Saturday, October 11, 2008

No more censorship a marathon PR

First off let me start by spewing what I could say yesterday..I could not mention Triathlon or anything involved in it...hence all the (Blanks). Well I will start out by congraulating Craig Alexander on his Kona win, Crissie Wellington is in the next zip code ahead of the the second place woman so head on over to to check it out.

This morning Cranky, Speedy Claire, and myself took on the ING Hartford Marathon. Long story short Cranky's going to Boston, I did a PR about 20 min. faster than I seeded myself ( Seeded 3:45 actually time 3:26 Cranky thank you for pacing me.) and Claire broke the "magical" 4 hour barrier ( 3:58). Sir Angry did well in the 5k going in the mid 22 min range after no run training for 3 weeks and one week of high saturated fat barbacue. I'll post more when I can get the feeling back into my feet.

Latic acid is stupid...but it gives me an excuse to watch the Kona webcast with my feet up.

The road worn warrior

Friday, October 10, 2008

T-minus 22 hours.....also its the biggest weekend in (Blank) and I can't mention (Blank)

Well It's 10 AM about this time tomorrow I will be running through an aid station probably thinking with each breath, cup of Gatorade, GU, and step , why the Hell did I think this was a good idea again? Damn the Jedi Fucking mind trick...

Anyhow, upon the suggestion of one of our former (Blank) friends who has been seduced by the Kool-Aid which is (Blank-Blank) Under penalty of cash fines we can not mention (Blank) , (Blank-Blank) or any items within. So that means I can not talk about a certain event in which a couple of certain bloggers who tend to be experts in ( Blank) have been posting one way it is refreshing but in another way I just want to post about on how ( so and so from the South Pacific) is going to kick (a certain person from the European continent's )Arse on ( a volcanically formed land mass surrounded by a large body of salt water. with barren black terrain) and how ( certain other geeks) might win ( Blank) competition. Man this post is looking more confusing than my 1040... in any case if you want news on (Blank) scroll the links in my links section or you could just wait until tomorrow afternoon...or stroll on over to ( * not a real link) and watch the (Blank) stream live.Alright enough writing like I'm saying the eighth dirty word.

This weekend I have to get in touch with my inner Kenyan ( while I can't discuss (Blank) I can discuss distance and while I may be complaining I'm Somewhat undertrained, I'd rather be running 42k in Hartford in my running shorts than prancing around in my tighty whities for 5k on (afformentioned Volcanic land mass) mainly because I'm not the type of person who could be considered attractive in tighty whities...and no this event is a running race not a (Blank) in fact it is a mockery of (Blank) and how European athletes would compete in (Blank) wearing nothing but speedos (can't fine me for it they are pure swimming equipment.) either case back to Hartford.

In pure road races I tend to get my ass handed to me mostly because most USATF events tend to have 10 year age brackets instead of 5 year like USMS or ( The evil organization that I currently shell out $35 dollars a year to be a member of.) But even in 5 year age groups tend to be a top 25% runner but not really a podium competitior...I'm good but I'm not do I expect to podium tomorrow...well not really afterall some 20 year old Kenyan guy will probably win the damn thing with a 20 something year old from Eithiopia on his tail, and maybe a 20 year old kid from Colorado coming in somewhere in the top 10. No tomorrow is about PR-ing with no madness cloging the legs with latic acid I should be able to fly...hopefully if my muscles and tendons behave themseleves.

Alright that's enough of this madness I'll have better posts later tonight or tomorrow when this censorship is lifted.

The running man

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cures for nerveousness:

Well we're two days out from the Hartford Marathon and the nerves are hitting me. The "Oh shit why the Hell did I sign up for this madness my calves will probably die a slow painful fiery death and I'll be forced to finish out my academic semester in a wheel chair" thoughts.

This could lead to Pre Race Anxiety disorder (PRA) which usually leads to the following symptoms:
Over anxious talking about running ( or sporting competitions that shall remain name less.)
Cold Sweat
Trembling of the hands and legs
nervous gear checking and double checking
Overly Friendly personality
Listening to crap even the most flamboyant gay man would never admit to on an i-pod.

