Friday, July 24, 2009

Back in training and to those about to Rock Lake Placid I salute you.

Alright I started training again because was beginning to feel a little fat and lazy and I still have one race I want to kick major ass at this season: Park City Mossman. Last time I raced there I won my AG so I want to leave the 20-24 ranks with a bang. I swam about 3000 yards on Tuesday but I still feel like I have "black line syndrome" So I just went through the motions to keep my fitness up. I got back on the road on Wednesday and pulled a 9 miler out. Tonight I'm in the air about if I should swim at the Y or should I haul out to West Hill and get an open water swim in, and tomorrow I have a 100k ride on tap. Don't know yet if I'm going to do any races this fall although the Hartford Marathon sounds tempting. Also the job search continues as I've sent apps to schools, insurance giants, my own company, and communications groups either looking for a second gig or a bump up the corporate ladder...figure if I keep applying I'm bound to get something. Getting myself established in life may not be easy but then again neither was getting my bachelor's or training for 2 southern Hemisphere Ironmans in the midst of brutal winters a full time job and heavy course load.But there is one common theme I finished what I started, and so this too shall come to pass.

A big shout out to Ironmatron, Kona Shelly, The HEAT wrecking Crew, and everyone else tackling Ironman Lake Placid this weekend. Use that 6 mile descent to the fullest, enjoy the day, and Hopefully the weather is better than last year...otherwise a little shower on the bike will help cool you off. Good Luck Go Fast and Remember you are badass because this is probably the 3rd toughest Ironman currently on the calendar!

Have a Good Weekend!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Burnout is a terrible thing....

When I came back from Providence last Monday I was fried. I was shelled, nuked, roasted, cooked, spent, burned out, and extra crispy. I had made that race my be all this season so when my plans for it started to fall apart about 2 weeks ago I was sort of dreading going. I maned up and got through it pretty well, but when other things started hitting the fan I really got a case of the "I need to quits." So started typing the I quit post and posted two of them. I took the weekend off no training, I slept late, watched the DVD set of Epitafios, threw out a couple of job apps and sent an email to my Anth Professor, about should I start saving to come back. My professor got back to me. I passed so now I'm a department chair and Dean's signature away from my BA in history. Which means now I can work on my resume for a "career" instead of a "job". I figure a little down time is in order so some reduced traning and no thoughts of the swim, bike, run for a couple of days are in order. Essentally I've been running full tilt for two seasons without a break so a week or two off might be what the doctor ordered. Give me time to focus and realize that I'm a person who does triathlons, and that maybe my hobby has grown a little too unheathly for itself. Figure out some life stuff, eat some of the unhealthy stuff ( without worrying will this make me fat?) and just unwind. Essentially I just need a break not a long one but just some time to clear my head without worrying about the Jerk in the Expedition running me off the road. Essentially I need a vacation from my hobby and hopefully when I pick t back up I'll be able to do so with a renewed vigor instead of the same old slog.