Saturday, July 28, 2007

To not IM New Zealand..

Yes once again I have let that little no fun, rational, money saving, life is supposed to be finishing college, get a real job, living in the same small town, marry a girl, pop out 1.5 kids, put them through college before having an MI and dying in your own excrement in a nursing home, side win. Why? Mainlly the reason of I don't want to owe my credit card companies half my yearly salary...especially in my last year and a half of college.The other is despite the fact I found a good deal at for a flight from LAX to Auckland with a cheap travel package to Taupo, I'm not sure if the fare covers the flight back from Auckland and rather than spend $3,000 at the airport Amazing race style trying to get a flight back so I don't miss more classes, I have decided to let my no fun side win ( bringing its record to 10001-2-0). But I have not given up on doing IM New Zealand Completely ....In 2010 your ass is grass Taupo. So it looks like I will be among the wildabeasts trying to get in to the 2008 versions of IM Kentucky, or IM Florida depending on how much I have saved up. If I get a winning lotto ticket maybe Taupo could happen but its odds are the exact same as me winning the powerball. What sort of makes this whole situation sort of sad is the fact that except for two days in Canada at age 18 months. I have never been off U.S. soil. ( The week in St. Croix doesn't count because The Virgin Islands are a U.S. territory ( which is one baby step below full blown state.) and I would really like to travel ( and not with the military in which I would see interesting places meet new people, kill them or get killed by them...let's face it Baghdad is a"hot spot" but not for tourism right now...give it 10 years and a couple more puppet regimes). Another option is sponsorship. I have a profile started with USAT and this fall I will be sending out letters for sponsorship. Having tried once to ask my current company to sponsor one of my endeavors ( in which I was told by my market manager...we sponsor events to try to promote our name not individual athletes....I might go straight to the honcho in marketing this time around.) So I will find away to get more funding for my 2008 racing season but IM New Zealand as tempting as it is and as much as it is calling out "do it! DO IT!" I will most likely put on hold unless of course I get sponsored, win the lotto, become one of those inspirational stories on NBC Ironman coverage ( you known one of those profiles that gets you ready to fight the world like the John Blais profile posted, or Team Hoyt, what could be better for the CT local media than a somewhat poor Waterbury/Wolcott kid traveling half a world away to do an Ironman.) or a really sick and awesome combo of the 3. Even as I sit here desptie my reason screaming out for me to let this silly idea die I just can't let it rest. Somebody post something, either tell me to do it or smack me back to life in the suburbs reality , because the hand is going to the credit card and I'm throwing it in a block of ice. to avoid temptation. Of Note if I was crazy, rich, foolish....insert adjective here to do there any way we could get a HEAT tent for this thing?

Friday, July 27, 2007

To Ironman New Zeland or Not to Ironman New Zeland...

that is the question. Whether tis nobler in the mind to fly half way around the world for my first ironman experience or be as one in a pack of wildabeast trying to register for a closer event. To pack, to fly, to fly, and perchance to see an exotic land and have the bragging rights of a season. Aye, there's the rub. To show off a finisher's medal and a hardcore T-shirt throughout the season. To train through school and in winter's coldest grips. To take on a field of sexy Aussie women and perchance have a shot to date one. To spend a year's income tax refund on one isolated shot for Kona glory, and head into Eagleman a badass. So where do I stand do I fork over the fees, and continue to train when the most hardy of New Englanders stop? Do I spend and rack up enough frequent flier miles that American gives me my journey for free. I this confusing time I can not decide for if I commit by my creditors this sin shall be remebered.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The leader and winner of today's stage haven't been kicked out...yet.

Alright for those of you following the Tour de france you may have noticed a tweeney weenie doiping problem is going on...( replace teenie- winnie doping problem with Astana led drug orgy) In the last three days two 9 person teams and 3 individual cyclists have been kicked out ( granted the teams left after they each had one dude booted) The biggest one of these was Michael Rassmussen ( who really didn't dope ( that we know so far) but lied about his where abouts when he missed a drug test...I was in Mexico on vacation...I mean in Italy training..I mean in Spain buying EPO and Testosterone...I mean in California downing whiskey with Landis.) ( I'm still keeping the photo caption getting intouch with my inner Rasmussen because I lied and told him I was a financial conference in Watertown) Anyway I'm seeing how long it will be before Contador gets booted for doping ( let's face it Discovery is Lance's old team and George Hincappie can only pee so much to help everyone else pass. Think Spin City and When Michael J Fox had taken the indian drugs and had some other dude waiting in the stall to do the urnie sample.That's how Lance did it. And that's the reason he was always patting Hincappie on the shoulder. I get it now.) Okay enough with my cynicism on the tour I'll save that for future blogs ( especially where I rip Landis a new one for taking Cortisone ( it's a steroid you idiot did you honestly think it wasn't going to boost your testosterone) I think he desereves to lose the yellow jersey but he was in pain, so I think they should skip the two year ban. It was an idiot mistake meant to heal pain, by him and a less than ethical team doctor )

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

30 mile drive to do a 20 mile time trial.

