Friday, August 17, 2007

Track Workout.

After getting my pedals installed and dropping $80 on a pair of sport road shoes ( man my creditors will love my ass) after I found out specialized screwed up shipping on my tri shoes ( which will arrive Monday and I decided I might as well have a pair for training and a pair for racing). Ed at the Biker's edge fit me to the bike and let me tell you I only trust him and Al to fit me, because seriously after one adjustment he had me in a nearly perfect position. After about 20 min. the Bitch Stomper was ready for action, unfortunately mother nature let out a deluge of water and I decided not to play everyone's favorite game "Let's wreck a $1600 tri-bike". Knowing I was cutting it close to get to the Waterbury Y. After taking a wrong turn and finding myself following route 6 through Terryville, I decided to screw my plans fo a swim workout and drove the 6 miles to Watertown high School and got decided to get in some run mileage. When i arrived at the track and XC hopeful was running around on the inside lane listening to his i-pod, while his girlfriend was power walking in her black yoga pants in lane 6. I decided since I really haven't done any speed work all season ( I've just been doing base and hills since Jan. with about a race a month and a tri just about every week. June-Aug. ), I decided to do a treshold work out. I was going to do 4X1600m repeats on 60sec. rest. The voice of my track coach Art Rodriguez rang in my head " When you do thresholds you should always feel like you could have gone faster." " Always do the first repeat slow and try to descend 5 sec. per repeat." I began my first repeat and cliped out 4 laps at a reasonable pace total time 8:00 not bad.

I walked in a circle timing my rest. At :50 I cleared the stop watch and did a 10 sec. countdown. 10, 9...5, 4,3, 2, 1 and started on the second repeat. The first lap was good, the second was looking good as the XC hopeful and his girlfriend left leaving me alone with the track...or so I thought...a skunk appeared by the the refreshment hut by the far turn on my second lap...ok I thought he's not on the track ...when I passed on the third lap Mr. Le Pew , was on the infield grass between the back strech and far turn. in the pole vault area, on my fourth lap he was sprinting toward the 50 yard line of the football field on the infield. My second lap was a model of consistency..another 8:00 mile. When I stopped he was still on the infield grass at about midfield. I did my countdown and started my third repeat. the first lap went well, I picked up on the second, the skunk started to move toward the near end of the back strech, I did my third lap strating to push a little harder, the skunk was approaching the turn. I kicked out my fourth lap and had to run wide as the skunk was now in the inside lane at the far end of the near turn. As I finshed my third repeat in 7:41 I decided to call it a night. at the rate the skunk was moving he'd be on the front straight at any minute and I would be covered in a substance most foul. So all in all 3 miles wasn't a bad track work out, and the fact that I didn't get covered in skunk spray kept the evening going well.

Friday Night Blog Fest

Ok since Angry Runner is chillin' in the wood, gettin' his boy scout on, and did not grace us with a Monday blog round up, I will have to bear the heavy burden and perform my own slightly belated round up.

This week's winner:
Satan with his blog O'rama Running Rants
iPod Friday 17: List-O-Rama and things he thinks of when he leaves his ipod sitting in his midtown apartment, Questions I Think About While I’m Running Alone ( I a guy who ran through Central Park as an escape from class in the Bronx I can say these thoughts used to cross my mind as well, also is it just me or do the pot hole maarkings on the path at about 81st Street look like body out lines?

Angry Runner : has given us all that has been goin' down in the wood, via the mess hall's wi-fi, when they put a Starbucks in the mess hall I will weep with anger at how easy these kids today have it. wtf
Hiding from the Boss

No Wet Suit girl has been trying to help me fund raise for ALS via her post Help a brother out as well as trying to avoid the chicken pox that was being spread through out Europe by some preteen bio-terrorist...Excuse me, Mr. de Gaulle. Don't worry Claire I too am one of the Milanese plauge school of thought in which we should seal these disease spreading brats in a sepereate ward of the city until they are well ( or their own homes with a PS2).

Dr. Jodi Went through with her aqua bike on 3 hours of sleep thus proving her bad -ass -ness.GCT Aquabike Race Report!!!

And Ken looks at life after the 2007 tri season in his medative and zen like post Freedom on the Open Road .

