Saturday, October 25, 2008

IM New Zealand 09: Stronger, Faster, Smarter

Well as promised I said by the end of this month I would make my decision on whether or not I was going to be doing just Arizona, or trying to double up with Ironman New Zealand well I made my decision after some good long thought. I looked at what I'll have available and decided to go for it. I figure if I try to save my income tax refund/ excess loan proceeds ( after books also if everything goes right I'll be able to graduate in May.) they will most likely be spent on other things. In either case all that out of the way, New Zealand in March will require lots of cold weather training once again (yea! followed by a long groan.)Well I'm looking at the weather forecasts and trying to strategically plan my remaining vacation week in November, I don't want to burn it on a week with sucky weather which is great for run focus,but is awful for trying to tackle my weakness (Cycling) likewise if I'm planning on cycling a lot I want to do it when I will not have to worry about my feet freaking freezing off, or little things such as finals.

After learning the lay of the land in Taupo last year ( it's hilly, not Auckland, Sandstone Hill, hilly, not Alpe Du Huze hilly, not Nutmegman "gentle rollers", hilly, but it does have it's moments ie a nice little ring climb a 5k in..also you descend rather gradually out to the turn around and then start climbing rather gradually back toward town.) So my plan is to take advantage of the "good" weather as long as possible and ride my Middlebury, Washington, Morris, Bethlehem Route as much as possible. The climbing will only help me.

My training strategey is a little more formulaic this year than it was last year,but it is also still flexible enough to bend with the demands of a New England Winter. Swimming is my strength but it will still be the backbone of my regiment mainly because it fits the easiest into my sechdule, the same with running. Cycling tends to be my weakness because of the time commitment, also limited hours of daylight also tend to a problem, especially when those hours are occupied by work and classes. That's why my vacation week is vital...I need to plan it right so I can cram a huge cycling block in I'm talking at least a 300 mile week. I want to take it before Thanksgiving to avoid the holiday traffic issues..but I might take it in Early December or even over winter break, just to kick start my build/ Please Bobby stop the pain phase. In either case it will be a most evil block of insane mileage.

Running not much I can really say. I was happy at how prepared I was last year, I'm hoping, that this week I can start building toward 20+miler #1 on Thanksgiving weekend. I figure a short run of at least 6 miles,my average run being between 12-17 miles and at least 4 runs of 20miles+mixed in onmy short and average distance runs will be speed workouts at the track (as long as the weather holds.) and fartlek,not to mention more hills.

Swimming Well last year my only disappointment I was I stood too far to the outside and ended up stranded close to the shoreline for most of the race. This year I'm thinking of going into the belly of the beast even if it means I'm getting Greco-Roman wrestled. Also Stef's back on as master's coach so that means my dominatrix of the lanelines will have my ass back in shape for hopefully a sub 50min. swim. Also I might take more advantage of HEAT's master's program, because swimming with my drafting partner ( Ken.) tends to make me work a little harder.

With Shannon Barnett an age group up, and not really sure how the global economy is effecting the rest of the field, I might have a shot at qualifying for Kona. I know what's coming.."The Aussies and Kiwis eat bigger chunks than you in their breakfast cereal." " if you're going to globetrott, shouldn't it be to a race with an easier field like Malaysia." " You're absolutely fucking nuts..." "Where the fuck are you going to get the money to go to Kona if you qualify ,Mr. Wizard, huh where you gonna get it?" " Dude take a cold shower and wait until next November..( which will lead to the "Californians ( holla) and Canadians eat people like you for breakfast. Do something "easier" like Lake Placid." rant). I know where all the objections are going to come from,but this realistically might be the last time I can do somethinglike this while I'm young, single, and free. So to paraphrase Martin Luther " This is where I stand, may God help me."
The die is cast, I might regret it in ten years, I might be greatful for it, McCain might get elected and this might be my opportunity to either case I'm doing it for better,for worse.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Not sure if this is a good thing...

