Friday, December 26, 2008

Ah Christmas.....

Well Yesterday was Christmas and over the past 48 hours I've been in church 3 separate times for the grand total of about 4 maybe all that stuff I've been praying for will come to fruition...or maybe I'll just end up in the 2nd or 3rd layer of Hell instead of the ninth....
ok enough of Bobby being a semi-good Catholic boy.

After reading Claire's post, I was really beginning to dread Christmas dinner. For some odd reason Medieval Europeans did not have a heart healthy feast in mind. Dinner was the usual fare Ham, Mashed Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, Broccoli with cheese and bread crumbs, Cranberry Sauce, diner rolls, the usually appetizers Spinach dip, cheese and crackers, a veggie platter. With the exception of the veggie platter I don't think any of this stuff is going to help my waist band. I won't get into dessert but when I left I knew I needed to exercise and fast.

My initial plan was going to be going for a run after dinner, but it got dark quick and dodging traffic and black ice, at night, after said drivers probably had a few brewskies, didn't seem like a wise idea. So I went home and got on the trainer.

After a 20 min warm up in the Big Ring rear 12 I did 10x 2min hard in the big ring 12 followed by 2 min easy little ring 15. On the hard # 5 and 10 I tried to stay out of the saddle as long as possible I managed to go the full two minutes on #5 and only a minute on #10 After my set I sat down and spun easy for 10 minutes, so I got a quality hour and 10 minutes on the bike. Tonight Possibly a run and masters. My running is starting to suffer so I need to get back on it. This weekend is looking like my best time to get my longer rides in so Saturday Afternoon and Sunday Afternoon, sure it's supposed to rain, but rain is better than ice and who knows maybe I'll luck out on Sunday and get 60 miles after Church or maybe I'll just go to Blessed Sacrament at 4PM on Saturday so I can ride longer on Sunday, We'll see. We're past the solstice so it should start staying lighter longer, so hopefully I'll be able to tack up some 70 plus mile rides in the coming weeks, weather permitting.

Well to everyone out there I hope your celebrations went well, you didn't drink too much 'nog, and the new releases in theatres didn't suck as bad as the crtics say they did.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays Y' All!

Alright I know in today's politically correct climate I can't get away with saying Merry Christmas...but who was I to be politically correct.

If you celebrate Christmas:
MERRY CHRISTMAS! ( even though JC was actually born in spring, hey it would be a pretty short liturgical year to have Christmas and Easter back to back.)

If you celebrate Hanukkah:
HAPPY HANUKKAH ! and may the next 6 nights be just as crazy as the first 2!


The Solstice:
Well it's passed but I hope it was good.

Don't celebrate anything:
Well enjoy the day off, or overtime, or sitting at a desk being productive knowing your are the true wheel turning this economy back on track..and it will all pay off when us slackers get what's coming to us.

Ok so I think I covered everybody,

May God ( what ever variant you choose to believe or not believe in.) Bless you and yours and try not to eat too much, keep that crazy uncle away from the liquor cabinet, don't pull anyone's finger, and oh yes have a happy holiday.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thank you ma'am can I have another....

Well last night after I got home from work I set to digging my 2002 Subaru Outback from the confines of its snowy prison. I set to work with my shovel after two hours of labor I had a path to my driveway. I managed to get my car up with little or no old man winter.

After my two hour core workout, it was off to masters. Steph wrote a 4000 yard workout that turned out to be a 5000 yard workout so when I came up a little short at closing time I didn't feel so out of shape.

Here it is by the numbers

500 Swim on 7:30

400Kick on 9:00?

300Pull on 4:30

8X50 on :45 Holding :40 or under

2X100 Kick on 2:00 barely made them

4X75 on 1:10 held 55's

6x125 pull

8X25 on :30 made on :20 or lower

3x100 kick on 2:00

5X150 on 2:00 Barely making it...but making it I really wanted to push this set...and I I just need to get back into shape.

8x25 on :30 last 4 on :25 to finish before closing.

Total yards: 4000.

So with the snow corework and the painful set above I was feeling pretty damn good. Today, X-mas shopping with the girls and then I'll head over to the Y for atleast an hour on the treadmill. It's supposed to warmup tomorrow so hopefully I'll be running out doors on Christmas.
Well that's it from me.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Holy Shit it's Christmas or Anyone got a tow truck.....

Well, my training this weekend was totally shot. ( stupid winter storm and 12 in. of snow.) My car is stuck in my neighbor's backyard (another thank you to that wonderful winter storm.) our annual run to the casino, cost me $20, I still have to finish my Christmas shopping, yep things are in full holiday swing in my neck of the woods.

Saturday I tried to muscle my little Outback over the plow bank at the front of my driveway ( our plow driver hadn't come by yet and I needed to get to work.)..when I found it wasn't going to go straight through I back up to get a running start...well it got stuck again...and well repeat that scenario until my back bumper is against a pine tree at the end of my neighbor's property. after his and my futile attempts to get it out I walked to my parents place about a mile up the road, they drove me into work and took a shot and getting my baby free, right now it is a mere 500 feet from my nice plowed driveway.

Today my dad and I will work at digging my car out of it's icy prison, using the towing power of his Explorer if necessary so I can hopefully get to masters, if not the trainer is looking mighty inviting right now.

The Casino trip turned out to be less profitable than anticipated... another reason not to drink: Alcohol Makes you do stupid shit like going back to the craps table when you've tripled your money and then you lose it all..... all said and done I lost $24 of the $25 I went with but it would have been sweet to leave with the $80 I had before the bar..oh well lesson learned for my March run with my sister. Also Angry was in constant contact with Pants..So I can only imagine the conversations...Especially after our ill fated third trip to the craps table, I seem to hazily remember Angry going on a litany of I hate you guys...and some threat of war with the Mohegans... I can assume there were many deadlifts done this morning.

Training wise my outdoor activities are on read and react mode: I read the weather forecast and react accordingly...this week looks like it will warm up just a tad so I'll get some running and riding in. I was going to run yesterday but a little "wintry" mix but the kibosh on that, instead I shoveled the 4 additional inches of fresh powder that accumulated on my driveway and tried to triangulate the angles on getting my car out. It looks like our best is to clear a path up to my drive way and with a little traction and a little brute force I should be able to have baby back on road again...just in time to go out and do my absolute last minute Christmas shopping tomorrow night.

Well that's all from here...hopefully I'll get my training and my car back on track.

The weary walker