Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm alive but my net connection isn't....

Well for those people left that still happen to read my blog....I'm sorry. My parent's intenet is currently down at the moment and my corporate minions have blocked me from the blogosphere at work. Apparently posts on my weekend 70 mile rides are inversely proportional to my checking account and credit card refferal capabilities....or something like that.
Irregardless, there will be fewer blog posts for the time being. I'm still racing I'm still training and I'm still trying to follow when ever I can get my self to an unblocked computer.

Currently my life is revolving around running and trying to get a job with Trek. The postion with Trek is doing travel logisitics...this should be cake for a guy who spends every waking moment planning and replanning where to race his next ironman right. So I'm sending in my cover letter, fine tuning my resume and writing my reference letters ( the people I aksed to write them for me gave me the ol' you write it we'll sign it routine....which is kinda frustrating because I have to sned this app via email.) so hopefully this will go well and I'll be sporting the Stomper 2.0 a sexy fast TTX time trial get up next season...after training out west, down under and in the old country... So hopefully....hopefully this will go well.

On the race front part of me was considering either doing the Hartford Marathon or legs really aren't looking forward to the hills on the bike so I'm thinking I'll save myself some dinero and just run Hartford. But we'll see Also good luck to Judi and my buddy Tony from HEAT racing in Louisville this weekend. Kick some ass take some names and may a cold front pass through the night before the race and make the heat tolerable. Also to anyone rocking Ironman Canada good luck and kick ass.

Also if I con't get to an internet connection before then Bullet Good Luck at Plymouth Rock.

Alright the college student next to me really wants her laptop back.

Living in the Dark ages