Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ironman New Zealand Update: 4-6 Hour Trainer session of Death

Last year this was my training ground. Looks like it's going to look like this again this year too.

Well upon looking at the forecast and the smiles of glee as the meteorologists predict inches of the white stuff sub-zero wind chills and the possibility of a second ice age ( take that you global warming wack jobs!* ) it looks like my plans for a New Year's day long ride are thwarted and with the clock ticking down to just about 3 months until I need to get my rear in gear. So New Year's Day I plan on spinning, I plan on spinning until I can spin no more and then hopefully, Achilles Tendon willing tack on a 8-12 mile run. I need the miles. I agree with the Angry Runner that my lack of lifting heavy things maybe causing the Achilles pain, so I'm enlisting the assistance of my friend Alex ( whom is the new owner of my road bike) to assist me with my dead lift technique so I can build lower body strength. Although I think the fact that my run training is not as on par as last years' might also be affecting that, irregardless, I need to start stocking up on my gatorade, powerade and granola bars now because New Year's Day is going to be a long day of movies and and Spinnervals.
Here's my list:
Rudy :Warm up while spinning moderate cadence in the Big ring 15-11. ( about 2 hours)
Coach Troy's Aero Base Builder 5 to make me suffer for 2 hours.
Rocky IV to get me ready to play in the snow.Figure Warming down in the big ring 15. (1.5 hours)
Esentially this equals a 100 mile ride granted it's done indoors and will leave me coated in a slimy sweat, but it will at least build my legs up...and to quote from another of my trainer favorties: "The legs feed the wolf."
Tomorrow I plan on beating the snow by getting up @ 5:00am and heading to the Y to swim if it isn't snowing. If it is then I'll just spin easy for an hour in the AM and a harder session in the PM. Running I'm going to see how my Achilles feels before I do anything granted it doesn't hurt when I run it's only afterward I feel the pain. Alright I've got my game plan set up time to execute.
I only wonder if my Gramps and I can get cash from the electric company if I hook my trainer up to a turbine.....
*note I don't believe that driving gas guzzling SUV's is doing anything to help the planet but I don't believe warming and cooling patterns are as affected by CO and CO2 emissions as heavily as guys like Al " I invented the internet" Gore and others believe. I blame this on El Nino and La Nina!

Monday, December 29, 2008

My Achilles Heel!

Well ok it's my Achilles Tendon and it's looking less like the above picture and more like this:

Well after my 15 mile run on Saturday my Achilles Tendon has been acting up and it's not letting me ignore it. Today I decided to go for a 9 miler and well it flare up again. Once I got going it didn't really hurt but as soon as I hit some uneven pavement it would chime up, I'm assuming that the uneven paths on the back half of my 15 miler are to blame, after all loose stone isn't the best surface to run on especially after 8+ miles of pounding pavement. I'm figuring some anti-imflamatories should get it under control and my training will be back on track.

This morning I got to the Y early and managed to get in 3000 maintenance yards. Today's afternoon nine miler was pretty uneventful except I nearly got taken out by a minivan trying to cross Center St. In Wolcott, luckily the driver and I both had good reflexes and I didn't become road pizza. Other than that it wasn't too risky I managed to get back home before it got too dark. My usual loop has some moderate hills in it so I should be in shape for Taupo as long as I train my runs sensibly and the weather allows me to get the bike out over the next couple of weekends. Tonight I plan on icing my aliling Achilles and hopefully it will be back up and around for a New Year's Eve or New Year's Day run. as for riding on New Year's Day it's iffy...temps are only supposed to top out in the 20'sF (<= -4 C)..hopefully it will be a relatively warm not so snowy day out of the office. Well that's all for me. I've got to go RICE my left leg.

The Winter Warrior


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Let the sufferfests begin....

Well this weekend was Bob-o's patented kick your ass back in to shape in a hurry weekend. Friday night my masters coach had the night off so I decided to up the yardage.

I got in 5000...main set 6x 500 on 7:00 I made all of them.

Saturday I went for a 15 mile run got it done in under 2 hours granted my Achilles was a little tight afterward. But it felt good to run on the road in shorts no less. The fog was a pain at times but it was overall a good run.

Then today...I had hoped to get 60+ miles on the bike, but 2 flat tires and having to drive home for spares went my spare went flat killed that proposal.

First I get out to Middlebury and notice my front wheel went flat.I changed it and started riding hoping that I could get at least 50 miles in. About 3 miles in I was forced to ride through a pothole my front tire once again went flat. After getting a ride back to my car I went home to pick up some more tubes and then got up to Lake Waramaug and managed to fit 35 miles in before sunset. My ride this week was a lot better than 2 weeks ago when I suffered tossing hills in the mix, but this week I stuck to the lake and sprinted. I averaged almost 19mph. A better ride but I really wanted to get more miles in granted with the weather we're having I might have another opportunity in two weeks.
Looking at the weather for the next week it looks like I might be relying on my trainer for my long ride. Next Saturday they're talking snow...and next Sunday I have to reprise my role as a Pope bearer for a church fund raiser...sadly they did not have the Popemobile in the middle ages, luckily the guy playing the Pope is light otherwise mass quantities of bench press and dead lift reps would be required. I plan on going for another 10-12 mile run tomorrow if my Achilles cooperates also I want to get a swim in in the AM as well as a swim on Tuesday as snow is in the forecast on Wednesday. Thursday is supposed to be frigid but I should be able to run if the roads are good maybe break out the bike but I have a rule about riding when the temperature is below 30 degrees: You just don't do it. Essentially I'm a little behind but on about the same pace as I was training for Ironman New Zealand as I was last year,granted I'm trying to work in some more time on the trainer. So that's all from me, hopefully the weather will get it's act together and I'll be able to get a few more warm days to break out the bike.

Thinking warm thoughts

Friday, December 26, 2008

Ah Christmas.....

Well Yesterday was Christmas and over the past 48 hours I've been in church 3 separate times for the grand total of about 4 hours...so maybe all that stuff I've been praying for will come to fruition...or maybe I'll just end up in the 2nd or 3rd layer of Hell instead of the ninth....
ok enough of Bobby being a semi-good Catholic boy.

After reading Claire's post, I was really beginning to dread Christmas dinner. For some odd reason Medieval Europeans did not have a heart healthy feast in mind. Dinner was the usual fare Ham, Mashed Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, Broccoli with cheese and bread crumbs, Cranberry Sauce, diner rolls, the usually appetizers Spinach dip, cheese and crackers, a veggie platter. With the exception of the veggie platter I don't think any of this stuff is going to help my waist band. I won't get into dessert but when I left I knew I needed to exercise and fast.

My initial plan was going to be going for a run after dinner, but it got dark quick and dodging traffic and black ice, at night, after said drivers probably had a few brewskies, didn't seem like a wise idea. So I went home and got on the trainer.

After a 20 min warm up in the Big Ring rear 12 I did 10x 2min hard in the big ring 12 followed by 2 min easy little ring 15. On the hard # 5 and 10 I tried to stay out of the saddle as long as possible I managed to go the full two minutes on #5 and only a minute on #10 After my set I sat down and spun easy for 10 minutes, so I got a quality hour and 10 minutes on the bike. Tonight Possibly a run and masters. My running is starting to suffer so I need to get back on it. This weekend is looking like my best time to get my longer rides in so Saturday Afternoon and Sunday Afternoon, sure it's supposed to rain, but rain is better than ice and who knows maybe I'll luck out on Sunday and get 60 miles after Church or maybe I'll just go to Blessed Sacrament at 4PM on Saturday so I can ride longer on Sunday, We'll see. We're past the solstice so it should start staying lighter longer, so hopefully I'll be able to tack up some 70 plus mile rides in the coming weeks, weather permitting.

Well to everyone out there I hope your celebrations went well, you didn't drink too much 'nog, and the new releases in theatres didn't suck as bad as the crtics say they did.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays Y' All!

Alright I know in today's politically correct climate I can't get away with saying Merry Christmas...but who was I to be politically correct.

If you celebrate Christmas:
MERRY CHRISTMAS! ( even though JC was actually born in spring, hey it would be a pretty short liturgical year to have Christmas and Easter back to back.)

If you celebrate Hanukkah:
HAPPY HANUKKAH ! and may the next 6 nights be just as crazy as the first 2!


The Solstice:
Well it's passed but I hope it was good.

Don't celebrate anything:
Well enjoy the day off, or overtime, or sitting at a desk being productive knowing your are the true wheel turning this economy back on track..and it will all pay off when us slackers get what's coming to us.

Ok so I think I covered everybody,

May God ( what ever variant you choose to believe or not believe in.) Bless you and yours and try not to eat too much, keep that crazy uncle away from the liquor cabinet, don't pull anyone's finger, and oh yes have a happy holiday.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thank you ma'am can I have another....

Well last night after I got home from work I set to digging my 2002 Subaru Outback from the confines of its snowy prison. I set to work with my shovel after two hours of labor I had a path to my driveway. I managed to get my car up with little or no issues...boo-yah old man winter.

After my two hour core workout, it was off to masters. Steph wrote a 4000 yard workout that turned out to be a 5000 yard workout so when I came up a little short at closing time I didn't feel so out of shape.

Here it is by the numbers

500 Swim on 7:30

400Kick on 9:00?

300Pull on 4:30

8X50 on :45 Holding :40 or under

2X100 Kick on 2:00 barely made them

4X75 on 1:10 held 55's

6x125 pull

8X25 on :30 made on :20 or lower

3x100 kick on 2:00

5X150 on 2:00 Barely making it...but making it I really wanted to push this set...and I did..now I just need to get back into shape.

8x25 on :30 last 4 on :25 to finish before closing.

Total yards: 4000.

