Monday, May 3, 2010

Aging up

Well Thursday I turned 25. The Big-2-5, a quarter century. A silver anniversary as it were. This now means I'm out of the realitive comfort of the 20-24 bracket, and am beginning a journey into age groups where 4 months salary couldn't even by the aero helmet that some of my competition has. Essentially the margin for error is getting slimmer, the times are getting faster and competition is getting more intense. I've got three words for it BRING- IT-ON!!!!

This year I'm caught in a debate about which races to do. I'm sort of doing 2-3 locals. No Rev, but I'm tossed up about what my second half iron of the season should be. Here's what's on the platter.

Providence 70.3: I've done this race since it's inception. I know the course, got the finisher medal. It's closer to home and I know I'd have excellent crowd support, only issue is do I really want to front load my season again. If I do Providence then I will have done all my long distance stuff at the beginning of the season, tapped all my resources at the beginning of the season and will essentially find myself in the same rut as 2008 and 2009. Broke and bored after the second week of July. Likewise no Kona slots are at stake and in my "less competitive" age group last year I was still about mid-pack. I know Clearwater is a longshot, so essentially do I want to chuck down $250 for a headsweat and an Amica medal?

Halfmax National Championship Myrtle Beach, SC: This is an unknown. My 5:03 at Providence was good enough to get me qualified for my current age group. The problem is travel wise Myrtle Beach is going to cost more than Providence. The plus side is it's in October so I have time to save and piecemeal. Other plus side it gives me motivation to train through August and September. The other plus side unlike WTC's share the wealth quota that has fewer slots scattered at more events, this one has a motherload to ITU Long Distance Worlds next year. Essentially the top-16 in each Age group qualify for worlds. Likewise Worlds in 2011 is on US Soil. Part of me is thinking no contest but still gas and a hotel in Myrtle Beach for 4 days still adds up. Especially as crazy crisises always tend to rear their ugly head when ever I try to save up.

Essentially I'm torn, I'm leaning toward S.C. but the common sense is screaming don't do it Bobby, granted it also tends to scream that as I'm flying down hill at 40 mph too....

Tossed up.