Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Wishlist

So children if you believe in Father Christmas, like your Uncle Billy does
please buy my festering turd of a record.- Billy Mack

Dear Jolly Old Fat Dude with a Wad of cash ( peferably on the board with Timex):

Alright I've been good for me and I have somethings I would like to see under the tree this year.

First, I've cashed in some frequent flier miles to go to Louisville for the Ironman KY this year but I still have to come up with the entry fee, so I'm hoping the income tax check comes in before the genral entry closes, so I'm asking for one of three things.
1. A lot of people are able to get their community fund slots for Ironman Canada leaving the entry pool smaller for KY.
2. A $500 winning lotto ticket so I can put my entry in early.
3. Timex to give me a nice sponsorship.

Secondly I've dropped the hints to my family that I'm going to need to do some work on the bike this spring. My chain and cassette are shot, so I've dropped hints to friends and relatives that "Hey did you know you can get a Shimano Ultegra Cassette for $50 on" "Hmmm nothing says Christmas like the humming of Bobby's bike trainer in the background."
"On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me a SRAM RED drivetrain...."
ok I haven't been that bad but I have mentioned it alot.

My laptop is going on seven years old so I know one of my next purchases is going to be ditching the Dell for an HP with wifi.

While I'm on the wish list:

can I get six pack abs.....
A villa in Kona would also be well as a sub 3 hour marathon, a life time qualification to the big dance, and a permanent upgrade to first class on any flight...and oh yes world peace.

Ok I'll have more serious posts coming up Happy Holidays Everybody.