Saturday, May 24, 2008

Commuting by bike....commuting through life

That's right OPEC ,the NY Merchantile Exchange, and Big Oil have pushed me to the edge with their rampant speculation, soaring price per barrel, and mad profit$. That's right to try to save on my gas bill.....I mean the enviroment...I have decided that I'm going to start commuting to the office via the Bitch Stomper. the couple of times I've tried it, getting in hasn't been the problem, but riding home can be a little tricky, due to the fact I have to cross the main drag and try to remount on a hill. Also getting caught behind school buses on the trip back can be a little hair raising, ( also a pain in the ass on hills because when they stop you stop and lose all your momentum, and then have to walk it up.) Luckily it's only a mile into the office, I'll ride in good weather, not risking a soaking or road grime all over my business attire, in a monsoon, that and it gives me an excuse to get a ride in after work, granted not a long one but enough. My stress level is slowly coming down as I'm in the focus and plan mode, of how to cope with the mountain of crap that has been thrown my's sort of like jumping into a cold lake first there is shock, fear and anxiety, then you just start swimming realizing that if you keep yourself in the same spot you're just going to get colder and more anxious. So in regards to my crap I have to start formulating a plan to get out of it and where I want to be. Part of me needs to realize that I can't save the world if I can't save myself, likewise I'm 23 entering what should be my last year of college, and after that it is time to move off on my own. I am greatful to my parents for taking me in when I came back from New York beaten, broken and broke, but part of me realizes I can not stay at home forever, that I need for better or worse try to make it on my own. So hopefully in Fall of 09 with a degree in hand, a job lined up, and all things together this aspiring tri guy/ corporate minon will be on the West Coast,paying down college debt, soaking up sun, and contemplating a pro card. At least that what I'm hoping. Like I said 2008 is going to be a little stressful as I get things in order so for all the stressed out vent posts past and to come I deeply apologize. but as mentioned it is going to be a long summer full of soul seaching, anger venting, and debt reduction, and oh yes a few psychotic races I've tossed in along the way. On tap for today, a quick brick followed by a movie tonight with Adam, tomorrow I'm planning on rolling out to Woodbury and getting some bike miles, maybe droppin in on sir Angry and the Slosh pipe.
Well that's it for the AM

Friday, May 23, 2008

Sorry for all the negative energy

I apologize to most of my readers that the last few posts have had a negative tinge, but I find that typing on a computer is better than doing something stupid when I'm stressed. My workouts the last couple days have been semi impressive, last night I got in a 12 miler, this morning I did a 2000 yd. straight swim. Tomorrow I've got a trainer session in the office as part of our " get your finanacial check- up "promotion. I might put some miles on asphalt and then it's off to see the new Indiana Jones flick with Adam. So far I feel physically ready for Eagleman, but emotionally I'm a train wreck. Between home stress, financial stress which tend to go hand in hand, finishing finals, my mind is just in a constant whirlwind and most days it's hard to find which way is up. so for all the negative posts I apologize but if I kept it bottled up there might have been a scortch mark surrounded by a timex visor and two scortched New Balanced sneakers on some road in Connecticut. In any case I apologize for venting so much but it is just a trying period.

Big Stress....little pay check.

Well that can best describe my current situation. As mentioned my Parents Finances have not been the greatest and me the ever dutiful son has tried to help the best I can messing mine up....granted not irreperably. Neddless to say this has been a rather stressful month for me. Eagleman is officially on the chopping block...I'm trying to weigh the cost to the benefits, while I feel it could be a good race, I'm not really sure at this point if it's worth it. Shit usually resloves itself in the end. Likewise the home stituation has been sort of deteroiating. Part of me feels like I've failed in my duties as a son and older sibling, in not being able to help more, the other feels I have done my part it is not my responsiblilty to carry the family on my essence it has been a conflicting past 30 days. I have sort kept myself away from my friends, feeling that this is a personal issue and is best dealt with alone or as rants on a web page,that and I was trying to finish papers desperately. June is going to be my Hell month as I try to restore my fiscal health. Whether or not I will race everything I have planned is debatable and will be game time decisions. Not to sound cliche but it's going to be a long hot summer.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Eagleman hotel swap... ( with music cues)

( Cue Benny Hill Music Here)

Well upon checking mapquest, I found that my Hotel reservaton in Prince Frederick, MD was actually 90 miles away from the race site ( apparently Marriott measures areial view instead of road routes. ) Irregardless, I went to, and after some quick distance comparisons found a hotel in Salisbury, about 35 miles away as the crow ...or I guess in this case the raven flies.