I would also like to give a shout out to Ms. ( I'm not sure if it's a Miss, or Mrs.) Angela Wolffe and Webster's friendly investment rep Dave for their generous donations to the war on Lou Gerhig's disease. Thanks Guys!

The Bitch Stomper Lives!

That's right as I write this post I am throwing on my bike shorts and heading down to the Biker's Edge in Bristol to have my pedals and shoes attached to my lovely black chrome piece of "Speed Ass". After that I will be off to the Waterbury Y to get in 3000 hard fought yards in the pool before I retire to my devlishly complicated, Work/Training/Class/Study Plan and 5-7 hours of sleep. ( I know you're jealous Dr. Jodi) But today I will enjoy my multisport fantasies, before I am bitch smacked back to the real world in two weeks and must juggle classes in with the job and training. Well Time Flies and I've got a set of Look Keo Sprint Pedals and Specialized Tri shoes with my name on them waiting for me. Until then here's a rough picture of what my little bitch stomper will look like:

Ain't bike pjorn sweet.

R. D.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Webster Bank...despite all the customer's grumblings we do have hearts.

Well Today was my usual long day at the bank. ( I got out at 5:30). It was also the day our investment Rep was in the office. While I was trying to sell my boss on the idea of having the company sponsor CenTri (CCSU's Tri Club, HEAT send me a sponsorship packet and i'll try to sell my boss in on you guys too.) I told him about my doing IM New Zealand for Charity. Dave over heard the fact that I was raising funds for ALS after a quick discussion the Rep took down my website information and donated to the cause saying " It truly is a cruel disease." For those of you who are donating or thinking of donating after reading no-wet suit girls' blog post. I have the following change to tell you about. If you donate via the link I have posted 100% of your donation will be going to the war on ALS. That's right I don't see a penny of it. It all goes to the cause so that one day we can stop this vile killer. So if you're feeling generous, kind hearted, looking for a tax deduction...please click the link and donate, Also posted is Angry Runner's Leukemia and Lymphoma TNT webpage, I would also encourage you to donate to his cause as well. Like I said all of the proceeds are going to the causes and we're not looking for much, $1, $5, $10...a shinny new penny, whatever you feel like you can give to help end these vile diseases.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I'll have the last laugh after I get my titanium knee joints and you're going under the knife for quadruple bipass...

