Friday, June 5, 2009

Swimming laps with Pros.

Ok so it was only one pro. I was doing a 3500yard swim workout at the Waterbury Y when I noticed some Chick with a Team Powerbar Cap stretching out by the bleachers. Since the Age group team was taking up 4 lanes and lane 6 had been conquered by the Aquarobics crew I figured I'd split a lane. Nothing sucks worse than having a great workout planned and not having a lane. So as I began my kick set I'll called over that I was willing to split. Now I figured maybe she was some elite Age Grouper, maybe She hoped in an did the introduction thing " I'm Bob Almighty*" I stated " Belinda Granger"..she said back. Belinda Granger...The Belinda Granger...The winner of Hawaii 70.3 last weekend....I was a little star struck for the rest of my sets. I'm sharing a lane with Belinda took awhile for the shock to subside even after the's just something I'm not used to. I did want to pick her brain a little thankfully I'm a notoriosly slow changer so she was able to slip out rather quickly, and unaccosted.

If Cam Brown or Bree Wee show up to the HEAT swim tonight...someone may just have to use that defibulator on me.

Almost Kinda Sorta a bigshot

* ok I used my real name.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

No training Wednesday: All set for Rhode Trip Redux

Yesterday I had a training plan. I was going to work hard, but when I got home from work I decided to take an hour nap...figured hey I need to catch up on sleep. Well an hour turned into 2 and then I got a call from an old friend and then my parents decided to get the piano early...and then one of my friends was playing with her Jazz band at a club in Watertown, needless to say no training got done. Today, I have at least a swim on tap. Tomorrow a run and swim with the HEAT crew, Saturday a ride between my volunteer shift and the volunteer meeting. Sunday I'm hoping for a short ride post REV3. Yep I have grandiose plans hopefully they will come to fruition.

On the Providence 70.3 front I just reserved a room at the Marriot Downtown, I booked for Saturday and Sunday nights figuring I'll just drive home on Monday morning. I don't want to barge in on my sister's friend again to use the shower. Plus I figure I'll just take the shuttle down to the beach, and save on gas and parking. But all that is settled so now it's just getting the mileage in.

Feelin' fat and lazy

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A couple of confusing weekends

Well this weekend is the Rev3 Triathlon so I'm in a confusing tug of war between aquatics and the bike course. They have me Lifeguarding Saturday and doing Body marking and directing traffic out in Litchfield on Sunday on the corner of Webster and Rt. 63. Anyone that lives in the greater Litchfield area and wants to make my day on Sunday, just show up with a Box O' Joe and a quart of half and half...oh and bring some coffee for the other volunteers :)

Next Weekend Grad Party for my sisters and myself, well more for my sisters as I try to iron things out with the Anth department at CCSU. I'll try to pass along invites to the locals ( seriously it's just a low key thing.), but right now I'm not even sure how long I'm going to be there because I have to train for Patriot and pack to move. But at the same time I'm getting threats from my sisters and my parents I'd better show up...seriously I'm not really all that thrilled I mean I got* my BA big whoop...then again I always sort of down play anything I do...

The following weekend is Patriot, I debating on if I should just drive up morning of or if I should rent one of the rooms on site for $50 or a hotel for $95. I've got to see what the bank book looks like next week and if my entourage is coming with me. I still have to book a room for Providence and that's going to be at least $100 granted I'm hoping my sister can use her "Salve Connection" and get me into a dorm in Newport for the weekend for cheap or one of my fellow HEATsters needs a roomie.

But yeah June is looking pretty busy. My dad needs my help moving a Piano so that's going to cut into my evening so I'm hoping to get a run and a swim in, granted today is my run day so 8 more miles on my road worn trainers. Hopefully another 3500yds in the pool and tomorrow I'm not out of the office until 7PM so I might be able to get a "race the sunset" ride in. Friday I'm hoping to swim up at West Hill.

I should have some good pics of the action at REV3 and I'm already palcing my bets on a Swiss Miss ( Natascha Badmann)/ Island Girl( BreeWee) show down in the Women's race.

As for the men it's a crapshoot. Cam Brown's going to be tough, but the bike course is technical and favors hardcore cyclists like Chris Lieto. Local Fav John Hirsch will be showing up to do the voodoo that he does so well as will Jordan Rapp who has quite a winning streak on evil bike courses.
Also props to my teammates from CT's hottest tri club who will be tearing up the age group ranks.
Alright that's it from me the line's starting to back up here at work.

The Human ATM machine

*The reciept of my Bachleor's depends on if I get a passing grade for my Anth 328 I handed in a paper extremely late like due in December handed it in in April Late...on that note if you buy a flash drive go with a $20 scan disk, because the $9 wal mart special just don't cut it and "file corrupted" are the two most painful words in the english language.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Training out of a funk....or the evil loop...muhahahahaha

Well, I've been in a funk for the last week. Somethings haven't gone to well at the homestead...and as I checked my bank balance this morning things haven't gotten better, maybe a little worse....seriously if it weren't for bad luck I'd have none at all....
Anyway before this turns into a post to slit your wrists to... I'm going to put the brakes on the spiral.

