Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm Freezing / Working my butt off...

Well this december as I sat there looking down at the scale I got a major dose of what reality has been dishing out at me. On top of all the bills, drama and what the hell am I going to do with my life crisis, I noticed that my pants were starting to get a little tight around the middle. When I looked down at the scale one random morning and saw I had ballooned from my normal 165-170 to over 180 I decided to wage war on this battle of the bulge. I've gotten back into training for what I don't know but I want to keep the body that I fought so hard to get. So the last 2 weeks have seen me getting back into my normal mojo. The running has suffered due to this rather long New England cold snap but I'm stocking up on my "suck it up pills." I actually took one this afternoon and went for a bone chilling 7.5 miles.

Likewise I entered a swim yardage contest with in my tri club ( who membership was renewed by one of my training partners serioulsy if it weren't for these guys I'd be stuck to a chair is some dingy cubicle choking down Ben and Jerrys.) Last week my mileage was hovering at just above 7 this week I want to get it up to at least 10 miles , as it stands I'm heading to the pool for my 3rd consecutive workout and will meet my swim mileage for last week tonight if all goes well.

Last night's main set was pretty brutal:

3x [12x75] Set 1 Drill 50/swim 25 on 1:10 Set 2: Pull with paddles on 1:05 Set3: Swim on 1:00
I actually had to stop after 6 on the last set but knicled down to finish off strong.

Tonight wasn't as intense I only scrapped 3400 out but I only had an hour to get it done. Main set was 5x100 on 1:20 followed by 5x100 pull w/paddles on 1:25. Also I think the coach from the all Girls's School swim team is secretly crushing on me....I'm not vain...and she is my age... alright enough of hitting on the swim coach. Happy training everybody.