Today as I was at the Southington Y ( The pool at the Waterbury Y is just starting to be refilled after a mandatory yearly draining by the CT health department) debating wether or not I should swim I bumped into an old high school teamate. After shooting the shit I told him about my plan to do an Ironman...after the typical "you're crazy." ( I'm getting sort of emotionally numb to this response) He proceed to tell me the following.
OHST ( old high school swimming team mate): Dude your fucking knees are going to be shot by the time you're thirty.
Me : Not necessarily and besides with all the knee implant technology I'll probably be doing this shit until I'm in my 70's...
OSHT: well it's definately not for me. I want to save my knees
Me: ( in my head) For What praytell?
OHST: I'll stick to my current plan..(slaps beer gut) It's going to be hysterical when you're showing up getting passed by the old foggies.
Me: (hyterical rage to rip guys face off rising...rising....but staying calm cool and collected) Suit your self...
We start a talking about bikes or biking in general.
OHST: You ride the rails to trails in Cheshire?
Me: Yeah I averaged 20mph..
OHST: That's it?! I was hitting at least 30 on my Mountain bike
Me: Hey I said I averaged 20mph, I hit 30-35 on that one little down hill but for the most part it was flat and I was having to slow down to avoid kids, roller bladers, rec riders ( ie. those who ride for strickly for fun and fitness, not necessarily training and not of a hardcore ooooraaa Howard Dean-Lance Armstorngesque nature) old couple's holding hands...
OHST: All I know is I hit 35 and I was holding cornering like a madman...
Me: ( not buying it.) Well I average about 21mph around lake Waramaug and I was hitting 30mph on the flats.
Start talking about cars and how he's beating the Hell out of his civic, which hey he's a semi tuner so he knows his shit plus he drives alot more reckless than I do ( granted my Grandfather drives more reckless than I do.)
OSHT: I lost 6 pounds this week just swimming.
Cute Chick Lifeguard; Wow.
Me: Yeah now if you got on the bike and ran.....
OHST: The bike is a hassle because I got to get to my Grandmother's because she's storing it, and also no way in Hell you're getting me to run..
Me: Well I hear you on the Bike Hassle...I just spent $1600 on my new racing....
OHST&Cute Lifeguard Chick: YOU SPENT $1600 ON A BIKE?!
Me: (now feeling like I'm being stared at like a 6 headed goat in a carnival): Yea It's a racing bike .Aluminum, Carbon fiber, Top end com.....
OHST: You spent $1600 on a bicycle?
Me: Yeah compared to the $5k others spend it was a bargi...
OHST: Ain't noway I would spend $1600 on a bike unless I was paying some other dude to rideme around on it. I'm not going to throw around that kind of money on something I have to power myself.
Me: (in my head) "Well then I'll have the last laugh when all that McDonald's residue catches up with your arteries. And mine's burnt up due to long hours on the bike in, the pool, and on the road." ( out loud) Whatever, It's light it's fast and If I can win one of these things it'll be worth it.
OSHT: Ain't no way you'll win one of those things...some guy who comes in here rides his bike up Southington Mountain everyday..
Me: So I've done that...
OHST: Dude You guys are nuts. It's a quarter mile straight up...
Me: Mile and a quarter...
OHST: It's a quarter isn't it.
Me: When you descend from Waterbury/Wolcott there's a sign by Walsh's market that says steep grade ahead next 1 1/4 miles.
OHST: I never really see it Usually I'm kicking it into neutral and coasting at about 125. ( in his car)
Me: It's a mile and a quarter from the stop light in Marion ( Part of Southington) to the summit. I averaged 6.5 mph up it.
OHST: You're nuts....
Well needless to say the conversation dragged on for another couple of minutes about guys we knew in high school and other shit. But for the most part he's the same kid I knew in high school trying to talk himself up while putting others down. Not really a bad guy he just has a sucky attitude but then again He's got his shit to deal with too.
So the things I got out of my conversation with the guy who used to squeak by me in High School Swim meets:
1. I'm crazy.
2.My knees will probably need replacement in the next 30 years or 300,000 miles which ever comes first. ( if I have them replaced at St. Mary's Hospital I might have the Archbishop bless the implants and use me as a mass intention for an extra $15)
3. Despite my 2 year diet of binge drinking and debouchery at Fordham I have managed to keep myself in fairly descent shape.
4. $1600 for a bike will make any non-roadie, or non-tri geek ( civilian)'s jaw drop.
5. I am not as emotionally weak as I was in high school.
6. He may talk the talk ...but I can still walk the walk.
7. I now remember why we were the most disfunctional swim team in the state...
8. CCSU screws over all transfers... I'm not a special case.
9. He may have his pimped out civic, but I have the Bitch Stomper....(which could probably descend Southington Mountain at 65-70mph but I really don't want to find out right now.)
10. Triathletes ( to paraphrase adidas)...yeah we're different.

Warrior with a cause.

Well as seen by the freshly minted links ( and the comments to my ALS Charity Post.) I have signed up with team Blazeman to fund raise for the War on ALS. By clicking on the link posted at this site you can donate directly to the Blazeman Foundation and the ALS Therapy Development Fund. ( I have also posted Angry Runner's fundraising page for TNT please donate they're good causes.) Now those people who know me and most of you who don't are probably saying "But why are you fundraising for ALS? You don't even know anyone with ALS?" The thing is I don't know anyone with ALS but I do know several people who are suffering from several different neurological disorders. One friend was a competitive swimmer and runner until a brain tumor and botched surgery ( ie docs didn't check for a rare disorder which she had and she nearly bled out on the table.) confined her to a wheel chair, she's brave she strong and she's fighting to regain what she lost. The second and most personal is my grandmother who is suffering from Alzheimer's. For me ALS is a triage disease, my friend in the wheel chair will survive and live to normal life expectancy ( God Willing) and it took my Grandmother several years to digress into her current state, but an ALS patient may only have 2 years from being a fairly healthy person receiving diagnosis to being on their death bed locked in a shut down body. My sincerest hope is that if we can cure or at the very least treat ALS so that it's patients may have normal lives, then maybe we can use those same technologies for those fighiting the effects of spinal cord and brain stem injuries, Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's, and hopefully make these terrible and devestating dieases history.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Soy Specialized .....

