Friday, March 25, 2011

Wow, it's been nearly, two months since I last posted

Well it's been a while since my last post, but a lot's been going on since. I've been left homeless, found a place and went off on my own, winter ended, I've begun sort of volunteer coaching, celebrated the longest relationship of my adult life, and oh yes winter came back just so we wouldn't miss it. That's the cliff notes version.

Below is sort of the bloody gory yarn:

First on the being left homeless. Shortly after my last post when I tossed the DMV a pretty hefty wad of cash to re-register my Subaru, I headed up to visit my girlfriend. On my way out the door my mom got a call from the friend's who's house we were renting/ house sitting, while they were selling their other one. Apparently they sold faster than expected so instead of waiting until May 1 we had to be out March 1. Well through out the coming week that date got pushed back and we had to be out the second week of March. Well this left us in a bind. My parents hadn't started looking for places and my security deposit money for my own place was now being spent by the governor of Connecticut, so essentially the shit hit the fan. To add insult to injury my dad got pulled over for driving unregistered, uninsured and on an expired license. My parents solution was to borrow my car and put me in a pretty sweet rental. I'm not going to bitch about driving a rental and that little red ford focus drove well and had decent mileage, but part of me feels that some of that money would have been better spent re-registering their cars but anyhoo enough about that.
After a hasty regroup in a motel that looked like something out of a 1970's horror or porno flick.
Seriously this place had Formica and red vinyl couches. Before we moved in I told them about that this was my last move with the family. I starting browsing Craigslist hard core and found a few decent places in Waterbury and the surrounding area. There was one up in the Bunker Hill section that was going for about $500 a month. It was on the high end of my budget but the owner got back to me really quick. I went up and took a look at the place, really nice house in a really good section. The one downfall utilities weren't included but they would come to about an extra $100 a month. $600 was the max I could afford and Looking at the other adds anything that came remotely close was charging weekly and was in "da hood". i took a few days to think it over another plus was he wasn't charging security and the dude was pretty freaking cool so after three days I called him back.I pretty much told my parents I was moving out on my own. While the reaction was expected. One parent was like it's about damn time and if you need anything let us know, the other was like how could you be so selfish we need you right now, and if you comeback we're going to charge you rent. I could understand their feelings of I was abandoning them in their time of need but the other part of me was screaming that I could not support a family of 7 on my meager salary. I had gone broke nearly 3 years ago bailing them out ( granted I was also doing a heavy race schedule as well so there was column A and Column B contributing to the breaking of the bank.) Another fear was that if my parents put me on a lease with them and if they couldn't pay I'd be saddled with a rent anyway, and if I was going to rent then I was going to rent something I could afford. Plus I'm 25 it was about time I left home. Essentially I needed to be in an environment that I was in control of, granted I certainly would have liked to do it under better circumstances but sometimes Life has to give a good swift kick in the ass, so this was my swift kick in the ass. I moved in that Sunday and life has been pretty good granted I do have to adjust to living on a more limited budget, but overall I feel I'm going to make it.

Likewise the weather in New England has been a roller coaster. We've thawed out a bit and those mounds of snow from "snowmagedon" and the "storm of the century" and "snowpocoyspe now." finally melted off. I've actually started running outdoors again granted we did get a dusting on Wednesday night and it's been a little chilly but I'm running outdoors again damn it and yes Claire the shorts are back. I'm beginning to create new running loops in my new neighborhood. I've also started running swim sessions for the Waterbury YMCA tri club. ( still haven't joined yet but they are throwing out some nice goodies like Timex Watches.) I have a hard core group of 5-10 swimmers every Wednesday and Friday and they vary in ability from just did total immersion to I was a high school swim champ. It's been good to pass some of my knowledge along and some people have actually started asking me to analyze other parts of their training as well, so a USAT cert maybe in my future.

Sorry about the lack of positing but it's been a crazy time. Hopefully there will be more promising post in the future. Until then it looks like it is going to be a very very good Spring.

Thawed and Recharged