Saturday, March 20, 2010

Did I Mention I'm not liking this no internet thing...oh yeah I've got a Half Marathon tomorrow...

WARNING RANT !please scroll down if you want to get to the good stuff.

Well I finally broke down and went to the library to put up some blog posts. I know what most people are going to say "Bob it's 2010, you have a lap top there's no excuse you shouldn't have access to the net." Well sadly my computer is a circa 2003 Dell that was around at the time Dell's were still good and a wireless card was one of those fancy add on thingies. Considering that most cheap lap tops have a wireless card I probably should invest but right now I've got bigger things to worry about (like the car payment, cellphone, gas, insurance,taking a chunk out of my hugundo debt, race entries) The pay raise kicks in next check so I won't be struggling as bad and maybe by mid April I'll have my race plans figured out and if I'm lucky throwdown for a $300 best buy special just so I can get some writing and finish up my Navy App. OK all that out of the way....
Here's the good stuff.
Well way back in February I signed up for the Shoreline Sharks (FREE) Half Marathon. Well I've only managed about 2 to 3 weeks of hodge podge training so I'm hoping my legs will hold up. I've done a couple of long runs over the last two weeks and did a 4 and 5 miler back to back on Thursday and last night. The weather's actually been good for the past week and I'm hoping it holds so I can get my self ready for my somewhat limited racing schedule this season. I'm feeling confident that I can break the 1:30 barrier tomorrow but if not I know it will be close. After this little half mary I've got one race as a certain on the calendar The Patriot Half ( yeah I guess since WTC started branding every thing as 70.3 they can call them halves again.) I'm going to try my hand in the elite corral again because my swimming is at the point I think I'll be able to lead out of the water , my running is coming back nicely, and I just need to work the bike the rest of the spring. I'm up in the air about Rev3 part of me wants to do it because it's the home town race and since I'm going to be OCS bound in July or August, (hence graduating in November) there's no real point to try to qualify for Kona or Clearwater this year. The other thing is do I really want to spend $250 on a race entry? The Griskus Sprint I'm not going to be able to make a decision on until May because that's when I'll know if and when I'm shipping out. If I'm not out until August I might sign up for it, if I'm out in July then it's a no go. I want to get back into Ironman but I won't know when I'll be able to. The coming months hold all the keys to my professional and athletic future. Also on the training for the first time since 2006 I'll be training solo. Bjoern is down in NYC and Josie's pregnant ( which sucks for her Ironman Lake Placid plans for 2010 but hey there's always 2011 and they always say mothers are the firecest competitors.
So that's all that's going down here.
Running toward the future.