Friday, August 10, 2007

I must crush you.....

The famous words of Ivan Drago will be the sole mantra for my races this weekend. As the Angry Runner v.Bob-o bike split smack down contiunes I have yet another phrase from Rocky IV to describe tomorrow's epic battle at the lake. "If he dies...he dies.." Angry has already made it a ready fact that he is gunning for me on the bike, which might leave his "glycogen fueled Hot Fire" desperately needing fuel on the run, which begins as a 1.7 mile climb. All in all it should be interesting. This time around I will take my own advice on the swim and go wide and cut in to avoid the chop and possible course cutting that ran rampant at Niantic. Also I'm wearing my sexy new "wetzoot" which most of the field will probably need after today's weather foray back into the 50's. The bike is realatively flat and now since I have gotten better at this whole aero-tuck thing...I'm expecting to be Hot Fire. Today I managed to get in a 4 mile run in 34:09 my legs feel pretty good since I've been on an "unplanned taper" so tomorrow and Sunday I should be ready to haul ass. I will stick up a post/pre race report as I prepare for a long weekend of battle. A double header of sorts. Tomorrow I go for individual glory..Sunday it's about bringing home a team title for HEAT ( not to mention a little bling for myself.) So all in all here are my closing remarks:
Angry: Prepare to be smitten like you have never been smote!
Team Mossman: If you can't take the HEAT stay out of New Hartford! ( after saying this comment I will probably be passed by every guy from Team Mossman, to those on Team Mossman this is nothing against you personally I'm just trying to get my fellow HEATers fired up.)
CenTri: Bjoern I missed my exit last night so I'm sorry for missing the meeting please shoot me an email.
Claire : I'm bringing my spare wet suit incase hypothermia wins out over ego.

Good Coffee, bad weather, And the New Zealand Travel run around.

Well, those three statements sum up my day which began this morning with a 3000yard swim at the Southington Y. After a quick stop at Dunkin Donuts (good coffee) it was off to a stressful chaotic day in the Colosseum with the blood thirsty savages....I mean the office with the masses of people coming in to cash checks for the weekend. I went on lunch at 3:00PM ( dure to staff shortages) and proceed to get lunch and coffee on my boss ( ie he paid for it because The day was like being in the ninth layer of HELL).
As I type this I am preparing to throw on the rain jacket and get in a 4 mile trainning run in what should be a summer day in CT but is turning more and more into a fall/early spring evening. Seriously this morning it was 65 and when i left work it was 53 degrees... I'm starting to think if is this going to turn into the "Day After Tomorrow" in which I will be snow bound in the NY public library with Emmy Rosum...which hey she's cute maybe......

Alright enough with my Emmy Rossum Fantasy from 2 years ago. Back to the task at hand.... 4 mile run, pizza, pick up brother, write more insane ramblings and smack about how I shall smite Angry Runner's bike split tomorrow and I shall pass doping without needing a B-sample, then I shall ponder on how I was able to let Ken Jedi mind trick me into doing the Litchfields hills tri....also Ken lend me that jersey for Litchfield so when we stomp Mossman on Sunday we all look like a team. Well before I go I'll leave some more pictures of Emmy up...this site should play host to more than just bike pjorn...


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Treks, Lance, Loyalties, Charitites, Climbing the Corporate Ladder, a Gallon of Latex Paint, Mt. Southington....

Ok all these random facts have a place in what has happended in my life in the past 24 hours. I will start at Tues. 3:30PM.

