Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's getting to be that time again....

Well after doing a 12 mile run on Sunday, I noticed that my shoes were getting to the point that there going to need replacement. Likewise I've been reusing old tri shorts and bathing suits to the point of being see through, I'm desperately low on nutritional goods, my bike shorts are full of holes. Essentially it's time for some of the equipment purchases I've been desperately putting off.
The first thing on the priority scale is the running shoes and I'm left with a debate. For years I've been devoted to New Balance, they've been a good shoe for me. They have decent longevity, great support granted they never seem to have racing flats in my size anymore. So I'm left with a decision to I stick with the tried and true or do I experiment with something new for the up coming off season?
One part of me has heard wonderful things about Saucony, and I've been wanting to try them to see what all the hype is about. Their shoes are pretty equal to New Balance and they tend to carry flats in my size for competition. Another part of me knows Asics have great variety and an all, but you pay a premium for the name. I looked into K-swiss and the infamous Newton, but am really tossed up between New Balance and Saucony, essentially because I know I can get a good deal on them both at Sports Authority.

In second priority,I need nutrition because quite frankly I'm getting tired of dishing out $1-$2 for a bottle of gatorade every long ride or run. Also I need to stock up on power bars because lets face it a man can not live on gu alone.

Swim suits, I can get by for the next month or so,using last year's tri shorts, but I know I'm going to need those soon otherwise the lifeguards will be getting a bird's eye view of the Grand Canyon.

On the training front, I'm starting to tack together more long runs and rides but have pretty much resigned myself to the fact that this will be the first time since 2007 I will not have a long distance race on tap. Part of me really wants to do Mightyman Montauk, but I know there are bills that must be paid and other needs that have to be met before then. I might tow the line at something shorter and local but I've got to play it by ear. Likewise I've gotten some New riding partners in my friends Alexei, Max and Justin. Also speaking of training partners Josie's baby girl is due in late October so she may be back into training by December/ January.
My 12 mile run on Sunday went well despite the heat, as it has been downright hot in New England,almost 90F everyday. Part of me is wondering if I should do my infamous crash course in marathon training, and tow the line in Hartford again.

On the Navy front I'm scheduled to take my physical within the next two weeks and I want to retake my ASTB so I can become a pilot. Likewise it looks like my application may not be good to go until the October board,as more new paper work has been added to the fray. Part of me feels this is a good thing that it gives me more study time and the other part of me is like let me know if I made it already or if I should start searching for more options on the civillian side. Essentially what happens in 2011 is all based on if I'm an officer canidate or a call center agent looking for advancement.

My one hope for 2011 is that I will have more stability than 2010, hopefully a stable roof over my head, meaningful work, a solid training and racing schedule and a better outlook on life.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Somebody Call the Psych Ward.....

Bobby's got some crazy ideas...

Well the last few weeks have been pretty crazy running around trying to get my Navy Application together, trying to get my training together,trying not to loose my mind with life issues. Essentially I feel like I'm still living in Limbo not knowing what's coming up. The next month leads to more waiting on my future as I wait for an answer from the Officer selection board. If they take me I'll have a solid job lined up for the next 4-10 years, granted it does have a hectic schedule, and I'll be living a semi-nomadic existence. If I'm not taken I've got to start start job hunting for something with a little bit higher pay or at least suplement it. Enter crazy idea #1.

After talking to one of my training partners, Alexei, a personal trainer at the Waterbury Y, he sort of planted the seed of becoming a coach for beginner triathletes. His arguement went along the lines of "Dude you've been doing this for years, you have a lot of knowledge to share, have you thought about coaching?" My counter was "but yeah dude # 1 I'm not USAT certified. #2 You've seen my training plans I race on the edge of my seat on a wing and a prayer, eating what ever is on sale at Stop and Shop. #3 I'm have absolutely no clue on how to get faster on the bike. My rides are mostly LD with some spurting TT work,and Spintervals in the winter. #4 I'm the most anti-tech guy on the planet I don't us a heart rate monitor or power tap, I train old school off of precieved exertion.
His counter was "Yeah but Rob, beginners don't care about a cert. ( and seriously get a couple of clients and you'll be able to pay for one.) Your crazy training system has worked for you so far, and being less tech is not necessarily bad for newbies. The average beginner triathlete is not going to be throwing around tons of cash on equipment, maybe a HR for $50-$100 but not anything too crazy." So I'm thinking about it. Not as a full time gig but as something to help offset my racing costs.

Crazy idea #2 One of my friends Dad works for a limo company and was rolling some big wig from Timex around and they got to talking about Ironman and somehow my name came up and before he knew it he got me a contact with Timex. The problem: when he got me the contact I was in no mood to discuss triathlon. We were losing our house, I was stuck in my teller job and I was quite seriously thinking of pawning my bike and calling it quits until I was in a better place. I thanked him for the phone number and it disappeared into the masses of paperwork and boxes that I was throwing my life into. This may now be the biggest regret of my life, as I have until October to apply for Team Timex, and if I don't get into the Navy I'm going to be looking for some sponsors. Timex is at the top of my list, but they only take the top 45 athletes in North America, and let's face it I'm good but not that good...granted I was the fastest dude under 25 from the Northern Hemisphere at 2009 Ironman New Zealand...

Crazy idea#3 / #4 Reading on some of the other blogs, and seeing some of my teamates train for Ironman, watching them travel and essentially live their lives to the fullest,it's made me reflect. I used to be them. I used to have dreams and goals. I used to have confidence. Lately I've felt like I've just been waiting for the next disaster. That essentially I've been plauged by Murphy's Law. I felt like I'm working my butt off just to get nowhwere. First I know I need to get my own place. Next I want to race Ironman again, and likewise I want to travel again. I talk to Steph and we talk about the plans of what we want to do places we want to go, and quite frankly I don't want that to be something that is said and not done. I was thinking of going to either Austrialia or New Zealand in 2012 or 2013. Figure it gives me time to get crap in order and save up. If it's Oz I wanted to do something Romantic like New Year's in Sydney. If it's NZ I want to race Ironman again, let's face it I guess I just like riding on the left side of the road and I've got a network down there. I have a feeling Steph and I are going to be long haul and quite frankly I'd like to do some of this traveling stuff done while we're still young, because we may not be able to do it again until we're retired...and from experience traveling is a lot easier the younger you are.

So those are the crazy ideas that have been batted around my head hopefully some of them will come to fruition.