Saturday, January 24, 2009

I don't thnk this is what they had in mind when they said "ice your leg."

Well today, since there was no snow flying I headed up to Lake Waramaug to get some much needed out door riding in. I was begining to lose my mind with all the indoor spinning ,and with not being able to run most of my training has me staying in one place.( 12 more days......) Today it was about 30F (-1C) when I left work I gathered my crap and drove up to the lake figuring I could get a good 2-3 hours in the saddle. The temperature was still at my 30F threshold when I started riding but as my loop progressed, the odd placement of my orthopedic insert as well as a bone chilling 20 mph headwind sort of took the wind out of my sails. I managed about 3 loops and then called it quits as hypothermia was begining to set in. I had really wanted to push for 40 miles but my insert sliding around and not being able to feel my toes despite toe warmers,3 pairs of socks and neoprene shoe covers made err on the side of caution. Total distance was about 23.69 miles, 37km nowhere near what I wanted but as long as things keep progressing nicely on the injury and maybe we end up with seasonal temperatures instead of weekly artic blasts I should be able to get my mileage up. Oh and the Temperature at the end of my ride a tropical 23F (-5C) least I rode the Temperature.
Otherwise, does anyone own the Spinnervals Hardcore 100?

Also for the third time in my career I ended up with a Gatorade Slushie.If that doesn't tell you it's cold nothing will.

Tomorrow since temps are predicted to be at hunt your own mammoth levels I'm think that the pool followed by a spin indoor brick is in order. But for right now I'll be happy to feel my toes again.

I really need to move to Some place warmer.

Angry Rehab.

Ok before everyone sits there and pictures me doing stretching exercises, with a scowl on my face. Let me explain as mentioned about 9999 times before I messed up a major tendon in my foot, named after one bad ass Greek military hero. If you want to see why said injury has me freaked out watch the first um well... "chase" scene in House of Wax ( a pretty bad B-movie but Paris Hilton gets what's coming to her so it's worth it.)

Well upon rather sprited comments from the Angry Runner and my own fear of needing major reconstructive well as ways to try to get myself back on my feet maybe not faster but better prepared for the hellish regiment I put myself through,I went to him for advice on stretching and strengthening this thing. His advice has helpped as I've noticed a drop in the swelling nearly overnight...well ok it's not a " wow it ain't bulging let's go run 20 miles..." drop but enough I feel confident that if I continue the regiment and I can get the ok from a PT that I could be able to get on an eliptical later this week....not going to push it but if I can get my legs back in a running- type motion it will be a big boost to my morale.

Cycling and swimming, no real issues, I'm not going to be doing any major climbs or incredibly high tension work on the bike for the next week so that will help with the rehab as well as get miles in the saddle....let the huge bike block continue. Today not much on tap..a freeze my beans ride up at the lake..a call to Angry and a new list of exercises to try to build strength and mobility and ease tension. The Ironman..well I'm not really thinking about it at this point I figure as long as I can get through the bike leg and my ankle has healed enough that I can get a least some eliptical and run work I will be able to survive it...maybe not a PR...but as long as I LISTEN TO MY BODY I don't do something stupid like push the pace and pop the damn thing, I should be good...I've already got base mileage and I know my leg can survive 15 miles at this point...Wednesday Feb. 4 with a little more than month remaining before the race I'll have a clearer picture of what kind of shape I'll be in. I have trained for a marathon in a month like this coming back from injury, granted that was Nashville and the culprit was my knee. Until then, swim/ bike/ stretch/ triggerpoint/ lift/ anti-inflamatory/ omega 3/ ice repeat.

Recovering Nicely.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Get the Ortho out of your head.

Well tonight I got on the bike for about two hours. First time was for about 20min.before a little tension in my calf got me freaked out and my ortho's voice was ringing in my head " If you put toomuch pressure on it it will rupture...blah blah yadda yadda." After a mini-meltdown in which I vented to my sister in Newport that I'm scared out of my fucking mind about snapping this thing...and giving my self a heaping dose of Harden The Fuck Up! I got back on the trainer... and rode for an hour an a half...some tension in the calf and hams but they are not my tendon.. also they're the muscles supplying power to my pedal stroke.A little ankle movement during the ride no big this dude's playing a head game. Pretty much all he told me was "don't run. Swim" that was it. And oh yeah "stretch,and if you feel any thing getting worse give me a call."

So Angry what are you doing Sunday say around 5ish... I will agree that my right leg isn't pulling it's fair share on the run...most likely the result of an early ITBS issue from my Nashville training (I was hobbling around on my right leg with knee pain for week.) That and it was incredibly weak during my lunge session on Tuesday.Also the weakness in my right side and lower back is easy to spot, the left side it might be a little more difficult.

On the cycling I'll say the one major thing that did help was the insert, I noticed my left foot was pulling the pedal more maybe the trip to the doc's office wasn't so worthless....if nothing else it improved my cycling technique.

