Sunday, September 19, 2010

Reving Back into Gear

2010 was in some ways a disappointment. No long distance races which for me is frustrating ( as I live for the LD.) Right now I know there is no way I'll be ready for the Hartford Marathon ( which is in 2 weeks). I'm debating the Manchester City Marathon in Manchester, NH in early Novemeber but I'm still in play it by ear mode. So far my longest run is a 13 miler and after straining my achilles nearly 2 years ago I've been a little leary on major increases in my running in a short period ( yet I still managed to clyde crash cup a PR at Hartford last year.) Likewise I've still got bills to pay, I've got to find a place and I've got to wait for the Navy to give me the Go/ No Go for OCS. I should know by the end of October ( one thing that is true about Government projects is there is a lot of "hurry up and wait.") If I get taken for an OCS class it won't be until early 2011,so I may be commissioned in enough time to be able to do some racing next year. If I'm not commissioned, I want to do at least a Half Ironman next year. Which has me thinking " Which races will motivate me to train through the winter? Right now if I don't get selected for OCS I have two races on the short list.

Rev 3 Quassy or Eagleman.

Rev3 has a lot of benefits, don't have to get a hotel. It's on home turf ( essentially I'm riding portions of the route almost every time I head out on the bike.) I'm training myself on it's run course because it's a measured 13.1 miles. I know the race won't sell out until well after I have news on OCS,and even after that it has a flexible transfer/ deferment policy. There are a lot of pros to the Rev. Likewise my supporters get free access to the Quassy Amusement park ( which isn't as good as Lake Compounce in Bristol, CT but at least riding the bumper cars or the water slides for a few hours beats waiting for me to finish in the middle of nowhere.)

The big cons: a hefty price tag for no qualifying slots to Kona or Clearwater. Also the bike course is on my least favorite terrain, massive New England Hills, granted with all the big gear work I do climbing is becoming less of a weakness ( but it's still painful.).

Eagleman is another one that's on my radar, it does have some cons. WTC doesn't have as lenient of a transfer policy as Rev so if I end up in Pensacola for Flight training in early June ( or Newport for Surface warfare) and I can't get leave then I'm out $250. Likewise nothing against the wonderful people of Cambridge MD but there's not really a lot for supporters to do for the 4-5 hours while I'm competing. Add to it it's hot and humid, it makes it a long day for my friends and fam, if they come down. The other big issue is even though it hasn't sold out as quickly as it has in year's past, it will sell out before I get news from the Navy boards to see if I'll be in Newport this winter earning my bars. Likewise despite the fact this race has Kona slots it will be really hard to get one. The competition is firece, not to mention drafting is epidemic on the bike course.

The pros for Eagleman: The terrain is favorable for an excellent bike splits. Vigo and the crew from the Columbia Triathlon Association put on a pretty good show. If I decide to do it and I need to go the Community fund route, the proceeds go to the Blazeman Foundation for ALS. Likewise the prospect of Kona slots is always a huge motivator to get you using your A-game.

So the debate is raging right now on which race and one is going to happen in 2011, I need to get my workout plan in place. Starting in the next posts I'm going to outline my plans to get myself back into shape and ready to haul ass.

Stay tuned