So with the snow corework and the painful set above I was feeling pretty damn good. Today, X-mas shopping with the girls and then I'll head over to the Y for atleast an hour on the treadmill. It's supposed to warmup tomorrow so hopefully I'll be running out doors on Christmas.
Well that's it from me.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Holy Shit it's Christmas or Anyone got a tow truck.....

Well, my training this weekend was totally shot. ( stupid winter storm and 12 in. of snow.) My car is stuck in my neighbor's backyard (another thank you to that wonderful winter storm.) our annual run to the casino, cost me $20, I still have to finish my Christmas shopping, yep things are in full holiday swing in my neck of the woods.

Saturday I tried to muscle my little Outback over the plow bank at the front of my driveway ( our plow driver hadn't come by yet and I needed to get to work.)..when I found it wasn't going to go straight through I back up to get a running start...well it got stuck again...and well repeat that scenario until my back bumper is against a pine tree at the end of my neighbor's property. after his and my futile attempts to get it out I walked to my parents place about a mile up the road, they drove me into work and took a shot and getting my baby free, right now it is a mere 500 feet from my nice plowed driveway.

Today my dad and I will work at digging my car out of it's icy prison, using the towing power of his Explorer if necessary so I can hopefully get to masters, if not the trainer is looking mighty inviting right now.

The Casino trip turned out to be less profitable than anticipated... another reason not to drink: Alcohol Makes you do stupid shit like going back to the craps table when you've tripled your money and then you lose it all..... all said and done I lost $24 of the $25 I went with but it would have been sweet to leave with the $80 I had before the bar..oh well lesson learned for my March run with my sister. Also Angry was in constant contact with Pants..So I can only imagine the conversations...Especially after our ill fated third trip to the craps table, I seem to hazily remember Angry going on a litany of I hate you guys...and some threat of war with the Mohegans... I can assume there were many deadlifts done this morning.

Training wise my outdoor activities are on read and react mode: I read the weather forecast and react accordingly...this week looks like it will warm up just a tad so I'll get some running and riding in. I was going to run yesterday but a little "wintry" mix but the kibosh on that, instead I shoveled the 4 additional inches of fresh powder that accumulated on my driveway and tried to triangulate the angles on getting my car out. It looks like our best is to clear a path up to my drive way and with a little traction and a little brute force I should be able to have baby back on road again...just in time to go out and do my absolute last minute Christmas shopping tomorrow night.

Well that's all from here...hopefully I'll get my training and my car back on track.

The weary walker


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winter training ...or the I need to move to Florida post.

"What's the worst they could do to us send us to Siberia? We're already here."
-some movie.

Well upon looking at the weather forecast for the next couple of days maybe I should have signed up for the world biathlon ( you know XC sking and shooting) championships instead of an Ironman.For some God forsaken reason we are going to get a foot of snow dumped on us or at least that's what the doom and gloom weathermen are saying..then again these guys change their story every 10 minutes...10 inches no 20inches..no 12 inches...no 5 no 10 again...seriously these guys snowfall tabulations flux more than my 401k....

anyhoo it's safe to assume that unless these guys prove to be completely full of crap that my masters workout is going to be canceled. Already did my backup this evening.I managed to get a 4000 yard swim in my main set was 20x100 on 1:25...
I was barely making them so my butt is definitely more out of shape, than I was last year granted my courses were more demanding than last year. I plan on a beat the blizzard run tomorrow morning and then nothing but sweet sweet love for the trainer tomorrow night. figure a 3 hour session to the tone of Rocky, Rocky IV, and Miracle are in order, If I can stomach 4 hours I might go for it, but spinning in place gets so boring.
Saturday, depending on how long the white stuff delays my buddy from Nashville, the boys are making are the annual let's celebrate X-mas/ Angry's birthday trip to the casino...I'm hoping for mad winnings...a frist class ticket to Taupo would be nice...my car paid off even better...There will be much sin and debauchery as always. Hopefully the weather will clear up and I'll be able to get a quick pre work run in. Next week Christmas looks like the only good day for a run granted if it's decent Tuesday I might try for one. Next weekend hopefully this weather pattern will clear up and I'll have some cold yet dry road conditions to try to get 60-80 miles ( figure if I can get back up to that by mid Jan.and a frigid century I'll be in business.) in...but a guy can dream can't he....

Claire when are you moving to San Diego I'll be your box...I mean van....I mean roomate.

Not a fan of Artic weather....

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Training Plans put on ice....literally...

Well the forecasts for the next 2 weeks look like this...

Temps below average with a chance for wintry mix.

I should expect it it is New England and we always get that 2 week deep freeze before everything starts to go back to normal. Also last year I was spoiled, colder than average but drier, this year it looks like we have an "old fashoned" wet winter...which means snow and worse ice....at least I can run on snow but ice just plain sucks. I jokingly sent Catherine an email asking if she needed a roommate...I cook and do windows what more can a girl ask for? But seriously until the weather gets it's act together, I'll be spending time on my trainer getting reacquainted with my DVD collection...any one have any 36 hour Bollywood Epics they aren't watching?

All that aside the semester is ending which means I'll be back in the pool with my masters group, Stef already said she'd be happy to kick my ass into shape. So things are coming together, I'm contemplating putting a now vintage McCain "Drill baby Drill!" sticker on my top tube...not because I like McCain ( viva Obama! until he does something stupid...like giving GM a $600 Billion bailout with out giving everyone in America a free car.... speaking of which I'm waiting for my dividend from AIG....if we're going to have to pay it then we should get something out of the deal...but alas I'm no econ guy.) but back to what I was talking about a "drill baby drill!" sticker to remind me to "drill" the bike this year..to drill it hard...to leave it craving a cigarette and pillow talk afterward, only to leave it heartbroken as I leave on the marathon. I figure an hour on the trainer everyday..and the long rides or trainer session on the weekend, should get me into shape and rearing to go.

Well now that I've gotten my weather rant and training outline done, time to execute it.

Titan of the Tundra.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

RIP: The Big Red Caboose: Cardinal Avery Dulles S.J.

Ok so the title seems a little disrespectful but let me explain Cardinal Avery Dulles S.J. was the chair of the religion department at Fordham University. Many moons ago when I was young reckless and attending Fordham, say 2004, I was a member of campus ministry I was helping out at Holy Thursday Mass. Now Fordham is run by the Jesuits a bunch of priests who live in community and take vows of chastity, poverty and obedience, so at this shindig there were about 20 members of the Roman collar club present, and all of them were going to be processing in. Father McShane the president of the university was lining the group up and made a remark to the cardinal, " and you, sir will be our big red caboose." Now if the cardinal was the uptight pompous sort he would have taken great offense to such a comment but the fact he chuckled a little at the remark spoke of his character. He was smart he was pious and he had a sense of humor. I only had the pleasure of hearing him say mass twice in my turmoil filled years at Fordham, his wisdom was profound and if you saw him walking around campus with his cane and Irish touring cap you would have thought he was just another one of the Jesuits on staff. He is what the Catholic Church would have type cast for a priest, smart, full of wisdom and faithful, yet at the same time easily approachable and in good humor. He will be sorely missed.

Rest in Pieces sir.

Monday, December 15, 2008

It was above 30F on Sunday with no snow Could you guess what I was doing...

That's right the training rides have begun again...granted this year I'm going to maintain my bike a little better so I'm not forking over $40 for a new chain ( granted Pro Bike Kit has them for $25 ..dang this site and Nashbar are more deadly than an ice cream truck dealing crack in a school zone.).

Yesterday I got in fewer miles than I hoped for a whopping 37 miles in 2:20 at 16mph pace, but for my first day back in the saddle I'll take it. I drove up to Waramaug because I wanted to survey the road up, just to see what there were like...I could have kicked myself for driving all the way out there as they were mostly clear with the exception of one or two icy spots...well next time I know. I started by doing loops of the lake but after one loop, decided to mix in some hills, so I climbed Hopkins Rd. and went up this steep ass grade by the Hopkins Inn and Vineyard. The restaurant was working full tilt as the smell of fried food filled the air around the place. After the ascent I had to take it easy on part of the descent as there was one large ice pack on one of the side roads. As I shot down the main road back by the lake I decided to ride part of the Nutmeg Half Marathon Route. I figured riding in a flat circle wasn't going to help me prep for the hills of Taupo so I had better kick my ass back into climbing shape in a hurry.
After riding up Flirtation Rd. ( Claire and I had fun with this name on her Easter Half Iron bike.) and darting across US 202 I made my way to the center of Washington. Not knowing how bad the roads were heading toward New Milford, I decided to tackle the last "clover" of the Half Iron course, it was nothing but clear yet pitted asphalt. Also this was a gradual up hill, so my climbing legs were getting a decent workout. I got back to the lake and I was at 29.10 miles I decided I was going to ride until I hit 30 becasue the sun was setting...but opted to tack on the extra loop. I managed to get to my car feeling like I was going to "let it fly" at any second. I didn't have my head lamp with me so my plans for a run were nixed, so I decided to drive to Marty's cafe in Washington to relieve myself and get some coffee to warm my dead but up.

It was a good ride but I need to improve. I hope to ride Next Saturday morning if the weather co-operates although the apocolyptic weathermen can't seem to agree on whether it's going to ice/ snow/ or rain on Friday and if it will carry over into Saturday. If all goes well and the plans for wintry mix are foiled I'll get a 62 miler in, if not then it might be 3 hours on the trainer...ugg...I can only do so much work on the trainer...and then maybe a trip up to the casino with the homies, granted I'm thinking it might be wiser to stay home.

The Warrior of the Wasteland.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

This weekend: The training for NZ begins in earnest

On tap for Today:

Work till 12:30PM

10 mile run...if the roads co-operate, we had a massive rain storm 2 days ago and last night everything froze over, today is not supposed to get above 30F (-1C) so the roads are going to be icy and treacherous, but hopefully not.

