Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hotel room for my Ironman is coming together...

Well I was able to book a decent priced hotel room for my race...formal announcement coming later in the week.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Operation Juan Valdez...and other ramblings.

Well I managed to get extensions for most of my papers so tonight and Friday I will be glued to the computer writing on Piracy, Ethnicity, Israelis and Palestinians destroying one another for land rights, and the global capitalist agenda...I mean religious issues. (sigh I always find someway to do something involving the Middle East.) so tonight begins Operation Juan Valdez or I'm not sleeping until I finish at least one of my papers. I figure sitting in the library or student center with out my Internet cable will allow me to avoid "distractions" and Get R Done...oh crap I quoting Larry the Cable guy get me more red bull.

Other Ramblings

Team Zoot Gu is disbanding, so next year I will be racing unsponsored, figure I'll load up on my GU2O now, that and I won't feel like a douchebag wearing my HEAT livery ( which is Garineau.) Also 2009 for me is going to be a hectic year, with graduation, getting a real job, traveling to 2 races ( granted they will be a little more spread out than last year.) I figure I'll probably be racing a little less but more spread out than last season. Nothing was worse than the Amotivational Syndrome I suffered from mid-July to August, no races on the calendar just mounds of training for Nutmegman, which turned out to be all for nought. I figure if I sign up for one race a month ( June, July and August) in April I'll have at least 3 races on the calendar and motivation to train, and if I run into lack of fundage like last season I know I'm in to my big three well 4 ( I always do one Sprint in July.).

I'll be announcing which Ironman/ Ironmans I will be gracing with my Lycra clad arse in 09, just before Christmas, hopefully after pillaging the Mohegans, with Angry's Crap table probability skillz that kill, afterall nothing would be better than walking away with more money than I brought with me. But I will be doing an Ironman in 2009, even if it isn't an M-dot, or it's just me swimming at Waramaug, riding through Litchfield County, and running a personal marathon on my own. Who knows maybe I'll up the distance and make Connecticut a mecca for the >140.6 mi (226.2km ) crowd...who knows maybe I'll spawn my own crazy distance between Ironman and Ultraman...The Almightyman*? I could just see it now 3.1 mile (5k) swim 200 mile (320km) bike and a 36 mile (60k) run and a 24 hour time limit..yeah that would be hardcore...until I get sued for somebody actually attempting this distance, and dying/crippling themself.**
Also last night I got back in the pool for the first time in a week. I felt so fat and lazy that I need a 3000yd. exorcism of Turkey day left overs. I just have to survive a few more papers and I'm free to train again.

Alright that's enough out of me for the moment.

I need creamer with a back up of donuts

*The Almightyman Triathlon title is considered my intellectual property...anytheft thereof will result in me calling you a cheap, un creative ( explative.)!
** I will not be held responsible for some out of shape moron going off and trying to attempt this distance, with out undergoing a proper training and hydration and Nutrition plan/ psychological and medical assesments before hand. Endurance athletics don't kill, stupidity does.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dear Academia...

You regally suck! You're a high matinence ,needy and whiny bitch. I'm done with you!.....
so I assume we'll be meeting again at 5:15PM and you'll want a paper right?

My Professors' effort to make the workload light at the end of the semester resulted in everything being due after Thanksgiving, not a problem for a "normal" college student, but I'm not a "normal" college student. Combined late nights training and gathering resources have left me mentally and physically and mentally exhausted...not to mention a little thing known as a day job. I committed the eleventh deadly sin and rested on my vacation, hoping to crank out most of my work on Sunday, that got dampended when I drove my sister back to Newport and arrived home beat from the drive. So last night I was up until 2am Cranking out 60-75% of a 12 page paper due this afternoon, I'll most likely be up to that hour again tonight cranking out an 8 pager due yesterday... in essence Juan Valdez is going to be my homeboy until I can actually earn a goodnight's sleep which will most likely be around Christmas. I don't know why but I've just been exhausted and being behind on classwork hasn't made life easier, I haven't trained in almost a week, and nothing has really gotten done I just read a few books and formulated arguements I've got about 6-7 pages of pure BS written....I just feel overhelmed just like I have the rest of this year. I'm beat ,I'm exhausted, I'm handing in my resignation to life, if anyone needs me I'll be curled up in a recliner trying to get some REM sleep, for the next half an hour.
Coffee has been my substitute for sleep. It's so bad I can now tell the subtle differences between, Green Mountain Coffee,Maxwell House, Folgers', Cumberland Farms slect Blend, Dunkin Donuts Regular, and Starbucks dark roast. Red Bull now actually slows my heart rate, and my pillow is covered by a fine layer of dust even though I just took a 2 hour nap, or at least I think I did...

I think I can taste a hint of Maple Syrup in the Green Mountain Vermont Country Blend.