Ok It's happended I took the leap...I'm buying my self a pimped out 54cm Specialized Transition that I saw onsale at the Biker's edge for $1600.00, $1000 of this beast will be financed via Trek Card ( unless the store guys can get me conditionally approved for more so I can save my AA advantage card for more important things, like plane tickets, books, the usual.) Why did I do this....It's a lightweight aluminum frame that looks and feels like a carbon frame from 06 , with Ultegra mix. In layman's terms it's a Bitch Stomper ( not as nice as Ken's new ride but it's a sexy beast none the less,)and hopefully it shall carry me past the endless sea of Cervelo riders.

Yep this is a picture of my little bitch stomper. It makes me weep with joy.So yes now I am Specialized like Peter Reid, Ken Schulz, John Hirsch and Chris McCormack before me. Now I'm going to try to get sponsorship from these guys because I am spending way too much of my hard earned money on this freaking sport. Who knows Kona 2011, Bobby D vs. Macca and Stadler for the overall?

I'm fundraising for ALS.

After much debate I decided I'm going to try it and see if it works. I have decided in my never ending quest to get to New Zealand, I have decided I will raise funds for the War on ALS ( Lou Geherig's Disease) . My plan is the following:
I want to try to raise $ 1500-$2000 to cover my travel expenses and I have a formula that until I reach this goal I will donate 80% of funds recieved to the Blazeman Foundation, and 20% toward my travel expenses. After I reach my travel expense goal 100% of any funds raised thereafter will go to the Blazeman Foundation. If anyone is intrested in information, helping me set up fundraisers, or donating. Please send me an email at

Sunday, August 12, 2007

2 Tris in 48 hours, Bike Split Humble Pie , and A WIN by God! Waramaug and Litchfield Hills Post Race.

Okay as I sit typing this post my eyes a bleary form being in a sleep deprived state...(actually I lie I took a 5hour nap when I got back from New Hartford) but two days with 4:30am wake up calls take their tolls. Here are the Race Reports for the Nutmeg State Sprint and Litchfield Hills Olympic Tris .

Nutmeg State Sprint:
This was it! This was the put up or shut-up! This was the race I wanted to Win or die trying. ( Well I lie here too everyrace I do I want to win or die trying. But this one is different in that I would actually put my life in peril because I know the bike route.) I had suffered in the Swim at Niantic the week before and had a moderatley slow swim at the Waramaug Sprint in June...This race was my payback.

The Swim:
During the decided to take my usual strategy of start wide and cut in. It worked. Before I even reached the first Bouy I was on the inside track with the top 2 swimmers. As we Rounded the fsecond bouy the leader and I drafted slightly away from the 3rd person ( by drafting I got on the leader's ass and refused to move until he started sighting off course.). As we made the turn and approached the beach I saw the leader ( some high school punk with no wet suit...speaking of which No Wet suit girl was here as was angry runner)and saw the final bouy on approach. I made a bee-line for the bouy and for about 100 yards I was leading overall. As we approached the beach the former leader(high school swim punk) managed to get around me and darted up to transition as I started to pull off my "weetzoot" on the way to T1. Total swim time:11:04 2nd fastest overall.

T1: Use more freaking body glide.
Since parking was about 1 mile away by the time my sisters and I made it to transitionwith all my crap I just had enough time to set up. Get body marked, pee and throw on the wet suit. I didn't really lube up and could feel the chafe marks on my neck as I stuggled to get the neoprene beast off my feet. I threw on my helmet and bike shoes and tore out of t1 in 3rd overall.
Total T1: 2:26