Hawaii Ironman Highlight show.

Finish Papers.

2 hours on the trainer.

In the words of the Commodores: "A brickhouse."

Hopefully a 50-60 mile ride and a 7 mile run. Maybe some pre-church deadlifts.

This is all what I hope to do but we all know life throws curve balls. I look to take full advantage of my trainer over break, maybe some pre and post work spin sessions and hardcore focus on the bike. It's been my weakness for several years hopefully if I work hard enough I can make it a strength...because I really want a sub-6 Ironman bike split this year. the running I'm not worried except for last week 've been averaging 20-30 miles per week, and about 9000 yards in the pool per week. The swim is the least of my worries, although I'd like to be in the top 25 out of the water. To have a remote shot at Kona I need a faster bike split so that's what I'm going to drill this year. Hard Swim, Balls to the Wall bike ,and run until my legs fall off. While not as far as long as I was last year I did manage to build a lot of base over the summer. So winter break will be spent trying to get myself as fast as humanly possible, and this year I will be taking a tip from the Angry Runner and work the chain, with deadlifts, the arms with push ups and pullups and essentially get my scrawny ass it to bitch stomping shape...I guess the easy days are over because as of 8PM last night I'm officially in training.

Getting intouch with his inner Balboa.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Help a sister out.

Well upon looking at Speedy Claire's blog as she preps for the Boston Santa Speedo Run. Well the thing is the race is a charity run which has left her scrambling for funds at the last second. She only needs to raise $250 USD and right now she is at $184 USD. $5 bucks from 15 people gets her there, alright I know $5 bucks is a lot in today's economy, especially this close to Christmas but think of it this way it's two cups of coffee from the office coffee pot instead of Dunkin Donuts ( or other national or international coffee chain.), it's taking a sandwhich or cup of instant ramen in Monday instead of buying a pizza slice, to help needy kids out.

Edit: Claire made her goal!

For more info check out her blog and to donate click here


Thursday, December 11, 2008

The zone...

It seems that in the last few days I have entered the zone. Whether it was the fact that 90% of my stuff was running late, the semester's drawing to a close, or I just want to get shit done so I can start training again...everything has come together. Papers that it took me eons to start and research were completed in what seemed like effortless hours...whether the grades reflect this or not remains to be seen,but shit is getting done, hopefully I'll be able to exorcise the dust off my chain ring this weekend.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I' m Entered!

Well I'm entered in to my 2009 Ironman, I'll give you 3 guesses but you only need one to figure out where I'm going.

* Blocks Ears waits for all the collective ARE YOU INSANE! shout to subside.
Alright I'll agree it's a nuts proposition, but then again isn't the ironman a nuts proposition. Afterall who in their right mind would pay money to swim, bike, run and suffer?
My justification is I can do it for the same price if not cheaper than an American Ironman ( exchange rate baby!). Ok yes Airfare is a bitch ( $1200 via Air New Zealand .com), but hotel for the week was only $400, ( Louisville was going to cost me at least that, granted airfare was non existent , my sisters wanted to road trip to it.) I decided not to book with Ken Glah this year, ( his service is good but I'm on a budget, if I make Kona ( he might be getting a call, although I'm going to see his price on air fare, you know just to see if it's lower and it might be wise to lock in.) So the hotel taken care of, the race taken care of, and the airfare soon to be resolved, that just leaves one thing: training.
Now I'm not as weak as I was on the bike last year, granted I still need to learn how to "let it fly" so I can save precious minutes on the longest leg of the race. Also with my paper writing palooza, I've lost some valuable road time. Winter break is around the corner so I'll have a month of hard core yardage and mileage ahead of me. My trainer is set up, I know the cheapest place in town for toe warmers, my running shoes should survive until spring, otherwise I'll be doing some shopping in NZ ( seriously my flats would have been $119 in the US I got them for $89 in Taupo.) Alright all that shit aside I've got papers to finish and a training plan to contemplate.
Off his rocker.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm not dead...

I'm just in the midst of finals. Seriously I never want to type another paper again after I finish this semester...oh wait I have a thesis due before I graduate...damn it all to Hell.

To paraphrase Ben Franklin, "Coffee is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy."

The suspense of which Ironman to pick will also come to it's conclusion this Thursday when I fork over my entry fee lets just say I'm fully braced for the Litany of "You're Nuts" ( I guess I am what I eat.), "You're Crazy", "You're Muy Loco", " Bobby I'm getting you a straight jacket for Christmas this year." Sadly this rules out a blogger reunion beating up Mickey... so to those of you rocking Disney I salute you.

Mother Nature is not helping my training plan at the moment but at least I have the trainer and a massive dvd collection. Anyone with any Tour de France tapes, or dvd's that's not using them feel free to send them my way,I will also take spinervals dvds. I have 6 months of base work going for me..well at least on the run and the swim...so I will devote more time on the stomper, with the Jeff Goldblum mantra of "Must go faster, must go faster..." playing in my head...hmmm spinning to Jurassic Park...might be motivating. Also I'll be riding up at Quassy and Waramaug when ever the weather/ road conditions permit...ahh I can feel my toes going numb already...anyone else want in?

Running in the cold, already know how to do that thank you very much, along as it isn't icy it's all good. Also my tolerance for Cold has built up on the running side it used to be if it was below 20F (-6C)I'd call it a day, now if it's in single digits 9F(-12C) I might debate the treadmill. Cycling I'm still gonna stay at the 30F mark, figure riding in anything colder than that is begging for trouble.

Well that's it for me I still have to crank out some goodness and insert some notes.

Java Jiving


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hotel room for my Ironman is coming together...

Well I was able to book a decent priced hotel room for my race...formal announcement coming later in the week.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Operation Juan Valdez...and other ramblings.

Well I managed to get extensions for most of my papers so tonight and Friday I will be glued to the computer writing on Piracy, Ethnicity, Israelis and Palestinians destroying one another for land rights, and the global capitalist agenda...I mean religious issues. (sigh I always find someway to do something involving the Middle East.) so tonight begins Operation Juan Valdez or I'm not sleeping until I finish at least one of my papers. I figure sitting in the library or student center with out my Internet cable will allow me to avoid "distractions" and Get R Done...oh crap I quoting Larry the Cable guy get me more red bull.

Other Ramblings

Team Zoot Gu is disbanding, so next year I will be racing unsponsored, figure I'll load up on my GU2O now, that and I won't feel like a douchebag wearing my HEAT livery ( which is Garineau.) Also 2009 for me is going to be a hectic year, with graduation, getting a real job, traveling to 2 races ( granted they will be a little more spread out than last year.) I figure I'll probably be racing a little less but more spread out than last season. Nothing was worse than the Amotivational Syndrome I suffered from mid-July to August, no races on the calendar just mounds of training for Nutmegman, which turned out to be all for nought. I figure if I sign up for one race a month ( June, July and August) in April I'll have at least 3 races on the calendar and motivation to train, and if I run into lack of fundage like last season I know I'm in to my big three well 4 ( I always do one Sprint in July.).

I'll be announcing which Ironman/ Ironmans I will be gracing with my Lycra clad arse in 09, just before Christmas, hopefully after pillaging the Mohegans, with Angry's Crap table probability skillz that kill, afterall nothing would be better than walking away with more money than I brought with me. But I will be doing an Ironman in 2009, even if it isn't an M-dot, or it's just me swimming at Waramaug, riding through Litchfield County, and running a personal marathon on my own. Who knows maybe I'll up the distance and make Connecticut a mecca for the >140.6 mi (226.2km ) crowd...who knows maybe I'll spawn my own crazy distance between Ironman and Ultraman...The Almightyman*? I could just see it now 3.1 mile (5k) swim 200 mile (320km) bike and a 36 mile (60k) run and a 24 hour time limit..yeah that would be hardcore...until I get sued for somebody actually attempting this distance, and dying/crippling themself.**
Also last night I got back in the pool for the first time in a week. I felt so fat and lazy that I need a 3000yd. exorcism of Turkey day left overs. I just have to survive a few more papers and I'm free to train again.

Alright that's enough out of me for the moment.

I need creamer with a back up of donuts

*The Almightyman Triathlon title is considered my intellectual property...anytheft thereof will result in me calling you a cheap, un creative ( explative.)!
** I will not be held responsible for some out of shape moron going off and trying to attempt this distance, with out undergoing a proper training and hydration and Nutrition plan/ psychological and medical assesments before hand. Endurance athletics don't kill, stupidity does.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dear Academia...

You regally suck! You're a high matinence ,needy and whiny bitch. I'm done with you!.....
so I assume we'll be meeting again at 5:15PM and you'll want a paper right?

My Professors' effort to make the workload light at the end of the semester resulted in everything being due after Thanksgiving, not a problem for a "normal" college student, but I'm not a "normal" college student. Combined late nights training and gathering resources have left me mentally and physically and mentally exhausted...not to mention a little thing known as a day job. I committed the eleventh deadly sin and rested on my vacation, hoping to crank out most of my work on Sunday, that got dampended when I drove my sister back to Newport and arrived home beat from the drive. So last night I was up until 2am Cranking out 60-75% of a 12 page paper due this afternoon, I'll most likely be up to that hour again tonight cranking out an 8 pager due yesterday... in essence Juan Valdez is going to be my homeboy until I can actually earn a goodnight's sleep which will most likely be around Christmas. I don't know why but I've just been exhausted and being behind on classwork hasn't made life easier, I haven't trained in almost a week, and nothing has really gotten done I just read a few books and formulated arguements I've got about 6-7 pages of pure BS written....I just feel overhelmed just like I have the rest of this year. I'm beat ,I'm exhausted, I'm handing in my resignation to life, if anyone needs me I'll be curled up in a recliner trying to get some REM sleep, for the next half an hour.
Coffee has been my substitute for sleep. It's so bad I can now tell the subtle differences between, Green Mountain Coffee,Maxwell House, Folgers', Cumberland Farms slect Blend, Dunkin Donuts Regular, and Starbucks dark roast. Red Bull now actually slows my heart rate, and my pillow is covered by a fine layer of dust even though I just took a 2 hour nap, or at least I think I did...

