Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2010: Job choices and Racing.

Well Today I had a job interview for a position within my current company. It's not offering me much more than my current position but it is offering more thn my current position and is a step up the old corporate ladder.
I don't know if I'll get it or not but it was one of many steps forward. I've also decided that I'm going to look more into Navy OCS. I know some of my family might not agree with the decision but I think it might be what I need to move forward. I know the officer pool for the areas I want to go into ( aviation and intelligence ) are highly competitive but I think I could be happy doing surface operations as well. As I talked to one of my friends in the Marine Corps,( he is an academy grad and has just been promoted to 1st Lt.) I started to realize that maybe this might be a good move for me. I want to do a lot in life and I also want to give back. Likewise I don't like to half ass anything so I'm going on all cylinders on this. I want to be the best officer I can be if I can make it through the slection process. Likewise for as tough as OCS is I heard that your first assignement tends to be the roughest because you have an extremely sharp learning curve as a junior officer. My Marine corps buddy gave me the basics, lead by example, treat your team with respect, ask questions and for advice "getting up to speed" from your NCO's and learn to do your job to the best of your ability. Essentially the skills for life and of any mnagement position. If I absolutely hate it I know that I can seperate after 4 years with some of my student debt handled and the feeling that I did my duty to my country, if I love it well then I picked one hell of a career, granted it's definitely better to be single when you are out on 6 month deployments.... One of my sisters knows a JAG in Newport and said she help me get some more info on enlisting into the officer ranks. For more on this stay tuned Bob could be becoming Ensign Amighty in 2010....

On the training front I'm back up to doing 4000 yards in the pool 3-4 times a week and when it's not bitterly cold I'm managing to get out for at least 2 runs. I've been hitting the weights and just trying to build strength. I'm about 15 lbs over my ideal weight so I need to start taking steps to get myself back.

I don't really have a race schedule planned just because my future is just so cloudy. I've guess that's why I felt so helpless, I've been crawling around in the dark with out a flashlight. I don't know where I'll be in June or July and right now racing just seems so distant from all the problems I've had to deal with in the past few months. I'd love to keep my streak of race finishes at Patriot and Providence alive like wise part of me is sort of itching to do Rev3 as it was in my own back yard. Another part of me wants to do Ironman but I need to stay serious. I have a lot of bills to handle, and depending on wht path I go down I might not have the time or the money to devote to all the sporting endeavors I want to do. I have to fly by wire and play it by ear but I know I'll gracing a few finish lines this year.

Right now I need to get some focus I need to pick a path follow and not look back. As my conversation with my Buddy the Lt. ended it ended on us talking about courage: Courage is not foolishly looking for a fight, it is not about having no fear. Hell courage is being damn terrified, it's being scarred out of your mind and leaping into the unknown but showing the determination and fortitute to do what has to be done.... I think it's time I show a little courage.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2009: The Highlights.

Well for as much as I may complain about the 2009 racing season ( too short, spent too much money, didn't qualify for Kona....etc.) There were a lot of highlights so here are my superlatives for the 2009 season.

Best Swim: Ironman New Zealand. Although it was slower than last year, the Ironman swim was probably the smoothest, clearest, least physical swim I was in this season. I was in good shape for it and the fact that Lake Taupo is clear blue and there were multiple divers stationed at various points along the course waving up at us. Made it one of the most interesting of my season.
Patriot was second on the list although Rhode Island 70.3 was the first time I ever lost my cap on the swim and the current and waves pushing us back into shore were a definite help. Anytime the swim has massive waves that "cull the herd." I usually tend to be on the advantaged side of the cull.

Best Bike: Park City Mossman. In the race report I described feeling like Chris Lieto as I got off the bike in second in my age group. The course was flat an really built for hammering, and since I had kept myself in the wrong gear at Patriot this ride was a redemption for all the long rides that I had put in during training but just couldn't get the results out of in racing.
Honorable mention goes to the Griskus Sprint in that I had the fastest bike split in my age group which gave me my only podium of the year. Also Rhode Island 70.3 I did the whole thing in the big ring and was averaging over 20 mph until we hit Providence, they were good days but I know I still have a lot of untapped potential on the bike.

Best Run:
Overall was the ING Hartford Marathon. My buddy the Cranky runner and I pace each other to 3:20 and 3:21 finishes respectively. We had held 3:15 pace until the last 10k, and I was pushed to a new level of pain. Hell I set a PR in the Half Marathon during this race. It was a day that truly hurt but in a good way, I know I have a Boston qualifiying time in me, I just need to get my training organized and I'll make it happen.
Tri: The Patriot Tri housed my best run split of the Tri season. I ran a then second fastest Half Marathon Split pulling a 1:38 after a pretty dismal bike. The run course wasn't easy and had it's fair share of hills. But I guess that's the way I like it. Hard and ridiculously evil. Which I guess leads to the next category.

Most Evil Run course: RI 70.3 hands down. You run up and down college hill twice and on both loops I was watching a majority of runners dreams turn to carnage. Alot of guys complain about the pounding of the quads on the way down but personally I think the grind up is harder. You're breathing hard and pushing every thread of muscle and tendon to it's limit and that's what tri was made for baby.

Most Evil swim: RI 70.3 Swells, air temps in the mid 50's at race start. This swim was not for the weak. The race directors were offering a Duathlon option for the weaker swimmers just to prove how nasty this thing was. Hats off to the dude from Florida who did the thing in board shorts it was one of the most bad ass sights I've ever seen.

Most Evil Bike: Ironically it wasn't RI 70.3 ( which was pretty rough.) I'm going to go with the Griskus Sprint. Ok yes it's only 10 miles but you get some inclines in there that tend to take the sprint out of sprint triathlon. Also add in the high school swim studs who aren't used to competitive cycling and things are pretty interesting.

Most Evil Race: RI 70.3 hands down. Tough course, tough competition, it was a challenging race. The fact that it was a Kona qualifer and attracted a lot of fast west coasters added to the legend.

Most Racer Friendly race: Patriot Tri. The volunteers are helpful, the race director is approachable, and the entry fee is under $200. It's a bargain race that gives you alot of bang for your buck. Also the bike course is an oddity in New England, it's realatively flat. Expect a good time and a fast time at this race.

Best Race T-shirt: Ing Hartford Marathon. I'm a sucker for simply designed Long sleeve tees ain't going to lie.

Best Post race Party: Tie
Ironman New Zealand: ok the awards dinner is an awards dinner but afterward when everyone heads to the pub EVERYONE HEADS TO THE PUB! I managed to share a beer with Mike Reily and Bryan Rhodes if my hazy memory serves me correctly.

Griskus Sprint: It's a local race and one off the oldest in Connecticut. In the field you'll have guys and gals raging from multiple Ironman finishers to first timers. The food's so-so but the antics are worth it. The MC's are hysterical. Also it's a good way to meet alot of your fellow tri geeks.

Most spectator Friendly race: Park City Moss Man: The bike and run are multiple loops with a large median so your loyal supporters can set up camp and not be stuck waiting to ride by for you for hours at a time.

So those are my 2010 superatives what are yours?


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Back into Training: Looking forward to a better 2010.

Well after looking at the scale looking in the mirror, and just plain looking at life in general I decided to get back into hardcore training. (sadly I can't bike as I put the thing in storage until I figure out my living arrangements.) This week I was putting up swim numbers like I did during the early phases of my Ironman Training. Four sessions 3 of which were at 4000 yards or more. Last nights main set I brrow from Belinda Granger's REV3 workout. 400 swim 8x50's 400 swim 4x100, I added a 400 pull to each set for added yardage and to actively rest for the next one. So my workout looked like this 400 swim on 5:30 8X50 on :45 400 pull on 6:00 400 swim on 5:30 4x100 on 1:25 400 Pull on 6:00. I wasn't holding the 1:20/100 yard pace Granger was in June but I figure it's a start.
I've also got my running back up to speed doing 2x 7.75ish milers on Tuesday and Today.
Today's run was made even more fun by the prescence of Snow..yay..uhg....
Alright it's not sticking but it did make me second guess going out the door. In the end I pulled up my big boy pants HTFUed and got the job done. Especially as it was mixed with some mini sleet.

I need to increase my run frequency but my shoes are on their last gasp of life and I packed the wonderful little warranty slip which would allow me to get another set for free and Ican't seem to find it.The thing is I really don't want to/ can't really afford to fork over another $80 right now.....so Santa could you please leave a pair of size 11.5 New Balance 769s under the tree?

As for my 2010 schedule it's all up in the air. I've had other priorities to focus on/ figure out but I really do want to race next season. And I sort of want to keep my perfect attendence/finish streak alive at Patriot. Afterall it's a nice little race and New England's fastest half. Likewise my main goal for 2010 is I want to train like a pro, I want to eat like a pro, hell I want to be a pro. I want to be able to get my USAT pro card by the time I'm 30, which gives me five years. I also want to get to Kona before I either go pro or go into the uber competive 30-49 brackets. So I've got five years to get my mind and my body with the program. Maybe that's why I was/am considering the military. I've always been naturally good at a lot of things but I've always had doubts, second guessed myself, had my mind stuck in other things than the task at hand, always looked to others for guidance. I need focus, I need to stop second guessing I need to , as Jon Blais so elgantly put, live in the moment. I need to stop thinking and start doing. I need to trust that I can make the right decisions even if they are unpopular.