3:30Pm Drive out to Newington Cycle, a trek dealer feeling completely dirty as I asked the guys for what it would cost to get an equinox 7 (mid ranged tri bike). about $1400.00 and I can finance via Trek Card...(sweet maybe a tri bike is in the cards for NZ) bad news......only have them in size 58 (too big) and size 54cm(borderline)...good meet trek rep. Might cut Cen Tri a deal on the 5 new tri bikes we're looking to pick up bad news the new o8's are coming out so we won't be able to finalize prices until then...bad news only remaining 07's are 54 cm, 58 cm, and 60cm, unless we're buying the top end or next to top end...somehow have plenty of those...found next to top end bike that I love...if I win powerball or score promotion it shall be mine... (yes I like the fighter ace style, If I buy it would buy shit load of M-dot and 70.3 stickers each time I finish one put it on the bike like a kill sheet....sigh)
5:30 after lookinging at bike porn and talking bike porn with Jeff and Trek Rep (Dave CCSU Alum.) Haul out to Winding Trails for HEAT Meeting. Park a mile out side the gates because I see a shitload of cars parked outside the gates. Walk in and tell them I'm volunterring , Guard says nice try charges me five bucks...urge to kill rising....Get to tri start..see road bikes...findout that I could do a road course...cuss to myself that I left the bike in Wolcott..... direct traffic as Shultz crosses into T-1 followed by huge mass of swimmers come by 5 min.later....everyone's out of Transition, Take off T-shirt and decide to run in my bike shorts ( which I was wearing because I was hoping to get fit at Newington.) Wait for first guy into's a kayaker/roadbiker....follow after him, pass him trying to learn trails ( this race is a training race I had HEAT's and the race director's approval to do this, heck I could have done an Aquathlon if I wanted to.) ...Get out into no-man's land....zen out...start thinking about granola....possible xterra....birkenstocks...get back to senses...pick up pace...get passed by race leader....get passed by 2nd and 3rd.....cross finish line...find out I shouldn't have..race director shrugs it off "shit happens" . Kid beefed it bad on mountain bike....hauled out of woods on tractor....get water and gatorade for him because they think he's dehydrated as well as beat up. Find out he lost conscientiousness IM warrior dude and I from HEAT comfort him...share greatest hits stories until EMS arrives.
7:00 HEAT about team going to New Zealand.....Dean looks at me "what jersey are you wearing?" sigh tell him I'm going in CenTri jersey ( if we order them by then) and HEAT shorts. Everyone laughs, "cross the finish side ways" Ken offers me sweat soaked Jersey...might take him up on it...( decisions....CenTri Jersey and HEAT shorts, HEAT Jersey and CenTri shorts.... socks, hats...who would have thought Ironman race apparel would be an ethical dilemma..HEAT is established force, CenTri is just starting out and needs something to make it badass at collegiate Nats...decisions...) Ken and IM Warrior dude (Raphael) convince me to do Litchfield Hills one day after Lake Waramaug Glory...if it's raining that bike leg will hurt.. Dicuss my plan to fundraise for charity...told to throw it in the forum..will do tomorrow... meeting adjourns get free T-shirt form 06. Walk back to car get ride from IM Warrior dude back to car. Drive home turn on SVU pass out...
1:00am wake up start down the cellar stairs to my bedroom. Knock over can of Beige paint...spills all over pile of dirty laundry...cuss to self...spend hour to hour and a half clenaing it up and trying to do damage control on clothes.
2:30-3:00 get to bed sleep.....
7:30 get up...hit shower to find there's no hot water....suck it up....go to DD get donuts and coffee , breakfast of
4:30...tell boss about plan to apply for position as sales assistant for investment services....has me telemarket him...tells me to bring in resume...wants me to be ready to kick this pig. Props for the Bossman...
5:30 change into newly acquired HEAT Shorts....and blue bike jersey, ride bike to Southington Y because Waterbury's pool's closed for cleaning. ride bike to Southington Y get onto pool deck told open swim doesn't start until 7:30...ride back to Wolcott...decide to ride up Southington Mt. instead of the golf course way I came down.....start climbing, kick into lower gear, keep climbing, kick into lower gear, ...keep climbing, average speed 7.0...6.5...6.0...6.5...keep spining in the middle ring...get to top...never got out of the saddle. 10% gradient ...1.25 mile climb.....who's my bitch!.....get home...grap Fajita...get to Southington Y....go to pool...bump into Justin..BS...get into water swim about 2500yds. before guard kicks us out...get soda and bS with sister...come home feed dogs...check email....CenTri meeting tomorrow, set alarm for 5am it's ambitious but I want to get a 10 miler in....break in fuel belt...type on blog...tired...eyes barley open...need sleep....should fine tune resume...will do first thing tomorrow...after run....need sleep..caffine runing out...need snack...then sleep....thoughts going every direction...feeling zombified...until next time....REDRUM...I mean GINGOLB PEEK....

Monday, August 6, 2007

A cause bigger than myself....or trying to fundraise for New Zealand and a good cause.

For those of you who have followed my blog since the beginning, (or at least the posts about the Patriot Half) you know about my admiration for Jon Blais who died this May from a prolonged battle with ALS. (If you don't know who he was see the you tube clip on the right.) Now when I did the Patriot Half I had decided that at one point I was going to try to fund raise for the Blazeman

foundation's War on ALS. (

after reading the conditions of becoming a Blazeman warrior, I started to think that maybe it was a little too hardcore for me. ( Afterall I tried log rolling across the finish line once and med staff though I was having a seizure, that and it blocks the finish chute for the guys duking it out behind you.) But since I am traveling to New Zealand and I am trying to save and raise funds for my travel expenses, I figured maybe I should fundraise for a good cause. I was thinking of giving 75% of any money I raise to the Blazeman foundation. ( the other 25% going into the send Bob-o to Taupo fund.) . I'm not sure and this is just a tentative thought so give me some feed back. Because lately I've been feeling like a selfish prick and damn it. The other reason is I do have a relative that suffers from Alzheimer's and maybe if they can find treatments for ALS then maybe that will lead to treatment of other neurological diseases like Parkinson's and the infamous Alzheimer's, I don't know now I'm starting to get all emotional and shit. But if anyone thinks I should try to fundraise like this for this or any other cause, please post a comment.