Yes I did from the title of my blog you are probably saying to yourself this guy is nuts. Who would waste expensive gas to take their bike out. Sadly I am such a man. this evening after learning yet another tour team ( Cofidis and possibly Rabobank) and favorite( Mike Rasmussen while in the yellow jersey no less) had been eliminated ( Seriously no one's going to want to win a stage now. for the last 3 days whoever's won has been found guilty of doping.if things keep going at this rate Soler will find himself in a yellow Jersey), I decided to haul the 30 miles out to Washington CT to ride around scenic ( and traffic free ) Lake Waramaug. After an hour drive I hopped on the bike and embarked on what would be a 45 min. 16 mile time trial. I was in the aerobars for most of it and averaged a killer 21mph, making me feel confident that I can contend for an overall win on Aug 11, which if all goes according to plan, ( which my boss gave me some positive feedback but not a definiative yes for me getting the day off.) I also managed to eek out a 3.5-4 mile run in the dark (training for IM FLA 09 want to be used to running at night just in case I bonk). In the last mile I ended up racing a deer ( which was pracing in a near by farmer's field ) and ended up losing to the quadraped. When I got home I decided to celebrate my good work out with a glass of HEED followed by an ice cold Budwiser. unfortately since I did not intake as many fluids as I should have the Budwiser has made me a little lightheaded and as a result this blog might turn into my buzzed out ramblings, so for the mis-spelled words or sentances that don't make sense I blame it all on the beer (Just like Floyd Landis) .

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Say it ain't so Vinno Say it ain't so!

Yet another one of my cycling ledgends has tumbled from grace, and comically enough the day after I gave him a shout out for being an absoulute warrior. That's right Vinno blood doped and as a result he and Astana have quit the tour. I'm now thinking BMC is cursed. Seriously last year an otherwise clean Floyd Landis ( he was never dirty at discovery or U.S. Postal) tested positive for high testosterone ( but I think he was being set up. It not the United States' fault that we've produced some hard core warriors and the French haven't won since 1985. Or the fact that Europe's best lost 7 years straight to a guy with one nad. So please don't take it out on the ex-mennonite he's had enough drama in his life.). Tyler Hamilton confessed to doping not when he was kicking ass for CSC ( and *shudder* Cervelo unlike Ivan Basso who got busted cleared started riding for Discovery then got busted and caught on a Trek) but after he dropped out of the tour and won a gold medal in 2004 riding a BMC for Landis's future team Phonack. Seriously, I'm wondering if the real reason a BMC TT1 Time Machine is so damn expensive is because it comes with a season's worth of blood transfusions and EPO injections included in the price. The news of Giant, and former Giant, and BMC riders doping is making me consider buying a trek because we at least know Lance's domestiques were clean ( shout out to my boy Big George Hincappie). I just can't wait to see Barloworld's test results, their budget's so low they can barely afford coffee let alone EPO ( seriously if they find Soler doped I'll be shocked. Then I'll be stocking up on Columbian coffee because I' be convinced that it contains EPO or some sort of drug mixed in by Juan Valdez. Because with their underdog bugdet there is no way in hell they could afford the good shit.). Well anyway now that Team Astana is gone (or as I like to call it Team Borat) Discovery and T-Mobile better get off their asses and lay the smack on thoses cervelo riding posers at CSC. Seriously I want Jan Ulrich back I miss the Discovery, T-Mobile ( and the one year Bianchi) duels from the Lance tours. I miss the all out wars of the team time trials ( which will be back next year boo-yah bitches) , of guys in blue and white and pink jerseys scoffing at one another with disdain and then pounding the holy living shit out of each other on course. Ahh but what I long for is now in the past. I think next year I'll seek out T-mobile ( or if T-mobile leaves what ever team Giant is managing) to try to bring back some sort of clean riding to the sport. Sure I may finish in 187th place, but in the 186 guys ahead of me were riding dirty I win by default right?