I tried to rid myself of my funk yesterday by going on a 13 mile run. For at least 2 hours my day got a little better, granted as I ran thoughts bounced around my head.

Maybe I should quit tri? Maybe instead of trying to go for a teaching job I should just stay at the bank and take on side gigs? If I got hit by that punk in the tuner car who sent me scurrying to the shoulder as he was changing his MP3 player, would my parents be able to collect my life insurance? Was that damn sheet of paper worth it? Man these running shoes are gettin old I need a new pair. When was the last time they paved this road....hey Channel 3's out here (waves at camera like a dufus.)

Yes I am this ADD when I run...some people use an I-pod I just get lost in my head, mainly because there's so much bouncing around in there it's a good way to let the negative thoughts to leave the system. Also the fact that my run loop in notoriously evil and life threatening from both hills and traffic, means it is not a loop where "shiny happy people" "Beautiful Day" or anything sung by Bono will get you through it. In fact the tunage pumping through your ears making you oblivious to the kid who just hit the Nos and cranked up 50 cent in his civic and is gunning for a land speed record on CT-322 might just be a fatal judgement error. Especially for a mile stretch where the shoulder is non-existent and the roadside is a quarry of jagged rock. This loop is psycho, it's twisted, I must have been in a really bad place when I decided to do it but in my peak I'm doing it twice weekly...hell I've run this loop in the dead of winter and at night ( I wouldn't recommend it at night unless you have a death wish, or a damn good life insurance policy. Hence I only did it at night once.) It's a loop of runner v. cars and so far I've been winning the battle.

Yesterday I did it in 1:55 (8:41 /mile) in my first run over 10 miles since Taupo. With Patriot less than 20 days away the mileage is on the increase.

I got back in the pool last night for 3000 yards...main set 5x200 on 2:50...maybe it was the lactic acid in the legs but I wasn't able to go under 2:45...either way I have a ride and a swim on tap for today...if the weather holds.

Wishes the rest of life went as well as his training.

Monday, June 1, 2009

What to do now?/ Wondering if that BA was worth it?

Warning: Negativity Purge!

Well I foundout from one of my old teachers that my High school is hiring a history teacher and that I should send my resume ASAP. Well I foundout they're already interviewing for the position so I called to see how I would go about putting my resume on file. The office secretary pretty much gave me the info in the "We're in hiring freeze mode...but maybe on the 31st of Never we might glance at the application and decide you're not qualified, but give you the sympathy interview because you were an alumni." sort of tone. Yes I know I'm a total optimist. Alright so I'm a little negative but the last 3 times I tried to update my career, I was told I was underqualified, the department was in hiring freeze, or it was a commission based ( read unpaid.) position. So can you tell I'm a little nervous add to that one of my co-workers made the comment that I'm going to be in my current position for the rest of my working life...yeah counting other people's money and getting cussed out by people that can't balance a check book for the rest of my life isn't what I have in mind as a vocational calling...but to quote my Aunt Marie "You're lucky you got a job Bobby, lots of people don't got no job Bobby." Not that I have a lot of issues with my job...I don't I just don't want to be 70 working a drive thru window. Plus I would actually like to put my degree to use I mean I spent enough time and money trying to get it. I don't want $n and several sleepless nights going to a wall decoration or fire starter.

On that note one of my professors is out of the state for a convention and I desperately need a grade from her course so I can get my Bachelor's in the mail. Note to self..never, ever hand anything in late ever again ...also anyone who decides to tackle a 40hour/week job and a 15+ credit course load should be adjudicated mentally incompetent..but that's neither here nor big fear is that if I get interviewed and get the job that something will fall through like I won't get the grade in time and won't be qualified for the job and because of that fiasco never have a shot at a career in education ever again....

Yep all best case scenarios running through my head....ok I'm really spiraling here but the last week hasn't really been all that good. So my attitude has sort've been in the crapper. The fact that the news media suggestion to new grads is pull out a card board sign that states "will work for loan payment." and get used to the taste of sewer rat because that's the only meat you'll be able to afford, really isn't helping to assuage my fears. It's just I would really like to be able to spend a majority of my life in a job that I enjoy doing...not counting down the hours, minutes and seconds until I punch out....or if I am counting down to punch out time, getting paid a premium for my time. Alright so that's me purging out my fears of being a college grad in a post apocolyptic economy....I just really hope that piece of paper was worth the effort.

Wondering if Sewer rat is better roasted or fried...

Sunday, May 31, 2009


"You got beat by a Gur-url" - Speed Racer's comments to me last year after the Nutmeg State Half marathon.

Yesterday I got on the bike for the first time in two weeks for a 100k ride with Josie. I could go in to details about how I put my wheel on backwards ( hence no data.) and got totally annihilated on any upward incline. Long story short I think Josie is well within her goal of a sub 3 hour Half Ironman bike split. On the hillest sections of climbs she managed to open a good 5 to 10 minute lead on me. Seriously I haven't felt that tired on a bike since my last 100k ride. So this week since the weather is supposed to be good I'm going to run myself through a mini-bike camp. 20-30 miles permitting...missed rides accumalate with a 10 mile loop of the Griskus Sprint course tossed on as interest. I need to get serious and learn to fly on two wheels.

Trying to pry out his inner Lance.