Friday, September 12, 2008

And I thought parents were supposed to talk you out of doing crazy shit.

Well, tonight I sat down and talked to my dad about the knitty gritty about Pepere's place. My sister Melissa is desperate for her own space, so come June if Pep's is in the apartment complex chasing all the little old ladies like a pro, my sister will be moving in with me. So rent and Utilities just got halved. I put in for a promotion at work, our Customer service rep has moved up the corporate chain of command so I figure a two pay grade bump up would be nice, also put in for a wire correspondent ( pretty much an over glorified back office spot who makes sure the wires sent from our bank aren't violating OFAC and ending up in the hands of our mortal enemies, wires coming in are making it in and wires in transit have reached the intermediate institution, in essence I'd sit on the phone all day.) that would be a 5 pay grade upgrade ( hopefully that would work out.) Regardless we got too talking about money and bills ( one of my major sources of stress.) I told him I was opting out of doing Ironman New Zealand he looked at me blinked

Dad: Bob you work you ass off for that all year
Me: Yeah but I figure I could pay ahead some bills, I mean I've been a little behind...
Dad: Were you in the same spot last year..
Me: Yeah but...
Dad: You don't do anything bigger than a few local races most of the time, GO! Do it!
Me: Yeah but...
Dad: Do it..It'll workout......

Seriously I thought parents were supposed to talk you out of doing crazy shit like spending a quarter of your salary, traveling half way across the planet and waging unholy war on your body and class schedule. My loan's been disbursed so I should have a check in a week which means bills get paid and I will have entry into at least one 140.6 mile 226.2 km love fest. If I make Kona I'm selling a kidney, or I'm going to have to start dancing at Metro North Stations in Fairfield County, or become Bob Almighty Male Gigolo.....

In lighter news Speedy Claire has entered Ironman Mexico for 2009, hopefully they'll be using bottled water at the aid stations. Although she had some choice words for WTC I think she'll have a blast and a Kona slot might be within reach, especially if she has a repeat of her Vineman bike split sans getting hit by a truck.

Well thhat's all for me tonight, I''ve got to go analyze flight data and see if Catherine's still living in Taupo, otherwise I'll be crashing at Tui Oaks again...which was a nice place.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Common sights on a Thursday after dark in New Britian

Freshman sneaking booze into Caroll Hall.
Drug deal going down on Stanley Street.
Freshman girls trying to remember the names on their fake ID's.
Guys jumping mountain bikes off stairs.
Ultimate Frisbie vs. Soccer for the quad.
100 guys following 2 girls in to Elmers.
My scrawny ass running loops of the campus.

That's right tonight I managed to get a nice 10k in. I stuck to the boring yet safe and well lit route around campus, as my training partner is off in Vienna ....damn it Bjoern, I need someone to run with on Tues and Thurs nights. Sorry for the negative puke in the last two posts but it's been a rough week, and 6.1 miles of therapy were just what the doctor ordered. Tomorrow not much on tap as my Grandpa heads up to the mothership ( Canada). So I officially have the house to myself, no wild keggers please. Comtemplating signing up for the HOTford marathon on October 11, figure I need to measure myself up to Speedy, Cranky and possibly the juggernaunt known as the Angry One. Next week I have my final race of the 2008 Triathlon season, after that I need to think out and methodically plan 2009.


What has changed...the calm version

Well Yesterday I posted I might be deleting the blog, well I day....

I got a comment after my "negativity enema" that I should try to re find my passion, sadly I think it's dead, maybe it's alive on vacation somewhere i don't know but in the last couple of days it's been lacking.

Upon hearing that my grandfather might be moving into an "active adult community." within the next 12 months, I have gone into panic mode. My grandfather rents a house from my parents, which is their steadiest source of income. If grandpa leaves that leaves me to pay the rent or they will have to rent it out to a non-family member. In either case it leaves in one of 3 spots.

1. moving on to my parents's sofa

2. finding my own place.

3.advertising for a roommate.

Hopefully he won't move until June which would allow my sister Melissa to move in with me and make the rent manageable.

Regardless this and the fact that my mechanic did me a favor on brakes yesterday repairing them and allowing me to pay late, as all my money went to books and food on campus ( otherwise I might have been a red stain on a jersey barrier somewhere, or riding my bike to campus a 30 mile tour da ghetto). irregardless it has had me second guessing the feasibility/ prudence of doing Ironman New Zealand, sure it's a great race, the people are cool and you have fewer American OCD M-dot types ( coming from one of them.)But is it worth the cost. I have been in the 7-8th circle of financial hell for the last few months, so I'm debating the risks. It would be lovely to go back this year especially for the 25th anniversary ( and all the free shwag.) But I must look at the long run, is it really worth it, and if I make it to Kona, despite it's a dream, is that really worth it, when I know I'll have rent, bills and student debt awaiting me at home.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What I'm not..... My own place?