I think I can taste a hint of Maple Syrup in the Green Mountain Vermont Country Blend.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The 72nd Manchester Road Race Race Report.

Yes that's right for 72 years strong, some psychos have been lining up in downtown Manchester and getting in a nice 4.78 mile jog. In recent years the Field has topped 10,000 runners and this year by some "coercion" by a few of my customers I joined the huddled masses this Thanksgiving. Wednesday I went up to register and use my hard earned "winnings" from the Cicchetti to enter. After talking to the director of seeding ( Doug) I managed to talk myself into the 30-35 minute corral so I wouldn't be mowing over power walkers starting in the unseeded mob. Entry paid and seed card obtained and nearly dying most horribly on I-84 through Hartford I went out for coffee with my sisters and then home to try to get some shut eye before the race.

Thursday I woke up about 6AM to get to Manchester in time to catch the first shuttle to the start line. ( Figured I would park at the community college and ride over on the buses and avoid traffic and being boxed in until the race ended.) Well I arrived at 7:00AM and sat around waiting for the bus, I managed to talk to a couple of people,who like me, were doing this shin dig for the first time. I began talking to this fellow first timer, Jeff, as we waited for the first shuttle to arrive, he was meeting up with some friends before the start. The first shuttle showed up at about 8AM "Man this is cutting it close for a 9 AM start." I thought to myself. We arrived in "downtown" Manchester about five minutes later the bus parked in a lot about 1 mile from the race start. As we walked down I noticed people going in and out of the school where they were doing registration. I talked to Jeff to see where he and his friends were meeting up before the race, ( he had offered to stow my race bag in his friend's car.) I went into the school and found it was not only open but that there was a team of massage therapists setting up for business. I stripped down to my shorts and short sleeve Nutmeg State Half iron race Tee and a set of gloves ( after all it was a tropical 35F at 7AM) I bumped into No Bike Mike from HEAT who was also rocking the Nutmeg Half Iron shirt and shot the shit for a while before I went to warm up. I ran down to the Webster Bank lot and met up with Jeff, his friend Prospect Jeff (who will now be know as PJ) and Prospect Jeff's son Matt. I stood in the sun trying to stay warm figuring I had only 15 min. before race start. Then PJ chimed in " You do know this thing kicks off at 10am right?" Damn I has prepped to go an hour early. Jeff turned on the car and I was able to stay warm for another 15 to 20 min...on "company gas." I really had to pee, and the line to the portolets was curving out of the parking lot. Now I'm going to go on a rant about how runners seem to bred to using portolets, At the Nutmeg State Half Marathon I made a similar observation, that there were 500 people lined up for the portolets while there was no one even thinking of using any of the available flush toilets. So I jogged back down to the school, went into the nice warm clean rest room, ( past yet another mass of people waiting for the portolets in front of the school.) did my thing, and began to talk to this tri chick from Mass. Yevette, as I stood inside trying to stay warm until 9:45. at about 9:45 I made my way down main street to the 30-35 min. Starting corral, handed in my seed card ( a postcard with the picture of the race director standing next to some pro.) and tried to stay warm. The odd thing was I was standing right behind the Fox 61 mobile studio so I tried to wave to the camera a couple of times as the race commentators did their usual pre race jabber. Seriously I hate when non-athletes are the commentators, I mean even if someone is a recreational runner they know a little bit about the sport, but some times you end up with total Yutzes ( read Al Trautwig) destroying epic moments in athletic history with their commentary....also I hate it when Yutz runners ( read me.) try waving to the camera...so I guess it all came clean in the wash. Enough of all this pre race crap Let's talk turkey...trot.

The Race:

( Note the dude wearing bib 11675 staring at his watch that's me.)

At 9:55 they did the National Anthem, as runners continued to file into corrals. One kid in a Navy shirt was debating sneaking into the corral. I talked to him for a bit and foundout that it would blow for him to have to start in the back. ( He was a sub 30 runner.) As soon as the Volunteer's back was turned I was like " dude now or never." he snuck under the blue fencing and that was the last I saw of him. The Vollies removed the blue fencing seperating the corrals, 2 min. to go then the 60 sec. countdown, the gun went off and off we went. As soon as I hit the timing mat I started my watching, gluing myself to the kid infront of me riding right against the barricades. As we ran down main street, some bandits jumped in on this thing, and unlike Boston the race directors were cool with it. The first mile was pretty flat, a couple of bottlenecking turns, I saw No Bike Mike running by me, he shouted "come on Rob..time to get moving." We hit "the hill" at about the 1 mile mark I hit the clock at 6:11. We started up and I passed three guys wearing nothing but their sckivies and red white and blue body paint, I began to pass some of the herd as some of the faster runners who were bottlenecked in the back starting coming forward. the hill Continued up for about a mile and really slowed the average speed. I hit the 2 mile mark at the summit and my split was a 7:19! 7:19 more than a minute slower than my previous mile. We approached the summit of the hill only to be greeted with screaming crowds, bag pipers, Music Blaring and lots of signs bearing Over the Hill Jokes. For as gradual as the hill went up it went down in a hurry, I tried to control my pace but it seems everyone behind me had the "Shin Splints be damned" Angry Runner approach to desecending. I watched almost helplessly as about 10 of the people I had out ran up " the hill" were getting sweet revenge. We hit the three mile mark in about 20 min. my mile split was a 6:27 worlds away from the grind up the hill. It was about this point the kickers were coming forward...to explain what a kicker is, if you ran track in high school do you remember the bum that used to tuck in behind you for say 3 and 3/4 laps in the mile (7 and 3/4 laps in the 2 mile) and then on the last straight they just opened up and would lay waste to you like you had been standing still....yes these guys/gals have grown up and started running road races too. It was about this time some kid in black shorts and a singlet came along side and started to make his way forward I tried to keep Mike in sight but with all the passing and getting passed it was like rush hour in Hartford, with everyone zigging left and right in and around, eventually the pack strung itself out as I tucked in behind someone going my pace. we hit the 4 mile mark at about 26:30 a 6:34 mile. there was a little over 1k or .75 of a mile left and we were heading for down town, the crowds got louder, it was like being in a human tunnel because everyone was just going crazy. Dude in the black track get up was over by the side of the road "reliving breakfast." the pace had gone from fairly hard to "daddy stop the pain" in a little less than a quarter mile, I was now begining to feel breakfast making a reprise, and decided to tone it down a notch hey I didn't want to drive an hour plus back home with a sick Coffee and bagel and stomach acid combo after taste in my mouth. So the kid in his black singlet got his bearings back and decided to go until he puked twice, and he flew on by as I conservatively sprinted toward the Huge American Flag and the Start finsh line. As we approached the line we were told to fan out into one of six chutes, I was locked in a dead sprint with about 5 other guys, I couldn't really tell who won but I was pissed when I looked at the results and they put some kid who had the same time ahead of me. Official Time 31:29 Net time: 31:24. 363rd overall 107th in my age group.

In a field of 10,000 not a bad day at the office. I made my way through the finish chutes and back to the school, got a quick massage and got dressed in my "warm clothes". I bumped into one of my classmates, Ashley, and her boyfriend, told them about the massage tables, foundout that they had not made the official start. Apparently a few of the shuttles were delayed in getting to the start line and by the time they made it down, the volunteers were already installing the finishing chutes because the wheel chair racers were coming in and the elites were about 5 minutes away.So they jumped on course and ran it out. I managed to go back to the finish line area but I could find no sign of Jeff or PJ so I made my way back to the shuttle pick up and after about a 20 min. wait made my way back home for a hard earned shower, turkey and a nap. I think this might be the start of a new Thanksgiving tradition.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What I really want for Christmas...

Well it's that time again, my parents ask me what I wanted for Christmas ( seriously I'm 23 why do my parents feel they have to spend the coin they have on me their 23 year old working son, I mean my siblings, 2 middle schoolers, a high schooler and a broke college student fine , but I mostly buy what I want / need and make due with what I've got.) So I usually tell them get me something practical, new work clothes, socks, a bathing suit or 2, a bag of toe warmers so I can do my winter riding, maybe a DVD...little things. Now if money was no object absolutely nothing was off limits here are the top ten things I'd want for Christmas:

1.Winter House in San Diego, paid for in full, utilities included.

2. A Specialized S works Transition, loaded with either SRAM RED or Shimano Dura Ace, Zipp 808's, and since this is a fantasy painted Red, Black and White with Flames (HEAT livery.) X 2 you know just so I have one at the Winter house.

3. Blue Seventy Helix Wetsuit.

4. 3 pairs New Balnace 968' or whatever type I'm using now, seriously they feel like sex on my feet. I think my calves just had an orgasm.

5. about $500k in cash would be nice.

6. Entry and airfare to Ironman New Zealand for 2009...and 2010, 2011, 2012...

7. A house in Taupo, New Zealand, preferably big enough that I could rent out rooms at low, low low prices.

8. A Specialized Tarmac S works ( painted like the transition S-works.)

9. A girl who shall remain anonymous showing up at my door wearing a red bow...I'm not going to go into more details but let's just say I'm human afterall.

10. A "pointy" or aero helmet, that is certified by " xyzlmnop" to quote Claire and Mary.

Alright some of these things are really out there but a guy can dream can't he?

Maybe...oneday...in another lifetime...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thursday's Run is being paid for by the Fischang-Cicchetti Road Race.