The Bike: Angry Cyclist...I mean Runner triumphs once more but only just.
Yes it is true Angry Runner has once more ruled me on wheels alla Normann Stadler. Granted on this day he only beat me by about 10 sec. on his split.
As I started the ride everything felt good. I was in the big ring I was aero. I had only been passed by eventual winner and Waramaug sprint Champ John Hirsch, on his pimped out Specialized. As we approached the Golf Course Hill I came to the stunning realization that I had left my bike in too high of a gear.As I struggled grinding up the hill two old guys on their Cannondales shot passed. After what seemed like a small eternity of Climbing we descende and took the sharp right on to beaten and pitted Beardsley Rd. At this point I started hearing tire rub....Had my brakes been rubbing the whole time? I thought to my self. I didn't have enough time to check before I was in an age group battle with Mike from Georgetown. Now I had raced this guy before at the Griskus Olympic and quite frankly he can flat out bike faster than me. I gave him a good fight on the flat and magaed to repass him.( choke one up for CenTri) but as we turned on to a mini-pyreanean climb he kicked it into low gear and shot around me. I struggled up the climb shifting lower and lower as the bike creeped around the corner. Then is was a nice little descent I could still hear rubbing as I got passed by another cannondale. I started fiddling with the rear brakes. The rubbing didn't stop ( I would only be after the race that I found out my quick release was loose and one of the potholes on Beardsley had nuggled the wheel out of alignment and is was rubbing the frame...robbing me of precious Bitch Stomping Speed.) As I tried to play mechanic while riding Ken Davidson and some kid on a Giant got around me. The three of us stayed pretty close together as we rode into T2. Total Bike Split : 29:07 good enough for 26th Angry's split was 10 sec. faster good enough for 25th.

T2: I was putting on my race belt damn it!
as I threw on my running flats, grabbed a swig of HEED andput on my Visor I grabbed my race belt and decided I would clip it on the run ( accounting for my sister's "picking a wedge" comment as she snapped a picture as I left T2) All in all I was out in 56 sec.

Run: Macca Time
As we ( Ken, Giant guy, and dude from Cycle Center) stared up the first of several hills on the run course the guy from cycle Center picked it up and shot ahead. I quickly followed suit leaving the man of steel and the 15 year old kid to duke it out. As we climbed my legs were strating to fill with latic acid and I could feel myself starting to bonk ( due in part to losing the top to my water bottle on the bike and as a result not hydrating properly.) I saw Ken from Heat maning the water station at the 1.3 mile mark and grapped a dixie cup of much needed h20, as I continued to shadow the guy from cycle center. As we approached the turn around John Hirsch gave us a thumbs up and "looking good guys" as he crused down hill toward certain victory. I began to count runners a they went by 1 was Hirsch then some dude in a Cannondale Shirt, Swim Punk, Mike From Georgetown , some other dudes I'd never seen before. I was in ninth. As we made the turn the dude from cycle center began to sprint and pulled away from me. I saw HEAT Ken pacing Ken Davidson up the hill he shouted over at me "Damn it Rob catch that guy. He's in sight. " I kicked it up a notch but the dude from cycle center was gone..I saw Angry making the Climb I think I shouted to him "get angry" or something like that and he replied " I hate life." I grabbed another cup of water at the aid station and proceed after the dude from cycle center who was at the edge of my sight. My hamstrings felt the vibration of each step as I pounded down the hill toward the finish. Once again I crossed with my Hands in the air pose. Overall it wasn't too bad of a day.
1:05.35 total time 9th overall 2nd in age group.
Angry Runner was 28th overall and 3rd in the Age Group
and Claire (No Wet Suit Girl) snagged 50th overall and 3rd in her age group. Not a bad day for Team Blog. Also as a side note I did bump into Anthony from CenTri. His comments after a pretty decent race..."I think I like offroad better." So hey maybe CenTri will be sending a guy to xterra.
After the race it was off to Pizzanos in Waterbury, for breakfast with Angry and Claire. We shared tri and trainning stories, how Angry is actually as grumpy as his blog suggests and how weird it is that these blogs seem to reflect our personalities. Also the fact that my smallest sister ( Julia who came to this race with Chrissy the middle sister/child), seemed not to care at the flaggrant use of obsenites we seem to use. I did try to control my language ( stomp ho's instead of bitches, in which I was then told to say it right damn it. If Julie starts cussing like a trucker don't blame me.)

