Friday, July 25, 2008

Slyvain Chavanel Finally wins!, welcome to the blogroll, and professional development

Ok I had to get that out of my system. I've been following TDF since I was in middle school and to see this guy finally win was a joy. I remember a brave breakaway he led in 2003 in which he was caught at the bottom of a major climb by Lance Armstrong after leading one of the Alpine Stages from the opening km's (crap I'm turning into Phil Ligget), every stage this year he has been in a break and to see him finally win and his emotional reaction reminded me of all that is good in sport.

Ok random TDF moment over. Also Iron-Matron has been added to my blog roll, there are some others who have commented that I need to add so if it takes me a while I apologize. Also I put in an App with The Hartford or as Angry Runner will call them " The unholy Horde of Southington." Enemies of freedom, a road bump in his corporation's bid for world domination. Don't know what will come from it, but I figure if I want to improve my station in life/ finance I need to take action, and the worst case senario is they will say no, so nothing to lose. Went on a ten mile trail run with Justin, turned out pretty well although this guy can smoke my ass, seriously, he's well on the right track to qualifying for Boston. I was a bit humid, the fuel belt made an appearance, but it was a good session...not better than sex...but good. Speaking of which there were two girls sunning themseleves on the beach and I gave a cat call to which I was given an unamuzed look from under a pair of sunglasses. Irregardless, that's enough out of me


How Cervelo became Evil...or at least in my opinion.

Way back in the day, 2003 to be exact as I was trying to do the college swimmer/partyer thing, I actually liked Team CSC, I actually liked Cervelo, why wouldn't I? They were a radical young company just starting out, offering decent priced products ( cervelo not CSC). Team CSC had a Tour war hero in Tyler "I finished 4th with a broken collarbone" Hamilton, I felt sympathy for Bobby Jullich who always seemed to have heart break, Fabian Cancellara was still some punk on the U-23 circut. Then came 04 Tyler left for Team SyntheticTestosterone.... I mean Phonak, won gold in Athens, then got busted for doping, he served out his ban and rode in obsurity for the rest of his career....what a waste..sadly a sign of bigger disappointments to come with Floyd this day I think the Med. Staff at Phonak was behind most of the doping either that or my joke about free EPO with a BMC Time Machine wasn't a joke ( seriously Astana and Phonak two teams with the biggest doping scandals were using BMC's)...but anyway I digress, Tyler Hamilton broke my heart, I still liked a majority of the CSC riders until last year, when Zabriskie left, there were no Americans on their tour roster this year. Also everyone was drooling over Fabian " sex on wheels" Cancellara last year, I fail to see what's so special about him, so he rides an insanely fast time trial, let's see him average 50kmph up Alpe D' Huez , let's see him grit through 3 weeks with a busted collarbone and top 10 or just top 10 for that matter. Ok I'm jealous of his speed I'm man enough to admit it....I want time trial skillz that killz.....

Enough of the cyclists back to my beef with Cervelo while I was in a two year stint at Fordham and a summer of self detox in 05 Cervelo went from being a bike company that was anti-establishment, or the Anti-Trek ( yes after 1999, every kid and their brother was buying a Trek because "Lance rode one", heck the TDF could have been badged the Tour de Lance and OLN could have been dubbed the Lance Armstrong network, nothing against the guy, I love seeing Americans win but when he finally retired in 05 I was almost happy to see him go, now it meant there would be a tighter race ( although 03 was good on many levels.).) By 2006 that had changed Cervelo was the fastest growing bike at Kona, Transitions across the country were full of them, they had become *gasp* the establishment. Upon browsing and Slowtwitch it was like I was an unwelcome pilgrim in Cervelo Nation, if didn't use a Cervelo you weren't one of the "in" crowd... It was as if the hippies and rouge engineers were replaced by stiffs in suits bent on world what did I do... bought a bike from a more " established" company. I'll admit it I sold out when I started looking at Treks, Specialized, and C-dizzle but these guys were offering the financing I needed, sadly one of the reasons I didn't go with Trek was they didn't have anymore of the model I wanted /could afford in stock and I wasn't throwing down 2k on an aluminum Lemond. But I love my Stomper it has smoked many a person, and almost has me pledging unwaivering loyalty to Specialized granted I will ride anything with 2 wheels that I can get a good deal on.

