Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tales from the Trainer, Positive outlook....

Well Yesterday New England got pounded yet again with snow, ice sleet, rain, pretty much everything but the kitchen sink. Class was canceled so I devoted about 2 hours to riding my trainer to the tune of Rocky. Unlike my last rides where I was freaking out about my leg, or becoming a "Bob-cicle" this one went pretty smooth..also upon waking up yesterday I felt the back of my ankle, the bump is hardly noticiable, which means come Monday, or Wednesday I should be good to resume running, although they are predicting ( surprise, surprise) a storm on Wednesday and a storm on Friday, giving the skiers more to rejoice about...and guys like me ..well more time to reflect on why we live in this kind of climate...or a softer landing pad for my newly healed legs.

Yesterday's ride wasn't bad except for some creaking from my trainer, the side cover doesn't really stay on right , so instead of hearing a nice WHOOSH I'm hearing something similar to finger nails getting dragged accross the chalk board...part of me thinks when in doubt lube the chain, so that will be my post class another 2+ hour ride or a swim if the campus pool is open.

This Sunday it looks like it will be a good day to ride Temps in the mid to upper 30's. I'll just go to mass on Saturday Afternoon and ride Sunday morning and Afternoon. I'll assess the roads on Saturday and if it looks good enough to ride I'll do my Middlebury/ Washington loop. Loops of the lake get tedious and cold after a while especially because of that damn head I need to climb a bit...if the roads in the area look well like they usually do I might just resign myself to the fact I'm going to have to pull a 12 loop Crit in the greater Waramaug area...break out the wool socks it's going to be a long ride.

Next week I'll handle that as it comes...I want to be in good enough shape to pull a Half Iron race simulation by the second week of Feb...not at race pace, but at the point I'll know my leg will survive.
I'm in the last build up phase for this race I have to get some more distance into my legs granted I should survive off of my summer miles but I hate tapping into "deposits in the bank" that I made long ago.

So everything is looking good for this little throw down in March I should finish it, the question is how well?


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ironman New Zealand Update: :Put up and shut up.

Well after reading through alot of posts from last year, I have spent way too much time worrying about whether or not I'll be in shape for this shindig, instead of just doing the work to get myself in shape. Well that ends now. I've got 5 weeks to do the work. Running I'll worry about that when I heal, I'll be ready to go I've got strong base. The swim....hahahaha my age group will not know what hit them, hahahahaha! The bike this is my golden opportunity so stop dilly dallying and bitching on how you hate the trainer and either ride it or bundle up and ride outside. Grow a pair, HTFU, stop bitching and start training like you mean it. Rehab your leg so you'll be ready to go and keep following the Angry Regiment so you will get harder, faster, stronger. You start running again next week you've got running partners at CCSU to help you. Cycling Claire's getting ready to ride again, Bjoern's back no excuse not to find someone to ride with or spin with. Swimming well the pool is open late, screw the guards and not wanting to be "that guy" that stays in until 11:00PM if anything they'll get paid more for it. So instead of lamenting about being undertrained try to get what you healthily and realistically can done. Can't get a 100 mile out door ride in then opt for a 5 hour trainer session, can't run, bike and the work get it done and go kick some ass. (insert Howard Dean Yell here!)

Going to be eating nails and crapping thunder.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Game on.

Well today I start what should be my final undergraduate semester at CCSU...Game on Academia!
This weekend my plans for a lot of riding were killed by somewhat cool weather. Sunday I did manage an indoor swim/bike brick, granted I did nowhere near the mileage I wanted to on the esspresso bike. I think I got about 30 miles in on the bike after a 2000 yard straight swim. This weekend it's going to be in the mid to high 30's so that will make riding a little more least until I hit that 20mph head wind at the lake...well I'll be one step ahead in Taupo where the wind is equally as strong. Also only 10 more days until I can throw on the running shoes again...I can't freaking wait....granted I have to build the mileage a little more cautiously than I'd like unless I want to be remembered for an infamous crawl to the finish line and a wrecked season.

This morning I went for a 3000 yard swim, not too bad of a day. This afternoon class until 9:30PM Tonight after class more stretching and Trigger point goodness, and tomorrow a morning spin, work ,class meet up with Angry for some rehab work and then maybe some more swimming or spinning. Saturday/ Sunday as long as the forecast holds I'll be riding outside... as I have been dubbed by some of the runners in the greater Washington Area..that nut out on his bike...ahh to know what most people think of the state of my mental capacities is interesting.
So as of right now the Ironman is mileage on the bike has been disappointing but it was disappointing at his stage of the game last year as well....I'm a little not so much worried but concerned about my run, granted I feel what triggered my injury was a combo of factors:

Weaknesses in the legs and hips, not doing my usual animalistic runs during the school year, going too hard too often on the treadmill, a hex placed on me by some Maori Medicine man ( stay tuned I've got a comic post about that theory including a youtube clip.), carrying my life stress in my lower body....afterall I've trained like an animal on natural or at least quasi-natural surfaces ( ie asphalt.) and not really had any major issues, maybe this is the last of the 2008 crap purging itself from my system...and a good result "Down Under" will springboard me into a more positive 2009.

Well that's it from me I've got to go negotiate my brother as collateral at the bookstore.

Bring on that thesis!