Niantic recap: What the Hell do I have to do to win my age group?

Well Today was the Niantic Bay Tri. Once again I finished second in my age group, yet in the top 50 overall. Here's the split by split analysis:

The Swim: Note to self stick with previous race strategy. Note to Race directors: make sure everyone stays on course.
Well this year against all my prior advice, I decided to start in the middle of the pack instead of my work wide and cut in. This proved to be fatal to my attempt to win the swim leg. As soon as the air horn went off I was getting pulverized. One guy knocked the swim cap straight off my head and I had to stop and get it back on. Then continued my charge to the front. What made this swim particualy challenging was the Fact the race directors put three bouys in a row on the way out but none to sight toward the finishing beach. As a result half of the first swim wave cut toward the beach at the second bouy as three faster gentlemen and myself swam around the third bouy. The approach to the beachsucked when I looked out to find I was approaching too wide, but since I could not make out anyone ahead of me I still thought I was leading....that is until I got toward the docks at the finish beach and I saw 6, 7...10 swimmers getting out infront of me. I was more pissed than Normann Stadler with 2 flats on the Queen K. My swim split a pathetic for me 15:07. good enough for 66th fastes overall a full 2:15 slower than last year. On the bright side no jelly fish stings.
The Bike: This week's sign of the apocolyspe Rob fairs better on the bike than on the swim. Tomorrow watch for fire and Brimstone.
As I approached T-1 3/4 out of my wetsuit. I was livid. I striped out of my neoprene beast and got on the bike a man pocessed. After having to run the bike a little futher out of transition than I would have liked ( I had it in too high of a gear.) I kicked into the big ring and got aero. I descend with reckless abandon and passed 4 competitors, on the opening downhill and the first couple of short climbs. I entered a battle with some 40 yearold dude. I would pass him on the short down hills or power climbs, he'd pass me back on a longer decent, He got around me for good when I slowed for a sharp right hander back onto Route 161 after a steep decent. All in all it was a pretty nasty bike split. I was only passed by about 4 guys all riding cervelo p3 carbon/composite bs. I did manage to repass two of them on a climb ( Long live Road Geometry!). I glided back into transition after smashing into a pot hole that ripped open my rear tire tube. The split was a pretty quick 33:33 good enough for 62nd fastest overall. So like I said I fared better on the bike than in the swim, be prepared for fire, brimstone, the dead walking, cats and dogs living together......
The Run: Damn XC studs!
As I left t-2 for the run I was pciking off anyone who finished remotely close to me on the bike ( little did I know I was leading my age group, I though this 17 year old High School XC kid was because he flew by me in transition and I was tracking him the entire race.) The first mile to mile and a half were good. I was passing people here and there, and setting a blistering pace. Then at the turn around with a mile to go....enter collegiate XC stud. The dude flew by like I was standing still. I kept him in sight until my side caught and awful stitch, (punishment for not hydrating enough on the bike.) Then two 30 somethings got around me...I felt like I was bonking big my head part of me wanted to slow to a jog...then my senes came back to me...This is a FUCKING 5K YOU CAN'T LET YOURSELF BONK ON A 5K! Picked up the pace as much as I could without points it felt like I was going to go over this threshold. As I ran along the bluff back to the beach I could hear someone behind me I was determined to hold them off. We got onto a mini trail...I repassed one of the 40 somethings but I culd still hear the other guy behind me...We hit the side walk then the beach sand I could hear him beside me ..I looked left as he went around me on the side walk then cut infront of me. I tried to shadow him as we made for the heavier packed sand toward the water. He kicked and was too far ahead for me to I kicked to avoid being repassed. I crossed the line with my signature "Hands in the Air like you just don't Care pose." I clocked myself at 21.04 but according to offcial results I did the run in 20:55 not bad ( one day I shall break this 20 min. barrier and it will be glorious). In the aftermath I found out that the collegiate XC super stud was in my age group and he had won. ( alright I figured he was my age and had gotten around the other XC guy and I was looking at third.) When I found out I had finished second I was a little shocked but happy I had finished higher than I thought. Hey I may not be winning my age group but I'm a model of consistency, two years, two second places, now I just have to do the swim split I did last year (12:45) and I'll be in business.
Well after all the crap on the swim and the hour and a half it took to put together the awards ceremony, I have to give a shoutout to endureitmultisports ( running the Lake Waramaug Series), The Guys at Terramuggus, Sun Multisports ( Patriot Half) and Tom Wilkas and staff at the Griskus Triathlons, you guys have run well oiled machines for races making the HMF look like a bunch of amatuers. The one thing the HMF has going for its multisports events are the guys from whole foods and dunkin donuts, the food was good, the bike and run were good, the logistics for the swim and a more timely tabulation of results need improvement. So all in all I'm set for the Nutmeg State Sprint. After proving I could be Smoke on the bike, knowing I can own a swim course, and gut out a sub-21 min. 5k I think I can own it. Until next time.