I think that was my major problem in 2009. I had some excellent races but was so worried about my checkbook, and what was going to happen after the race that I really didn't enjoy the races themseleves or even the travel itself. I mean I enjoyed New Zealand because hey it's New Zealand or as Scott Tinley put it "California before we messed it up." I'm an urban legend in Taupo and unlike the my time in the Bronx it's not for all the wrong reasons.And quite frankly I had the money at the time that I didn't have to worry about my next meal or the car payment. But Rhode Island and Patriot, I just seemed so drained from stresses on the home front and crap like "I need $100 worth of gas and food and I've only got $60 in the bank." that it just seemed to lose it's luster. So on the racing front in 2010 I need to just focus on my races and damn it have fun in them.

So that's been my reflection on a snowy Saturday afternoon.
The Winter Wanderer

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Apologies and what's been going down

Hey there readers....if there are any of you still out there. I'm still alive and making through. A lot is happening on the home front so I apoligize for not keeping up with posts and reading yours I plan on devoting half a weekend to it.

I completed Manchester on Thanksgiving granted I was over a minute slower than last year.I blame that on lack of training as I was laid up with a head cold and some drama on the home front. Still my time wasn't too bad a 32:27 still fast enough to get seeded in the sub 35 corral next year. I would like to go into more detail and talk on how I was put in the corral with the sub 30 people but my internet connection is kind of finicky.

Congrats to Speedy Claire in her Ironman Cozmuel adeventure she managed to pull a 12 hour race from the jaws of a DNF.

I'm still sort of schleping through winter training doing a lot of swimming and running since my bike is in storage and there's no Ironman New Zealand on the agenda. Also my hodge podge training and whatever is available diet has caused me to go from my usual 165-170 to the 175-180 lbs. range.

Still considering Navy OCS but I'm not really sure. My parents are screaming it would be a mistake and I kind of see their light on the issue. I'm not the best person under stress granted I've been under stress for the last two years,especially this year and managed to function. Granted I tend to get a little snappy and sour and well just not the type of person most would want to be around. Likewise my other alternatives aren't looking too pleasant either. Option one is go back to working two retail jobs until the economy gets back in gear...this is sort of the reason I went to college in the first place. and with the economy in its current slump not necessarily the most available options as some place tend to turn down people with degrees as being "over qualified." The second is attempt grad school in 2010-2011 which means another year of trying to juggle bills and student loans then taking out more debt to get a sheet of paper that might get me the opportunity to get a job, but not really guarantee it. essentially I'm torn in what to do. I could see my self in grad school I could but let's face it a BA in History might as well be toliet paper. And a MA in Education with a BA in history might toss you into the fray for the 20 or someodd openings for history teachers. I would like to go into medicine and as my dad has suggested I could do Public Health Services when I get that coveted sheep skin but that means taking out loans for a year of post Bac. and then 4 years of Med School.or 2 years of Chiropractic, still it's a lot of coin up front.
I'm getting back into training because if I do decide to become the first commissioned officer in my family then I want the physical part of OCS to be as painless as possible. I look at the website for it and sort of had to chuckle when they wrote we will be doing 10-12 miles of running weekly...that's sort of a vacation compared to the 20-30 miles I normally do weekly on top of swimming, cycling and weights. Indeed the physical part is the easy part for me. The Mental challenge of having to follow strict protocols for tasks as basic as eating might be where I'd have a problem. Likewise add in officers and drill sergeants screaming at me for the sheer purpose of creating the most stressful enviroment possible and I'm just not sure how I'd take it. I might be fine but without a daily release like my long run or swim and I'm just not sure.

At the same time there's been a lot of drama on the home front that I just can't really get into. But needless to say this is also contributing to my cloudy visions of the future, as I essentially feel like I'm sailing in limbo. So that's what's been going on here. Time keeps moving into the future and the time to act is approaching but I'm just not sure which course of action to take.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

God help me...

Yep I signed up for a life changing experience today....well ok...maybe not too life changing. I didn't join the Navy, I signed up for the Manchester Thanksgiving day Road Race for the second straight year. My run training has been scant as I've had life stress on max overload for the last couple a weeks with a pretty ugly head cold thrown in for good measure. But this weekend I managed to get back on track and have cranked out about 19 run miles in 4 days. Thursday's race isn't anything too big to worry about it's only about 4 miles and change, but I would like to defend my sub 35 min seed card. Yes this race is hardcore as there are over 11,000 entries and they have to seed anybody planning to run sub-45 minutes to try to avoid traffic jams and twisted ankles. The race ( like any big event.) caters to ultra professionals, to weekend warriors to complete psychos running in wacky costumes. Like the reflector wearing saftey man, and more guys and gals in skivies and body paint than I'd care to count. Thankfully the weather looks to be warmer this year so I'm not really upset at Josie for twisting my arm into doing this race. Up until last Thursday I wasn't planning on it I was just about to toss my seed card and entry form on to a pile of used kleenex when I got the text along the lines of "dude you're running Manchester." So tonight we drove out there braving the terrible log jam that is the I-84, I-91 merge through downtown Hartford and got out to the race site after sitting in traffic for 45 minutes the 2 seconds it took to register and leave felt, well, kinda anti-climatic...especially compared to last year's last second mad dash to enter the night before Thanksgiving. So I'm in and if any one of you lives in Connecticut tune your TV to Fox 61 at about 9AM you might catch a glimpse of me waving into a TV camera like a doofus ( as the TV stage is set up right where the 35 min and under corral is.) I think I'm also going to shout out a request to those bag pipers at mile 2 I hope they can play Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer" because let's face it Scotland Brave is soooo over done...

The Turkey Trotter

Monday, November 16, 2009

Trying to figure things out

Well as things start to stablize on the home front I'm starting to look for a second job to help subsidize my student debt which is now rearing its ugly head. I'm still working as a bank teller and it doesn't look like I'm going to be going down an alternate career path anytime soon, well at least it doesn't look that way. I figure I want to move out west so I need to get my life and finances togehter for that. Likewise if I'm going into the Services I want to be in the right state of mind going in because taking on the stress of officer training while your psyche is stressed out from other issues is not a good combo and usually results in conduct...um well not becoming of an officer.

On the training front I have ideas for which races I want to do in 2010 but the future is not really clear at this moment. So I'm training but there is no definite schedule in my head. I want to do my usual pilgrimage to East Freetown for the Patriot Half, and my local races. I would like to do an Ironman/ Iron distance race so I have given thought to talking to Ken Glah for the "Lake Placid Package" I've also number crunched for Canada but neither race is New Zealand and with all the issues facing me it's safe to say the earliest I'll be heading back to Taupo will be 2011. Which I'm not bitching I'll actually have a winter to devote to something other than riding at the lake. Kentucky looks viable, and Ken also has entry packages for Arizona and Florida, so I'm confident I will be rolling into an Ironman next year it's just where and when is the question.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Alternative Career Routes

Well the job hunt continues after putting out more apps and starting to look into the sports field one option has started staring out at me: The Navy. But Bob, why most people would ask? Well, right now I feeling like I'm doing nothing with my degree, I'm in debt up to my eye balls and my parents' suggestions to me are go into even more debt going for my doctorate in chiropratic, and with a lot of drama on the homefront I'm afraid of stagnating into an unstable enviroment where I will just continue to go nowhere get further into debt and not be able to pay it off not be able to do the things I enjoy and end up living with my parents for the rest of their lives. So I started looking into the Armed Services as a possible career alternative. I've narrowed down to two branches. The Coast Guard or the Navy.

I opted out of the air force because intially I thought I wouldn't have the eyesight requirement to fly (turns out I do I'm 20/25 uncorrected so I know I could correct to the 20/20 they want, but if I'm going to fly I'd rather do it Navy style because personally I like a challenge.)

The Army well I don't want to do land based combat. I really didn't agree with the rationale for the Iraq war ( Afgahnistan is a whole diifferent ball of wax....)granted I believe we need to leave some enigneers and medical staff in the country to help them get back up to speed ( afterall we

can't just wreck a country's infastrcture and walk out...but that's beside the point.) The thing is even through I would be stripped down to my animal core of kill or be killed I don't know if I'd have the mental strength/ Conscience to kill another person in hand to hand combat to look into another person's face and deliver a death blow, if I had to I could do it but getting into the trenches of the enemy just isn't what I desire.

The Marine Corps...same as the Army ( or as they like to say the guys who Aren't Ready tobe Marines Yet.) These guys are hardcore they are hardcore enough that they drill the Navy's recruits.They live for hand to hand combat, First in, last to leave. If you absolutely positively need it destroyed they are who you call. They''ll jump out of a plane go into the trenches and leave the poor Slobs they're fighting mamas in pain from the damage they infllict then do 500 push ups and a 20 mile run to celebrate. They are a special breed, hard, tough, loyal, fearless. There is a reason they are the few and the proud and quite frankly kudos too anyone who is tough enough to join them. Siemper Fi fellas.

Now to the options I'm considering.

The Coast Guard: Other branches can insert jokes here. Puddle Pirates, Duck Washers..etc but realistically these guy get the most action of any branch. They are the last and first line of defense,, search and rescue, and support. I'll go into why I think I should join:

Become a rescue swimmer:

Pros: let's face it I'm strong in the water, and I'd be saving not taking lives.

Essentially I would become Americas best paid life guard.

Cons: The Berring sea in Alaska is the most dangerous patch of Ocean in U. S. Territory. If I'm as good as I hope I am then this is where they'd most likely send me. Not that I mind but some people were built for living in the artic but not me. Request for a transfer to someplace that has an average temperature higher than 35F sir!

Bases on the Great Lakes. Same thing I get depressed with 76 inches of snow yearly in New England....I don't see living in upstate NY or Wisconsin having any advantages other than I would be ready for IM Lake Placid or IM Madison......the whole 4 months it's actually warm enough to train.

Become a regular or Aviation officer:

Pros: Fighting drug and human trafficking scum,

Essentially being a cop on a boat or a chopper.

