Sunday, November 8, 2009

Alternative Career Routes

Well the job hunt continues after putting out more apps and starting to look into the sports field one option has started staring out at me: The Navy. But Bob, why most people would ask? Well, right now I feeling like I'm doing nothing with my degree, I'm in debt up to my eye balls and my parents' suggestions to me are go into even more debt going for my doctorate in chiropratic, and with a lot of drama on the homefront I'm afraid of stagnating into an unstable enviroment where I will just continue to go nowhere get further into debt and not be able to pay it off not be able to do the things I enjoy and end up living with my parents for the rest of their lives. So I started looking into the Armed Services as a possible career alternative. I've narrowed down to two branches. The Coast Guard or the Navy.

I opted out of the air force because intially I thought I wouldn't have the eyesight requirement to fly (turns out I do I'm 20/25 uncorrected so I know I could correct to the 20/20 they want, but if I'm going to fly I'd rather do it Navy style because personally I like a challenge.)

The Army well I don't want to do land based combat. I really didn't agree with the rationale for the Iraq war ( Afgahnistan is a whole diifferent ball of wax....)granted I believe we need to leave some enigneers and medical staff in the country to help them get back up to speed ( afterall we

can't just wreck a country's infastrcture and walk out...but that's beside the point.) The thing is even through I would be stripped down to my animal core of kill or be killed I don't know if I'd have the mental strength/ Conscience to kill another person in hand to hand combat to look into another person's face and deliver a death blow, if I had to I could do it but getting into the trenches of the enemy just isn't what I desire.

The Marine Corps...same as the Army ( or as they like to say the guys who Aren't Ready tobe Marines Yet.) These guys are hardcore they are hardcore enough that they drill the Navy's recruits.They live for hand to hand combat, First in, last to leave. If you absolutely positively need it destroyed they are who you call. They''ll jump out of a plane go into the trenches and leave the poor Slobs they're fighting mamas in pain from the damage they infllict then do 500 push ups and a 20 mile run to celebrate. They are a special breed, hard, tough, loyal, fearless. There is a reason they are the few and the proud and quite frankly kudos too anyone who is tough enough to join them. Siemper Fi fellas.

Now to the options I'm considering.

The Coast Guard: Other branches can insert jokes here. Puddle Pirates, Duck Washers..etc but realistically these guy get the most action of any branch. They are the last and first line of defense,, search and rescue, and support. I'll go into why I think I should join:

Become a rescue swimmer:

Pros: let's face it I'm strong in the water, and I'd be saving not taking lives.

Essentially I would become Americas best paid life guard.

Cons: The Berring sea in Alaska is the most dangerous patch of Ocean in U. S. Territory. If I'm as good as I hope I am then this is where they'd most likely send me. Not that I mind but some people were built for living in the artic but not me. Request for a transfer to someplace that has an average temperature higher than 35F sir!

Bases on the Great Lakes. Same thing I get depressed with 76 inches of snow yearly in New England....I don't see living in upstate NY or Wisconsin having any advantages other than I would be ready for IM Lake Placid or IM Madison......the whole 4 months it's actually warm enough to train.

Become a regular or Aviation officer:

Pros: Fighting drug and human trafficking scum,

Essentially being a cop on a boat or a chopper.

Keeping the ports safe staying in the country, on land or at least close to it.

Miami is looking really nice this time of year.

Cons: Could still shipped get somewhere cold ( suck it up Ensign.)

The boats are pretty dinky.

If I "go down in the line of duty" the telegram would look like this:

Dear Sir and Madam: We regret to inform you that your son gave his life to prevent 10 Kilos of Cocaine from hitting the streets of Miami....yes we know it's spit in the ocean too ma'am.

That leaves the Navy as my other option.


As a kid a bunch of my friends and I grew up watching movies like Iron Eagle and Top Gun, planes were cool,, and we sort of came up with idea to become pilots. One of us went to the naval academy and decided to go USMC special opps. Another is on the fence and reallistically wouldn't it be a kick in the balls if the kid who grew up afraid of heights was the one to get his wings first.

This was sort of the branch I thought I'd go into, nautical based, figure my odds are better in the water than on land.

From my buddy Lt. K "The navy has bigger boats and warmer ports."

More firepower on one ship than the Coast Guard has in the entire fleet.

Spiffy Uniform: I look good in Navy Blue and a peacoat, ain't gonna lie.

Pay: well an Ensign makes a hell of a lot more than a bank teller. Plus student loans are paid off, so I could go do my chriopractic stuff while I'm in.

Figure if I hate it I use it for what ever it will get me. If I love it then make a career of it.

Two Words: San Diego!

Flight School is either in Florida or Texas and snow does not exist in either place.

Officer Canidate School aka OCS is in Newport, RI close to my sister, close to home and close to a college where the girl to guy ratio is 5 to 1.


OCS= HELL ON EARTH!!!! or a least for the first 4 weeks. A tweleve week crash course in learning routine, following orders,developing teamwork,and sucking it up. It's like being stuck at mile 5 of the run in the question why the hell you're doing this, but you have to dig deep and find a reason. I've talked to some people who went through Navy Basic as well as consulted online resources. This thing is the first day of any college sports practice ,finals week, home economics on roids, and a Marine Corps Drill Sgt. screaming at you from Reville until Taps. You Want those bars you got to Earn those bars and you'd better show you can shine your shoes and fold a bed before the Navy entrusts a crew of Enlisted men or a multi-million dollar aircraft to your care. Toss in some academics, and some good old fashioned hazing and it's like your back in freshman year ....except all those professors you hated are getting sweet sweet payback. I don't think I will be as happy to drive over the Pell Bridge as I will on graduation day than on any of my other trips back from Newport.

I might be a misfit. I was brought up to question why? To weigh out all possible options. In any military branch even as an officer you have to perform without question. You have trust the guy shouting orders at you has the best information and is making the right call...even if you don't have to do it's a lot of Control that a skeptic has to give up.

The next con will be done to the tune of the rap song "I'm on a boat.":

I'm on a boat and it's going slow and I'm going to be away from land for six months supporting the Afghans...going to Kona yeah keep dreaming, Ensign there are Somali pirates scheming ....

might not become a pilot, RIO (Radio Intelligence Officer ( Goose from Top Gun.)) or medical and end up working logistics...Yes sir, I will Fed-Ex 250 barf bags to the aviation school sir.

I become a pilot and get shot down...I will die in one of 3 possible ways.
1. Blown to smitherines like my aircraft. Probably the best way to go other than you know old in bed surrounded by my family.
2. Slow, cold, and alone awaiting rescue in the sea.
3. Suicide to avoid capture because if my own guys can put me through hell to not crack in Survival and evasion training, I'd hate to find out what my enemies can do. hopefully in this senario I'll have more bullets than enemies or a really short jog or swim to friendly territory.

Well that's Bob-o's considerations on military service whether or not I decide to go depends on few factors, but it is looking like a viable option.

Also to all vets past, present and future...Thank you!