Thursday, February 2, 2012

Two Steps away from being one of the cool kids

A few years back I had posted that the "cool kids" roll into triathlons with their Garmins, Blue Seventy Helix Wetsuits, rolling on their Cervelo P2s, with their Newtons. Well as I look the soles at my rapid wearing Pearl Izumi Syncro Fuels I realize that part of my income tax refund is going to need to go to running shoes. So I'm thinking about biting the bullet and buying Newtons. For years I've been tempted but I've decided not to spluge on them, but after analyzing my gait I think that Newtons maybe a wise move. I normally land on my mid foot with a little bit of heel landing as I fatigue. I've heard good reviews by some of my teammates and training partners at the Waterbury Ymca and I think that it might be time to get one step closer to becoming *gasp* one of the "cool kids." Does this mean I'll be rolling into a transition near you on a cervelo, texting on the newest i-phone trying to synch it to a garmin, while discussing how I'm better than half the people showing up to do battle and that my cerevelo that is factory speced like the other 200 in Transition is superior. Please I don't think I'll ever be that cocky, besides, my first smart phone and carbon frame are still a promotion and multi bonuses away. But if drinking some of the Newton Kool-aid might help me throw down a better run split, then hey I'll sip away.