Monday, July 23, 2007

I am a Giant fan boy! ( a comical view of brand /cycling team loyalty)

Okay tonight's post has nothing to do with my personal workouts ( I got about 3200 yds. in in the pool tonight) , or my boss not getting back to me about my request for a day off, or Ken, Angry, Bjoern, or Cristiano and training or racing glory. It has to do with le Tour and why I won't buy a freaking Barloworld Jersey. First and fore most my local bike shop is a Giant dealer, the bike I bought is a Marin, but I'm saving up for a Giant. Barloworld and Liquigas ride the overpriced brand know as Cannondale, ( unlike team CSC which rides the extremely expensive and OVERATED crap known as Cervelo.) to ride wearing a Barloworld Jersey would be cycling treason ( especially since it is my mission whenever I see some one riding on a cannondale, or especially a Cervelo to do my utmost to pass and/or waste them ( granted all those guys on the cervelo tri bikes are better trained and are riding equipment that is a good 10 to 15 lbs. lighter than my 25lb. Marin)) . I usually don a plain blue and black jersey (louis garneau), my Webster Bank Jersey ( stained from my close encounter with the asphalt kind), but on special occasions I break out my vintage Giant T-mobile jersey to show my loyalty to the shop and the oh so close to glorious tour riders past (Jan Ulrich, Josefa Beloki ( okay he was ONCE but they were still out fitted by Giant), Barne Rijis ( who has now been found to have been full of more EPO than the 1992-1993 Chinese Track and Swimming teams. But his bike was still sexy) Mick Rogers, Alexandre Vinokouov, Andreas Kloden, Axel "son of Eddy" Merckx ) sure all of these guys got beat by a Texan on a Trek who had only one ball and had come close to dying of cancer, or the pissed off mennonite with a trashed hip, and cortozone injections on an BMC. But the point is ( except for Rijis ) all of these guys were pure warriors on their Giants, fighting with Armstrong, Indurain, and Landis for the yellow jersey. Vinnokorov ( except for this year's tour) made his name riding on a Giant. Beloki took the tour lead on a giant before crashing and breaking his hip, and collar bone) Rogers ( samething minus the hip). If all goes well in a few weeks I will have my giant time trial bike, ( and perhaps a TCR for straight up road racing)and I will ride my steed of choice to victory. But come on riding a giant in a barloworld, or worse a CSC jersey is like all those guys on recumbents and mountain bikes donning US postal, or discovery channel or worse the 2005 discovery channel yellow jersey. It has no place . Seriously in one training ride I must have passed 3 or 4 guys in the replica yellow jerseys. At least be original, when's the last time you saw a guy with a replica green jersey ( Angry Runner not included) or a dude with a replica polka dot ( king of the mountains jersey: Christmas gift idea: I'm a size large I perfer long sleeves but if you get me a long and short sleeve I would be most greatful.) Or even better a replica white jersey ( for best young rider: don't get it for grandpa or your post 25 year old cyclist going through a mid-career crisis. granted this will probably have a discovery logo on it because Contador is kicking serious ass.) Seriously somebody out there toss me a vintage yellow Once Jersey, or one of their pink ones, something that's true to my brand.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Cristiano victorius! And the prelim blog on the mother of all bricks.

Wlle first news tonight comes from Lake Placid NY where Cristiano's fast running helpped him pass Ken on the way to an 11:27.24 Ironman Finish. Ken finished in 12:01.22 Hers's the overall break down:
BIKE :6:18.56
OVERALL: 11:27.24
2.4 mi. (58:42)
56 mi. (2:58:56)
18.78 mph
56 mi. (3:20:00)
16.80 mph
112 mi. (6:18:56)
17.73 mph
13.1 mi. (1:58:59)
13.1 mi. (2:02:47)
26.2 mi. (4:01:46)

Swim: 55:03
T2: 1:47
Run: 4:50:37
Overall: 12:01:22
Position: 566
2.4 mi. (55:03)
56 mi. (2:53:26)
19.37 mph
56 mi. (3:16:08)
17.13 mph
112 mi. (6:09:34)
18.18 mph
13.1 mi. (2:14:12)
13.1 mi. (2:36:25)
26.2 mi. (4:50:37)
Good Job guys!

