Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ironman New Zealand Update: My leg survived 18 miles bring on that marathon!

Well today I decided to take advantage of good weather and decide to put a little "insurance policy" in my legs. Stupid, too type A what ever I needed to know how my freshly healed Achilles would handle 15+ miles. I needed to know if I could run that marathon in Taupo or resign myself to walking with a glow stick. So I decided to loop it from home. the first sign of any discomfort on the 2nd loop and I could bail. Loop 1 went well. The pace was easy kept hydrated, and listend to the body. The hips were a little tight and all the pressure seemed to be in the front of my legs instead of the back. The second loop was slower and I decided to bail on to an easier loop( my legs were feeling tight and let's face it 18 miles two weeks out was risky enough.) I managed to complete the run in 2:41.29 or at roughly 8:51 mile pace, roughly the same pace as my marathon from last year. I stretched and iced, and took precautionary anti inflamatories. The ankle is feeling pretty good although after the Ironman I'm not running for a month, figure that will give it plenty of rest to before I tackle the summer season. I'll spend time in the weight room and on the bike post Ironman, getting myself into better shape. But that's for another time.
Right now I've gotten that pesky long run out of the way and now I can taper with piece of mind.

Feeling good.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Well I browsed over to Judi's Blog and she had been tagged for an I decided eh what the hell I'll do one.

Here are her 5 questions and in interview style with my smart ass answers.

1. if you could have any bike in the world, what would it be?

I was going to make a comment on cervelo seeking missiles, but I'll be serious...
Two contenders for this one.

Road: Specialized S-works Tarmac.
I love Specialized bicycles that and their ridden by some of the fastest sprinters in the tour. I'd probably equip it with shimano ultegra because even through I heard SRAM Red's the shit and Dura Ace is lighter Ultegra has longevity, plus I don't want to be one of the cool kids drinking the kool aid as they test out their Newtons and ride their Cervelo's, granted eventually I do want to give SRAM a go. Figure Look Keo Carbon pedals, and Zipp 404 Clinchers I don't do the tubular thing, plus $100/ per flat is a little expensive especially on the roads I ride.

Tri/ Time Trial: Specialized S-Works Transition
I'm a fan of Macca granted I would love this thing decked out in a custom paint job, preferably HEAT colors with a flame job. Components either Ultegra or SRAM Red, preferably Zipp 404 on the Front and a 606 on the back ( clinchers as stated above.) I like deep dish wheels but I like control in cross winds as well. Profile Design carbon base bar and T-2 cobra areo bars, Look Keo carbons a selle itallia saddle, and I'm good to go.

2. what is your fastest 100m in the pool?
Well that's a really good question...I used to compete short course yards so my fastest 100 yd Free was a 56.9 I did as a relay split as a Freshman in college. My fastest 100 m in a long course (50m) pool was a 1:10 ( roughly a 1:03 100 yd time) in practice.

3. what is the farthest distance you have ever swam?
In competition 2.4 miles. In a straight shot in practice 4700 Yards. Broken up in a single Practice 12,000 yards. In a single day 20,000 was rough.

4. what keeps you up at night?

Other than the 5 cups of coffee I drink in a single have to say my sister Iming me from Newport and class work, although bills and life stresses play a roll too. A big thing has been a feeling of selfishness, part of me feels like I'm too critical of others and myself and that maybe I don't do enough to help other people out.

5. if you were to get a tattoo, what would it be and why?

This one is a good one... I'm getting a Tat on my ankle if I qualify for Kona and it will NOT be an m-dot. Initially I was thinking a symbol from the race I qualified from ie if I qualified in Arizona a cactus, New Zealand, a silver fern or Maori band, Kentucky...well a Fleur d' lily might work... figure if it's permanent it should be small yet meaningful. Another thing I was thinking was maybe a classic New England Symbol of a snake in the grass with the words "Don't Tread on Me!" to embrace my attitude of trying to not let life or what others think I should do get to me. Picked the ankle/ back of the leg because it's a spot that I can keep covered in the work place especially since I'm looking at going into Medicine and I don't want a 75 year old patient getting freaked out by a tatooed sleeve as I'm consulting them about titanium knee joints. Plus it gets less of a sag factor in old age.

Well those were Judi's five questions...anyone wish to become victim/ volunteer of the Blogger Inquistion?


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ironman New Zealand Update: 9 days until I fly out.