( switch music to Nirvana's " Rape Me" )

Sadly the hotel reservation was $169.00 for Saturday night but dropped to $84 for Sunday Night, can you say they saw this race coming and were like "Cash Cow!" anyhoo it turns out to be $30 more for the course of the trip but I figure the shorter commute is worth that alone in gas money and aggrevation, also it will not require me to get out of bed at 3AM and race fatigued.

(switch music to "Mony Mony")

Today I sell back my books hand in my papers and officially end this infernal semester. I don't know what the books are worth but if I can walk away with $30 to $50 it will be a welcome aid to the Escape from Debtopia/ Fuel Bob-o's ridiculous obesession fund. In any case things should be looking better after this trip is done and over with. All the rest of my races are somewhat local, 2 within cycling distance if I wanted to. The only two that worry me are Patriot and RI 70.3, my sisters might stay home for Patriot which means I might take up the homestay option extended to me earlier, and Melissa and Chrissie are staying with one of Melissa's friends in Providence, and I might have someone to split hotel with in Naragansett ( I plan on staying close to the Start, unless they are running shuttles to the State Beach from Providence, man that has to be a logistical nightmare.)

(switch music to " Eye of the Tiger")

The last 2 days I have started to get myself into post-exam training mode. While I did waste some gas money driving to the Lake on Saturday for my Brick, I have kept it close to home the last couple of days. Also on Monday night my sinuses thought this lovely little cold snap would be the perfect time to render my voice box useless. So on Monday I went for a 7.5 mile run ( 12k) and left most of the town of Wolcott covered in my snot....still I manged to get it done in 1hr. even...who's bad ass...I'm bad ass!

( switch music to Disturbed's "Down with the Sickness")

Monday night and last night I managed to crank out about 3100 yards in the pool each time. Monday was spent on getting my fast twitch muscles back in gear, and last night I attempted a set of 4x400 on 5:30, I made the first one the second one lost time because I miscounted so I waited a minute and did the last two barely making them on 5:25. My stamia is down, my stress level was high, and the little sinus infection was making my life hell, so as soon as I hit 3100 yards it was into the hot tub, to loosen up.

(Music off, unless you want to head bang.)

Well that's it. Someday I'll learn how to imbed from itunes, and I'll actually get that feature to work.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Escape from Debtopia....

Well as all of you know from the last couple of posts I've been forking over big coin on necessary expenses.Things are starting slowly on the up swing at Chez Robert, my mom managed to sell 3 rentals, my dad's severance package will be kicking in and I will no longer be feeling like a 40 year old man. Which is good because I'm too damn young to be going bald or grey. Upon looking at my budget I figured out for the last couple of months I've been really over extending my means...and amassed a giant mound of debt. Upon analysis I have decided it is in the interest of my financial health, and my dreams of possible condo owner ship in the greater San Diego Metro area, to tackle said debt. June is going to be a hellish month because I still have to throw down on a Hotel and gas money...but afterward my goal is to pay down as much debt as humanly possible. That means no frivious spending in July and August. The Stimulus Check will be hitting the bank in June or July so that will hopefully erase one elephant credit card payment. Upon seeing how much I've thrown down on that card I've realized that if I put it on ice paid its minimum and devoted the money I've spent on it to other debts, I could realistically be down to two credit cards by July the two off weeks I have will be spent reducing debt. I still plan on doing Park City and Nutmegman, Niantic is debatable. If I make Clearwater this could be a tough call same with Kona, physically my body's all for it, mentally and financially, my mind is telling me to wait until my ducks are in a row. Ironman for 09...not sure on New Zealand...but if not there if I have the $500 in August I'll throwdown for Louisville, otherwise I know offers $1000 training and race packages for Arizona in Nov. 09 starting in June of 09 the race entry is included in the price ( and I get coaching to boot can you say PR's all season.)and there is always the Kona Lotto . New Zealand 2010 is on tap as my graduation / I survived CCSU gift to myself. But anyhoo 09's a long way off and I have at least 2 months before I have to worry about the North American Ironman's and at least 6 months before IMNZ fills up.( seriously only 200 slots went in the first week.) Right now the main thing is to get my ass in shape for Eagleman. On the Anthro paper front still no word from my professor so Tomorrow I'm emailing her my completed draft and dropping a hard copy...if she fails me...then it wasn't for lack of trying.
On the Plus side...CCSU and the State of Connecticut gave me a $2000 grant for being an in-state commuter. Also if I take out the same amount of Staffords I'm eligible for that's $4000 to apply toward my credit cards after all these things have paid my gas, books, food, and items for my sanity (running shoes....race entries....Airfare...bottle of scotch for history professor....I mean myself...I mean nice gift for history professor.)So operation Escape from Debtopia will be coming to a theatre near you Starting late June 2008.
Well that's all for me tonight.