Keeping the ports safe staying in the country, on land or at least close to it.

Miami is looking really nice this time of year.

Cons: Could still shipped get somewhere cold ( suck it up Ensign.)

The boats are pretty dinky.

If I "go down in the line of duty" the telegram would look like this:

Dear Sir and Madam: We regret to inform you that your son gave his life to prevent 10 Kilos of Cocaine from hitting the streets of Miami....yes we know it's spit in the ocean too ma'am.

That leaves the Navy as my other option.


As a kid a bunch of my friends and I grew up watching movies like Iron Eagle and Top Gun, planes were cool,, and we sort of came up with idea to become pilots. One of us went to the naval academy and decided to go USMC special opps. Another is on the fence and reallistically wouldn't it be a kick in the balls if the kid who grew up afraid of heights was the one to get his wings first.

This was sort of the branch I thought I'd go into, nautical based, figure my odds are better in the water than on land.

From my buddy Lt. K "The navy has bigger boats and warmer ports."

More firepower on one ship than the Coast Guard has in the entire fleet.

Spiffy Uniform: I look good in Navy Blue and a peacoat, ain't gonna lie.

Pay: well an Ensign makes a hell of a lot more than a bank teller. Plus student loans are paid off, so I could go do my chriopractic stuff while I'm in.

Figure if I hate it I use it for what ever it will get me. If I love it then make a career of it.

Two Words: San Diego!

Flight School is either in Florida or Texas and snow does not exist in either place.

Officer Canidate School aka OCS is in Newport, RI close to my sister, close to home and close to a college where the girl to guy ratio is 5 to 1.


OCS= HELL ON EARTH!!!! or a least for the first 4 weeks. A tweleve week crash course in learning routine, following orders,developing teamwork,and sucking it up. It's like being stuck at mile 5 of the run in the Ironman...you question why the hell you're doing this, but you have to dig deep and find a reason. I've talked to some people who went through Navy Basic as well as consulted online resources. This thing is the first day of any college sports practice ,finals week, home economics on roids, and a Marine Corps Drill Sgt. screaming at you from Reville until Taps. You Want those bars you got to Earn those bars and you'd better show you can shine your shoes and fold a bed before the Navy entrusts a crew of Enlisted men or a multi-million dollar aircraft to your care. Toss in some academics, and some good old fashioned hazing and it's like your back in freshman year ....except all those professors you hated are getting sweet sweet payback. I don't think I will be as happy to drive over the Pell Bridge as I will on graduation day than on any of my other trips back from Newport.

I might be a misfit. I was brought up to question why? To weigh out all possible options. In any military branch even as an officer you have to perform without question. You have trust the guy shouting orders at you has the best information and is making the right call...even if you don't ...you have to do it anyway...it's a lot of Control that a skeptic has to give up.

The next con will be done to the tune of the rap song "I'm on a boat.":

I'm on a boat and it's going slow and I'm going to be away from land for six months supporting the Afghans...going to Kona yeah keep dreaming, Ensign there are Somali pirates scheming ....

might not become a pilot, RIO (Radio Intelligence Officer ( Goose from Top Gun.)) or medical and end up working logistics...Yes sir, I will Fed-Ex 250 barf bags to the aviation school sir.

I become a pilot and get shot down...I will die in one of 3 possible ways.
1. Blown to smitherines like my aircraft. Probably the best way to go other than you know old in bed surrounded by my family.
2. Slow, cold, and alone awaiting rescue in the sea.
3. Suicide to avoid capture because if my own guys can put me through hell to not crack in Survival and evasion training, I'd hate to find out what my enemies can do. hopefully in this senario I'll have more bullets than enemies or a really short jog or swim to friendly territory.

Well that's Bob-o's considerations on military service whether or not I decide to go depends on few factors, but it is looking like a viable option.

Also to all vets past, present and future...Thank you!


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Maybe I might be good at this Xterra Crap...

Well ok after purging the negativity about my endless quest for more gainful and meaningful employment I've decided to write about what this blog was started for. Chronicling my exploits.

This weekend I went to visit my sister in Newport, RI. After serving as designated driver for four party harty Salve Grads on Halloween night I decided to take a run along the cliff walk. ( figured it was safer than trying to run my normal loop to Middletown and back.) Well apparently I forgot that the Cliff Walk is paved with stone boulders in some sections and you're essentially rock hopping for a bit. My run started from my sister's apartment on Bellevue and would take me past the Elms, and Rosecliff Mansions before I enter the cliff walk. The first mile was pretty easy as I ran past Salve Regina University and darted around tourists and walkers. Then this thing wennt into Xterra mode, for the next two miles I was rock hopping, doding puddles and contorting my self into awkward positions while still carrying on at a brisk pace. On one particular section a thought popped into my sick and twisted mind...maybe I go do this off road crap, I mean I'm pretty good running on trails, and rock skipping. Only thing is I need a moutain bike, and I mean when I was a kid I was fearless on the trails after all mud and rock has got to be softer than asphalt. After nearly twisting my ankle on a couple sections I decided to take the safe route back along Bellevue, passing Marble House and other "cottages" of the "Captains of Industry." While it was only 5 miler it was a hell of a workout.

So will I be doing off road next year probably not but it may be in the my future.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Where do I go from here?

Well last week I had my Claims assesment exam and sadly it did not go as planned. Apparently I hate it when life doesn't follow the little script I give it. The plan: I was supposed to pass it and be on my way to Jersey this week to have my interview and land a job as a claims rep. Instead I got the dreaded "We're sorry to say Mr. Duguay that you got an unsatisfactory on the first section and sadly can not continue. You can make another attempt in 6 months." Maybe part of it was life stress, maybe the other part of it was I've been exhausted, but regardless it seems yet another promising way out the pit I've been in for the past year has been uprooted and now I sit here wondering where do I go now?

One part of me is deciding maybe I'm not meant to work in finance, fine, I'll still put in applications and if anything comes up I'll still go after it but realistically failing that exam on the BS section has really hurt my confidence, it's like crashing on the bike in T-1 or getting a cramp half way through the swim in the Ironman and watching your 11 hour glory day end after 20 minutes and a kayak ride, it's flukey and bogus but it weighs on the back of your mind the next time you attempt it.

The other part is maybe I should go the med school route. I like sports I've got an ok science backround and personally I'd like to work in sports medicine. The only problem I'm in massive amounts of debt and I really don't want to take on more debt so what are my options to pay for it. I could join the Navy, get them to pay my med school and patch up some busted Marines for a few years. Not a bad option maybe even join their tri team and ass kick myself into the best shape of my life. Might be a good life except for the fact I have more in common with Pfc Joker from Full Metal Jacket than Cuba Gooding Jr. in Men of Honor. Yes I'm a smart ass and my Drill Sgt. would have a field day...if I go this route I'd better get used to doing 100 push ups at a time. And learn to keep my wise cracks to myself...at least until after OCS.

One part of me is looking into selling tri gear as a rep for Pearl Izumi, Gu, pretty much anysports related vendor. I have experience in retail and customer service and hey I might as well be hawking a product I like.

The bottom line is I can't keeping living the way I'm living now so I better find a path to a better future and fast.

At The Drawing board.

Monday, October 26, 2009

2009 In Pictures Part 1

Well it had it's ups it had its downs but here's my 2009 racing season in pictures. I know these pictures are overdue but it's the first time I've been able to sit at the compputer long enough to up load them. Here's Ironman New Zealand's pics to go with the Race Report.
Ironman New Zealand:
Ah the Scenery.

Pro Spotting in Taupo: Doe, Bonzone and Lawn.

Steve's Poster at Cafe Body Fuel.

Cat and I.

Sunset on the waterfront.

The Swim Start

Running up the hill on the second loop.

Pulling away on untested legs.

Trying not to puke.

Frank and his neighbors going over the logistics of shiping and storing bikes.

Frank and His Neighbors must have Very Understanding Spouses who would give up this much Shed and Garage Space.

Sorry it was nearly 8 months late. More pics to come as I clean oout my photo galleries and surf the net .

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Life is better under the umbrella anyway....

Well back to my never ending search for a more fullfilling line of work ING gave me my interview on Monday, but despite the drive out to Windsor I just wasn't what they were looking for. Nothing personal it was just business, granted I appreciate the interview but it's just frustrating when you don' recieve the intended result. But a few hours after I got hit with the Orange stress ball of rejectionI got a call from the Umbrella for my phone interview. Things went well and I pretty much answered every question honestly, with a sense of purpose that yes I really do want the job and will do whatever it takes to get it. I work retail so I'm used to putting in all kinds of crazy hours and dealing with people at their best and worst, I have an analytical brain, I work well with people, play nice with others, am willing to move to Timbuktu, Kalamazoo, with Harry Hu. The interviewer was impressed so Thursday I have to take and assement test to see just how well I know my shit, and then after I ace it I have my interview in Jersey and hopefully will land the job and will be putting down for a nice little condo in the area. I'm really confident that this will work out

If it doesn't I might just consider going in to the Coast Guard and becoming a rescue swimmer...sure the pay sucks, but guaranteed housing, grub, and student loan forgiveness, can't really go wrong....but it's a last resort.

On the training front I've been trying to take off some of the stress by swimming every night. My room is loaded with boxes as I will be moving in the next week, where, I don't really know yet. But box loads of crap really compromise trainer space. But on the swim front I did 15,300 yards for the week. I ran for the first time since the marathon on Wednesday by doing an 8 miler. and followed that up with some core work in the gym. Hopefully when things stabilize on the home front I'll be able to settle back into a regular routine. But until then I'll be getting in what ever I can when ever I can.

Hopefully becoming a Jersey Boy.

