whatever the reason I don't really like it and my little brother is the same way.

ok so what was I writing about again, oh yes an athlete's diet...the way I see it right now I eat more with my check book than with my race plan or a food pyramid in mind. I still try to get carbs in before a big race, still like the fruits and veggies, still consume mass quantities of protein after workouts, and on some of my long training rides have snacked on Snicker's minis. I know what you're going to say, candy while working out, As your collective eyes roll back in horror,allow me to explain the method to the madness:
Snickers contain, caramel, peanuts, nougat, and chocolate.
The caramel,nougat and chocolate contain simple carbs for quick short fuel.
The peanuts and I think nougat have protein
Chocolate has caffeine for a short pick me up, hey it's probably a little safer than red bull.
also you can chew it so when you've consumed gu number 1000 in the course of your ironman, long ride, ultra marathon,it offers your taste buds, mouth and stomach a bit of a break.

Regardless, maybe this whole eat what ever's available, will fill me up, meet my nurtitional needs and not break the bank attitude is hurting my performance, if it is than I would be amazed to see how fast I can go on a "right diet" but as of right now that 5 boxes of pasta for $3 special at Stop and Shop is a good deal and providing me with what I need.

The guy behind Phelp's in the buffet line

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tour de Bethlehem

Yesterday I went for a 3.5 mile run followed ( ran waiting for my riding group to show up.) by a 25 mile ride, with my usually riding group from the Y. Yesterday only 6 of us showed up and one guy came late ( we we riding out as he was pulling into the lot, but he was a bad ass roadie and he caught the group.) The only problem with my group rides is I'm doing them on the Stomper ( as I sold my road bike this year. I might buy a new one in a couple of years, but for right now there are no crits in the game plan and I needed the cash.) which makes it hard to draft. Anyway, we did a reverse of the Griskus Sprint and Olympic route to Route 6 ( going down the smiley face hill.) and climbed up route 61, I stood with the two strongest riders as we spurted each other on, then as we turned into the center of Bethlehem I dropped the hammer as we began a long gradual climb to Morris. Now this climb was no joke, I normally cruise down this same hill at 35mph when I roll back from Washington. This time I was cranking up it at 15, 16, 17 mph in the big ring. Because it was gradual I was able to settle into a rhythm, and increase my speed, unlike the short steep burners which require low gears and out of the saddle efforts, that dot the rest of the country side. Halfway to the top I looked back over my shoulder expecting to see at least one other cyclist on my rear wheel, no one in 3/4 to the top passing the fairgrounds looked back again no one in sight.....

I got up into the center of Morris , and almost wanted to scream " Where's my 300 Euro bonus!"
I stopped to wait figuring somebody in the group tried to make a break and up the tempo...2 minutes went by then had to be a good 5-10 min. later that the second rider approached, (the dude who came late he really cranked, from here on in he will be known as Hardcore roadie. ) the top then the rest of the group, one of the faster guys had been cramping, one dude was riding a retro steel frame, the other two guy weren't holding back but were trying to keep the pain level tolerable. After a couple minutes of regrouping, we made our way back to Middlebury, via a podunk back road that spit out on to lower section of 61. At the begining I dropped back a little then after a nice straight descent I caught up with Hardcore roadie and we broke from the group. As we passed a farm and prepared for the "drop off the world" descent, he warned me " at the bottom of this hill there is a stop sign that jumps out at you." Ok I thought at the bottom of this one hill there is a stop piece of cake, what he failed to tell me is the descent is a 3 part hill, so I feathered my brakes expecting to see a red octagon, first sudden drop, no sign, second drop, no sign 3 drop , technical, sand, but no stop, got caught by the pack, last little hill sure enough there's the stop I don't think I've gone from 25 mph to 0 so fast without crashing. After that the pack stood together for a little bit until myself and two of the faster guys tried yet another breakway, as we approached the summit, one of the guys gave me the instructions to head straight back to the lot, instead of doing a backward loop of the Sprint Tri course, I nodded and within a few minutes was off the front. I managed to really hammer through a section of the Sprint tri course that I've been seeing a lot of lately, I managed to grind up the smiley hill and clear sailed back to the car. Hardcore Roadie came in about a minute after me, then the rest of the crew trickled in. Upon looking at my handy computer I averaged about 17 mph for the 25.55 miles ( slightly over 40k) we cranked out. Not bad for doing a 3.5 mile run before hand.
Leading for a while really gave me a confidence boost that my cycling is heading in the right direction, so hopefully I will be pulling a sub 2:30 at Nutmeg and sub-6 and dare I dream sub 5:30 bike splits in the Irons, yes Claire Badass mofo your bike split has been targeted.... I need to reclaim my badassness.

The king of the mountains

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Post 179

Alright anyone for anyone who doesn't know I've been racing as a member of Team Blazeman for the past year, trying to raise funds and awareness for ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease/ Motor Neuron disease in Queen's English.) ALS is a degenerative neurological illness which attacks the motor neurons in muscles. Essentially think of your body as an electrical machine with your brain as the battery... your motor neurons are like the wiring, and carry the electronic signals from the brain to move, breathe, talk..etc. ALS is when this wiring system "shorts out" depriving the patient of movement, speech and eventually life, as of this moment there is no cure and it usually kills in 2-5 years, although some such as Professor Steven Hawking, have managed to live substantially longer.
Over the past year through the kindness of readers and friends I was able to raise $629 for the foundation. For those that don't know the foundation was started by Jon Blais a 34 year old triathlete who did the 2005 Hawaii Ironman 5 months after being diagnosed with the disease he competed using number 179 hence the significance of the number and the post.
Upon talking to his parents Bob and Mary Ann at Eagleman and Rhode Island 70.3 the Blazeman Foundation will be funding a study on a possible link between a mild form of dementia and a form of ALS with the dementia serving as a possible early warning sign to the disease. If a link can be established perhaps treatment can be would be a kind twist of fate to those currently living with the disease if we suddenly figured out the existing drugs we use to treat dementia, depression and the early stages of alzheimer's could arrest the progression of this killer.

