Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rest Day Rants!

Yep that's right after 3 straight days of getting up at 6AM to workout I'm taking a rest day...kinda...sortof.... (stupid part time job.) Yesterday I managed to get in a 3000 yard swim and a glorious 8 mile run. ( an no Satan i was not attacked by any mummies, zombies or giant inscects despite the fact I ran past two cemeteries from the colonial era.) today I lazily slept in and showed up at work looking like i got hit by a ten ton truck. ( my co-workers kept gwaking "you look exhausted Rob.") Some of my Customers treat me like I'm a breathing ATM me simple one word commands..." slip" "cash" "Change" "Large" "Balance" Grunt. Man, there ain't nothing like being ordered around like a dog to make you feel sub human....seriously It Sucks! I try to treat people with some dignity even the poor guy behind the counter at the convience store...because I've been there done that it just ticks me off how rude people can be. Alright that was my rant on on that. Next rant is on how Bush has it out for all Yonug men between 18 and 25 who don't have the cash for an ivy leauge school. Iraq is falling apart, Afghanistan is well....Afgahnistan....and now Bush is itching to attack Iran...seriously with our "volunteer Armies" bogged down in a Mess-o-potamia ( yes I stole from the Daily show... i love you steve Colbert) , and Bin Ladin hunting in Afgahnistan that means there is only one way to get a large enough army to take on the Irainians......that's right the DRAFT and no it's not the good kind of's not like the NFL Draft....or the fantasy leauge It's the kind of draft where the Secertary of defense pulls a little clear pill with your birthday printed on it and if your number comes up you can kiss that scholarship to Yale good bye because you're going to terhan university ...the school of hard knocks. Unless of course Daddy or mommy is a senator,or CEO of major GOP fundraiser then you serve drinks in the greenzone or the Pentagon..well to cut myself short...our current situation is FUBAR and War with Iran would be the makings of Coup D' Etat...also to all our troops in Iraq and Afgahnistan..thank you for going over despite the fact our commander in chief is an idiot. (Enter Shameless plug for Ron Paul now. vote for common sense in 08 vote for Ron Paul!)
so Recap:
War on terror : Still a mess.
War on iran: Bad Idea
Draft: Very Bad Idea!
Bush= Moron!!!
Rude People Suck!
Finally Getting LD training in: Good.
Well that's my Rant...back to work.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Finally getting back into shape.

Yeah that's right I'm starting to make dents in my IM NZ training plan. I went for a 45 mile ride on Sunday in a section of the State where the cars are worth more than my life...and I'm not lying on that. ex. Mercedes E class cost $51,000 USD Bob-o's life insurance policy $22,000 USD. Seriously if I get taken out by a Porsche my insurance will barley cover removing the dent made from the impact that sent me on my "final flight". But aside from having to dodge the odd sports car and speeding gas guzzler. The ride from Woodbury to Lake Waramaug was pretty scenic and enjoyable. Surprisingly though it consisted of up hills both time I should just bite the bullet and ride back the way I came....I had to dismount for one descent ( due to a sharp ass left hand turn onto CT 199 and the fact that like in Wolcott the fine people of Washington Depot...(not Washington CT you guys rock!) to drive like Andretti and take that sharp little left hander without signaling) so in order to avoid and untimley death and my surviors being sued by some big shot attorney for damages done to an E-class I decided to coward out and walk doen the remaining portion of the hill....this would turn into a two mile oddesey of me clip-clopping in bike shoes due to the fact that at the bottom of said hill is the begining of a two mile assent and if I tried to re-mount I would most likely fall side ways into the path of an oncoming E-class. After that it was pretty smooth sailing.. alot of climbs and a semi frightening descent back into Woodbury ( being as I am still getting used to the Bitch Stomper I was unclipped and occassionally stuck my leg out to strech and give my self added stability).
Now on Sunday we ran out of diesel and since Mr. Mortgage Broker still hasn't come through and I am paying down the balance on my card for helpping with Melissa's tutition..I can not afford to get fuel oil so I now have pressure to get up early and hit the Y..If I don't I will smell like ass and in business that's not Yesterday I got in a 2000 yard swim, this morning I decided to run through the west side after dropping my sister off, I parked at Holy Cross and went on one of my old high school training routes. I have to tell you when I was running for the track team our Highland ave. loop seemed like the closing miles of the Kona last uphill after an eternity of work and I was lucky to finish it in 40 min. Today I did it in 30 min. not bad for almost 4 miles. Now I don't know why but whenever I run lately I have Ludacris's " Move Bitch" stuck in my head..lucklily I don't sing out loud especially when I'm running in the Dirty Water other wise I'd be making the 5 o'clock news for a different reason than I like... So after my run through da" West Side!" it was to the Y to shower and I managed to get out with enough time to spare to actually get coffee and breakfast...que Dunkin Donuts commercial well I've got to get back to work... the IT department is watching...