Monday, October 19, 2009

On the Job Front

Well some promising news on the job front. Today I had my interview with ING and I think it went pretty well except for the fact the guy who set up my interview forgot to send their Windsor office the memo. Granted except for that tiny hiccup things seem to be moving pretty well. Still no news from Travelers granted they should be in touch with me this week. Likewise Cigna wants me to go back to Philly for an interview in all likelihood something should turn up soon so it will be a matter of if I'm moving to Hartford, Philadelphia, or New Jersey with in the next month.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The ING Hartford Marathon Race Report 2k9 Style.

Well maybe the true name of this race report should be come ING Hartford Come for the race stay for the career....I have an interview with them on Monday for a job in their Windsor call center, thanks to some clever networking at the expo. Apparently as I was looking at the "official Hartford Marathon and Half Marathon memento stand" I heard two young women commenting on the prices. "$50 for a sweat shirt..we work for them for crying out loud they should be giving it to us." "You work for ING?" I said with a gasp "Yeah for their Windsor office" after explaining my plight I was given a card and told to put in an app. Needless to say I had my phone interview on Thursday and I'll have my face to face on Monday. On the Umbrella Corporation Front I have my phone interview either Monday or Tuesday, then some other screening and then a face to face. Right now I'm hoping for the Umbrella job, granted if I'm working for ING I may take advantage of their cushy benefits to get my MBA and try to get into their global talent search. We'll see but right now any positive news on the job front is a welcome relief that I may soon be escaping my duties as an overglorified cashier.

Oh where was I oh yes the race. My last write up got the "that's it...you kept us waiting for 2 day and you wrote less than a paragraph." So here is the long drawn out bloody gory on the Hartford Marathon 2009 edition.

On Friday after my net working session...I mean expo, I went to the Olive Garden and redlined my DDA by putting some much needed pasta in my system. Then to my friend Josie's place to crash since she lives about 6 blocks from Bushnell Park and any cash I could save by not having to park downtown is an added benefit. I made my way over to the pump house and called Cranky. Yes Cranky is still alive and well and was 2 weeks removed from a marathon PR at Akron. We met up and went over our race game plan: Hold with the 3:10 -3:15 pace squad for as long as humanly possible and keep the 3:20 crowd behind us.
As we lined up behind the capital...apparently I couldn't pull the same crap last year where Claire and I walked through the VIP section and pressed into the sea of humanity, I had to pee. I quickly darted for a port o let and after about 5 minutes of waiting was able to do my thing and then ran back into line with Cranky with about 2 minutes until race start. After the usual crap of Hartford and ING would like to thank this VP of investment services, this VP of underwriting who is running her first 5k, and about 30 Politicians we were finally ready to go.

The Start

The gun went off and the elites left then we filed through the start. The first mile is Chaotic as I weeded my way through slower runners who had put themselves at the front. We darted around Bushnell park and through the Financial district then over the Founders Bridge. As we were crossing I noticed a dude with a Country Music Marathon Shirt. We shot the shit and I found out his name was Ari. And for the next 22 miles he would be one of my pacers. As we crossed the bridge I noticed my split was at 7:30 "Where was the first mile marker?" I asked. "It wasn't marked but we went through it a minute ago." Ari replied back. Shit I thought to myself...in my zeal to get around the 5 hour power walkers who placed themselves at the front I had really turned up the juice. Mile two came along with the first aid station of the race and the first mile marker. At this point in time I was still pacing with Half Marathoners, I grabbed a water for my core temp and gatorade for the engine because despite the fact that it was only supposed to be in the low 60's it was really muggy and running in a large pack only multiplied the effect. At mile 3 I could hear Cranky's voice and looked back to see the 3:10 pace squad chugging along. I figure I had to stay infront of them at least for another mile...afterall they didn't catch me until mile 6 last year and even then I could only hold with them for 2 miles. By mile 5 when the full and half Marathon guys went their separate ways ( and I almost took a left when I had to stay straight.) I knew that I wasn't going to be able to hold off the pace team for ever. By mile 6 I was in the group. Cranky and the guy running it were having a conversation. Apparently our pacer was on of those 50 marathons in 50 states guys, he only had 2 more to go after this. The 3:10 group consisted of me, Cranky, Ari, and about 8-10 other runners. 4 of them were color coded in black and red two were wearing all black track gear and a few were guys who conceded that they had gone out too fast. At this point the pace team was comfortable holding between 7:09-7:17 miles. We made our way into Windsor and all seemed to be good except the pace leader was getting worried as we took two miles at slightly above pace. Mile 8 we went a 7:25 and mile 10 a 7:19 after running a blazing mile 9 to make up for it.

The Break

Mile 11 became the breaking point as we approached the turn around. We could see the leaders coming back at us and then the sub-3 hour crowds sprinting ahead. As I passed through the Aid station I could tell that this is where I was getting unhitched from my "train to Boston." As we approached the turn around Cranky dropped off, then another runner then another then me. I watched the pace leader go through and start sprinting ahead with a sea of red and black attached to him . He was still in sight as we hit 12 miles but his fluorescent green vest was flying up the road leaving a trail of blown up runners in his wake. About this time Cranky came back alongside and we began to pace one another. We reeled in Ari and began the comments of "man that 3:10 is ramping it up too early" "Well at least we can pick off the carnage." I said as I chugged along. "Brother I'm ready Carnage." Ari said with a laugh. As we approached the half marathon point I looked at my watch squinted then looked again with disbelief. " Cranks I'm going to set a PR in the Half." "What ?"Cranky said as he looked back at me. "No seriously my best is a 1:37 and I'm on pace for a 1:35" I said noticing the pace clock and timing mat approaching. "You need to run more halves. " He retorted with a laugh. We crossed the mat and I officially registered my PR a 1:34:59. Only 13.1 miles to go at this pace.

Running with Master Yoda

The next three miles are probably the toughest in any marathon. It begins a count down to the 16 mile marker. At that point the race is a training run or as Ari put it "A short training run." Cranky and I went over a strategy to stay loose and take our minds off the pain that was beginning to make itself known. "Remember attack the hills, relax on the decent and focus on getting your knees up." He said as we charged along. Having Cranky along with me was a real good thing. He was a vet at this stuff and the technique training was helping. It kept my mind busy to think of how to charge up hill walk down hill, slow a little bit a aid stations to get fluids, lift the knees and for get about the tight calves and aching glutes and the constant feeling that I had to drop a duce when I hadn't eated anything but 2 gus the entire morning. The next few miles passed in quick succession and as we made our way back to the city we knew the worst was yet to come. With Ari in there with us we became the "anti-pace team pace team." Sharing advice and getting one another through.

Hills, Hills and oh yes Hills.

The last 12-10k of this race are known for its terrain. It begins with a decent on to the rail trail then a climb back to the main road. Ari dropped about here.Cranky and I were still ahead of the 3:15 pace team at this point and were determined to keep them off and finish 20 miles in under 2:30. We hit the 20 mile banner at 2:28 and began to settle in to attack then climb up the founders bridge at mile 21. It was on the Bridge that you could tell who had gone too hard too early as I screamed by at least 5 -10 walkers.We made it up and then it was past the old state house and the crowds of the Financial District back out to the 22 mile mark. As we made our way through here this is when the wheels fell off. The 3:15 pace team chugged around as 1 green vest and five runners held on. Cranky and I got dropped. My goal became to beat the 3:20 squad. I was still on pace to run a 3:17 but as I passed the Jimmy Buffet aid station at about mile 23 my scraming calves could take no more. Cranky accelerated away and I couldn't reel him in.

The Finish

It was back on to the rail trail along the river and after an eternity the 24 mile banner appeared. 2 more miles I thought to myself, as I tried to keep myself under 9 min/mile pace. It was a losing battle but my blazing first half had put minutes in the bank. We went under the Buckley Bridge and continued for ever on the trail as we crossed the 25 mile mark my legs were lead. Som photographer sanapped a picture of me shuffling with the grimace of death on my face. We crossed som rail road tracks and it was back on to the streets. You could see the Capital the distance...almost there but as you descended it disappeared. It was back into town back to the financial district and then down an alley way, then you could see the crowds gathering , the Arch in the distance less than quarter of a mile. You know you were almost there when you saw the diiders with plants. At the 26 mile banner I saw Josie screaming at me. She sprinted along side me bulldozing through the crowds until she hit th baracade. I tried to ramp up as I made my way to the arch. I looked back the 3:20 pace team wasn't any where around me. I looked at my watch as I crossed the line. 3:21...just 11 minutes from Boston, 1 minute short of my "mile 16 goal" but still a PR by 5 minutes. Official time 3:21:27.

The Aftermath.
As I sat at the fountains I got my nice foil blanket which became my foil kilt I caught up with cranky who pulled a 3:20:21 and as I tried to hobble along Ari came in after pulling a 3:22 Josie got a picture of us with our medals. Ari left as Josie Cranky and I made our way to bag pickup and Cranky and I got some post race grub and a well deserved sit. All in all it was a good day in Hartford. Despite my lack of real training it's making me wonder how much deeper can this rabbit hole go. Do I have the potential to break 3 hours? Do I have the potential to qualify not only for Kona but Boston as well? It's realizing that I have a high tolerance for pain, and perhaps still more potential that I have yet to discover.

The Running man

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Congrats to the New Queen and King Of Kona!/ Bob-o starts thinking of 2010.

