Saturday, January 26, 2008

I feel fat.....or some speed work.

That seemed to be the sentiment at the Waterbury YMCA yesterday. As I got ready for swim practice I looked in the mirror at my "just ate a large meal" bloated gut overhanging the front of my jammer ( long legged swim suit Goes to the knee instead of cutting off a the thigh like the traditional "speedo".) Well any way with the images of a bloated gut,weakened arm,muscles, ( from not enough lifting..come March 6 I'm hitting the weights with a vengeance.) yet diesel legs. I drove from my home to the Y. Once again Stef was on deck with the workouts. " I feel fat." I exclaimed as I took a look at the 4600 yard set of mixed speed work. "join the club" she said patting her semi firm abs. I tried to retort back with the that ain't fat remark but it wasn't worth it. Anyway a majority of our group was doing Stef's 3000 yard I.M of Doom set While I was doing a set that brought back memories of Fordham and the mid-distance lane. Stef and I split a lane for warm ups but its kind of hard to circle swim when 1 guy's doing a full bore 400 free and the other is in the midst of a 100 breast stroke. Anyway here's the workout broken down.

6x200 2 swim 2 pull 2 kick Swim& pull on 3:00 kick on 4:00
5x 100 50 drill/ 50 swim on 1:35
1x 300 choice.

2000 yards to warm up. Not bad and tonight there wasn't as much kicking for which my legs were grateful.

3 x 400 on 5:30 build
This set wasn't too bad. It helped to get the heart rate up and I managed to average 5:15's on all three.

4x50 build to all out sprint on :50
I still feel pathetically slow on my sprints. The fastest one I was able to crank out was at about 32 seconds...granted that's what I can usually sprint in practice and I'm training for distance at the moment so I'll take it.

1x 400 moderate on 6:00
Did it on 5:30 so I had plenty of rest.

8x50 build to sprint 1-4, 5-8 on :45
Did these pretty well. Once again my fastest times being just a hair under 35 seconds.

3x 100's on 1:25
I did these averaging between 1:15 and 1:20.
I did bother doing the 100 cool down because it was three minutes to closing when I finished and decided to loosen up in the hot tub. So 4500 yards is a good night's work.

Today I don't know what's on tap. I'm trying to conserve gas but I have to run to New Britain to buy a book for my anthropolgy class. Sell some books I've had lying around the homestead to buy a book I need for European history as I wait for my loan check to come in. ( the loan gets disburst on Jan. 31 then the state cuts me a check and that takes about a week to get to me. ) So it doesn't look like there'll be any lake bricks this weekend. From What i see the weather's supposed to be ok and the roads arond Wolcott aren't too bad so I might do some short hill work or town loops, otherwise I've got the trainer and a movie collection and I also need to get a couple more long runs in. so my "read and react" training plan might not be the most effective but it has been working, granted I haven't gotten my century in but I've come pretty damn close so I'm confident that'll I'll be bike leg ready with 1-2 more 5 hour rides/ trainer sessions. I need to do one more 20+ mile that my be my weekend right there.
Well I've got a go the rush is coming. More to be said on Monday.

The Barbarian Banker

Friday, January 25, 2008

You know you're a competitive swimmer when....

You know the art of assembling "Swedes"

If you're a guy you know that jammers are proof God loves us and wants us to be happy.

You know the differences between Fastskin, Fastskin II, and Fastskin Pro.

People have completmented you on your chlorine "highlights".

You envy Michael Phelps for his times ( not so much his bod, youth, money...)

You know just how big the difference is between a yard and a meter.

A "comfortable" pool temperature is anywhere between 75 and 80 degrees F. ( To my English/Aussie/ Canadian readers I didn't do the metric conversion...sorry.)

You've swam in open water below 78 degrees without a wetsuit.....

You've swam in Open Water below 70 degrees without a wetsuit...

2000 yards is your idea of an "easy" workout.