Well today I continued my entering races at the absolute last second trend. I decided to run the Fischang-Cicchetti 5 mile Memorial run. I will start by saying it was cold, not brisk, not nippy, no it was freeze your ass off cold. I actually did the unthinkable and nearly raced in tights, but decided that long sleeves, gloves and a hat were enough.

I ended up bumping into Waterbury's Ironman Al, and after shooting the shit got into postion for the start as always I position myself in the front line so my sexy ass will grace the sports' section tomorrow morning. The gun went off and it was a feeding frenzy for 5 miles through the ghetto. The first part of the race is through downtown past the revitalized part of East main street and the palace theatre and then up into the hood, before going through Hamilton park and then back the way we came. As I approached the first mile mark I was not expecting a PR in today's run because it was cold, it was like every 400 m my lungs were clogging up with phlem and I was hawking lougies, and I don't mean Phit, little ones I mean I was hawking huge freaking snot balls, that would have a pocessed Linda Blair asking me to be her unerstudy. The first mile wasn't bad but it wasn't as fast as I normally take it out a 6:30. As we continued toward the park I continued to breathe deep and every so often honk out a monster gob of snot. About this time the high school cross country kids were pulling ahead, and then Al , some chick in tights and Pat came up we sort of became a pace group for the next mile and a half. We hit Hamilton park and I unzipped my long sleeved jersey to get so air. My 2 mile split was 13:40 a 7:10 mile definitely slower than last year,but also last year it was 20 degrees warmer. We passed the aid station at the 2.5 mile mark and the volunteers we sitting down and there was still a full table of water cups, none of us were taking any fluids it was just too freaking cold. About this time Pat made his break, I tried to tag with him and Al was on my heels as we left poor chick in tights in No-man's land. we hit the 3 mile mark I made the comment "only 23 miles to go..."the three of us sort of chuckled and we sort of agreed that we perfered the slow cruel death that is the marathon compared to this high speed pain fest. Mile 3 split 20:41 or a 7:00 mile yeah PR out the window. Pat checked out I tried to go with knowing Al is a faster runner than I am and he most likely has a powerful kick so I figured unless I want to be edged out at the line, I might want to go a build a lead over these last two miles. I surged not looking back knowing Al was probably right on my shoulders 5k splits were being shouted out and again on hearing mine I sort of figured no PR but as long as I was in under 35 min. so I could seed myself at Manchester on Thursday that was all that would matter. Mile 4 is slightly down hill as we leave the park and go back into the hood. I hit the 4 mile mark 27:16, 6:35 mile definitely no PR today but definitely a sub 35 day. The course continued to go down hill toward the city green past the police station, I reeled in a Cross Country runner as I got passsed by group of 3 high school hot shots...oh to be 18 again. As I passed the Palace theater I could hear the sound of someone breathing down my neck, I knew it was Al but I wasn't looking back. The finish line was only 400 meters ahead, I turned on the after burners and hope I could eek out a little more. We passed spectators the line was coming in sight Al came along side as we lunged for the line I tried to hold my fingertips over the line infront of him but it was to know avail. I got snipped at the line by less than a second. Now how know how Ken Glah felt at Ironman New Zealand in 1990, when Pauli Kiru just barely beat him. Official time 33:56 the last mile was about a 6:40. After coughing up a pound of phlem ( for some odd reason I always end up dry heaving after this race.) I congratulated Al on a battle well fought and made my way to the Waterbury Y and the post race food. After not winning squat in the raffle I started catching up with some of my friends from high school, and some of the local running crowd. Suddenly someone motined to me " Rob they're calling you're name." I went up a recieved a check for $25 bucks. Because this was the 34th running of the race and I had just barely finished 34th I was rewarded with a $25 payday. So that $25 will go to the "Manchester road race" this Turkey Day. So that was my Sunday, not a PR, not my best placing but a good race considering the circumstances.

I think I can feel my toes again


Saturday, November 22, 2008

I have tasted the Deadlift...

and it tastes like chicken..
Yes last night before swimming I got a nice 3 mile run in on the ugg..treadmill... and decided to, as the Angry Runner used to put it, lift heavy things. I did some squats, absolutely pathetic numbers of pull ups, some major core work , some peck fly press with free weights, and dead lifts. Ok so my squat weight and dead lift weight were a measly 95 lbs...I know make all the weakling comments you want, but for last night's dead lifts I was trying to focus on technique instead of power. So I did an insane amount of reps at low weight, eventually I will work up the numbers and maybe even give the Angry One a run for his money... in like 5 years.

Swimming I got about 3200 yards in which isn't bad for my second time in the water this week. Papers have been hell on my training , and this "cold snap" isn't helping my lack of cycling. ( Al Gore where are you and all your global warming go green psychos* now...when it's a balmy 15F (-9 C) outside in New England....what's that Al you're full of crap...how's that for an Inconvenient Truth.)

So yeah not much new in the neighborhood except I have discovered the power of brute force and I like it...damn it I turning into Angry...

Freezing his Beans off.

* I have nothing against people wanting to go green for their own piece of mind/ health. I do have issue against the zealots who are screaming we should give up all modern machinery and go back to living as kinship based foraging communities. What did Buddha say everything in moderation.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Lots of Sound and Fury and I'm back to stage one.

" You, Change your mind, like a girl, changes clothes"- Katie Perry.

Well after looking at my Fiscal Situation I'm not going to be able to put Forward an Ironman Entry until January. So in essence I'm back to square one with my race planning for 2009. Which leaves me with 3 viable options for a 2009 Ironman.

1. Arizona or Florida via community fund:


Help out the local community.

My race entry becomes a tax deduction.

Race with Bjoern and have a mini Ironwar. ( Arizona only.)

Race with Gary and have an Ironwar..well not as intense because he's in a different age bracket.(Florida only.)

Course is gradual climbs and gradual descents. (Arizona)

Course is Flat as a pancake.( Florida)

All of 2009 to train.

Kona slot carries over to 2010, which means I don't need to burn cash on a qualifier in 2010.


$1300 price tag.

After tallying all the other associated costs, I might as well have done New Zealand.

Kona Slot carries over to 2010...which means I'm in a more competitive bracket...ouch!

WheelSuckeris North Americanis is known to thrive in Panama City.

Californians and Floridians are bred for triathlon.

2. Ironman Kentucky through general entry or community fund, depending on what's left.


Cheaper than Arizona ( $525 if GE slots are left, only $1000 if I go via the community fund.)

Decent terrain for the bike course.

I can get notes from Tony, Bree Wee and John Hirsch.

Race with Judi.


Summer in the South ...Hot, humid, "if you find yourself in warm fields then you're already dead..from dehydration."

Ohio River has that nice nuclear waste after taste.

3. Ironman New Zealand.


Been there. Done that. Got the T-Shirt! I know what it takes to Get R Done!

Temps are fairly mild 60s-70s F ( 15-25C).

Get to see Catherine and some of my NZ wrecking crew.

Airfaire is dropping faster than my 401k's value.

Great Exchange rate $1 NZD = $0.53 USD

25th Anniversary.

Course is slightly rolling, like Connecticut


My airfare costs about as much as entering a US race via the Community fund.

Ironman ready in 4 no make that 3 months?

I'd have to buy a bike case ....Boo!

Did I mention those 3 months are in winter ...double boo!

My 401k's value is dropping!

Wind..Blows...and by Wind I mean that 20mph head wind we had last year was a slight breeze compared to what this bitch can dish out.

Aussies and Kiwis are bio-engineered in secret labs for Triathlon.

Roads are rough and will make your hands go numb from vibration...like Connecticut.

Well in deciding which Iron I'll do next year I have a lot of factors to look at. Although I did mention Ironman Kentucky last year so maybe I have a self fulfilling prophecy....to quote Bree, Maybe "I'll get lucky in Kentucky."

I'm also starting to get some Jedi freaking mind tricks to go to Florida in Jan. to run a certian Marathon at a certain kingdom, with a certain racer of high velocity, two runners with cantankerous attitudes and a Canadian speed demon. Don't know if that will happen but it could.

So in essence 2009 is up in the air...

Changing his mind by the minute.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

What I want to accomplish in 2009.

2008 was over ambitious on many levels , I know I said it a million times but here's a million and one. The main goal for me in 08 was to do some big name races and hopefully get to my ultimate objective: Kona. Unfortunately life stresses, made what should have been an awesome season a living nightmare. By the time I DNFed at Nutmegman I was glad for it to be over. With the collapse of what could best be described as a "pipe dream" to do IM New Zealand in 2009, and deciding bills are more important than entry in to Arizona, 2009 is not looking like it's going to be a busy year. Part of me is thinking a back to the minors approach is probably best, But ideally I'd like to race 2 or 3 local sprints/Olys, a couple half irons and an iron entered through either a training pack or a community fund slot. The goals for 2009 same as 2008 try to get to Kona or die trying.

For 2010 I want to go back and race in Taupo. Hopefully I'll have picked up a better paying job, or will at least have graduated so at the worst case I can work max hours at the bank, and pick up 2 or 3 side gigs, maybe I'll have a break out next season and actually pick up a pro card and sponsorship ( unlikely but I can dream.) and can make racing in New Zealand a reality, although maybe I should agree with most people and realize that that race was a once in a lifetime deal.