Alright I guess to write Craig Alexander is the real deal would be an understatement and have people saying "have you been living under a rock for the past 2 years?" But seriously his performance yesterday was amazing. My heart really aches for Chris Lieto who had the race of his life but came up just 5 miles short, but such is Ironman you can throw everything you got into a race but there still might be one guy who just has a better day than you do. Still it was a Classic race and it was awesome to see Lieto finally nab the top American rights and Podium spot he deserved. especially after his balls out performance on the bike. As for Crowie his run is dominating, it seems like the era of the uber biker is over with the retirement of Sindballe, the Normannator's so-so ride yesterday. Even Lieto had a large lead that was stomped out by the Aussie running machine. It looks like Criag Alexander has found a way to adapt and over come the uber biker, and that is keep them with in 10 minutes on the bike leg and run them down like a Cheetah at chow time.

The women's race was quite frankly the Chrissie Wellington Show. She ran herself to 22nd overall shattered Paula Newby Fraiser's Course record and pretty much stated "I'm the toughest woman in the sport!" The main drama of the day was Mirinda Carfrae's march up the standings from 9th to 2nd in the Women's race to the tune of a blazing Marathon. Likewise Rebekah Keat ran herself from Oblivion to the top 10 making me wonder what the Hell is in the Water in Australia that makes them run so fast? Other major stories were Sam McGlone's comeback from an Achilles injury to procure a top 10. Tereza Macel staying in the top 5 nearly the entire race, but all this drama unfolded as Wellington was laying down for a massage in the med tent and deciding what stationary to use for her victory speech....I have only seen one other woman dominate a race like that other than Wellington last year and that was Nina Kraft on EPO. Wellington is the real deal, whether she's just naturally built for this or she accumilated years of good karma working in Nepal, or she the result of a cold war bio-engineering plot by the British Government to create the ultimate athlete I don't know but she is unbeatable.

On the blogger front Congrats to Bree Wee and Charisa.

Bree Got into 18th for the women and was the the fourth American Pro Woman behind the New Englanders Dede Griesbauer and Caitlin Snow and last years top American Woman Lindsey Corbin. For more on the Kona highlights visit Claire's Examiner Blog as she can tell this story better than I can.

Charisa managed to finish fifth in a massively competitive age group which is a huge testament in itself, as any age group brack between 30 and 50 is as competive as the pro race.

This ends the Kona Recap.

As I sat infront of my girlfriend's computer with my compression sock covered feet raised above up on her sofa, I began to think ahead. Right now I've got job apps out and some personal crisises to handle but watching the whole thing on the net and having a bang up running day in Hartford got me thinking ahead to next season, I want to do Ironman and I want to get my ass to Kona, but so far the only thing I have to show for it is a bid that came up 70 seconds short. And a couple of massive bills for travel and equipment costs. So I'm going to use 2010 as a training season, perfect my marathon, work on my bike, essentially race local and suffer like I never have suffered before and maybe if the planets algin and I get my "real job" I'll fly out to Tempe next November and punch my ticket to the big dance. I know I have a sub-10 hour race in this body I've just to bring it to Fruition, I've got to get my mind clear and put in the proper training, not this hodge podge garbage of 3000 yard swims and long runs here and there and a few sporadic bike rides. I've got a gift to go the long haul and it's about time I use it, if I qualify for Kona great, if I don't then I at least want to know I was condition to the best level possible and left nothing in the tank. As some of my trasining partners have stated "You've managed to run 11 hour Ironmans on miniscule training, horrible nutrition and a stress load that have most people balled up in the corner crying for mercy, imagine what you could do with so proper structure." So here's to 2010 and hopefully some constructive off season.

Happy Training

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Monster PR

Well ok it was only by about 5 minutes. I pulled a 3:21:27 this morning in Hartford. A big shout out to the "Anti-Pace Team Pace-Team" consisting of Cranky Runner, this dude Ari and myself. The 3 of us held with the 3:10 pace squad for about 12 miles before the 7:09, intervals became too much. To put things in persepective on how fast the pace leader was going I pulled a Half Marathon PR in the race. Eclispsing my previous best by nearly 2 minutes. Going a 1:34:59. Sadly my legs would pay for this later as mile 24 and 25 were well above my 7:47 average. also huge shout out for Josie for plowing through a crowd of 50 people about 200 meters to the finish line. I may have been in pain but it certainly put a smile on my face.

Now back to watching Kona. Chris Lieto is leading on the marathon as Macca and Faris are running him down in hot pursuit.

On the *yawn* Chrissie Wellington Show....I mean women's race, Chrissie Wellington is gunning for a top 10 overall spot, and the rest of the women are trying to keep the lead from going over 15 minutes.

My legs ache just watching...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Marathon week: ie Bobby goes on a shit happens rant.

When we last left our hero he was contemplating jobs in multiple locales, picked up a girlfriend, and entered a marathon.

This week he has resurrected the dead, had one job dry up, one contact him then ignore him, another give him a phone interview and a face to face, only to have his current employer dash the chances of making it to his face to face, and oh yeah a really painfully 16 mile prep run.

Figure I'm in a bad mood so I'll start with the bad crap and progress to the good stuff.
On the job front:
My attempts to get a job in Virginia took a hit when the company, which will do it share to keep you dry, offering them re-evaluated their manpower options. They decided to eliminate the position. All was not lost however as their New Jersey office sent me an email asking if I was interested in the same position. I have called and emailed twice but haven't heard a thing from them, I really hope this gig works out but we'll see. Another insurance company which rhymes with enigma called and gave me a phone interview for a call center rep job at their Philadelphia Office. The phone interview went well and I was called in for a face to face. The problem, they only had spots for face to face interviews open this week. Problem in a job that requires at least 2weeks notice for taking an off day. Well I was going to call in sick on tomorrow to haul out and interview but that got spoiled when one of my co-workers told me to tell the boss so he could take care of the schedule. Well I told the boss and got the "I need you here on Thursday, because you're the only one who can work late thing." After some finagling, one of my co-workers suggesting I skip the marathon and work Saturday for her, I managed to iron out a compromise that would have me working until 3pm on Friday then driving to Philly, interviewing then driving home or straight to Hartford and running the mary.( because damn it I spent what could have been 3 days worth of groceries and at least two packs of my parents's cigarettes on this things so paying $90 bucks to sit in the office and earn about $40 was not an option.) Well this plan got shot down when the company informed me that they only had interview slots open in the morning on Friday...they told me they'd let me know if anything opened up next week or I could take my chances with the phone assessment. The sad thing is I was confident I could land that job...and it paid enough more than what I make now. Almost on cue, two of my bill collectors called me right after that.

On the running front:

Sunday I decided to do at least a 15 mile training run. It went pretty well except for some granola making it's presence know at mile 12, and only having water but no Gatorade or gels on me. I got to mile 16 almost 17 on just H2O before the body said no mas and I was forced to walked half a mile to a convenience store for some Gatorade then another 3 miles to call for a ride. On the plus side of this if I hydrate and Eat I should be good to go in Saturday's marathon.

Today after my whole interview schedule fiasco I went for my 4 miler....you know you're an endurance athlete or had a really shitty day when a 4 miler does not produce sufficient endorphins to rouse you from your bad mood. And the only thing you can think of is not.."gee I'm running at 7:45/mile pace so I should be able to run a solid Marathon this weekend" but "damn it I'm going to be stuck in a dead end job that can't meet the bills for the rest of my pathetic life." mind set. Which leads me to writing this blog post because if I don't get this toxic negativity out of my system I shall surely do something I will regret....like run a 20 mile death march with nothing but an expired bottle of Baileys to regain a feeling of self worth...all right feeling better now.

On the plus side: Remember many moons ago when we all used to read the ramblings of a New York Road Runner. A sage that would enlighten us with running knowledge, wise cracks, and just bitch about those psychos who thought the preferred mode of transit in Central Park was a bike and not on two feet at 8:00/mile pace. Yes Cranky Runner Lives! and he's going to be at the Hartford Marathon this weekend, preferably dragging my sore but in tow for the last 10 miles.
Like wise on the positive news front the GF and a few of my friends who happen to be women should be cheering me on this weekend, one friend and her fiance are letting me crash at their apartment mere blocks from Bushnell park. No over priced lot for Bob-o this year. Granted I may be fighting the cats for the sofa.

But that's my rambling. To those racing Kona Good Luck and God's speed! Like wise to anyone up at Hartford if you see a hypoxic, angry looking fellow coming up from behind wearing a Blazeman T and a pair of Blue New Balance shorts,it's probably me so give me a shout out.

Will run for food....and a car...and an apartment....and a living wage...and a cure for ALS....and donations for Samona Tsunami victims...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bob-o's wasting $90 again.....or Bobby Enters the Hartford marathon.

Well this week is pay week and I've decided that since my runs splits have been stellar this season, and after doing 2 tweleve milers this week and scheduling a 15-20 miler for Wednesday, I decided that come payday I'm going to run Hartford again. Last year this race finished me off on a high note and with all the goings on in my life I really need something that will end my season on a high note, plus if all goes well this might be my last time running it as a Connecticut Resident. So over the past 3 weeks I've been upping the run mileage and using my training runs as therapy for the stress of my home life. Last week I was hit with some positive news in that I might get a job down south, last night I started dating a longtime friend, and this morning a contact for another job said he would start flexing his muscles, so things are starting to move in a positive direction and hopefully within the next two weeks I will have a clearer picture of which direction my life is heading. Also Cranky Runner if you're out there man, I need a pacer!

Also to all my readers, my internet access is still intermitent so if you need to contact me, shoot me an email @ bobbydoogs@hotmail.com. Don't feel bad if I've fallen behind on your blogs I do try to catch up when ever I can manage to sneak into a Panera, or the CCSU computer lab. From what I'm able to disertain from the quick reads I've had so far everyone seems to be getting into gear and ready to rock and roll their late season races and off season training.
So that's it from me I promise I'll have more steady posts as my access to the net improves.

Moving Forward

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bob-o goes Carpetbagging : The Interview?