The Litchfield Hills Olympic Tri
As my alarm went off at 4:30 this morning I didn't feel as grogy as I did the day before...prehaps it's because I was out cold by 11pm or perhaps it is that my body is starting to get used to the torture I put it through. 2 tris in 2 days....why did I Ken talk me into this.....because he mind tricked you Rob that's why.....Because it's team Championships and HEAT needs to stomp bitches....because you live to do insane shit like this because it makes for interesting reading material. Melissa and Chrissy accompanined me up to New Hartford, as I arrived well before the volunteers. Ken showed up about 5 min. Later spare HEAT Jersey in tow. I was greatful...If fact I made the remark that now Raphael and I don't need to go out and get the HEAT logo tattooed to our chests and run shirtless. Ken suggested we do that anyway. After about 10 min. the rest of the field started to filter in along with the volunteers. After a quick inflation of the tires. I was off to packet pick up and body markings. ( unfortately I didn't have the luck of being the same number as yeterday so now I have some pretty funky body art on my arms and calves.)
As I set up for transition I realized I had left my sunglasses in the car. I looked for my sisters ( whom had my keys ) as I did my warm up jog but they were no where to be found. I hit the portolet and then went back to transition lubed up and slid on the wetzoot. As we made our way down the rocky path to the water I realized that this was not going to be a short little jog. I ran back to transition and grabbed my bike shoes ( for those of you who have never seen my tri gear..I ride in mountain bike shoes because when I bought the bike I had never gone clipless before and decided I wanted something I could walk in and unclip easily). I ran down in my bike shoes and set them up past the swim course timing mat. Hey if I was going to have to jog (or as angry calls it yog.) to T1 I might as well get as much done by the water as possible. I found my sisters and told them of the plight of my sunglasses, I told them not to worry about it and got psyched up for the swim.

The Swim: a nice Sunday morning plunge in the Cleanest Lake in CT.
Ok the race brochure didn't lie you could actually drink the water...if you wanted too. I did an easy little warm up and noticed I could see the bottom in most of the shallow sections. I swam back to shore and lined up on the far end, with Raphael, Dean, and some of the other HEATsters after a quick pre race briefing and a round of goodlucks to and from all the guys in my vincinity, the familar commands of swimmers ready, set, and the bullhorn blast to start us off rang out over West Hill Lake. As I jockeyed for postion ( cut in across the lake to draft the leaders) I could see that HMF had redeemed itself after the dismal swim last week in Niantic ( in which the bouys were not explained. Today they had white bouys to sight and orange bouys for the turns, and it was explained to all competitiors at the pre-race and pre swim briefings.) By the first orange bouy I was in the lead group of 4 swimmers ( 1 dude no wet suit, Max from HEAT ( who is going to Kona) Ken and myself. ) At the turn around to the beach, ( 3rd Bouy 2nd orange) the guy with out a wetsuit had dusted the 3 of us as Ken and I followed Max into toward the beach. ( Ken sorry for all the foot rub but I was quite literally swimming blind.) We barely managed to get a sight on the last white Bouy (due to sunglare) but managed to approach the beach nonetheless. We got out of Water in formation Max in 2nd, Ken 3rd, me 4th.
Swim Time: 22:56 ( Hot Fire Bitches Hot Fire!)
T1: Escape from New Hartford.
Now the Escape from Alcatraz swim has the infamous mile run to transition, here it was only a quarter mile but it still requires useage of footwear. As I crossed the timing mat I was pulling off my wetsuit. I decided to take it off before the transition area to cut on T1. The wetsuit came off the bike shoes went on as I ran up the path Lake Placid Style ,Wet suit over my shoulders, I dumped the swim gear at my spot put on the helmet and grapped the bike. I was leaving T1 in 4th overall but that would change quickly. As Al Tratwig stated in his Ironman coverage I was "a symbol of soon to get caught."
The Bike: I always ride like a granny when I don't know the course.
The first half mile wasn't bad I rode and descended some gentle hills in aero. Nothing too tough...then came the oh shit hill into Torrington. As I statered the descent I unclipped and slowed down over the rough pavement at the top. As I saw too guys fly past, and looked at the climb beyond I clipped back in and let go of the brakes...If I was going to crash and break something I'd rather have a story of going 50mph than 25, that and that little climb would be a bitch if I had to out of the saddle it, and quite frankly my legs were a little too tired for that. After grinding up the little climb and turning onto Torringford Rd. It was all down hill for the next ten miles. I kept my hands switching between brake hoods and aero bars ( using the hoods on some of the nastier descents because like I said I didn't know the course and I didn't want to go into some sharp hairpin at 45mph and go flying over a guardrail to my bloody and gory demise, plus there was a nasty little cross wind on 44 in Winsted and 202 in Canton.) There were some little climbs between mile 10 annd fifteen but it would be in the last ten miles that I would pay for the early Hammerfest. When we turned on to Route 202 in Canton we were greeted with this slow gradual mile long climb. I kicked into my climbing gears down shifitng as I approached the summit. I watched as Vin from HEAT rode by. ( by this point I had been passed by at least 15 people.) I got to the top of that little bitch of a hill as we rode down 202 a little more and then turned to the back roads. Now the REAL climbs began. For the next 6 miles the road undulated. A steep little climb, suicudal downhill, long gradual down hill ,and then the wall.My legs ached as I powered up the last climb 5 more guys got aroung me including Raphael and one guy for Shoreline Sharks. When we got to the top the volunteers instructed us that it was all down hill from here. I never welcomed a descent so much in my life. I rode in aerobars, switching to brake hoods as I prepared to slow for the turn in. My hear went out to the guy from Shore line as he pulled to the side of the road screaming "fuck!" I saw a shoe on the road. " need tools"I shouted as I slowed up trying to offer some help. "No I'll be alright." " Just lost the shoe?" I asked " Whole damn pedal." he replied back. As I got closer to Transition I realized the volunteers had lied. I kicked into the climbing gear as I climbed one final hill then turned into T2.
Bike Split 1:16.22