The Ironman a question mark at this point...I'll assess before my hotel payment is due because if I have to bail I don't want to lose even more money.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ironman New Zealand Update: Diagnosis Tendonosis

Well upon visting my Ortho, who is partnered with two crazy triathletes, I got the diagnosis of what is going on with my embattled achilles.
Tendonosis or micro tears in the tendon from overuse,improper stretching, weak f**king hips, a right leg that just seems to go along for the ride, yesterday as I did lunges I noticed my right leg was significantly weaker than my left,hence comfirming the fact that whatever injuries I've succumbed to are result of improper technique or overcompensation.

Doc: My advice no running for 3-4 weeks or the swelling goes down whatever comes first.
Me:But I've got a marathon in 5 weeks
Doc: If you run on it you could rupture it there is the same likelihood nothing could happen to it. How do feel about anti-inflamatories, most athletes hate them because they disrupt muscle building.
Me: Will it get me on my feet any faster?
Doc: It could..
Me: so 2-3 weeks instead of 3-4...
Doc: It might but it is imperative that you don't run until the swelling stops.
Me:What about cycling?
Doc: Swimming is best as long as cycling is giving you no pain you can do it.
Me: So I can ride my bike?
Doc: As long as it doesn't hurt just don't run until the swelling goes down.

So I've been put on the mother of all anti inflamatories given an orthopedic insert and the don't even think about running for at least two weeks regiment. From what the X-rays say early RICE and lighter than normal training helped but the green light has been given to me to ride until my heart's content and to swim like a I'm essentially on the Normann Stadler Ironman plan. Swim like a mofo, bike like a beast and oh yeah hang on for that little marathon at the end. Next week I'll assess the swelling if it's gone I'll begin to run again otherwise so begins post on weekly assesments of my ankle. Answer to my prayers would be one week, most likely senario it'll heal in two weeks, things will be a little difficult if it's in three and I might just be walking a marathon if it's four. Taper, what the hell is that?

So begins cycling focus....Today since I was able to get the day off fromwork part of me wants to roll in the outdoors but daylight is rapidly fading.. so I'll go to the pharmacy pick up my script for "Mother of all Anti- Inflamatories" and ride the spin bike with my orthopedic insert in my cycling shoes. This weekend looks good so anyone in the greater Hartford, Boston or New York area looking to freeze their beans with me in the great outdoors is welcome to ride with my Saturday afternoon or Sunday Afternoon...Saturday looks like the better of the two days with temps close to 30 Sunday is supposed to be frigid.

Well that's all from my neck of the if only I saw the doctor sooner....

Looking for snow tires for his bike

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Back to week.....

Well after talking to one of my class mates I foundout that my semester doesn't begin until next week....Boo-yah! Man and I was all ready to haul up to New Britian today for nothing....well that gives me some time to get shit in order and hopefully some training miles under my belt. Tomorrow I meet with my Ortho...I fully expect to be told the following, "get a massage, take anti-inflamatories, strengthen your "chain" especially hip and lower back, don't run for a week and I mean it, ice, and maybe get some new running shoes." Cycling is non impact so hopefully I'll be able to ride on the first weekend in a month where snow is not in the forecast... a freeze your beans 60 miler sounds a lot like ..well victory.... besides if I can work the bike then I can "slack off" a little on the marathon ( so a 3:40 instead of a 3:25) and have a realtively large worked for Normann Stadler... or maybe this little issue is the rest I sort of need from 15 straight months of pounding my legs in to merciless submission, hey I was having similar issues before Hartford and PRed...if I pull a Boston Qualifier out of my ass down there I'll probably be hearing a loud " What the Fuck!" from one Cranky Runner from NYC.

Today pool work, stretching, some weights, probably nothing on the lower body except some lunges to stretch my "band".

Well that's it from here...hopefully I'll be back on the road in no time. Until then

Just keep swimming just keep swimming....

Monday, January 19, 2009

Bob-o Goes to the Doctor

Well this morning I went to my General Practioner to have him take a look at my bum leg. Now this weekend there has been no pain, a little tightness, some swelling, but no pain. Hell leg felt so good that I went for a 8 miler and stretched, a little tightness but not any real worries. I risked life and limb on the road and got to my Doctor for my appointment. After a little waiting and some small talk Doc took a look at my ankle and did not like the bulge.
Doc: Bob, I think you tore it.

Me: What? But I can still flex my foot, stand on my toes, full range of motion.

Doc: Well that bump is one of two things: Option 1: you tore it and your tendon is curled up in there. Option 2 You strained it it's imflamed, either case you need a sports medicine guy. because all I can do is send you for an MRI to make sure it's not torn and then regardless I'd have to send you to one any way.

So Wednesday I'm going to an orthopedic/sprots medicine Doc to have him tell me what seems to be the obvious, that the ligament is strained and I need to rest it. If it's torn New Zealand has gone bye-bye, Racing in 2009 has gone bye- bye and prehaps racing ever again has gone bye bye. ( making for a really dull blog about pool workouts.) But all signs seem to be pointing at strain. So I'll go hopefully get some active release, or massage therapy, get miles in in the pool and on the bike and hopefully get this thing sorted out. In either case there is no pain in the ankle now and I can still get into the pool, so it's just swim, study and wait.

Healing and hoping