Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hot and humid run.

Well I just finished a 15 mile run from my Grandpa's place accross town and back. I figure If I'm doing Eagleman I might as well get one last long run in. Since the course is expected to be flat I thought I would work some hills just for good measure. The weather was hot and humid, definitely good practice since they expect it to be 83 and humid next Sunday in Maryland. Didn't really get to bike today, but it's still early yet. So far this week I've managed a total of 5000 yds in the pool, got this run in and an 8.5 miler Thursday night in Cheshire. Tomorrow I plan on at least getting 60 on the bike, I might go for 20 tonight, we'll see how the weather is. Bjoern is racing Switzerland 70.3 tomorrow his blog is here, he feels fast and the course isn't as brutal as he anticipated so hopefully he'll secure himself a Clearwater slot. Right now I'm drenched in sweat and drinking like it's going out of style, so the fuel belt might be making and appearance next weekend, it did today and it helpped, other wise I would be sitting on the side of the road crawling toward the nearest house desperately drinking from the garden hose. There was a slight breeze at some points but for the most part it was like running in a steam room. Shade helpped ut not much and you know it's bad when I'm praying for traffic to get a slight breeze. Well that's all for now.

The Sweaty Soujourner

Friday, May 30, 2008

To Eagleman, or not to Eagleman

Well, when I signed myself up for this last August I was thrilled, I had managed to score the triathlon equivilent to ALCS tickets. I had a chance at a Kona slot and it was going to be a magnificent adventure. Fast forward 10 months, financial crap, home crap, and an Ironman later, and now I'm sort of wishing I pulled an Angry and bailed when I could have still gotten some of my hard earned dinero back. As mentioned in some of my earlier post my Parent's financial situation has deteroriated with both of them relying on the real estate market, granted my mom has a couple of deals that have gone through and is just now awaiting on the checks. My situation isn't to great as I put myself in the hole trying to help and carry on a somewhat normal life. Irregardless, I am in a hole going into Eagleman. My fiscally responsible side is screaming at me "Bail now" save the vacation days and rack up overtime. Another part of me is saying you forked over $250 You got up early and registered you will do this. So for the last week I've been in wait and see mode. My parent's situation hasn't really improved, in fact it has sort of gotten worse. I've pawned off somethings I don't really use to try to build up a semi coushion for Eagleman, unfortuantely I spent a little too much last weekend on gas and seeing the new Indiana Jones flick, I will say one thing no matter how bad it is it's still better than temple of doom. I'm also looking atgetting a part time job, just so I can bank a little more cash and pay off some debts. I'm really considering scrapping the whole Eagleman thing. I'm just not sure if it's worth the gas and money, especially with the crisis my family's in. I know that the race would lift my sprits, but is it really worth sepnding almost a week's worth of pay to lift my sprits for a few hours. I'm not making a decision until Wednesday because that's the lastest I can get my vacation days back so hopefully the weekend and early week will bring some more promising news.

The Frazzled Financier

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Airport Triathlon?

More from Bjoern and his Swiss adventure. For any of us that has ever traveled Long Distance to compete check out this post.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Water, water everywhere.....

Apparently I've done something to tick God off, ( damn it I knew it was because I really have no pro- choice or pro-life stance, and I support civil unions and Civil marriages for homosexual couples ( separation of church and state!), stem cell research ) but in any case I went to the Y last night and got a 3000 yard workout in. Now this was the first time in almost a week I got in the water. I wasn't too rusty, and I managed to hold 5X200 on 2:50 holding between 2:40 and 2:45 on all 5. I went over my Pepere's ( Quebecois for grandfather) homestead played a few hands of cribbage, grabbed some dinner and then went home to get some sleep. I descended in to my basement which suddenly had turned into an indoor swimming pool from yesterday's deluge...this included my room...nothing better than walking in expecting to crash at 12:30AM and finding your room looking like it could have been on the sound stage for the movie Titanic. Well I had 3 options, "sleep" on the couch which sleep is in quotes, my dogs would be whining for the door every 5 minutes, the second was suck it up and sleep in the puddle, that was once my domicile, the third sleep at Pepere's. Well the choice was obvious, I packed what I needed for the morning and drove the 2 miles to my grandfather's house. I slept like a rock. On tap for Today, Bailing..bailing and more bailing, maybe an evening run.

The Water Logged Warrior

Edit #1: Upon checking my email and the registration list at the Patriot, I have decided to take the leap and enter as an open category athlete. I figure the potential of a $1000.00 payday, is worth the embarassment of blowing up. The course is flat and fast, and I've definitely have gotten more miles on the bike this year. My running is steadily improving and If I could pull a 1:37 half marathon on minimal training after a long and hilly 56 mile ride...then I feel I could definitely go 1:37 on that course...perhaps even faster. With a little more than a month to train for it, I've already started increasing volume, in hopes I'll have a descent Eagleman. The Griskus, well at least for the Olympic race I'll be doing it in Jan Ulrich Mode with my 12-23. Hopefully by the end of the summer I'll have a 12-25 or 12-27 for my hiller courses. My training runs have felt like crap the last couple of times out, but with all the stress I've been under I'll chalk it up to that. Granted they have still been pretty quick. So all in all that's all that's going on as of 11:00AM

Upon reading my homie Bjoern's Blog he's a little psyched and a little nerveous as he prepares for Switzerland 70.3. Anyone wishing to leave him advice or encouragement click here

Monday, May 26, 2008

I did a Century!

