Saturday, December 13, 2008

This weekend: The training for NZ begins in earnest

On tap for Today:

Work till 12:30PM

10 mile run...if the roads co-operate, we had a massive rain storm 2 days ago and last night everything froze over, today is not supposed to get above 30F (-1C) so the roads are going to be icy and treacherous, but hopefully not.

Hawaii Ironman Highlight show.

Finish Papers.

2 hours on the trainer.

In the words of the Commodores: "A brickhouse."

Hopefully a 50-60 mile ride and a 7 mile run. Maybe some pre-church deadlifts.

This is all what I hope to do but we all know life throws curve balls. I look to take full advantage of my trainer over break, maybe some pre and post work spin sessions and hardcore focus on the bike. It's been my weakness for several years hopefully if I work hard enough I can make it a strength...because I really want a sub-6 Ironman bike split this year. the running I'm not worried except for last week 've been averaging 20-30 miles per week, and about 9000 yards in the pool per week. The swim is the least of my worries, although I'd like to be in the top 25 out of the water. To have a remote shot at Kona I need a faster bike split so that's what I'm going to drill this year. Hard Swim, Balls to the Wall bike ,and run until my legs fall off. While not as far as long as I was last year I did manage to build a lot of base over the summer. So winter break will be spent trying to get myself as fast as humanly possible, and this year I will be taking a tip from the Angry Runner and work the chain, with deadlifts, the arms with push ups and pullups and essentially get my scrawny ass it to bitch stomping shape...I guess the easy days are over because as of 8PM last night I'm officially in training.

Getting intouch with his inner Balboa.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Help a sister out.

Well upon looking at Speedy Claire's blog as she preps for the Boston Santa Speedo Run. Well the thing is the race is a charity run which has left her scrambling for funds at the last second. She only needs to raise $250 USD and right now she is at $184 USD. $5 bucks from 15 people gets her there, alright I know $5 bucks is a lot in today's economy, especially this close to Christmas but think of it this way it's two cups of coffee from the office coffee pot instead of Dunkin Donuts ( or other national or international coffee chain.), it's taking a sandwhich or cup of instant ramen in Monday instead of buying a pizza slice, to help needy kids out.

Edit: Claire made her goal!

For more info check out her blog and to donate click here


Thursday, December 11, 2008

The zone...

It seems that in the last few days I have entered the zone. Whether it was the fact that 90% of my stuff was running late, the semester's drawing to a close, or I just want to get shit done so I can start training again...everything has come together. Papers that it took me eons to start and research were completed in what seemed like effortless hours...whether the grades reflect this or not remains to be seen,but shit is getting done, hopefully I'll be able to exorcise the dust off my chain ring this weekend.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I' m Entered!

Well I'm entered in to my 2009 Ironman, I'll give you 3 guesses but you only need one to figure out where I'm going.

* Blocks Ears waits for all the collective ARE YOU INSANE! shout to subside.
Alright I'll agree it's a nuts proposition, but then again isn't the ironman a nuts proposition. Afterall who in their right mind would pay money to swim, bike, run and suffer?
My justification is I can do it for the same price if not cheaper than an American Ironman ( exchange rate baby!). Ok yes Airfare is a bitch ( $1200 via Air New Zealand .com), but hotel for the week was only $400, ( Louisville was going to cost me at least that, granted airfare was non existent , my sisters wanted to road trip to it.) I decided not to book with Ken Glah this year, ( his service is good but I'm on a budget, if I make Kona ( he might be getting a call, although I'm going to see his price on air fare, you know just to see if it's lower and it might be wise to lock in.) So the hotel taken care of, the race taken care of, and the airfare soon to be resolved, that just leaves one thing: training.
Now I'm not as weak as I was on the bike last year, granted I still need to learn how to "let it fly" so I can save precious minutes on the longest leg of the race. Also with my paper writing palooza, I've lost some valuable road time. Winter break is around the corner so I'll have a month of hard core yardage and mileage ahead of me. My trainer is set up, I know the cheapest place in town for toe warmers, my running shoes should survive until spring, otherwise I'll be doing some shopping in NZ ( seriously my flats would have been $119 in the US I got them for $89 in Taupo.) Alright all that shit aside I've got papers to finish and a training plan to contemplate.
Off his rocker.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm not dead...

I'm just in the midst of finals. Seriously I never want to type another paper again after I finish this semester...oh wait I have a thesis due before I graduate...damn it all to Hell.

To paraphrase Ben Franklin, "Coffee is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy."

The suspense of which Ironman to pick will also come to it's conclusion this Thursday when I fork over my entry fee lets just say I'm fully braced for the Litany of "You're Nuts" ( I guess I am what I eat.), "You're Crazy", "You're Muy Loco", " Bobby I'm getting you a straight jacket for Christmas this year." Sadly this rules out a blogger reunion beating up Mickey... so to those of you rocking Disney I salute you.

Mother Nature is not helping my training plan at the moment but at least I have the trainer and a massive dvd collection. Anyone with any Tour de France tapes, or dvd's that's not using them feel free to send them my way,I will also take spinervals dvds. I have 6 months of base work going for me..well at least on the run and the I will devote more time on the stomper, with the Jeff Goldblum mantra of "Must go faster, must go faster..." playing in my head...hmmm spinning to Jurassic Park...might be motivating. Also I'll be riding up at Quassy and Waramaug when ever the weather/ road conditions permit...ahh I can feel my toes going numb already...anyone else want in?

Running in the cold, already know how to do that thank you very much, along as it isn't icy it's all good. Also my tolerance for Cold has built up on the running side it used to be if it was below 20F (-6C)I'd call it a day, now if it's in single digits 9F(-12C) I might debate the treadmill. Cycling I'm still gonna stay at the 30F mark, figure riding in anything colder than that is begging for trouble.

Well that's it for me I still have to crank out some goodness and insert some notes.

Java Jiving