Well on Monday I managed to get back intouch with Richmond ( yep the position is in Richmond...so Bullet I guess it is in the kinda sorta South but not the Stonewall Jackson was my homeboy and I drive a vintage Orange Charger with a Rebel flag on the roof kinda South.) Anyway from what I could tell it went kind of well. My interviewer made a comment that they really like to do interviews in person but were unsure of how it would work with my distance from VA. I told him that I would be interested in coming down to do an interview essentially what ever it takes at this point. Especially when I found out the job details, the Angry one has been of great help and support through out this process, so a shout out your way brother.

Also my parents have started to come around granted in traditional parent fashion they want me to know exactly what I'm getting into, granted sometimes it feels like they want me to stay with the position I've held for the past 5 years, especially because I have the equivalence of Tenure and to get fired from my current job I would have to do something really stupid. Essentially they don't want me to move way down yonder to end up high and dry. So I can appreciate the apprehension.

On the training front I've been hitting the pool and upping the run mileage so hopefully I'll be tuned up and ready to go for the Hartford Marathon on Oct 10. Granted it will be a game time decision based on if I can get the oh so important day off from work as well as if I can get myself to a comfortable training level. If not then I can always save some coin and do some local short stuff, and try to prep for a mid winter marathon. But we'll see right now I'm just anxiously crossing my fingers, saying my prayers and wondering if I should start practicing Santeria , on this job thing because it's really sounding like it's right up my alley.

Brushing up on his Nascar Trivia

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bob-o Could be going south.

Well Friday after a long discussion with my dad ( I got the song and dance to Please help us with one bill even though you're struggling to make it...I could go into a whole post about this but will spare you dear readers of my personal issues...I did enough ranting on that this summer.) I checked my voice mail as he went on his soap box about the way will show itself to you as I tried to spew off my list of objections...but it was to no use he was rolling.

Any way as I checked through my voicemails that night I got one from Travelers. As I listened to the voice on the other end speaking in a noticeable southern twang he stated "Mr. Almighty I've got your resume infront of me and it says you live in Connecticut, I doubt you want to move to Virginia but we do have some openings down here that you appeared interested in. "
Since it was after closing on a Friday night I couldn't get back to him but will call tomorrow to find out about the position to see if it's worth it. needless to say I texted my amigos, Nashville, Adam, and Sir Angry, about the position as I immediately began to look into rental prices.

I hit my parents with the news the following day that I had an offer in Virginia, and before I even got into "I'm researching it..." The list of objections came forward "Where are you going to stay? How much are they paying you? Do you know XYZabout real estate because we're realtors and things are XYZ in Connecticut? " from my mother. "After stating I'm looking into it...I haven't signed any dotted lines I still have to findout exactly what I'm getting..." Her objections contiuned to pour out "How much are they paying you because if it's not at least $50,000 it's probably not worth it." At this point I wanted to scream at her but thankfully held it in. I'm not stupid and know that no entry level job no matter how good is going to pay $50k a year to start with...but if I can make $30k-$35k that's enough to cover a rent and cover my current bills, and if that's the start then I have a good shot to make more with experience and it's better than sitting on my butt as a bank teller in CT making under $20k. Now yes it would be a little easier if the position was in Connecticut, I have friends and relatives here, know the properties here, hell my parents could probably get a commission on my rental, but as I mentioned earlierI need to research the position before I make any moves on it and if it's something that might be worth it I'll take it. I'd hate to let a good opportunity slip through my fingers because mom and dad want their son to stay home and take care of them. And in this economy a good opportunity is a rare gift.

I do have a couple of things working in my favor for this, one of my High School Friends is working and going to school outside of DC, and my godfather works in DC granted I haven't really heard from my godfather in almost 5 years. Also from traveling to the south and keeeping in touch with my homie in DC the cost of living tends to be lower than living in the good ol' tax you to death....I mean nutmeg state.

Likewise it doesn't get as cold in VA as it does in CT and their is a fairly large and developed tri community down there. Whether or not I'll take the position that's been offered me I don't know, but maybe as my father went on his soap box about on Friday night, this is the plan showing itself to me.

Still a Yankee for now

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Who will win Kona?

well I'll admit it I'm a tri addict/ pundit. I spend my hours at the office between customers and projects scouring Slowtwitch and Xtri and now with Rutger Beke succumbing to a foot injury I'm debating on who my picks for Kona will be. So with out futher ado here are my favorites, dark horses and sentimentals.

The Men's Race


Macca (AUS): Ok no brainer Chris "Badass" McCormack is at the top of my favorites list. Insane run split, not afraid to take crazy risks when everything goes right you end up with a victory lap marathon like 2007 if it doesn't well...just check out the 2002 You Tube Highlights.

Craig Alexanader (AUS): If Macca's off this guy is on. Last year his insane marathon split ( and his ability to tackle the cruel Hawaiian heat) gave him the victory he's fast he's strong and you know he's going to kick ass and take names.

Terrenzo Bonzone (NZL): Ok I have to put a kiwi in here and sadly it's not Cam Brown. Bonzone finished second in his 1st full Ironman in Taupo in March. He's got a solid run and bike split and he's been testing out the Shiv with Macca in the lava fields. Granted Taupo and Kona are completely different races....

Normann Stadler (GER): He's training with Chris Carmichael, he owns the fastest Kona bike split ever, and with Sindballe retiring the only real threat he has to his lead in to T-2 is Chris Lieto. Unlike Lieto's track record he has been able to hold on through out the run beating Peter Reid in 2004 and Macca in 2006, last year it looked like he was going to do it again until he cramped up in the lava fields but still he took a suck it up pill and finished 12th a far cry from his 2005 flat f**king tire meltdown.

Dark Horse:
Andy Potts (USA): Ok the Ironman isn't won in the swim but still Potts held on the finish 7th in his first Ironman after leading the swim. I think he can shatter the myth the the Ironman can't be won by a stellar performance in the swim ( granted you really do need a bitching bike split to build a coushion.)...the question is will 2009 be his year.

Sentimental Favorites:

Cam Brown (NZL): This guy has finshed consistently in the top-5 and as high as second. He's not getting any younger and I would love to see him win this thing once before he rides into the sunset.

Chris Lieto (USA): With the arrival of Andy Potts last year and his inability to handle the Kona Heat Lieto dropped from second overall to oblivion. The preceding year he led a good chunk of the marathon only to succumb to the heat in the energy lab where he lost the lead the Macca, and then highest American rights to Tim DeBoom. Put in two heart wrenching losses to Craig Alexander at Hawaii 70.3 and Boisie 70.3 and I can't help to feel for the guy. Seriously if he rolls into T-2 with a 15 min. Lead and manages to beat Crowie in flat out sprint for the line I will be one extremely happy camper.

The women


Chrissie Wellington (GBR): Got a flat tire lost 10 minutes on the bike and still managed to comeback and spank the women's field. Seriously the last Chick to win by that much was a Doped up Nina Kraft...who then got the title stripped from her. Add to it she's an absolute girl scout who was aiding starving kids in the third world before she took up this hobby and it's hard not to cheer for her.

Dark Horses
Ok here's my list of the runner's up.... I mean people who might have a shot at Chrissie

Belinda Granger (AUS): She won Hawaii 70.3 she has a fast swim a fast bike, and a solid run. Seriously if Wellington's drive train explodes in the Lava fields she'd be a contender.

Mirinda Cafree (AUS): A shit load of 70.3 wins and a victory at REV3 I'd take her seriously.

Dutch chick who was 2nd in 08. I would like to put up the chicks who were second last year but I have no clue how to spell Valvendarlarken or what ever her name is...but all I know is she set the day's fastes bike split in 08, again if something happens to Wellington she'd be right in the thick of it.


Bree Wee (USA): If this thing was scripted this would be the perfect feel good story for the NBC highlights...well ok she could be battling lifethreatening illness, or have been orphaned at bith.
She lives in Kona, she trains on course, she's a mom, she's been through divorce, it would be the first USA win in Kona for the women in Godknows how long and for it to be a local I think the island might just explode.
Natascha Badmann (Sui) She was unbeatable, then there was food poisoning then She crashed, she trashed her shoulder, they told her she would never race again, she came back last year and came about 15 miles short of finishing. This year she's in better form, and seriously I would love to see a photo of her passing the new Golden Girl at mile 25 of the marathon with that trade mark smile...granted age is starting to show....and the era of the Swiss Miss might be over.
Nina Kraft (Ger): ok I know we're supposed to forever shun dopers and wish death and plauge upon their houses but it's been 5 years. She's done her time, it's easy to understand why she did it and she did come forward quickly, there was no long drawn out proceedure she came forward, she confessed within 24 hours took her whacks and came back. She's good in the heat, she's won IMKY and IMFL she was battling the likes of Badmann a Lori Bowden in their haydays...I would like to see her win, just once, so she could prove that she was always capable of winning and didn't need the goddamn EPO to do it.
Alrght those are my picks I know I left off some great athletes I know I started some contorversey with the last pick, but there's my list. Where's yours?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Today we ride for tomorrow we die...

or go back to work...whatever is less permanent...