Another part of me is sitting here listening to the fiscal forecasts for the next decade and when the broadcasters are posting a list of " the following pets are great sources of protein." It hits home the fact that I'm a poor kid in the rich kids' sandbox, and chances for mobility are limited. My aunt always shouts out to me "be lucky you got a job Bobby many people ain't go no job." Part of me realizes that I've sacrificed a lot in career mobility to get a BA which might be worth little more than toilet paper or a fire starter. Part of me is thinking that maybe that happiness the sport gives me most of the time isn't worth it. That I should go into the Depression era mindset of "anything to make a buck." That anything that does not have a financial reward isn't worth working for. That relationships, races, family outings , are all distractions from the ultimate goal of dying as the kid with the most cake, or in this case cash. And then I stop myself. I remember how miserable I was when I was working 75 hours a week. Sure the money was good, but I had no life, I had no time for anything other than work. My job defined me as a person. I was not Bob, Rob, Bobby, insert name here..I was that kid at the bank, or the game shop, or that ass hole who wouldn't cash your check or give you a full refund because you bought Fantavision and it sucked balls. ( note to anyone with a PS2 or old school X-box don't buy Fantavision ( Activison's bootleg version of tetris.) it sucks balls.) I was nothing other than my job and my lust for money is what drove me, I took abuse I dished some out, I was absolutely miserable except for the days I was able to get a day off or get out early and train. So I've always been caught in a paradox. When I've had the money to be able to race how I want I haven't had the time to train and I've had the time haven't had the cash. Hopefully this BA will at least be able to put me in a spot where I can achieve a happy medium that I can get ( and hopefully keep) a decent paying gig so I can pay back some debts, enter some more races, travel, in essence do what I want to do with life. So that is the ultimate goal for 09...get myself into a better position because just like Fantavison, most of 2008 sucked balls.

Edit #1
Well Ironman Kentucky is looking like a good back up as there are still general entry slots available so that will save me some coin. Also maybe if the Angry Posse's trip to Moehgan turns out to be uber profitable NZ could still happen...alright I'm talking like a crazy person but with gas prices tumbling ( boo-yah OPEC.) airfare is dropping like my 401k value. Like I said Jan. will be my official announcement on which IM I'm doing if any. And Yes Claire I will block air New Zealand on my internet browser.

To a better and more prosperous 2009.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

IM Arizona: Holding off until Jan.

Well upon looking at my bank account and how much I have in the way of bills, I've decided that I'm most likely going to enter a 2009 Ironman via a Multisports.com package or try to get on the fast track of the Karma train with a community fund slot. Figure I'll have the money in Jan. and I'll have a clearer head to decide on the best course of action. I figure the Multisports .com option is probably my best becasue it encompasses not only entry but a comprhensive training program...or a little more ooommff to operation school Bjoern. If AZ sells out I'm looking at Wisconsin or Kentucky as my backups. Also to my Kiwi/Aussie/ readers doing IM NZ I'm not racing it this year but I hope to go back in 2010 ( hopefully as a 140.6 mile 226.2 km victory lap before Kona.) You need any pointers leave a comment and I can help you out. Well that's all that's new from me I haven't trained in two days because I have a severe influx of Paperwritingitis and it could be fatal. More when I have time.

The troll of the library

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I feel fat and lazy

Well today I ran nearly 10 miles and it was my first run in nearly a week. Part of me is at the point of why bother with training as my next race is most likely not until June. Yet I think it is my fear of getting fat that keeps me hitting the pool night after night.Part of me almost wants to swim masters again this winter, do a few meets and prove I've still "got it" after all these years. The other part of me is like "Rob, you're no longer a pool guy, you are an open water animal." Yet looking at what I'd need for Nationals I'm confident my mile and 1000 would make it. So I'm putting up a poll should I do masters or just train until May and the first Dualathon of the year.

All that aside it felt good to run again, it was nearly 65 today and from the sounds of the doom and gloom weathermen it might be the last time I'll be able to break out short sleeves for a while.My shoes are still drying from the affair and tomorrow I might tak the bike out for a couple of hours, but it definitely felt good to do something more than starring at the long black line for a while.
As for my cycling I think I'll be doing more spin classes this year than I did last year just to try to up my prowess, if Claire and running are having a fight, than cycling and I are staying together for the kids' sake. Also the fact that my younger siblings have started praying for snow means that driving and riding might become treacherous...when they turn 16 they will know the stress of driving in the winter and I will be there to say ha I told you so.Yeah so that's life,the semester winding down and my time at CCSU is growing ever shorter, then it'll be time to look for a real job or go to grad school. Part of me is not looking forward to life after college but the other part of me is looking forward to working like an animal so I can afford to pay off some bills and hopefully have money to do what I want to do down the line. So yeah that's all that's up in the life of Bob-o. Arizona entries are due in 2 weeks I hoping I'll have enough but I'm thinking the cash is better served going to bills,after all I can always enter through the community fund when I have more coin, or with a coaching plan. So that'll be another poll of how should I enter or if I should just blow off Ironman until my 30's. I've got a lot to think about and I have to see what's in my best interest.


Friday, November 14, 2008

Vacation week is over.

Yep that's right my 7 day training extravaganza turned out to be a flop. School, fatigue, weather, and just plain lack of direction doomed it to failure. Today I plan on running, getting some work done before masters tonight. I'm wondering if Claire's still down for a ride in CT tomorrow, if not I might just do 60-70 miles on my own, depending on weather ( I mean if the weather sucks I'm not riding granted Sunday's supposed to be a great day to ride but it's going to be cold as balls. Better pick up the toe warmers while I can.) This week was a rest week somethings got put in perspective. I've got my career fair next week and I need to be overridden into my senior thesis so I can walk in May. Part of me is debating a return to Masters competition this winter, especially since NZ is most likely not going to happen ( I mean miracles do happen like random winning lotto tickets or going with some friends to the Casino and doubling our winnings and not spending it at the...[fine art gallery], but you can't count on it.) In essence I felt like I might have squandered a golden training opportunity but my body needed rest from the grind of work, school, train, repeat. So hopefully Monday I'll go back to the office with some renewed vigor. as for Arizona, part of me is thinking forgoing general entry in two weeks and throwing down extra coin in Jan/Feb for the Multisports.com package for about $1200. or raising money for a community fund slot $1300. I figure if I scratch NZ I'll have some money left from my income tax/loan left over. Multisports.com gives a training plan and race entry in a package so I'd be able to kill two birds with one stone....coaching and IM entry. The community fund thing well maybe it would put me back on the right track of the karma train. Regardless I've got a pay period to figure out a game plan, although I might just scrap an ironman all together and focus on qualifying for the Boston Marathon for 2010, I mean one of my friends from Fordham beat my time from Hartford by 3 min. and is running Boston. Damn she swam faster than and now she's running faster than me and she's richer than me...life is unfair, oh curse you drunk underclassman Bob-o!

Alright forget that nonsense of me not doing an Ironman in 09...worst case I'll go to Mexico extreme worst case I'll go to Western OZ or enter community fund for Kentucky or Arizona but they most likely will not sell out so I'll have a shot to do an IM in 09. ( note IM China is not in the consideration..I will not do that race until there is a Free or at least Autonomous Tibet .Dali Lama holla! Also in the words of Bart Simpson "Come on China you used to be cool?") Alright now that I am censored in the People's Republic I think I'm going to end this post. I have sources to look up and papers to finish.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Yeah...that whole train like an animal thing...

Didn't happen. With papers and deadlines and research,my mind turned more to academia and getting that "blasted piece of paper." Although tonight proved to be fruitful in the pool as I got in some quality yards with my usual workout crew. I did about 3500 mostly focusing on IM with some build freestyle 50's. It was a pretty good night and part of it has me contemplating getting my ass back into masters and doing a few meets this season. Afterall when I last swam masters I had the fastest 1000yd. Freestyle time in my age group in the nation for almost 4 months. Granted that's not saying alot because all the fast kids are swimming NCAA. Tomorrow, a morning run, finish a midterm, glue my advisor to a chair and get my PIN to register,for hopefully my last undergrad semester. Talked to one of my professors about law school vs.Grad school. Told me point blank if I go to grad school to go to the best name I can get into/afford..fuck the masters degree and go straight for your PhD. Good advice,as I'm not really sure what to do with a history degree,and I've been more or less focused on just trying to finish undergrad that I didn't even begin to look graduate. In essence with all the layoffs in the financial sector I'm not sure if I'll be able to get/keep a job with all the crap going on. I already know that little kids and me get along like ammonia and Clorox. Also to teach in the private schools you earn crap pay, academia seems like it could be a good route, I get up lecture and BS, write and BS, discuss BS with my students, help them learn the art of BS and maybe if I master the art of BS get political and run for office. Alright now that this post has gone in a completely different direction that intended I'm going to hit the hay so I can face the day and hopefully get some productive workouts in before class tomorrow.

If life is a highway, I think I got on at rush hour.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I think she's a keeper.... and other ramblings.

" Rob I could never make you give up training, I know how important it is to you..it's part of your soul."- the girl I'm currently dating/ seeing/ I don't know what people call it these days.

If that doesn't say keeper I don't know what else will...well maybe if she worked at a running store, her dad owned a bike shop, and her mom's a race director, her older sister was a massage thearpist.....well maybe in San Diego...

Nope I'm thinking my girl in Newport is a keeper although I'm sure I'll hear that girls in Newport are more trouble than the damned toll brigde.