Hopefully seeing black in March 2009.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Well I did have a mussy gushy post, but that ain't my style...

Well Originally I had posted an Ode to friends to say I have been around some pretty cool people in my life, but that was just way too emotional for even for a sap like me. Don't know if I'll be posting much positive crap in the next few weeks..stuff is starting to improve but the last couple weeks have seen me on the verge of emotional and financial collaspe....for some odd reason I'm the only 23 year old in the world trying to raise his parents..... I seriously feel I'm too damn young to be dealing with this shit...but whatever, I've been too damn young to deal with a lot of the shit in my life. I've decided as soon as Chrissie is done with exams I'm going to start commuting by bike...the price of gas is too damn ridiculous, that and I need the training miles, besides I only live 2 miles from work, and 10 miles from the Southington Y. The Waterbury Y is closer but would put myself and my bicycle in great peril trying to commute to it... my rims would be gracing some low rider wal-mart beach crusier and my frame would be sold at the nearest pawn shop...riding to Southington I just have to worry about being taken out by a rabid soccer mom speeding in her SUV or an ADD teenie bopper wondering what just cracked the valance on her new acura....but then again I was dealing with big rigs on NZ route 1 so soccer mom is a piece of cake. ( crap those could be infamous last words.)

Well that's all that's gone on here. Eagleman is in 3 weeks, my speed on the flats was good and my base is surprisingly high despite the fact that I haven't really ridden as much as I would like. My running is feeling good, I've got a 7 miler on tap tonight followed by a swim or vice versa.
The swim is good although I've been feeling sluggish in the water. I chalk most of that up to my mental state for the last week
Angry is back from the mid west....with no cougars caught....Claire kick serious ass at her Half Iron finishing second in her age group and 4th female overall...also surprisingly close to my Half Iron time at Nutmeg last year.....she might succeed in that beating one of my splits afterall...which if that happens I will be renting a set of Zipp 808's for the Patriot..which speaking of which I foundout requires a pro card to compete in the open, but upon talking to the race director they don't enforce. I have decided that if I make it to Kona or Clearwater at Eagleman then I will race for cash at the Patriot....after all airfare to Kona..doesn't grow on trees..that and if they offer a swim prime I want to take a go at it. So yes if I am Hawaii or Florida bound this fall..I will be taking a crack at a check on 4th of July weekend.
So those are my random ramblings of the day.


The long and short.....

Well Today was pegged to be a long day, but confusion, a NDE involving me speeding through a light changing to RED and then the guy I cut off pulling me over and cussing me out..luckily that's all that it turned out to be becuase of the massive line of traffic behind him. Now seriously, I get pissed when I get cut off but I murmur my cusses to myself or to the windshield and carry on with my day....somehow in the grand scheme of things pulling the guy who cut me off over and beating the shit out of him isn't going to help anything....irregardless..I was at fault an deserved it.

So that led to me decideing to cut my ride plans short....after all if I couldn't focus at a traffic signal driving a 2000lbs car. There was no way I was going to trust myself going out for 4 hours 0n a 15lbs. bike getting fatigued and make stupid mistakes that could get me killed...dying at 23 is not in my game plan...unless of course it's after my heart explodes making up the 15 min swim gap on the pros and winning the Hawaii Ironman outright.....then I guess that's a good trade off.
Any way, I decided to drive up to Central to cash in some books only to find the bookstore had just I drove to Central Wheel to pick up some Shot Bloks ( sadly 2 packs I bought were hard as a rock.) and price out an Ultegra was $100 probike kit is offering the same at $50 but the shipping would kill me getting it from the UK... I'll check Newington on Monday, because they accept Trek Card and I need to conserve as much money as possible for Eagleman. After picking up my crap from Central Wheel..I drove out to the Lake and did 3 loops at ungodly time trial speed...if I wasn't going long then I was going hard. I did about 23 miles averaging the not too shabby pace of 20.8 mph...if I can hold that shit at Eagleman Kona might..might be a possibility.....but I digress. I did a quick shoe change and ran a loop of the lake, getting about 7.75 miles underfoot. While it wasn't the long day I was hoping for, but I felt rejuvinated at the end of it. Seriously for all the crap that's hit the fan in the last month, the stress motherlode that was finals week...shit got to email Dr. Adams my Anthro paper....even though she never responded to my emails...I seriously think I sent them to the wrong person, and now some Econ Professor is like "who the Hell is Rob and why is he emailing me?" In any case that was Saturday.