Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chills and DMV

Well it's been a rough two days on the training front. Yesterday the treadmills at the Y were packed so I ran 4 miles on the microscopic 1/24th of a mile track. I had hoped to get a swim in early in the afternoon but went to visit Josie and got some quality time in with an old friend and met her four month old, Amelia. o I was going to swim that nigh but for some strange reason I had a strange case of the chills. Not the normal its cold on the pool deck chills, but the I'm coming down with a cold shivering like a malaria patient through 3 layers of blankets kind of chills. I coached a couple of the Waterbury Y tri club swimmers and then went home and bundled up under the covers to sweat out the bug. To put how bad this shivering fit was I was sweating buckets and was curled up under two heavy blankets but I was still freezing. This went on for most of the night until I got up for work this morning.

Today I packed my gym bag just in case I was feeling better but I sort of knew my chances of hitting the gym were slim. They became even slimmer, when I saw the Connecticut State Police Crusier in my rear view. My registration had expired and I was going to head down to the DMV on Saturday to renew it. Well long story short the Trooper was pretty cool and just gave me a ticket, but I decided to head down to the DMV to at least get a temp registration until I could re-up my emmissions.
I will say this the CT DMV is a pit of despair!!! And my quest to gain new registration for my little Subaru could parallel Dante's Inferno. The long story short I'm going to need to call out to work to get documents proving I paid my taxes from town hall and then get a temp plate go through emmissions, then go back get my "real plates" and head up to see Steph on Saturday.

So hopefully tomorrow will be more productive, I'll reup my registration and hopefully I'll kick this cold or at least be able to train through it.