I have discovered a scientific maneuver that can help alleviate the symptoms of pre-race anxiety

FTGM is guaranteed to bring a PRA suffer's concerns away from the source of stress. The secret ingredients are Pain and Fear. Pain immediately gets the patient's mind off the pre races stress and Fear of future FTGM treatments helps to keep them away. That's right the fist to gut maneuver is a much safer alternative to previous PRA treatments with out the psychological effects of the Slap Across the Face Motion, or the reproductive side affects of the Swift Kick Between the Legs Protocol . FTGM is easy to preform
  • The first step is to find a person suffering the above symptoms of PRA (Pre-race anxiety)

  • Inform them that you are trained in FTGM and are willing to help.

  • Clench your hand in a fist with the thumb securely on the outside, depending on the severity of the symptoms of PRA you may want to put on rings or brass knuckles to help speed the affect.

  • Cock your arm back and in one swift motion extend to full length striking the paitent's abdomen slightly above the navel, sufficiently knocking the wind out of the patient.

  • Continue with pre-race preparations as normal.

Remember FTGM may not be for everybody, especially those who are pregnant, suffer unusually low self esteem or anger management issues, as well as members of the opposite sex. FTGM may result in pre-mature birth, broken ribs, shortness of breath and other potentially dangerous side effects. Riots and brawling may occur..please consult your doctor or mental health professional before beginning a FTGM regiment. FTGM is a Complicated procedure and should only be preformed by those who have taken an appropriate training course.

FTGM is a sure fire way to know that you will pull one of your fastest competitions although the post -race may be ugly.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Getting ramped up....

Well there are only 4 days until the ING Hartford Marathon ( with all the disturbance on Wall street that could change...granted ING seems like a pretty stable company..granted I haven't seen the balance sheet so I can't really tell.) Unlike Nutmegman which sort of crept up on me...I feel pretty good. There was some tightness in the calves but I'm confident I'll finish the 26.2 mile ( 42.2km ) Odyssey...I've already completed more long distance training runs than I did for Nashville granted I haven't done near as many as I did to Prep for Ironman New Zealand, but without a 112 mile (180km bike) to wear me down I believe it might not be over optimistic to think I can/will go under 3:50 or even sub 3:45 on Saturday.

The list of bloggers participating in the Hartford Marathon looks more like an NFL style injury report:
Blogger injury Status
Bob Almighty Tender Gastrocs Probable
Cranky Runner Tight Quads Probable
Speedy Claire inflamed tendon Questionable...Game time decision?

I'm thinking team M.A.S.H. Unit might be more appropriate than Team Angry, to describe us.
I still have a few details to iron out on meeting places and times, whether or not we're meeting up on Friday night or not..etc. but it seems like it's going to be a beautiful day in Hartford..temps ranging from the high 40's to the mid 60's ( might have to break out the long sleeves for this one afterall...) No rain, snow, fire and brimstone in the it looks ike Saturday's going to be a good day in HOTfurd...I mean that's all from me at the moment.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Under Locke and key

Well this weekend went pretty well..I didn't get as long of a long run as I would have liked in but two back to back 9 milers with minimal pain is pretty damn good. I spent to day sleeping in lounging around the house eating, getting fat and debating was only tonight I realized that I still have to spit out 4 pages on how Locke and Voltaire viewed Christianity...easy paper I'll have it done in less than two hours it just all the quoting that's the hard part....stupid Chicago style.....

I tried to track Bree Wee's race at Longhorn 70.3 but for some odd reason WTC decided not to break out the athlete tracker for this one...all I say is her last post left me craving Senor Ponchos.

Claire and Anne showed their bad-ass-ness on the bike preforming an epic century..which the sheer numbers of climbs would have me pissing my bike shorts.

Angry is going on a diet which will fuel more power and give those poor girls at St. Joe's even more eye candy..

Cranky..has been silent it's almost surreal...

Needless to say Hartford is only 6...crap after midnight..5 days away...I'm trying to stay positive and see what I can really dish out at this thing..then I'm planning the week end after..I haven't been on my bike in a 2 weeks and I really want to get out and ride...and I want to do a century before it gets too cold. So I'm thinking that next Sunday..if the legs are up to it...big if..I'll go out for my usual 60 miler..then the following for most of it. I want to get myself ready to race in early spring....even if I'm not racing it would be good to know I have the mileage under my belt. But irregardless, I've got Hartford coming up and despite all the stretching and motrin, my calf still gets a little tight so my next run will be an easy 10k on Tuesday, followed by a 5k on Thurs. Don't know when Claire and Cranky are coming down, when we're meeting up, who's staying where...etc but I figure the logistics will figure themseleves out. Well I've got a paper to finish so I'll continue posting later.

Putting Juan Valdez's kids through college