Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hardcore week.

Well the last few days have been busy. I spent the weekend with Steph up in Boston. I managed to eek in an 8 mile run on Sunday morning before taking my ASTB on Sunday. My scores weren't too bad but they weren't too competitive either. So it looks like I might not be ready for the September Aviation board like I was hoping. Either way I'm going to brush up on my physics and Avionics and hit the ASTB hard the next time I figure it took me two attempts on my SAT so now I know what I'm up against. For a first time I still managed to meet the minimums to get accepted for Aviation and was above the minimum score to go for my commission. Likewise my 2011 plans are now in limbo.

On the training front my buddy Justin has moved back to CT from Utah and we've started to do weekday rides, as I try to whip my weak leg back into shape. I've been developing new routes through Litchfield County, and actually got a 65 miler in last weekend. Yesterday Justin and I managed to crank out about 40 after I got 4000 yards in in the pool. I'm hoping to do the Park City Mossman, but I know spots are limited and the bills are due. Likewise Steph and I are planning a weekend in Maine the weekend of Pumpkinman, and I'm looking at making that my season ender for the tris this year. I had wanted to do Nats but I'v got bigger fish to fry. Today I managed to get in a 10 miler through Wolcott and Terryville. The run was rolling granted the way back home is a lot rougher than the way out. Likewise the heat and humidity made it a tough day out. I still managed to get it done in 1:37 , it feels good to get my longer runs back and depending how everything is going in October I might sign up for the Hartford Marathon, likewsie Steph may attempt the Manchester Road Race on Thanksgiving, but we'll talk more on that.

All in all things are moving forward I'm just hoping I'll just be able to blog more and have more interesting posts.