Alright that's my medical rant for the quarter.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The numbers week of 8/3-8/9: and Bob needs a girl rant

Swim distance: 9000 yards Roughly 5.4 miles or 8.6 km

Bike Distance: 120 miles or 192 km

Run Distance: 8 miles or 12.8km

Last week my run numbers suffered because everyday when I left the branch there was a real threat for thunderstorms, also yesterday ( Sunday the 10th ) I was going to try for a long run but my Achilles and my gut limited me to 8 miles ( never eating Chinese before a run ever again.) My legs have been really tight lately so I haven't been pushing the envelope, I didn't lift at all last week so I'll make up for that this week, depending on how the legs feel, other wise it will be push-ups, pull ups and bench press.

I have blamed my leg problems on my shoes which are pretty much worn to the padding, but right now new trainers are not a priority, worst case I'll train in my racing flats.

depending on the weather I'm hoping to get a couple of weekday rides in. I'm getting tired of being a weekend warrior and if I want to stand any shot in Nutmegman or IM NZ I need to work the bike while I still have time, because once school starts I'm limited to just Friday nights ( until November), Sat. and Sun. I'm hoping for an abnormally warm winter, but the New England weathermen are getting the blizzard death toll counters and OPEC and oil company execs are beginning to wonder if $5 a gallon of diesel might be too low as they look at the payment schedule on their new speed boats.....I really need to move to a climate more conducive to my training....any somewhat cute, lonely, desperate girls under 35 in California, OZ, or NZ looking for a hot young stud triathlete? Rich is a plus, but will help with rent if middle to working class.

Well that's it for me

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I want to choke slam who ever came up with these requirements....what else is new....

Well last night talking with my parents about the college thing, I have pretty much come to the conclusion they think I'm a lazy idiot. I don't know if they think I've been purposely trying to extend my stay in college, they chastized me for not following up on my paper and still incomplete grade in Latin American Cultures, which ok maybe I should have pestered my professor, but with all the shit on her plate , it's easy to get lost in the mountain of paper work, so there I can't argue.

The other thing is that if I continue with my current purposed course load I will come 4 credits short of graduating ( that is if I get credit for LAC). My dad's been purposing I take internet courses sadly I don't believe Central offers them, but maybe Charter Oak does,the current plan for me is to take a winter session course, if I can find one that would be compatible with work, and try to load up to the max in Spring semester (ie 12 credits during the week and two classes on Saturdays, that I have to clear with the boss, especially since our part timer has left and we have a lovely hiring freeze on non-essential personel.) Absoulte worst case senario I will be able to walk in May and have to take one summer course to get my coveted sheet of paper. I'm thinking of taking a day off in 2 weeks to sit down with the dean, because they say I need to take an intro level American History course, I've tranfered in a AP exam so I need to see if they counted it, other wise I'll see if I can take a CLEPT exam which will save me a course in the spring.

For my parents I really don't know why watching my college graduation is a big deal, maybe it's because they want to hand out business cards to kids as they come down with their degrees "Got a degree, get a house!" Maybe they want to gloat that " yes sadly we won't be available the next three weekends, week X we'll be in Newport watching melissa walk and then the following week Bobby will be walking in Hartford, and then Christina's graduating Holy Cross." For me walking and getting the pomp and circumstance, the president of the school going on an ego trip, some ex-politico coming in saying how Central Kansa... ( re reads card )Central Connecticut State University has formed several of today's top leaders, and the alumni association tries to pick your pocket on the way out isn't that big a deal I'll do it for my parents but realistically it don't mean shit to me. For me I just want the paper...that's it, plain and simple, have the paper so I can apply for jobs that actually pay living wages and I can get my weekends back for the first time in years, and I can move on to the next chapter in my life: paying back college so that by the time I'm in my early 30's I can start making the investments and business ventures that will shape a good fiscal future for the next generation of the house of Bob-O ( I don't plan on having kids so my siblings' children will be set for life.)

So in essence that's why I've been stressed. I need to graduate because if I don't the administration at Central will be the cause of my early demise.


To clarify

Next season I plan on doing both IM NZ and IM for the summer it will most likely be devoted to classes and training ( right now it's looking like I'm going to come up 3-9 credits shy, if I can track down my anth professor in Costa Rica and get an incomplete taken care of. If I can get net classes that night eliminate the need for summer courses unless of course I want to get started on some graduate work.) So 2009 is essentially looking like a 3-4 race schedule


Patriot Half


If I qualify for Kona that will make life difficult.... unless of course I qualify at Arizona.

granted the Patriot or any other summer race is subject to my college graduation situation, If I have to go back to Central in September 2009 then I'm giving up aything that doesn't involve work or school. The degree is priority, because quite frankly I'm tired of being in a dead end job.

So that is what the plan looks like now, but then again, plans change by the day.