Alright that was my rant I should have a shorter training related post this evening.

Fighting the man!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Finally training with Peeps. TDF /Cervelo Smack.

Well after Tuesday's Dash and splash, I was hoping to get another pool session in yesterday, but tightness in my legs, shoulders, and my impeccable knack for bull shitting, threw a wrench into that plan, so I just chilled in the hot tub for 15 min. loosening my tight legs. Anyhoo out of the deal I arranged a training session with my friend Justin, doing my Holy Cross Hop Brook loop of doom that I did on Tuesday. ( It's about nine miles if there are any takers in blogger land, ahem Angry Runner!). For me it's finally good to be training with some other people granted I do lose some training time in catching up, but having someone there to help push the pace and share in the suffering helps to make the monotony of a long run, ride, or swim workout from hell pass a little quicker. For the past couple of weeks I've sort of been a loner. Haven't really talked much to people as I attempt not to spend un-necessarily, or at least not too much. Sunday I met up with a few of the HEATsters, and it felt good being around people again, granted I felt socially awkward as I tried to mack it with 2 girls who after about 5 min. I realized they weren't intersted, well it's probably better that they weren't. I can't afford a girlfriend, at this point, granted if I keep using that excuse by the time I can afford one I'll be a wrinkled old fart and "Gold digger bait."
Irregardless, it's been nice to actually have human contact that doesn't involve money changing hands over the past couple days. It almost makes me feel normal again, for a while I was begining to think the customary response to " Hi, how are you?" was " Cash ,Large bills!"

Sunday I'm riding through Middlebury/ Woodbury /Washington Claire you're supposed to be tapering so no coming down this week end, put your feet up and watch Cadel Evans smash Team CSC/ Saxo Bank's hopes of a yellow jersey, and dash Cervelo's clever marketing campaign for 2009, granted Cancellara will most likely win the TT , but all that matters is the dude in the Yellow shirt rides for someone other than CSC/Saxo Bank, a rides something other than a Cervelo..ok TDF rant over

Well that's it for now, one day I will explain how I went from being a fan of cervelo, when they were the anti -trek to being a sworn cervelo hater, and the only rider on CSC who's heroics I respected only to watch him fall from grace.
until then
Vive Cadel!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I haven't been this sore since High School / Return to the polls.

Well after a long day at the office and a quarterly meeting ( in which we wre told not to fear for our jobs, the bank is secure well capitalized and will survive for the time being, also stock went up a buck yesterday Yoo-hoo!) I had decided that morning to toss my running shorts and micro tee on under my work clothes and after the meeting in downtown Waterbury, pulled a Clark Kent and high tailed it to my Alma Mater, Holy Cross in the West Side of the dirty Water.

My plan was to run an old 7 mile route from my high school track and field days, the memories came flooding back as I left the parking lot to risk my life and limb on Oronoke Rd., after the rapid descent of Oronoke I took a right and entered Hop Brook State Park. The run was on asphalt for a majority, but I was able to mix in some trail goodness, after spitting out on the wrong exit I ended up tacking on an extra 2- 3 miles running up route 63 and country club rd. I'll say it was a 9 miler Total time: 1:20.15

After the run I had a bottle of GU2O and it was off to the Y for a 3000 yard work out, the intial plan was 1000 warm up with 10x 20 on 2:50 sprint every odd 200. That lasted until my sugar craving body bonked on #6 I still did 10x200 but I did 1-6 every other 200 sprint on 2:50 followed by 4x200 pull on 3:00 I managed to hold under 2:40 on the 3 sprints just made the interval on the rest ones and all 4 pulls were at 2:45 or lower, all in all it was a good night in the pool, although it might have been better had I eaten something more than the mini pasteries and fruit they had at the meeting. Needless to say, I woke up tis moring with tight Hams and quads the calves are tight but used to the punishment. Today I had a ride on tap, but I might swap for a swim due to the adverse weather in the forecast, I've decided to skip on the track workout tomorrow, figuring I'll use the next two weeks as a mild build phase then drop the hammer in August. I want to use the next 3 to 4 months of decent weather as base and build toward a possible early season Ironman in 09.

