Saturday, March 21, 2009

On the Road again....

Well it's official I'm back to training. After two weeks of slacking off, eatting not so healthy food, and just being lazy in it's back to work. I went for a 5 mile run today did it in 47:24...a little slow but for my first time running since the Ironman I'll take it. Tomorrow a ride with Josie and Caitlin..figure 30-40 miles. Monday it's going to be frigid so I'm figuring weights, pool, run, and study. ( I'm on break so I have my afternoons free.) Tuesday or Wedneday I might ride outdoors again, take advantage of decent weather while I can. But as for Today 5 miles in the legs is what has kicked off my hellish training regiment for Providence 70.3.

I also signed up to volunteer at Rev 3 hoping to work either transition or registration, hopefully they won't see my guard cert expires on June 30 and try to put me in a kayak.

Well that's all for me.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Rhode to Kona goes through Providence

Ok I know spelt Road wrong it was deliberate. Providence 70.3 offered Kona slots and it was relatively cheaper than Rev 3 ( don't worry I plan on volunteering at Rev 3...figure I'll give unathlete a shot at an age group win.) I still have 2 races I want to add to the schedule the Griskus sprint and Patriot ( Patriot gives me an excuse to race with Claire and catch up with I need to defend the elite swim split...granted it's in June this year so the elite field will most likely be larger.)
So 5 tris for 2009...if I have cash/ don't make Kona/ planets align I might throw 1 or 2 more on the schedule but I think that I managed to spread my season a little better this year 1 race a month well 2 in July....figure that will give me time to utterly abuse and waste myself this summer in prep for the throw down in the Ocean State....if I make Kona I'll worry about it then other wise I'll have the money tucked away for New Zealand 3.0..any cute single/sporty girls in the Taupo, New Plymouth, or Auckland area...pleasant, personable, and well groomed triathlete is seeking a home stay/ gear Sherpa/and moral supporter... will do laundry, cook, clean and move freight :)
But all that aside Providence is now on the schedule and will be my "A" race this summer...hopefully there won't be as many tri animals from the North (Triathletas Candanais)* Last year some of these speed demons from the land of Molson, Hockey, the Bare Naked Ladies, Cervelo, Argon 18, Peter Reid, Lisa Bentley, and the mighty Maple Leaf came down and smoked some of us New England Types like Canadian To put in perspective how fast my age group was last year I finished 197th out of nearly 1300 entrants and was 17th in my Age group....yes it was a fast field...hopefully it won't be as quick this year...or at least I'll be a little quicker this year.
Well in the Words of Ceasar "The die is cast" May the tri gods grant me fortune .
The Rhode Warrior
*I'm really struggling with the Latin here because I learned Classical and the Romans didn't have words for Triathlete or Canada...apologies in advance to all Latin scholars.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

T-minus 3 days before my next hardcore training block kicks off.

Yep that's right I've gained about 5 pounds and am getting tire of being a lazy...some what studious my next training block will be kicking off this Sunday....hopefully there will be some more and intersting posts once this kicks off.

Part of me realizes the need to start training again is the fact I'm getting fat, I'm eatting wrong, staying up late, drinking coffee like it's going out of style,generally regretting my courseload, plain and simple I need to once again. This year weights will be on the priority scale hopefully it will help turn me into an unstopable beast other wise it will add some definition to my scrawny ass.

Running I'm due for new shoes in May I'll start going with relatively short 3-8 milers and build up from there....and remain injury free.
Cycling I have the feeling I'm going to be spending weeks on my bike.
Swimming well we know what happens when I hit the pool. So now I've got the training dialed in I've got my race schedule pretty much set in my head, my A priority race pretty set, and hopefully life will pan out accordingly.

Alright this post was boring if you're looking for good reads see my links Leana usually has some good stuff up as does Judi...Speedy's twitter will knock you out, and Don't mess with the Iron Fucking Matron! Also if anybody happens to have any info regarding the whereabouts of a Mr. Satan A. Chilles please let us know...there is talk of a reward for info regarding the safe return of him or at least his blog.
Well that's it from me I've got a paper to write a midterm to study for and a bed that is calling my name like a siren.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Poll: Rev 3 or Providence 70.3 If I go through the lotto does that make me tat worthy?

Well I'm looking at doing 4 races this summer, I'm already committed to one, and have tucked away for 2 more the debate is if I decide to do a big Half Iron which one do I do? Rev 3 or Providence and I CAN ONLY AFFORD ONE!!!!!

Pros for Rev 3:
Local: as in no driving to RI required.
On most of my training routes: Home field advantage?
Lots of pros.
Club Race: Do HEAT proud.
Big Age group prizes.
Huge event in the local community.

Cons for Rev 3:
The bike course can best be described as "bring your own Sherpa."
Pitted Bombed out pavement....
Quassy food....mmm.
Expensive race entry with no Championship slots at stake.
Early in the season and Patriot is 2 weeks later.
1st year event.

Pros for Providence:
Kona slots!
Done the race before...if the bike works it will be a good day.
KONA Slots!
Meet up with Chris and Rob from my NZ adventure.
Strategically situated in mid-summer for optimal performance.
Cheaper than Rev 3 until May 1.
HEAT vs. Psycho!
Excuse to go to Rhode Island for the Weekend.
The Blais family's working the expo.
did I mention Kona and Clearwater slots already?

Cons to Providence:
Killer waves dude!
Pitted bombed out pavement...wait that's just standard in New England.
College Hill with it's coughmorethancough 7% grade on the run X2.
Wolcott-Providence- Narragansett- Wolcott-Narragansett-Providence-Wolcott drive ....
or Hotel/ trying to crash at somebody's beach house....why couldn't this be a month later when Melissa moves to Newport.
The "compassionate" Providence Drivers.

Well those are the factors I'm sort of leaning toward one over the other... worst case I will volunteer at one and race the other.

If I get a slot to Kona via the lotto ( yes I threw down $35 for an entry...figure that's what I would have spent on a half marathon that I'm not racing this year.) Then this debate was futile because I won't waste the money... ( I already did a sanctioned Ironman so that little loop hole is taken care of.) I'm just afraid that RI will sell out before they get back with the lotto results...also it makes the tattoo situation the things I put myself through to get a little ink on the ankle. So here are the polls

Poll #1: Should I do Providence 70.3 or Rev 3?

Poll#2: If I get in to Kona via the lottery do I get a tattoo?

No. You have to qualify....that was the condition you set on yourself, if you fall into this mediocrity cult I will beat you to death with your areobars.
Yes. Kona is Kona.
Yes, But only if you finish in the top 10 of your age group. Earn it by decimating the punks who stole "your slot".
Yes, but some other condition ( race in a speedo, run barefoot, the tat must read Kona bandit..etc. please specify in comments.)


Sunday, March 15, 2009

ARGGGG! More bike troubles.

Well today it was absolutely gorgeous so I broke out the bike and went to Middlebury to ride. Sadly I got about a mile in and as I tried to shift into my climbing gears...tension and no shifting I got off got the shifter to move but no response on the gears. I'm assuming I snapped the rear derailleur cable...arggg. This is the third new cable in as many months. I'm at the point of buying he bulk box of cables and a stand that's how many times I've seen this proceedure done... hell I could probably go for my mechanic's cert for this stuff and start turning a profit...well ok I'm not that skilled...yet but I'm getting there. I'm not sure what did it, Southern Hemisphere road grime, TSA oh so gentle hands searching my bike case for weapons of mass destruction, shifting during flight, a little gatorade getting on the cable and causing it to stick...etc..all I know is it needs a new cable so I can get riding again, because not doing anything outdoors with weather like this is a sin.