I went out for a tune up ride with Josie from Hartford to Granville Mass. and back again. About 56 miles. Most of the ride is pretty uneventful. There are a lot of stops and traffic lights as you make your way out of Hartford ( along with a lot of switch backs I was having Providence 70.3 night mares at this point.) You pass through West Hartford, shoot past Uconn Law School and then it's out on to roads you only know by Route Numbers Route 183 through Bloomfield, then 189 you stay on it on what looks like a limited access high way with exits and merge lanes, it reminded me of the drive out of Auckland back in March where there were bike lanes along Route 1 and warnings to cyclists to mind cars merging on and off the high way. Then you're out in Bumpkin Country....as noted by the crushed beer cans of Busch Light and Pabst Blue Ribbon in the shoulder. As we rode out I noticed that while the rode looked flat I was really having to push to stay above 16mph. We approached the State Border and hit a couple of rollers, then as soon as we passed in to Massachusetts we got the biggest and longest whiff of Cow Dung. As we passed by a fairly large dairy farm. As Josie put it "Massachusetts stinks!*" We rode through the rollers to a little farm stand and then turned around to head back. As we flew back into Bumpkinville....I mean Granby, CT the reason we struggled so long to get out there became clear...we had been going gradually up hill the whole time and now were reaping the benefits of the descent. The rest of the ride was pretty uneventful but all in all Josie looks ready for Redman this weekend.

So that was it for me, I better go before the Barista makes me buy something.


*this reference refers to The Western, MA town of Granville and one particular stretch of road passing said dairy farm and not the whole Commonwealth...granted I would glady use this phrase in reference to one Major League Baseball team located on Yawkey Way in Boston. GO YANKEES!!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The trainer is back...

Well last night I was feeling fat and lazy and after picking up my kid sister from cheerleading, there was no time to get my planned swim workout in. So as I sat in my room watching TV the weather too dark and crappy to go out and get an evening run in I decided to break out my trainer. Now yes I don't have a race coming up for at least 5 months. Yes I know it's boring as hell, but I had recieved a copy of the 2008 Ironman DVD from the same friend who got me the Timex hotline number so I figure it would be a good way to christen it and give me a repreive from adding to my growing gut. I managed to get a half hour in on the trainer working the big ring ( I believe it was big ring 23 but I'm not positive.) I just figured I would work a high cadence for a while. In the grand scheme of things this workout was probably piss in the ocean but watching the DVD sort of rekindled my passion for Ironman.

Needless to say this has set off World War 3 in my head as rational adult dull boring money grubbing me, faces off against crazy, psycho, spend it all and go for it me. It's never pretty, especially not for my check book. So I plan on keeping my training up...whether there is a race or races in the future is yet to be determined.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm back..

Well ok I'm using my Alumni privlegdes at CCSU to access the inter web...hence the reason for my non existent blog. This week was hetic and involved moving 2 sisters to Newport, moving one sister back from Newport, one of my Golden retrivers keeling over, being broke, still not having any luck on the job front and having one bud come up to visit from Nashville, essentially my life has been a country song. People keep asking me if I'm going to race, hell one of my friends managed to get me an inside line to a sponsor. Part of me is like yes I want to call and get sponsored and race to my hearts content. The other is like dude, you've got bills to pay, jobs to find an apartment to get...etc...give up the stupid tri crap already...hell you haven't raced in a month and other than gaining 5 lbs. and about 50 gray hairs, nothing really horrible has happended to you...So I'm seriously up in the air about 2010...hell I'm up in the air on where I'm going to be living in 2010. Alright enough of my sprial....

Claire is getting ready to kick mas ass at Cozmuel. Bullet kicked some serious ass at Plymouth Rock, and Judi, John Hirsch, and my training partner Tony L decimated Louisville. Reading their stories has made me want to get back into hardcore training and do an Ironman again in 2010...Hopefully the fates will allow that to happen. As of now there is nothing on tap. I'm batting around the idea of the Hartford Marathon but I'm just not really sure if it would be wise on the fiscal front. Plus my training has been hodge podge granted I'm back up to doing a 12-15 mile weekly long run. The last few days I've sort of slacked off on my training granted I was driving back and forth to Newport, on both occasions. So tomorrow I'm hoping to get back into to a stable training routine. I rode with Josie on Monday taking full advantadge of good riding weather. She is definitely ready to tackle Redman.

Again my apologies on my slack blogging hopefully somethings will work out I'll get myself a stable and real job and hopefully have my own place and stable internet connection soon.
Until then happy blogging and training people.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm alive but my net connection isn't....

Well for those people left that still happen to read my blog....I'm sorry. My parent's intenet is currently down at the moment and my corporate minions have blocked me from the blogosphere at work. Apparently posts on my weekend 70 mile rides are inversely proportional to my checking account and credit card refferal capabilities....or something like that.
Irregardless, there will be fewer blog posts for the time being. I'm still racing I'm still training and I'm still trying to follow when ever I can get my self to an unblocked computer.

Currently my life is revolving around running and trying to get a job with Trek. The postion with Trek is doing travel logisitics...this should be cake for a guy who spends every waking moment planning and replanning where to race his next ironman right. So I'm sending in my cover letter, fine tuning my resume and writing my reference letters ( the people I aksed to write them for me gave me the ol' you write it we'll sign it routine....which is kinda frustrating because I have to sned this app via email.) so hopefully this will go well and I'll be sporting the Stomper 2.0 a sexy fast TTX time trial get up next season...after training out west, down under and in the old country... So hopefully....hopefully this will go well.

On the race front part of me was considering either doing the Hartford Marathon or Nutmegman...my legs really aren't looking forward to the hills on the bike so I'm thinking I'll save myself some dinero and just run Hartford. But we'll see Also good luck to Judi and my buddy Tony from HEAT racing in Louisville this weekend. Kick some ass take some names and may a cold front pass through the night before the race and make the heat tolerable. Also to anyone rocking Ironman Canada good luck and kick ass.

Also if I con't get to an internet connection before then Bullet Good Luck at Plymouth Rock.

Alright the college student next to me really wants her laptop back.

Living in the Dark ages

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Now I know How Chris Lieto Feels: The Park City Mossman Race Report.

Well my 2009 tri season looks to be done. Today was the Park City Mossman Oly in Bridgeport and ironically enough it was the first race I signed up for when I got back from New Zealand. ( Figured if cash became an issue as it usually does I wanted to have an August race.) So this morning I drove out at 5am to tackle CT's fastest Oly. I got to the race site about a half an hour before Transition closed so I didn't do much of a warm up. Things have changed since the last time I did this race. While it's still a multi loop run and bike the swim course has been lengthened so it could all be done in one shot. My times are all estimated as I haven't been able to find the official results and I'm trying to remember off of the sheet I looked at this morning.

The Swim: Lots of Changes
This year unlike year's past they sent the "older guys" infront of the kids so I went off in the second wave about 5 minutes behind the leaders. Races on the Connecticut shoreline always tend to be hit or miss with the tides and today was another miss. You could seriously run to the first buoy. Several guys took this strategy but I'm not one to run in humidity and neoprene so I dove in when the water was knee high and began to swim. I was amazed at how fast we caught the first wave. At the second buoy. After that the swim was pretty uneventful. I came out about 3rd in the wave, and it looked like I was in a good spot to retake my 20-24 age group title. My total swim time was 18:08 about 3 minutes slower than the fastest guy in the group but I figured that the flat and fast bike course would allow me to make up time as there were no climbs to upset my mash in the big ring rhythm. I managed to get my wetsuit off pretty quick and got on the bike and began to hammer away.

The Bike: This week's sign of the Apocalypse...
I love the bike course at this race as it's flat and multiple loops. There are a few turns and rough pavement but for the most part it is ideal for time trialing. I kicked the stomper in to the big ring and just hammered like Miguel Indarain. This guy, Mark from Staten Island came along on the 2nd loop and we began to swap the "lead" for the next three loops. I would lead one half of the loop and then he woould lead the other. We each tried to break away and build a lead only to have the other wear it down. I asked "What's your 10k time?" "About a 42." he answered crap this guy was about my pace so I was going to have a real race on my hands. We came around to enter T-2 and I did my sexy barefoot dismount, and I finally figured out how to do the one leg over the rear wheel thing. It would have gone off flawless except for my worn cleats. I ended up having losing a shoe, thankfully the volunteers at this thing are awesome. My bike split was about a 1:07 and I averaged 22.3 mph. I was really happy with this split because I never and I mean never average over 21 mph on the bike.

The Run: Now I know how Chris Lieto Feels...
T-2 was a comedy of errors as my Yankz lace came un hooked and I spent about 30 seconds reconnecting it. Mark took off in the lead and I doggedly followed. I got passed by a kid from our age group as he cooked along. ( come to find out this kid won my age group at the Griskus and would win here as he threw down a 15:00 swim and a 35:00 10k I'm just shocked I managed to make up that much time on the bike.) He caught Mark at the first aid station as I soldiered along trying to catch him As I passed him at the turn around we both sort of looked at one another and talked about the kid Bib 154 who had passed us. "I really hope he's a relay." I stated..."All I know is he's flying. " Mark said as I got around. seriously if this were Kona this would have been the Sindballe Lieto conversation once Normann Stadler had run past. We had led the Age Group off the bike and now were getting picked off. I knuuckled down as I saw some older guys ahead and figured if I could pick them off I would be in business. We got to the turn around and I was passed by two guys from team Tri Fitness. One of them had a 23 on his Calf. I tried to hold with him but got dropped after 400 meters. The rest of the run I seemed to be in no man's land. I passed a few more people but no one from my age group. I figure from my recollection of the bike Split that I was in 3rd in my AG so I would be getting on the podium all I had to do was defend at this point. I still dug deep as I could hear foot steps rapidly approaching from behind. I came down the finishing chute and was caught by a relay runner but nothing really to worry about. My 10k was about a 43:48 and my overall time was 2:10 after subtracting the stagger. I looked at the results and I had pegged 28th overall and 4th in the AG. I'm still trying to figure out where this 3rd guy to pass me had done it, but for all I've been through in the last month it was a good day.

Granted I think i'm going to talk to John Hirsch and Chris Lieto to get in on the support group for guys who have been in the lead on the bike only to lose it on the run.....


Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm Alive..

And no I'm not chowing down on the deceased members of an Urguarian Rugby team...

Ok refrences to the movie Alive are done for the night so pass me another hunk of co-pilot and settle down.
Well this week is hectic. After chilling on Shelter Island with Bjoern and the Crew at Sunset Beach...seriously the staff parties heartier than a bus load of guys from a Tokoyo office on Karaoke night. It was back to the "Real World" this morning first I had to pick up my new insurance policy for my little Red subaru. Another six months of Premiums in Progressive's pocket , but at least I'm covered. Wednesday I need to be out of my Grandpa's place which means I will be couch crashing as I attempt to find myself a career to replace the job. I won't bitch about my job, it's been pretty sweet, but I need more challenges, than getting screamed at by an old lady because I gave her 2 20's and a 10 instead of 3 10's and a 20. I've reached the point that I want my career to be just as fulfiling as my sports, that I want a challenge and I want to meet it. I want each day at work to be an adventure not the same old slog. I want to be a mover and shaker...I'll cut the rhyming out before I get a size 10 wing tip tossed at me. Essentially I don't want to get paid to check the BBC or file signature cards that I have filled n times before because I'm bored out of my mind. Also I want a pay grade that will hopefully elevate me from Calcutta beggar, to say, Boy in da hood. Yeah I know alot of random movie reffrences..bear with me.

So anyway in the midst of all this job seeking, arrangement making, moving packing madness, I have a little Oly in Brigdeport this weekend. Also my HEAT membership has expired I do need to renew but I'll cross that bridge later....like once I get the more pressing expenses taken care of...like my student loans. But needless to say Park City this year is going to be for the enjoyment of it. I love to race but my mind has been elsewhere lately so I'll see how I do. If I win my Age Group I'll put in for team Timex. Because quite frankly my results this year haven't been to steallar save for a Podium at the Griskus and an 8th in my Age Group in Taupo. So maybe some boosters like that will increase the likeihood of sponsorship. Well that's it from here I've got bags to pack, bills to pay, cover letters to write and a little taper week training to crank out for Park City.

Tally Ho!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shut down by the man!

Well the company finally took notice that I was blogging between customers so my writing on company time is over...sigh...oh well I can see it their way...after all what would get accomplished if everyone was blogging on company band with... so if my posts are a little more infrequent...this is why..granted it does let me think them out some more so maybe I won't seem as "off the handle" as I have for the past year.

Training has been going well I got in a 72 mile ride on Saturday and am hitting the weight room twice a week. Yesterday was a 4-5 mile run and go out with the little bro to celebrate his birthday. Seriously it's frightening when I look at him it's like looking in a mirror 10 years in the past. Today I hit the weights mostly working on the back and arms, with some wood chops and TGU's thrown in for good measure. I followed that up with a 3000 yard maintenance swim. Park City is coming up in 2 weeks and I want to end 09 with a win damn it. There is debate to if I will do anything else this year but right now it's pretty low on the priority scale. Just got back from dinner and coffee with a rather intriguing woman and this weekend I join Bjoern on the Island for some rest and relaxation.

I've got a few job applications out and I'm hoping that I get some positive news from at least one of them. But life is moving on. Tomorrow is a short day at the office so hopefully a morning run and an evening bike or swim. I do have photos from most of the races I did this summer so I will post a summer photo album soon. I just want to wait until after Park City and my weekend away from it all.

Fight the man!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

My hips hate me....

Well the last two days I've been abusing my hips. Tuesday was a 35 mile ride on the Griskus loops. Yesterday I got out of work early and hauled to the Waterbury Y to focus on technique from my Yoda on the Kettlebells Alexi. I will say this I have felt the power of the clean and Turkish Get up and I like them. My weight session yesterday looked like this.

Squats :
1set 12 @ 95lbs.
2Xof 105lbs.
Yes I know I'm weak.

10 with a 4kgkettlebell focusing on technique...need to upgrade to a heavier kettlebell. Just got to work on getting that foot back faster.

10 each hand w/12kg kettlebell. Got to focus on using the hips more than my arms.

Back hyper extensions:
3x10 with 25lbs. plate.

60 Medine ball pass- throughs

90 crucnches.

I followed up my Weight room exploits with 4100 yards in the pool

Main set
4x 400 swim on 5:30 /200 pull on 3:00

Not a bad few days of training. Tonight a run. Tomorrow more weights and swimming.

Saturday a long ride don't know how far yet because I have to pack go back home and crash on my parent's couch for a while and figure out where I'm moving to. Hopefully I'll hear back from one of my jobs soon. I've got at least 10 apps out so hopefully something will come through. My degree requirements are officially complete so hopefully the interviews will be starting sooner rather than later.

Well that's all from the neighborhood.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dancing on the pedals....

Alright it's midweek and it's a little late to be doing a recap of my Staurday ride but it was just too awesome not to mention. I met up with Josie on Saturday to get my first ride since Providence in. (My burnout is almost cured I'm just having a hard time dragging myself to the pool.) We were going to do our 100k loop of doom, but the bridge on Nettlehollow was closed for repairs so we were left with 2 options.

1. Ride 47 into Washington which isn't necessarily a bad thing except for an 11% grade descent on a narrow road.

2. Go back down 47 the way we came and head on to 132 and do a loop of the Griskus Olympic course.

We decided to tackle the Olympc route, or as I have called it in previous posts Connecticut's Alpe du Huez. Coming off my success of pushing ridiculously large gears at Providence I decided to power up the climbs in the big ring for as long as possible. Josie took notice on one hill as she rode along side me..."Are you in the big ring?" "Yep", I said as I puffed along. She droped back in behind me so as I got toward the summit of some of the hills I was expecting to look back and see her right on my shoulder. I looked behind me and she was still grinding up the thing. know she's normally a better climber than me so I continued to attack the hills expecting that she would regain her prowess and blow by me like I was standing still. For the first time in a while I was really enjoying being in the saddle and I was hammering. The Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwin in my mind giving the color commentary. "He is absolutely tearing this field to pieces, just look at the gears he's using he just oozes power." "This is the man of old we are used to seeing, taking no mercy on the hills, he's going out until he wins or cracks." Josie caught back up on Weekeepeemee Road, at one point I thought she had hit my back wheel when I heard a slight thud and rubbing sound. I pulled away on the decent and had about a 2-3 minute lead as I got to the top of the last hill. We made it back to the car and called it a day after 35 miles. Apparently the thud, rub sound I heard was "no ejecto technology" failing her for the first time as one of her water bottles got launched out of her rear cage.

I need to ride like this more often. Just attacking climbs like my life has no other meaning. So tonight I have a post work ride out on the same course. I'm hoping that I can get back some more cycling prowess as I ramp up for Park City, which will be a flat fast time trial.

"He's dancing on the pedals now and he will not be denied..."

Friday, July 24, 2009

Back in training and to those about to Rock Lake Placid I salute you.

Alright I started training again because was beginning to feel a little fat and lazy and I still have one race I want to kick major ass at this season: Park City Mossman. Last time I raced there I won my AG so I want to leave the 20-24 ranks with a bang. I swam about 3000 yards on Tuesday but I still feel like I have "black line syndrome" So I just went through the motions to keep my fitness up. I got back on the road on Wednesday and pulled a 9 miler out. Tonight I'm in the air about if I should swim at the Y or should I haul out to West Hill and get an open water swim in, and tomorrow I have a 100k ride on tap. Don't know yet if I'm going to do any races this fall although the Hartford Marathon sounds tempting. Also the job search continues as I've sent apps to schools, insurance giants, my own company, and communications groups either looking for a second gig or a bump up the corporate ladder...figure if I keep applying I'm bound to get something. Getting myself established in life may not be easy but then again neither was getting my bachelor's or training for 2 southern Hemisphere Ironmans in the midst of brutal winters a full time job and heavy course load.But there is one common theme I finished what I started, and so this too shall come to pass.

A big shout out to Ironmatron, Kona Shelly, The HEAT wrecking Crew, and everyone else tackling Ironman Lake Placid this weekend. Use that 6 mile descent to the fullest, enjoy the day, and Hopefully the weather is better than last year...otherwise a little shower on the bike will help cool you off. Good Luck Go Fast and Remember you are badass because this is probably the 3rd toughest Ironman currently on the calendar!

Have a Good Weekend!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Burnout is a terrible thing....

When I came back from Providence last Monday I was fried. I was shelled, nuked, roasted, cooked, spent, burned out, and extra crispy. I had made that race my be all this season so when my plans for it started to fall apart about 2 weeks ago I was sort of dreading going. I maned up and got through it pretty well, but when other things started hitting the fan I really got a case of the "I need to quits." So started typing the I quit post and posted two of them. I took the weekend off no training, I slept late, watched the DVD set of Epitafios, threw out a couple of job apps and sent an email to my Anth Professor, about should I start saving to come back. My professor got back to me. I passed so now I'm a department chair and Dean's signature away from my BA in history. Which means now I can work on my resume for a "career" instead of a "job". I figure a little down time is in order so some reduced traning and no thoughts of the swim, bike, run for a couple of days are in order. Essentally I've been running full tilt for two seasons without a break so a week or two off might be what the doctor ordered. Give me time to focus and realize that I'm a person who does triathlons, and that maybe my hobby has grown a little too unheathly for itself. Figure out some life stuff, eat some of the unhealthy stuff ( without worrying will this make me fat?) and just unwind. Essentially I just need a break not a long one but just some time to clear my head without worrying about the Jerk in the Expedition running me off the road. Essentially I need a vacation from my hobby and hopefully when I pick t back up I'll be able to do so with a renewed vigor instead of the same old slog.