Well yesterday for one our lab reports we had to do an experiment about the effect of exercise on blood pressure...well our hypothesis was exercise heart rate and blood pressure will go my resting heart rate is 57 bpm, low but I do all this distance athletics crap..well I run two laps around the building, come in and they do my blood pressure, it went planned, but my heart rate dropped to 47 this normal or am I some kind of freak?


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A lot going on...

Well right now between school, work and training for I guess what could be best described as "Bobby's folly"... I find myself in another awkward yet somewhat enjoyable postion between a few girls....( not physically) man, I knew I'd be getting comments on that.... In either case I've got 3 girls at CCSU fighting for my own crush,whom I'll most likely never have, has my morality, ethics, my desire to "do no harm" and libido working overtime....because seriously for me this is a new position. I don't want to hurt anyone...out of this whole chaotic situation, especially because one of the girls has proven to be a pretty good friend...that and I don't want to be a pimp, playa, gigilo, on a list of ex's awaiting assasination, etc.. At the same time, the more dark ,evil, carnal, animalistic side of me is like "dude you're a fox in a chicken coup." Give me some action....Then the little altar boy side of me chimes in again with the whole ethical code I try to live by... So that's where that lies , I am pitted in the common battle for any man a battle between the rational mind and the fire of passion. Damn it Hustle and Flow was ain't easy for a pimp....

This week:
midterms, eh...write some BS papers, study for some BS tests get some BS grades...already had one, I think I two take homes and my sociology exam tonight so this is going to be interesting.

Training..well I've wanted to get some early morning swim sessions in but I've been burning the midnight after mid terms I'm going to take a little time to settle into a routine. Also this weekend my plans for rides have been cut short because I'll be working as a courrier between CT and Newport ( ie my sister needs a ride home then back to school.) Also depends on my work schedule if I'm slated off on Saturday, I'll ride in the morning, same on Sunday, before hauling out to Rhode Island. Also the club meeting tonight will iron out practice time letting me know when I need to coach and when I can train.

Well that's all that's happening at the moment

lookin fo his featha hat, and cane.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's fall in New England...I miss you summer

Well upon getting an email back from Catherine, she's started getting excited because its almost summer in the Southern Hemisphere, well for most of my readers and myself in the Northern Hemisphere this means winter is rapidly approaching ( and some dude at the equator is probably saying what are these "winters and summers of which you speak?") Well anyway, I think I got one of my last rides in shorts in on Saturday. By the time I finished the temps were in the high 40'sF ( >10C) and my feet were beginning to get numb. I picked a cheap set of tights on Sunday as my cycling tights from last year are MIA. I'll most likely plan on picking up toe warmers in a week or so because I'm planning on taking a week off in early November and getting a hellish training regiment in. At least 3 60+ mile rides during the week, plus a century on the weekend...ambitious yes but I want to be in ass kicking shape....plan B (ie my boss can't give me that week off.) is to save that week off and take it at the end of the semester and try to perform the said feat in the bi-polar throws of a New England Winter or count my pennies and sweet talk some friends out in California into taking in a winter refugee for 5-6 days, of hardcore, my muscles haven't ached like this in years training...alla the Southwest Airlines $200 either case there will be a 5-7 day period of outright suffering this winter, most likely it will be close to home.

Ironman New Zealand and Arizona updates: It looks like I'll be able to pull this off. Don't ask how or why....My summer schedule will be a little light but with temps expected in the 90's in November in Tempe I'm going to need those long rides and runs in brutal heat and humidity to prep, myself, as John Hirsch posted in his Kentucky training posts acclimation is key.

If I qualify for Kona, well I'll deal with that if and when it happens. Granted if it happens after Tempe 09, it will allow me to start my season with a defined goal in mind...if it happens after Taupo 09..I live with the philosophy if it's meant to be then things will fall into place to let it be.

Well That's all from me, now I've got to make this degree thing happen.