And I still have a lot of training on tap. The weather sucked yesterday and I slept through my alarm so I didn't run. Today I'm thinking about foregoing my swim session to get some miles in on pavement, and the trainer. Saturday I have either a long run or a long brick on tap. Sunday depending on the weather will be my last long ride, then next week turns into swim /run focus maybe a Tuesday or Wednesday pre-bike pack trainer session. I'm hoping to get at least a 15-18 mile run in before the Ironman...I'm hoping it's not over doing it as I've only been at about 10 miles since the injury. Tonight will be about 6 miles maybe more if I feel like it...although one part of me is thinking the track or treadmill might be a smarter option...but I hate the treadmill for long distance. Saturday is going to be my long run...go until I feel confident. Figure a 40-50 mile ride at the lake and a 15 mile run....but it depends on time. Sunday a long ride hopefully 6 hours on the road or a 6 hour trainer if the road sucks. Then clean the Stomper and get it ready to pack. Next week they're talking rain/ snow and 40F highs Just scoped out the forecast for Taupo, rain this weekend then 70's and sunny...perfect racing weather.

For the first time in a while I'm actually feeling excited to race.

I went down to the Bike Rack in Waterbury yesterday, and Al fixed my bike. My brake cable was shot so we changed it out along with the rear deraileur cable and made some adjustments to the front deraileur. He spouted a litnany of explictives and how internal cable routing has him to the point of commiting cycling ki supu: Riding a fixed gear down hill on to a highway at rush hour.( I know I spelled ki supu wrong and now some samauri warrior is going to make me perform it to save the honor of my grammar school teachers.) Regardless the Stomper is in tip top shape and should fly in NZ.

As seen by the pictures in my previous post I got a haircut, personally I think I went a little too short on this go round but maybe it will aid in aerodynamics.
Now I've just got to start packing....


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I broke my brakes...

Well last night as I was re-assembling the Stomper after cleaning off a week's worth of salt, sand and road grime, I noticed the rear brakes would just go into the locked position and not return to normal. After hours of cleaning the brake assembly and messing with the wiring to no avail I've decided to see the source of all cycling knowledge, the Buhdda of Bianchis, the Zen of Zinn, the Guru of well..Gurus: Al aka my mechanic.

I already know I'm going to get the " How the hell did you do that?" and other phrases stating I was probably a canidate for round paper and safety sissors, in childhood. But the good thing about Al is he shows you how to fix and adjust this stuff on your that way the next time you walk into the shop he's knows it's an emergency, and probably involves some blood, gore, chicken wire and the need for a welder, or at the very least requires new parts.

I'm thinking it's going to need a new cable, also since I'm down there my shifter cables could use a tightening... figure might as well do my pre race tune up now so I can get a couple more good rides on it, just so that way the wires can do their stretching now instead of on race day.

Now I've got to go get an offering for the Enlightened one....Red Bull.

On a path toward riding or in this case stopping ...Nirvana.

Monday, February 16, 2009

How I spent my weekend:

Well my long weekend was well...long.

Saturday I got in a 9mile run grnated I twisted my ankle during it not once but twice...the second time I stopped to make sure I didn't tear anything...I didn't but stretched extra to make sure. My Friend Nicole had a gig at this Resturant in Litchfield so I helped out by recording a few songs, unfortunately they won't load on you tube so I tried to upload one here, but just like you tube it won't up load ARGGGG! at least I have some check out her work click here

The second annual Freeze Your Beans Ride ended up like the first a 40 miler. Bjoern and I went to the Lake and ended up meeting up with Roadie Greg, we went one loop around the lake then "escaped the wind tunnel" and rode up into Warren. We did a portion of the original Nutmegman Half Iron, before dropping Greg at his home by the lake then Bjoern and I proceeded to do a couple loops before packing it in at 41 miles. Average speed 16.5 miles per hour after a 1 mile continual climb. Next week depending on weather a century ...hopefully there will be no snow more ... we've gotten enough for one winter thank you very much.

Monday I helped Bjoern move back in to his apartment before heading to the Y for masters. I managed to get some squats, hyperextensions and corework in before Stef ran me through 4900 yds. I know my swim leg is going to be blazing this year. The bike hopefully better than last year and the run maybe about the same, I always tend to run good on a little rest. Well that's it from me I've got an early morning run on tap.

He's here he' there he's everywhere.