Sunday, April 25, 2010

Getting Back

Well yesterday the weather was absolutely perfect for a ride so I did my usual Middlebury to Waramaug loop, excpet I did it with no stopping or bathoom breaks. I didn't have a bike computer so I rode completely oblivious to speed and distance. In one way it's kind of a down side in that I can't chart my exact distance or guess my pace and progress. In another it allows me to just focus on the road and riding by feel. So yesterday I spent most of the ride crusing at a comfortable pace and doing big gear work on the climbs. There were several other riders out but we were all at various stages of riding. I managed to have some targets at the lake as I was passing some rec riders as I did my two loops. Even managed to have two guys draft me for about a mile. The ride back I was surprsed how long I was able to stay in the Big ring on the climbs back. I know my speed must have been in the single digits but my legs needed the power work. Also discovered the art of peeling bananas while riding. The low point of the ride was hittng a couple of massive potholes on the descent back. For all the guys out here I will say the following "aluminum hurts." I had wanted to tack on a run after the ride but my back was pretty shot from all the "power climbing." I know that if do Rev3 I'm going to have to put in a run after one of these hillolicious rides soon but we'll sees how that plays out. Right now I'm definitely committed to Patriot especially since I'm sort of dating a chick in the greater Boston area. Likewise I have a Rev 3 pre ride this weekend just to try to see if it's worth entering. I tend to do better on flat courses than I do on climbs but part of me sort of wants to do the local half. All in all things are still moving along as I'm trying to figure out some life stuff and gather my paper work for the Navy, but I fgure I'm going to try to have a little fun this summer. If I don't do the Rev I might try to keep my Providence streak alive or spend the money on some shorter local races. Part of me would like to try long course nats since I already posted a qualifying time at Providence last season but we'll see how things go. Happy Training to all and Also Congrats to Pro Bree Wee in here Ironman SA finish.

Working his legs back into shape.