This morning I managed to get in a 10 mile run after a late night date in Newport. I will say only one thing the portion of town I ran in had nothing close to a hill. Downtown, has a monster hill but I really didn't want to be running down tourist, and dodging BMW's and other finely crafted pieces of Euro-engineering, bent on my destruction. So I took off in the direction of Brenton Point State Park. Now seriously I picked the wrong sport to work on. Everybody and their brother was out on their bikes. I think next time I'm down in Newport I going to be rolling on the Stomper, becasue the bike culture is alive there. So this weekend was not a total waste training wise. Now I have a hardcore week of training and research ahead, hopefully I'll be in shape for next season although I've been getting scolded by one personal trainer/friend who says I should be working on my "non competitive" strokes and focusing solely on sprints next season...sort of a "go back to the minors" approach to triathlon. Work on winning the local tri for fun, then do like one big name race. Maybe that's the route I should go but I already know I'm more of a long distance guy,so what does 09 hold for me I don't know but I know there is going to be a least one iron,and one half.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Arizona and New Zealand entries are due....

and at the moment I only have enough dinero for one. Upon the advice of friends and other athletes...Tempe has beaten out Taupo for the time being..most likely for 09... I mean I can hope they have open slots in January, but by that point booking a hotel is a hassle. So this has become triage in a way, Tempe sells out faster than IMNZ it's 12 months out, it doesn't require me freezing my ass off to prep for it... If by some miracle NZ doesn't sell out I'll go but The barren desert is looking like my most viable path to Kona..which is probably a good thing...after all in NZ I tended to get a little ADD ...people new surroundings..screaming fans...maybe some solititude, pissed off drivers and nothing but caucti to look at will get my ass moving a little faster on that damned bike leg...after all we americans are pissed off by nature that's just how we roll. I hated I tried to defend going to NZ for so long and now it most likely will not happen..but if it's meant to happen it will. all I know is my second(possibly 3rd) Ironman will be markedly differnet than my first. This time around I'm not going to sightsee and make friends I'm going for the sole purpose of kicking ass and may God help the poor son of a bitch that's in my way. Tempe, Arizona next November I'm going to crush you Barack Obama* style.
I have just awoken from a delerious dream...and now I have to settle down and look at the goals at hand...no relationships, no life..school, degree, work, train...BA by June 09 better job by December 09, Kona slot for October 2010..everything else doesn't matter. This is life, hopped up on ambition and fueled by rage..may god have mercy because I sure as hell won't!

Focused and driven

*President Barack Obama has not approved of this message.

Hell Week T- minus 48 hours.

Well last night I had hoped to get 4000 yards in at the pool, but I settled for 3500. My main set wasn't too impressive 5x100 on 1:25, 4x50 IM order on 1:00, 200 pull on 3:00, followed by 5x200 on 2:50. I managed to hold about 2:35-2:40 on the 200's and under 1:20 on the 100's . also a few of my Wednesday night workout crew showed up , we were pretty unorganized, and we all sort of did our own things and socialized between sets...hopefully the workouts will get a little more structured as the year progresses. Next week I begin my self imposed training camp or I guess you could call it " The Almighty Plan" I'm hoping to be entered into Ironman New Zealand on Wednesday, and figure that this week is the best time to increase the training mileage. I figure If I can get at least 2 century rides in before the showdown in Taupo this time around I'll be golden, and hopefully punching a golden ticket to Kona. I mean if I did an 11 hour Ironman on little training last year, maybe with a little bit more work, especially on the bike, I could be in the 9-10 hour range. So the plan for next week is as follows

Ride 50-60 miles
Date night woohoo!

Ride 50-60 miles
possibly a 10-15 mile run.

AM lift and swim 3500 yds.
PM Swim 3500-4000 yds.

Tuesday :
Ride 50-60 miles (more if class is canceled for Veterans day which I think it is)
Run 6-8 miles.

AM Lift
PM Swim 4000 yds.
Enter IM New Zealand.

Ride 60-70 miles
Run 6-8 miles.

Run 8-10 miles.
PM Swim 3500-4000 yds.

Ride 100+ miles

Recover swim 3000 yds.

So there's the plan.

Total mileage Goals:

Swim: 18,500 yds. (11.2 miles

Bike 366 miles

Run: 41 miles

So those are the objectives, whether I meet them all or not remains to be seen.

Also this Saturday I have a date with Newport girl once again, figure we'll meet for a movie in New London after my Saturday ride. That's all from me for right now...I really miss my Angry life coach.

Continuing the flogging until morale improves.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

a 6 miler, a black president, and a long distance relationship?

Well yesterday I skipped class to do some work and get in a much needed 6 mile run. The end of Daylight savings time now means anything done after 3pm requires a head lamp. It wasn't my traditional loop but it had some challenging hills nonetheless.also I had to dodge some traffic running through Waterbury, but it's not a bad little route. I brought out the head lamp although I managed to finish before dark, total time 54:19.

Also for those of you that don't aleady know ( which you'd have to be stuck in a cave that only broadcasts Fox news.) Barack Obama won the U.S. Presidential elections, and by won I mean clobbered poor John McCain...for the title of world's highest paid janitor..and sadly Obama will have to carry on the dreaded Democrat tradition of raising taxes...one of the reasons I was ticked at both his and McCain's convention speeches, promising tax cuts and social reform... you can't fund social programs without revenue and guess what tax cuts take away from revenue and you can't keep borrowing money from China. Some honesty or a Churchill-esque blood, sweat, toil, and tears speech would have been appropriate. Needless to say I might not need to ask Catherine to help me get a New Zealand Greencard, at least not yet....because unlike John "Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran!"Mc Cain, Obama is for diplomacy which means at least for right now my butt will not be in camo unless I so choose. Ok political rant done until next year.

Relationship the current object of my affections (name released when anything official happens like we decide we're a thing.) goes to school in Newport, RI, she wants to see a movie this weekend, I can't drive out to Newport again this weekend, she might not be able to drive all the way out to me so we might meet in the middle, granted it will most likely be later at night because I need to get a 50-60 mile ride in. Part of me is really thinking that a relationship at this point in my life isn't in my best interest, while another part of me feels like something long dead has been awakened, irregardless, training and school must come first.
So that's all that has happended in the life of Bob.

Viva Obama! until he does something stupid.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bobby's gotta a girl?

Well, long story short this weekend was a waste of sorts, instead of diligently studying or training, I ended up going to Newport, going on a date and might have ended up with a ( gasp) girlfriend (I know pretty soon we'll hear reports of Hell freezing over.) I know what most people are going to say " Awww that's so sweet." and other mushy gunk like that , no offense, I really can't read. Sorry gals and semi-emotional dudes out there, my dentist told me sweet stuff can give me cavities so I'd better follow his advice.

Alright so Bob-o's finally gotten himself a girl, why is that a bad thing? Well it's not in a sense but now it means I need to revamp the way I train. Read my post from the other blog here. Normally I live like a freaking monk, work, train, class, study, sleep,repeat. Now I've got to throw some time into a relationship, because sadly I don't have the baller lifestyle of most guys my age, and this girl is too sweet to be a "hit an quit" damn it I quoted Hitch, now I have to do at least 100 crunches or tack an extra mile on to Today's run...that and also I'm kinda of into her, plus she's my sister best friend and she's tight with my sister's guy pal so needless to say if I do anything stupid my ass is quite literally grass. She's looking at doing elementary education, not sure if she's trying to stay in New England long term or if things "hit it off" if she'd be willing to relocate with me to the Left Coast if that's what I choose to do...but that's for later down the road, right now we're still trying to work out the whole dating thing...and it might never get past that so I really have nothing to worry about, except how I'm going to cram in some dates around training and school work. Alright all that aside today I skipping class to get some training and work done, I figure I go pretty damn religiously so one night off isn't going to kill me, I figure I'll email what's due and hand deliver a hard copy tomorrow, but I just need to devote some time to the books tonight as well as get a run in because it was too damn gorgeous to be chained to my desk all freaking day. So that's what's been going on here.


Sunday, November 2, 2008

IM New Zealand Update and other 2009 tri ramblings.

Well I was not able to put my entry in to Ironman New Zealand Thursday morning, since a majority of my pay went to bills. ( Somewhere in North of Boston, my destiny is probably shouting..."see, see it's a sign! you're not supposed to go!" ) So I'll try again on Nov. 13 hopefully there will still be slots, also that week will be host to Bob's Hardcore sufferfest culminating with a century bike ride that Sunday.. ( wooooo..oooooo,Claire come down and ride with Bob that weekend this is your destiny calling...wooo..oooo.) crap did someone hear something...man it sure is drafty here in Newport...Yes Angry Newport be jealous... Today doesn't have much going on I'm down visiting my sister and some friends so we'll go out for breakfast and then I'll probably tack on some run mileage before driving back to the C-O -double N. Yesterday I did a 20 miler on the stomper, I wish I could have gotten a little more in but, 20 is a good start, figure next weekend will be back to back 60 milers. I figure even if IM New Zealand falls through ( ie sells out in the next two weeks.) the long distance base mileage done this winter will pay off, because absolute worst case scenario I'll replace NZ with Rev3 in Middlebury and just begin training for Arizona. Also I want to try to earn some prize money at the Patriot this year but because it's been moved up to June 20, so there might be a larger pro field, but I'll play that by ear, besides I like having clear water on the swim ..and after beating the winner of my age group by about a half an hour I don't want to go in a slaughter a bunch of Half-iron virgins...also on the same light if he drops the same amount of time I did over the course of a year he might be riding along side me saying " how do you like me now ...bitch!" So yeah Patriot 09 is going to be interesting, as I try to keep my streak of finishing everysingle one of them alive...( my streak at Nutmegman died with my derailleur malfunction.) Whatever Ironman or Ironmans I do in 2009 I'm feeling that it could be a great season. 2008 was over ambitious but I've learned some more important lessons ( and I know somepeople are like "you didn't learn anything if you're going back to NZ.") Hence my domestic schedule is a little less ambitious No Eagleman and $400 expenses for hotel food and gas, RI 70.3 is up for debate, depends on where it fits in and if I've done Rev3 or not. The Griskus Olympic is probably off the schedule unless it's CT club championships if I do Rev3,
so that's $70 in the bank, the Griskus sprint is a guarantee. So in essence except for the Griskus and the Patriot and IM Arizona my schedule is clear. So I have my plans set, my backup plans set, and my backup plan for my backup plan developing.

So close yet so far.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

This weekend:Riding and Rhode Island

Well this weekend I'm going up to Newport, on an arranged date. One of my sister's friends has been hitting on me and she's trying to play matchmaker....don't know how that's going to go but it gives me an excuse to go Newport and hang out with some mutual friends..despite the fact that my sister is trying to hook me up with one of them.