The second more personal news comes from what was supposed to be the mother of all bricks but turned into a straight up long ride. The Angry Runner and I made our way up the crooked, cracked and chip asphalt of CT 132. The first loop was the usual Angry Runner sprinted ahead on the flat and early descent and then let me ahead to show him the course. He managed to keep up with me on the climbs ( which was pretty shocking considering these bastard hills were harder than the sprint course.) before putting the hammer down on the descents. ( note going down 132 we blew past the sharp left hander onto Weekepeemee Rd. ) I retook the lead on Weekeepeemee which was chipped and ruttered as ever and also suffering from sand infestation from Thursday's thunderstorms and mini-landslides. before it was back up hill and onto Flanders' rd. we climbed past the Benedictine Nunery ( in which we joked if we saw a hot girl in a car turning in there we'd jump on it an beg her not to enter consencrated life at such a young age. Actually it'd be more of "Don't do It! You still got a lot of Good Years left." either that or enter an order where you could do stuff out side the convent ( and still look hot) ( no offense to the good sisters)) after that it was back to the suffering on Flanders' rd. as we climbed upto CT Rt. 61. After the turn onto 61 it was on to a down hill section ( that had some rolls to it to keep it interesting) At one point I hit about 40 mph ( going through that work zone. Angry went by me as if I was standing still so I assume he was going closer to 45- 50 mph) After rejoining the sprint course ( after crossing U.S. 6 at which Angry nearly started peadaling for Danbury) he suffered up the last little climb and descended to do it all over again. On the second loop came the shocker: After going down 61 at nearly 40 mph ( feeling like I was going to wipe out and die a most painful death entering the turns on it but knowing that if I touched the brakes I would most certainly wipe out and get fucked up mind you) I got a little fearless on the opening descent. After slowing up for a car exiting CT's most ghetto amusement park (quassy) Angry flew past except unlike the first loop where he put the hammer down and escaped. I held onto his back wheel and once past that little bridge on Rt. 64 I got out of the saddle and accelerated past. ( Robbie MeEwen Eat your heart out) I manged to lead down to that crappy S curve ( which on the olympic course is an long left hander that leads to a triple hill descent) I watched as angry passed me as I took the first turn on the descent cautiously then let go of the brakes and let the wheels spin and the speed flow. I caught Angry and passed him as we took the left onto Pleasant st. then took the short descent to the intersection at Route 6. This would be the last time I would see Angry until the end of the ride , as we crossed Rt. 6 Then I went into Rasmusssen mode climbing like a beast up one of the smaller assents in the big ring before kicking it into my climbing gear. When I reached the high mark on 132 Angry was nowhere to be seen. I took the descent down onto weekeepeemee and actually slowed up enough this time to make the turn. When I turned onto the road leading to Flanders still no sign of Angry, when I turned onto Flanders no angry. by this point I was starting to worry he might have wiped out, but then again if he did I probalby would have heard the loudest exclamation of "F-U-C-K-!!!" in New England.I rode past the Abbey as a group of nuns were entering I gave a quick "hi" as I struggled up the hill past them ( shortly after this piont I ran out of both Heed and Water. Divine punishment for the nun jokes?) I looked for angry at the top of 61 no sign of him as I entered the descent once again at suicidal speed. I completed the loop and stopped at my car to get fresh water bottles and I started my stop watch to see how far behind Angry was. After about 4 min. I got back on the bike an rode down to the Quassy baseball fields, relieved my self in one of those blue and white brownie boxes and did my loop of the sprint course. When I came to the finish Angry was sitting there waiting. ( apparently he was a good 5 to 6 min. behind me when I went to relieve my self and ended up blowing past) After a quick discussion on wether or not we should attempt a run we decided that it was best not to on this occassion. As Angry put it " A wise man knows his limit and mine was about 30 miles ago."

Lake Placid Update:Ken still leads!

After analyzing the first of two bike splits Ken Schulz now has a 6 min. advantage over Cristiano. Here's the breakdown so far:

Ken bib # 405
Swim: 55:03 (that's some hot fire!)
T1: 4:21
loop1: 2:53.26
loop2: inprogress

Cristiano bib #334
Swim: 58:42 (that's still smoke!)
T1: 4:49
loop2: inprogress

It'll be interesting to see how this race plays out on the run. More updates tonight as well as the results of the "Brick of Doom" .

The Mother of all Bricks! and the Ken Schulz v. Cristano Gloria Ironman War

Today Sunday July 22, will live forever in triathlon imfamy: Today is D-day, Angry Runner's first long distance brick ( come to think of it I think it's his first brick) for those of you who didn't see the course profile check my last blog because we'll be doing two loops of it. It's pure hell for those who love flat hammerfest terrain.
Meanwhile 300 miles to the Northwest is Ironman Lake Placid, and two of my teammates/friends/random guys I bump into at tris and masters meets and we start talking about tri shit are currently waging battle.
First is Ken"Cookie Monster" Schulz, a powerful swimmer, fast cyclist, and decent runner. He is currently placed highest of the two after a 55 min. swim.
The second is Cristiano " the Brazillan super Stud" Gloria who trailed Ken by 3 min. in the swim. He's a decent swimmer ( even when he leaves the fins at home) a pretty good cyclist and just plain nasty on the run.
Currently the record between these two in the shorter races tends to go Cristiano who will make up some time on the bike and then tends to blow by Ken somewhere in the run. Today though I'm feeling risky, despite Cristiano's cycling and running prowess, I would like to see Ken win one for us swimmer types build up a lead on the swim hold it on the bike and make the runners work for it in the last leg. Also today is Cristiano's first IM so the results should be interesting.I expect him to be a little more tentative on the bike than normal, and the marathon to be fast be not as fast as his straight run road race splits. So currently heading into the first loop it's anybody's game but Ken has the lead. Hopefully in 09 I will have my own Iron War with Angry Runner and next November I will be taking on Dr. Jodi at Ironman Florida. But until then I've got some hills in Bethlehem that I have to make my bitch.