The Run: Go until the Latic Acid fills your eye balls.
As I darted out of T2. Chrissie handed my my sunglasses as I ran by an now I was ready to go As Melissa and Critiano were shouting encouragement. ( the glasses are part of my poker face, that and in the post race photos I don't want to see how bad I was suffering.) I could see Raphael in front of me I paced him as we ran out of Brodie Park. I wished him luck as I passed him on the service road out. I passed another HEATster on the road. the Andre, clad in blue Rudy project gear. Andre and I paced each other for the first three miles as we tried to reel in a guy infront of us. but as we ground up a hill a the 3 mile mark it was apparent both of us were shot from the bike split. We looked back no one was remotely close to us , so we ran at my half marathon pace for the next 2 miles. We talked a little bit, about clubs, races, getting sponsors, life in general, as much as 8 min. mile pace would allow. At mile 5 he told me to go on a head. I started to pick it up a little. I made the dart down hill then onto the service road. Crossing the finish line in 2:32.50 with a run split of 48.16 Andre finished 30 sec. behind after a quick high five and sportsman like embrace, I made my way over toward my sisters who were a little ticked off "You know we get up at the ass crack of dawn, we give you your sunglasses, we cheer you on. And the first thing you do is go back to the finish line to high five some guy you don't really know, and discuss crap with your teammates." I gave them a hug. then they started griping "ewww you're all sweaty." I told them I was going to get a masage as I watched Jim and Raphael cross the line. After about 5 min. of waiting for a massage, Jim and I were like fuck this, and went to go do our indivivdual strech routines. after about ten min. the results were posted. I had finished 20th overall and won my age group (WORD UP BITCHES!) it was about freaking time. I celebrated at the HEAT Tent with a Sam Adams Cherry Wheat brew, before awards. ( thanks for the beer Raphael.).
All in all it was a profitable weekend in Litchfield County here are the stats:
Miles Swum: 1.5
Miles Biked: 36.00
Miles Run: 9.2
Total time: 3:38.25
Bottles of HEED consumed: 2
Dunkin Donuts Medium Coffees (light/no sugar ):2
Age Group Wins: 1
Age group Podiums: 2
Team Titles shared in : 1 (Go HEAT!)
Unofficial Team titles shared in: 2 (Team Blog! Angry Team!)
Waking up @ 4am 2 days in a row, going through untold physical fatigue, and liking it that way: PRICELESS!