5 minutes seems like a really long time.....

You can probably think of at least 10 more things I left off this list....


Thursday, January 24, 2008

You mad murderous Bitch!

That epic line from Arthur Miller's The Crucible, were the word running through my head as I looked at last night's main swim set. After along day at the office and CCSU ( the Harvard of Centrally located Public Universities in Connecticut.) I risked life and limb on I-84 and managed to still get to practice early....Stef handed me this workout

1000 free
2x 200 pull
4x100 drill/swim

Ok the warm up wasn't bad, the kick hurt because I ran almost 20 miles on Monday but it wasn't bad. Then the "fun" set began

4x 200 1 on 2:55 1 on 2:50 1 on 2:45 1 on 2:40
Now you know its bad when your "lanemate" is putting on fins, I managed to make this set granted the last 200 hurt.

3x 200 1 on 2:45 1 on 2:40 1 on 2:35
I barely made them all.....the next set I seriously wanted to choke slam somebody

2X200 1 on 2:40 1 on 2:35
I did both of them on like 2:39 the first was touch and go the second was survival.

1X200 on 2:30
I skipped this one my lungs rejoiced
1x100 on 1:10
I did it on 1:11 does that count?
I did an easy 200 pull as penance for skipping the 200 hard, the pool was closing so I got out with out doing my 100 cool down so my total for last night was a hard fought 44oo yards.

I have come up with 3 things I need to do after IM New Zealand, to improve my swim splits for 2008.
1. Lift on a more regular basis. This once or twice a month crap ain't cutting it. When I was at Fordham I was swimming six days a week half the time doing two a days and lifting four times a week with core work on the two off days...and my splits were the fastest they ever were.

2. Dedicate one swim work out a week to speed....long rest, short distance get those fast twitch muscles to do their share. I may not have agreed with my College coaches on everything but this I did.
3. Work the core. Break out the medicine balls!

This weekend looks like it'll be more of the same runs and rides if the weather cooperates, runs, swims and trainer workouts if it doesn't. Two weeks until taper Can't wait!

Well that's all for now

The Flying Fish

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

5AM Trainer session...

Well alright it was more of a 5:30AM trainer session. I spent the vast majority of it looking in the mirror focusing on pedal stroke and moving my legs like the powerful "Flesh Pistons" they are. Today not much is on, class..(.pretty much learning on how a bunch of Chauvinistic Catholic Spaniards destroyed the Advanced Native American cultures of Central and South America and began an Economic and Political Crisis in that portion of the World that lasts to this day...setting the benchmark for Post Imperialistic failure.) then Masters with Dominatrix of the Waterbury Y Stef Karas. Anyway this trainer session really jump started me this morning..I will probably pay fo this collapsing into the sleepy 5 year old position at about 9:30PM and drifting off at an unreasonably early hour. I am amazed though at how much the spinning 3 times a month has helped my pedal stroke...I suddenly feel more efficient/braver on the maybe Stadler-esque bike splits are in my future....with out the whole "Flat F**king Tire!" or "Mein Tummy Ache! " episodes.

Angry's out of Eagleman.....damn it! I was hoping for the infamous Angry vs. Bob-O bike split duel.....Well I guess there's always the Griskus Sprint. Sadly now I too am wondering why the Hell I signed up for the most competitive Half Iron in the Country. Because you were forced fed lead paint as a kid, dropped on your head repeatedly, and if all that doesn't account for it there are Kona Slots at stake Bob that's why!

Also I am debating changing my blog title. I will like always leave that up to the democratic process...any one with any interesting titles please leave a comment.

so recap:
5Am bike trainer session leaves Bob-o feeling pumped up.

Angry's Withdrawl leaves Bob-o bummed.

Class, Stef's workout and being up at 5 am leaves Bob-o on verge of collaspe.

Chugging Coffee like it's his job

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

2008 Magical Mystery Tour

Well here's a list of the races I could, should. or hopefully will be doing in 2000 to the 08.