Well alright it was 100k but for all the climbing did I think I deserve the benefit of the fuzzy math. Last night I stopped by chez Angry and learned the wise and wonderful ways of the slosh pipe...Zurcher walks definitely build confidence. I also learned that I have a hard time keeping a neutral spine, which could account for the stiffness in my lower back on the ride. Angry als did some crazy 20 min workout set in which myself and his brother screamed out which crazy set of lifts and core work he had to perform. I also got some good action shots so for all that went down at the angry home stead click here.

Today's 100k began at the rail trail close to Lake Quasspaug in Middlebury. I rolled through the first 4 miles of the sprint course then went the long way to the route 47 interchange. Then the familiar climb back up to the lake. I got passed by a lot of guys on Harleys, and one dude who was dragging some foilage off his exhaust pipe. When I got to the lake I saw signs for a rowing regatta. "Not again" I muttered to myself. The prep schools tend to take over the lake this time of year as their rowing clubs go at it. Afterall one of these crews will go to Harvard and then they will have to beat Oxford at Henley and their Mumsy and Daddkins will buy them a porsche to celebrate the noble victory. Serously I wish I was rich. I went one loop around and to my luck there was not one way ward prep school rower in sight. A bunch of dudes with Kayaks but that was about it. After a quite rest stop at the State Park. I was orginally hoping to get 75 miles in but as I was relying on bottles, I did two loops of the lake and decided to roll back. After a comical remount after crossing Route 202, I managed to get back to the fun part and descend down Kettletown Road at break neck speed. Upon reaching route 6. I decided to finish the sprint course due to the traffic picking up. I managed to get the ride done although I was really suffering on the last couple of climbs. All in all it was a good ride. I managed to average 17 miles per hour, and in 80 degree heat that wasn't bad. So that's all for me.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Debating a new caeer

Well upon my aimless wonderings on the internet at work I stumbled accross an interesting job opportunity, I am debating to apply. While I'm pretty sure the postion offers more cash I'm afraid of the flexibility, especially as I enter my last year at CCSU. That and I'm not really guaranteed anything in this difficult financial job market. The other is loyalty, my current employer has been somewhat good to me but I haven't really advanced in the course of the 3 years I've been there, but they have really helpped me in the fact that they have put up with my scholastic crap. Regardless Iwill consult with friends in the industry and see if it's worth my while, then apply.

On the training front I managed to get a 22 mile ride and a 4 mile run in. Not the greatest brick but it got the job done. I was bonking hardcore at the 2 mile mark on the run, but I didn't bring any GU2O meaning my electrolyte levels were really out of wack. (plain water just wasn't cutting it.) So now I know that sports drink is critical to my performance, especially in warm weather.

It's two weeks to Eagleman and right now I'm really hoping that my performance there is worth the hassle. I've been under a lot of stress under the last couple of weeks hitting my low point on Wednesday, so I'm just hoping I can get down there Get R Done and get home. My training has really reflected my home stress and I have really considered just eatting my race entry fees for the year, cut them as charitable donations and start working on getting myself out of debt and into a better situation. It has been a long month, but hopefully June will be better. That's all I can really hope for. I am now realizing that perhaps Eagleman was an overambitious venture, as well as a my race schedule. Irregardless, it is neither here nor there. I try to keep myself pumped and my spirits high but the last week has really been stressfull. Part of me wants to sit and wallow in self pity, the other part wants me to move forward and strive to make myself more independent. It's just been a long hard month the has left me emotionally drained, and burned out leaving me with little energy for my passion. That's why most of my posts have been really conflicted and down and out. I don't really express this frustration with anyone in face to face conversation. I try to hide it, smile like everything's ok , when I feel like utter crap. The blog has served as a sounding board due to the fact it's a hell of a lot cheaper than therapy, I'm hoping that I can find a job with a little bit better pay so that way I can knock down my debt a little quicker. My father's sudden splitting ways with his former employer , put alot of pressure and stress on me as the oldest son and the only one with a steady pay check. The stimulus check decable has sort of left me high and essence if it wasn't for money I'd have no problems. I have made the executive decision to sell Enrico ( my road bike) as well as a set of T-2 aerobars , mountain bike pedals and shoes. I don't use the road bike that often and I figure its worth at least $300. The aero bars I bought for $100, they're alloy and I'm thinking $65 might be a fair asking price. In anycase I'm hoping that I can sort my self out and hopefully get myself crusing in the fast lane once again.