Well the last few months have taught me a lot but mostly what I'm not, so consider this my negativity enema.

I'm not rich...not by any stretch of the imagination. One of my friends commented on the state of my financial health last year, but I thought I could handle it, well a few unforeseen circumstances and crashing economy later I realize what a fool I was. But if I was in the same spot again would I have made the same decisions?

I'm not a pro. I'm not Bree or John, I don't have the god given talent, crazy skill, or incredible luck to compete at a high level. I'm a solid age grouper, maybe an "elite age grouper" but at this stage I'm not anything worth writing home about.

I'm not witty/sarcastic like Angry/Cranky

I don't have worthwhile stories like Bree, Jodi, or Speedy.

I don't have the optimistic point of view Leeana, Bjoern, or Jodi.

I'm not pissed at the world just my situation.

so in light of all this I'm thinking about deleting the blog.

Nothing really newsworthy has happened, I'm actaully thinking of dropping New Zealand for next year, not just because it's the "right" fiscal decision, but my Grandfather is thinking about moving into elderly housing which means I'd pretty much have my own place...but that also means rent ( to my parents because they own the place) and utlilities. The brakes on my car went so now I've pretty much spent my next paycheck before it gets here. ( Seriously is there a reason we need $300 worth of books.) So in essence the economy has got me beat. I just want to graduate so I don't have to worry about driving to New Britain everynight and having to eat crap off the dollar menu to survive, it gets expensive in more ways than one. So that's all from me, if the blog's gone in a couple of days, I'm still alive, I'll have just given up on talking and other luxuries for a while.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

VO2 Max test. Is it worth it?

On Sunday I went for a long ride in the Litchfield hills, on my usual Middlebury-Waramaug-Morris-Middlebury loop. I eneded up meeting up with Greg,a hardcore roadie/ cyclecrosser whom John Hirsch has been trying to convert to the darkside. ( oh John and Mandy he says hi, and tri-geeks still don't know how to ride.) Any way as we rode for a while we got to talking, first about the dire condition of public education in America, to my possible career routes, to tri and fitness, to the infamous, "don't take this the wrong way but tri geeks don't know how to ride." Anyway as we ground up Hopkins road, and I told him my age, after the " You still have a decade before you peak." comment He suggested that I get a power and VO2Max test done to see if my plan of conditioning myself until I hit my peak is worth it. Part of me really wants to get this done, so that way I can see if I have the talent to justify to myself getting a coach. The other part of me is afraid that it will be like all my other experiences with organized athletics. That the results will confirm what most people have told me all my life. That I have no place in athletics. So I'm going to price it out and see if I can justify the expense next season or in the off season, but as much as I'm looking forward to it, I am also dreading it.


Monday, September 8, 2008

Two months off and counting.....

Well when I clicked on the registration to sign up for Hammerfest, I found the price had jumped from $65 to $80 for USAT members. I found that it was in my best interest to sit it out. I can justify $75 bucks for a sprint race, but $80 seems a little ridiculous, whether or not I sign up for the Nutmeg State Remains...who am I kidding I'm signing up for it as soon as I get it looks like just the half-iron is on the plate for September, with possibly the Hartford Marathon in October ( I usually do a 15-20 mile long run weekly so I have the base.) This Sunday I'm hoping to do a long ride, anyone in the New England region is welcome. Also my books ran a little more costlier than antcipated, so hopefully my studnet loan check will be in in the next couple of weeks and I can offset, my school supply hit. So that's all from CT.

The caged animal

Two months off.

Well this week marks the two month anniversary of when I last raced. Part of me desperately wants to get back into the saddle again, and see if a solid month of just training has paid any dividends. My motivation has been lacking somewhat because there has been no race to look forward to. I found myself hitting the snooze button, cutting planned workouts short, not really suffering burnout, but just doing enough to keep my weight between 165 and 175, I let my HEAT membership expire, which I'll have to renew, I've just been stuck in the " I can't justify spending anything" mode. Classes have started and I find myself forking over for books, devoting training time to study, and going through a self induced fast from 12-9PM on Mondays and Wednesdays ( ie my professors don't allow food in the classroom.), and I'm just getting sick of having nothing to look forward to, but papers, projects, and maybe the long training ride. Today I'm spending part of my credit limit on books, so my question is,

Should I enter the Hammerfest Sprint in Brandford at the tune of $65?

Yes, it'll do you some good to get out and race, and re-associate with the tri geeks.

No, You've got a half iron on tap ( if you have the money for entry out of the next paycheck.) for the following weekend, are you crazy?

No, You're just bailing out of a fiscal nightmare, accept the fact your season ended on July 13, save your cash, hit the books, do the smart thing and don't race until at least next June. Think Long Term Goals over short term desires.