I have a poll up on should I do an Ironman in 09?

Option A Do Ironman NZ again: It'll only cost me $2600 due to the arrangements I have with some friends down there.

Option B Sign up for Arizona in November, It'll probably cost me about the same amount, maybe a little less. Only draw back is if I qualify for Kona 2010, as a 24 year old and I bump up to the 25-29 bracket in April 2010 does that make my slot null and void?

Option C Enter the Kona lotto if happens great! If not take it as sign from the Almighty that a 2009 IM is not in the cards and focus on 5 to 6 local races.

Option D Skip out on an IM in 09, finish school, pay off debt, find a higher paying position, Your health will always be there but the first steps entering the professional world are vital. Also focus on getting that 10k sub 40.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Let the Assault begin.......

That's right in my never ending quest to lessen my debt yet train and race like an animal, this week has become an all out assault on my body and check book.

A$$ault on the check book:
Alex is paying the final installment on my road bike ( tear, sniff, I will miss you Enrico, may you help him as you helpped me...whiny emotional rant.) I get paid which means my creditors get paid, and now I've been hit with I have to pay my own insurance which now means $202, a month is now going to the wonderful people at Met Life and Casuality, one day I will have a better paying day, hopefully sooner rather than later. Needless to Say Park City has gone from Probable to Doubtful, so August might just be a hardcore training month prepping myself for an all out assault on Nutmegman..the goal to break 5 at all costs. New Zealand 09 is looking really doubtful but then again New Zealand 08 looked really doubtful, September will bring some relief with my student loans ( my cards paid for gas and food at school so it is a school expense , that and I need to tuck away $1k for a winter session course, I need to graduate.... soon so I can work a 9-5.) ok financials and professional/ education rant done.... for now...

Assault on my Body:
Last week I sat around and got fat, to rest my legs after the rampage my 3 tris in a week took on them, I swam twice for a grand total of 5,000 yards. I ran 0 cycled 0 lifted 0 unless you count a bottle of coke. So yesterday began my "Bobby is going to train himself like his life has no other meaning than getting faster." phase I did a 3400 yard work out granted I shot the shit for a while with Ray, Alex and Josh, but I still managed to do half of my Pyramid of doom ( 8x 50 on :45, 5x100 on 1:25 , 2x200 on 2:50, 400 on 5:45 the second half would be descending down again.) I had wanted to run Yesterday but hosuehold duties cut into that, so Today I plan on going for a 6-8 miler once I'm released by my corporate masters at 6PM hopefully the meeting won't run that late and then a quick swim tonight at the Y. I had wanted to run this morning but I slept through my alarm, penance for that will be a 5AM lift and swim and an evening bike session tomorrow.

I plan on doing a track workout Thursday night if it isn't storming, I figure Bree's 10x 1600m on :90R ( I'll do it in the Art Rodriguez School of T&F start easy and descend by 5 sec. on each repeat until I'm sprinting my balls legs off.) sounds like a good threshold/ speed session. Next week I'll do a longer long run, and a shorter track session, I'm just desperately trying to get my Half Marathon into the 1:30's Marathon into the 3:30's so I can be in better contention for an Ironman in 09 and decimate my age group by an insane margin at Nutmegman, I want to not only break the 5 hour barrier I want to smash it with a barbed wire coated steel chair and leave it crying for its mommy. Ok so my descriptive language lacks style and class, but I seriously want to break 5 before Bjoern does, insert picture of him and I pulling the Ken Glah/ Paul Kiru mad dash for the tape, alla Ironman New Zealand 1990.

Alright that's enough out of me today, I've got to go track down a VW bus, to drag behind me on my training ride.