On March 1, 2008 I will officially become an Ironman at Bonita Ironman New Zealand. A 2.4 mile swim 112 mile bike and a little marathon will be my reward for a winter of long grueling training in near Arctic weather. Also this the major race I am fundraising for so if you anyone is looking for a tax deduction or wants to help make Lou Gehrig's disease history please go to my fundraising page and donate and I will write your name either on my person or on my bike.

After a couple of weeks of recovery I am debating whether or not to do the Country Music Marathon on April 26.I'll most likely skip it and Do the Nutmeg State Half Marathon instead.

June 9 I will take my second shot at a qualifying slot to the Big Dance on the Big Island at the 2008 Eagleman Ironman 70.3 . Most people are telling me I have a snowball's chance in Hell but hey I like proving people wrong. Also this will Be the Angry Runner's Half Iron debut.

June 14 I kick off my Tri New England Tour at the Pat Griskus Olympic Triathlon. This race holds some sentimental importance to me. It was my first Olympic race that I did way back in 2006. It's also on one of my major summer riding routes so It's racing on home turf.

June 21 the Healthnet Mossman is a maybe. It's CT club Championships so I can expect some pressure from my fellow HEATsters to take one for the team.

June 23 I have the first of two "fly by night" Wednesday night Sprints. the 8th Annual Lake Waramaug Sprint Triathlon run on the same course as last year. Unfortunately there will be no Saturday morning August race like there was last this is my only crack at this extremely fast sprint course.

Now comes the most complicated two weeks of the summer.

On Saturday July 5 is the 2nd Annual Patriot Triathlon in Freetown ,Mass. Now This is Cranky Runner's first Tri ( hopefully he'll do an Olympic before this just to be used to running after kicking the crap out of his legs on the bike..I suggest the Healthnet Mossman its in Shelton, CT which is a about an hour train ride from the city, or a little less by car...and it's relatively flat. I'm on standby for this one for 3 reasons
1. Traffic in this section of Mass. Sucks already let alone on the 4th of July.
2. I've got two big races coming up in the same week.
3. I really need to find a cheap place to crash if I decide to go up and do this thing right or Aqua bike it.

July 9 the Biggest Wednesday Night Sprint on my Calendar. A race that is my equivalent to Macca's Kona and Pucon The Pat griskus Sprint Tri. Now this race and I have history. It was my First Sprint in 2002. I finished second in my age group in 2003 I had a college/work hiatus in 04-05 made my return in 2006 expecting to medal but having a lovely little bike crash take that away. 2007 I got passed 400 meters from the Finish to drop into 4th place in my short this race is my hometowner and it owes me...big....

July 13 is the Inaugural Ironman Rhode Island 70.3 in Providence. Now this race is a qualifier to Clearwater (Plan B for Kona if I don't get a slot in Eagleman, New Zealand or the General Lottery). I'm hoping there will still be slots when my "Big Check" From the feds gets here..otherwise I will be looking for another long distance event to whet my appetite.

After my insane, brilliant painful, insert adjective here...two Half Irons in two weeks I'm not sure what's left on tap. I might take my battered checkbook up to Lake Placid and wait in line while cheering on fellow HEATsters to get a slot in the 09 edition.( or wait until I can register for Louisville or Wisconsin...Jodi.....) or I can do the Litchfield Hills Olympic on July 20.

August 3 is my little bro's birthday and what better way to celebrate by dragging my siblings down to the Connecticut shore for the Niantic Bay Triathlon...will Angry go Solo or will the Angry Relay continue its dominance .

August 10 is my 3rd crack at the Park City Mossman I won my age group here last year now its all about improving on the overall. Hopefully no GI distress on the run this year although I will be using Gu2O instead of HEED so I think my system might take it a little better, also I'll eat a little more than last year too.

