Sunday, March 7, 2010

Half Marathon Sunday.

Well last week I started my gig at the company call center ( more hours and a raise, hey a guy's got to eat before he goes to OCS.) and unfortuately I caught the head cold that was going around so I spent most of the week laid up after my commute home. Today since the weather was in the mid to upper 50's I went for a run. Normally I do my little rink a dink 7 miler but today since I hadn't accomplished much and I've got a half marathon that I have to haul major ass at in two weeks, I decided to push the pain envelope a little. I cranked out a 13 miler in 1:38 on my route of death.
Why is it called the route of death you might ask? Let's just say this there is a 3 mile section on a winding narrow and BUSY road with no shoulder. I managed to survive pretty well even though I was sort of spaced out for most of it. I've had a lot on my mind. First the New job, then the Navy, my family's moving at the end of the month, one of my training partners is done for the season and it's not for anything bad, and I'm still thinking about some girl half a world away like every other thought.
Also this weekend was Ironman New Zealand so I was following Bonzzone's attempt to foil Cam Brown at my work station before relying on texts from friends to keep me in the loop. Likewise the women's race this year was a wire to wire battle as Jo Lawn reclaimed her title from Gina Crawford. (oh yeah and for the first time in 3 years it was sunny with no rain. I guess I really am the rain man.)
Alright so back to this 13 miler it didn't really hurt so I'm pretty confident that I might be able to crack 1:30 in 2 weeks, now it's just getting the mileage back up and blowing the dust off the stomper and starting to ride once again.

With the Navy thing my recruiter wanted to have me ready for March 15 so I could get into an earlier review board, but I'm shooting for April 15 so I can get a May review board which means I would be shipping out at the end of July beginning of August. Which means I get to race a little this season as well as graduate before Christmas. But the main reason is so I can study for my ASTB ( Aviation Selection Test Battery). Essentially this is the GRE for flight school. It has math, navigation and basic knowledge and mechanical physics in 5 neat little packages. I need to score at least 4 out of 10 on each section to become a pilot so let the studying like I'm in college again begin.

So that's all that's going on here.