Regardless it supposed to be awesome weather to ride in this weekend so I'll probably do a quick 50 -60 miler.

Also Taps on the Angry Runner's website..his cyncism will be missed...
Tomorrow I send in my Entry to IM NZ , if it goes through then I have something to motivate me to train through the winter if not then I can slack off and start fresh in March.

Well that's it for me

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

When we last left our hero....

Alright I'm not a hero but I am the protagonist of this blog, and things are getting busy and confusing in the World of Bob-o, also my sincerest apologies for the Howard Dean style rant at the end of my last post, but read this post from Speed Racer's Blog and you'll understand, I have a very similar sentiment, I hate it when other people tell me what I should do... unless I ask for advice but that's a rant for my other blog.

Getting Busy: This weekends my plans for long rides were dashed by a midterm and rolling back and forth to Newport. On the plus side I was able to get a nice 10 mile run in on Sunday. The semester is drawing to a close which means I need to get off my ass and do more research..also I have to draw and quarter...I mean corner my advisor so I can get my busy course load ready for next semester, and hopefully last semester at the Harvard of Centrally located State Universities in Connecticut. My sister wants me to haul up to Newport for her concert Next Weekend which I will most likely do , but I still want to ride on Saturday maybe even Sunday because the weather is supposed to be in the mid-50's after this week's Arctic chill. I miss you summer...are any girls in Australia/ New Zealand/ any where South of the Equator yet North of Antarctica looking for a room mate or a short term relationship..like an October to May fling...or a boarder? Catherine, Simon I'm jealous. Also add to this Entry fees are due for IM New Zealand and IM Arizona and a little holiday that rhymes with "sickness" is around the corner. So yeah things are going into over drive.


Dear producers of AXE Shaving cream/ TAG body spray:
You know all your ads where you insinuate that your fine products will make you attractive to the opposite sex. They do.
This letter sent from the top of a palm tree where I've been cornered by a mass of frenzied women.

Alright it's not that bad but I'm am in a predicament that is kind of unusual for me. Usually I am what Angry would call the Beta male. I'm not overly agressive competing to attract a mate and produce offspring. In fact I really don't want to have kids, so I'm fully content to let my bloodline die with me. Selfish yes, but trust me somepeople have what it takes to be a parent and I don't.
So now having 4 women interested in me is an odd predicament. Normally I get attracted to a girl, hit on her, go on a few dates, feel awkward, realize it's not going to go anywhere focus on the more pressing things in life. Now it's the opposite the girls are attracted to me and I don't want to be a dousche bag, playa, baller, pimp, what ever the terms the Alpha males use. Weird for a guy who's idea of fun is inflicting mass quantities of pain on himself or takes rejection somewhat well he can't dish it out. Add to this some of Melissa's Salve friends are hitting on me, this is becoming more confusing than I ever wanted it to be...Part of me wants to go with that suppressed inner Alpha male, wants to sell, sell, sell, live it up use up my carnal inclinations. Sow my wild oats..etc. My Beta male self image, doesn't really want to hurt anybody, why do I have a conscience and morals! Damn you oh Catholic upbringing! I guess the sad thing is at the end of the day is I can't hit and quit..unless of course she 's the one quitting me then it's all good. Damn this is bad I'm quoting Hitch. Now I NEED to DO SOMETHING MANLY! How ever this situation works out is how it's going to workout, I've got more pressing issues on my plate, like training for an Ironman, getting through and planning my next semester, focusing my mind on life after college, debt reduction, wealth building, in essence my whole life post CCSU. This brings up a whole new set of confusing possibilities, but in essence, I feel I'm not in the right state of mind, or mode of existence to begin a relationship, especially when there is a lot more on the priority scale. Alright that done.

Well that's all from me, I'll start posting some more sport related posts again this week, I just had a lot to get out of my head, especially since it's going to be filled with more paper and midterm related crap. Ahh Academia how I will miss thee...Not!

The Cassanova of the Campus

Saturday, October 25, 2008

IM New Zealand 09: Stronger, Faster, Smarter

Well as promised I said by the end of this month I would make my decision on whether or not I was going to be doing just Arizona, or trying to double up with Ironman New Zealand well I made my decision after some good long thought. I looked at what I'll have available and decided to go for it. I figure if I try to save my income tax refund/ excess loan proceeds ( after books also if everything goes right I'll be able to graduate in May.) they will most likely be spent on other things. In either case all that out of the way, New Zealand in March will require lots of cold weather training once again (yea! followed by a long groan.)Well I'm looking at the weather forecasts and trying to strategically plan my remaining vacation week in November, I don't want to burn it on a week with sucky weather which is great for run focus,but is awful for trying to tackle my weakness (Cycling) likewise if I'm planning on cycling a lot I want to do it when I will not have to worry about my feet freaking freezing off, or little things such as finals.

After learning the lay of the land in Taupo last year ( it's hilly, not Auckland, Sandstone Hill, hilly, not Alpe Du Huze hilly, not Nutmegman "gentle rollers", hilly, but it does have it's moments ie a nice little ring climb a 5k in..also you descend rather gradually out to the turn around and then start climbing rather gradually back toward town.) So my plan is to take advantage of the "good" weather as long as possible and ride my Middlebury, Washington, Morris, Bethlehem Route as much as possible. The climbing will only help me.

My training strategey is a little more formulaic this year than it was last year,but it is also still flexible enough to bend with the demands of a New England Winter. Swimming is my strength but it will still be the backbone of my regiment mainly because it fits the easiest into my sechdule, the same with running. Cycling tends to be my weakness because of the time commitment, also limited hours of daylight also tend to a problem, especially when those hours are occupied by work and classes. That's why my vacation week is vital...I need to plan it right so I can cram a huge cycling block in I'm talking at least a 300 mile week. I want to take it before Thanksgiving to avoid the holiday traffic issues..but I might take it in Early December or even over winter break, just to kick start my build/ Please Bobby stop the pain phase. In either case it will be a most evil block of insane mileage.

Running not much I can really say. I was happy at how prepared I was last year, I'm hoping, that this week I can start building toward 20+miler #1 on Thanksgiving weekend. I figure a short run of at least 6 miles,my average run being between 12-17 miles and at least 4 runs of 20miles+mixed in onmy short and average distance runs will be speed workouts at the track (as long as the weather holds.) and fartlek,not to mention more hills.

Swimming Well last year my only disappointment I was I stood too far to the outside and ended up stranded close to the shoreline for most of the race. This year I'm thinking of going into the belly of the beast even if it means I'm getting Greco-Roman wrestled. Also Stef's back on as master's coach so that means my dominatrix of the lanelines will have my ass back in shape for hopefully a sub 50min. swim. Also I might take more advantage of HEAT's master's program, because swimming with my drafting partner ( Ken.) tends to make me work a little harder.

With Shannon Barnett an age group up, and not really sure how the global economy is effecting the rest of the field, I might have a shot at qualifying for Kona. I know what's coming.."The Aussies and Kiwis eat bigger chunks than you in their breakfast cereal." " if you're going to globetrott, shouldn't it be to a race with an easier field like Malaysia." " You're absolutely fucking nuts..." "Where the fuck are you going to get the money to go to Kona if you qualify ,Mr. Wizard, huh where you gonna get it?" " Dude take a cold shower and wait until next November..( which will lead to the "Californians ( holla) and Canadians eat people like you for breakfast. Do something "easier" like Lake Placid." rant). I know where all the objections are going to come from,but this realistically might be the last time I can do somethinglike this while I'm young, single, and free. So to paraphrase Martin Luther " This is where I stand, may God help me."
The die is cast, I might regret it in ten years, I might be greatful for it, McCain might get elected and this might be my opportunity to defect...in either case I'm doing it for better,for worse.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Not sure if this is a good thing...

Well yesterday for one our lab reports we had to do an experiment about the effect of exercise on blood pressure...well our hypothesis was simple..you exercise heart rate and blood pressure will go up..so my resting heart rate is 57 bpm, low but I do all this distance athletics crap..well I run two laps around the building, come in and they do my blood pressure, it went up..like planned, but my heart rate dropped to 47 bpm...is this normal or am I some kind of freak?


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A lot going on...

Well right now between school, work and training for I guess what could be best described as "Bobby's folly"... I find myself in another awkward yet somewhat enjoyable postion between a few girls....( not physically) man, I knew I'd be getting comments on that.... In either case I've got 3 girls at CCSU fighting for my affections...my own crush,whom I'll most likely never have, has my morality, ethics, my desire to "do no harm" and libido working overtime....because seriously for me this is a new position. I don't want to hurt anyone...out of this whole chaotic situation, especially because one of the girls has proven to be a pretty good friend...that and I don't want to be a pimp, playa, gigilo, on a list of ex's awaiting assasination, etc.. At the same time, the more dark ,evil, carnal, animalistic side of me is like "dude you're a fox in a chicken coup." Give me some action....Then the little altar boy side of me chimes in again with the whole ethical code I try to live by... So that's where that lies , I am pitted in the common battle for any man a battle between the rational mind and the fire of passion. Damn it Hustle and Flow was right...life ain't easy for a pimp....

This week:
midterms, eh...write some BS papers, study for some BS tests get some BS grades...already had one, I think I passed..got two take homes and my sociology exam tonight so this is going to be interesting.

Training..well I've wanted to get some early morning swim sessions in but I've been burning the midnight oil...so after mid terms I'm going to take a little time to settle into a routine. Also this weekend my plans for rides have been cut short because I'll be working as a courrier between CT and Newport ( ie my sister needs a ride home then back to school.) Also depends on my work schedule if I'm slated off on Saturday, I'll ride in the morning, same on Sunday, before hauling out to Rhode Island. Also the club meeting tonight will iron out practice time letting me know when I need to coach and when I can train.

Well that's all that's happening at the moment

lookin fo his featha hat, and cane.