September 21 I defend my Title in the 2nd Annual Nutmeg Man Half Iron. Last year I led my age group from from the gun. This year on a revamped bike course I expect Bjorn to give me more of a fight, and an Apperance by the Angry Runner? Last year course was a climb of the CT alps but this course looks to be smoother sailing with fewer of the big monsters that had to be slain last September. Sadly it's not at Lake Waramaug...tear....I really like Doc's pizza....tear..tear...

October 11 The Big Dance, the grand daddy or mommy of them all. The Ford Hawaii Ironman World Championships . This is the Indy 500, Superbowl, World Series, World Finals, Baja 1000, Le Mans, Boston Marathon, Wimbelton of Triathlon. To step on the sacred lava fields is a dream of many triathletes, to run down Alli Drive in the foots steps of Mark Allen ( Claire's favorite...), Dave "the man" Scott, Julie Moss, Macca, Al Sultan, Stadler, DeBoom, Reid, Michillie Jones, Badmann, Wellington, Newby-Fraser. This is Holy scortched Ground, If I qualify I don't care if I have to sell my kidney to get here.....Yes it is that big.

Otherwise I will throw down for the Great Floridian Iron distance triathlon. It's on October 25 Not as venerable as Hawaii but hey what's a glutten for suffering to do. Or if I've qualified for it, on November 11, I will do the Ford Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Clearwater,FL with the ING Hartford Marathon filling the September to November void on October 11.

All in all it looks to be one Hell of a year. Some more smaller races for fun might get added to the calendar of events but this is the game plan. 14 or 15 races sit down, strap in, and hold on because Connecticut is going bye bye........

His bank account went into the Negative just thinking about this.

Go until you can't feel your feet.....a blog in 3 parts

I. Training in the Tundra
Sadly my Saturday long ride turned into a routine 40 miler, before my feet turned to ice and I stopped to avoid hypothermia due to the high crosswinds ( I'm prepped for Eagleman and one race on one certain island in a town that rhymes with Mona.) Sadly my plan B of a nice brick came to a screeching halt as my near frostbitten feet argued they could endure no more, about 400 meters into the run. Sunday I was a bum, as I cleaned my room getting rid of almost 15 years of accumulated junk, and watching MY GIANTS narrowly beat the Packers to earn a spot in the super bowl. (* all I have to say at the guys who picked on me all season is my Team's going to the super bowl and yours is where...oh crap they're in too...stupid Patriots.)
ok football fury over...Yesterday I braved the cold and got in a close to 20 mile run, going on a 4 town reign of terror for almost 3 hours. The riskiest part being a nice little stretch of Waterbury's East End and Cheshire close to the I-84 on ramps. I hauled into Southington via Marion Ave and then back up into Wolcott past the Golf Course (no way I was braving the Mountain on that day.) My Gatorade bottles on my fuel belt froze, which became evident as I tried to take a drink at about the 17 mile mark...odd thing was while my Gatorade was frozen semi-solid my water was relatively now I have my frozen water bottle on a winter long run story.
II. Bob-o's sold out ( if this had been done on my home PC the Reel Big Fish would be blaring)
In other News I have officially signed with Team Zoot/Gu so I am now a "sponsored athlete"...I know the major perk is discounted product, but I figure this is a nice step on an athletic resume...granted so is an Ironman win...but for right now some Lemon lime and orange Gu2O and Chocolate and Strawberry Banana Gu will definitely help.

III. Donate $1 or more to my Teamblazeman page and you will get the following:

1. The personal feeling of satisfaction that you might help cure Lou Gehrig's disease.
2. A tax deduction from IRS
3. My thanks and gratitude.
4. I will write your name on either my arms, legs or decal on The Bitch Stomper for I.M. New Zealand.

To those who have already donated thank you, remember to claim it on your taxes, and I will write your names on one of the aforementioned places to those of you that will donate...thanks in advance....
Ok that's enough blogging on company time.

The model employee