Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Monster PR

Well ok it was only by about 5 minutes. I pulled a 3:21:27 this morning in Hartford. A big shout out to the "Anti-Pace Team Pace-Team" consisting of Cranky Runner, this dude Ari and myself. The 3 of us held with the 3:10 pace squad for about 12 miles before the 7:09, intervals became too much. To put things in persepective on how fast the pace leader was going I pulled a Half Marathon PR in the race. Eclispsing my previous best by nearly 2 minutes. Going a 1:34:59. Sadly my legs would pay for this later as mile 24 and 25 were well above my 7:47 average. also huge shout out for Josie for plowing through a crowd of 50 people about 200 meters to the finish line. I may have been in pain but it certainly put a smile on my face.

Now back to watching Kona. Chris Lieto is leading on the marathon as Macca and Faris are running him down in hot pursuit.

On the *yawn* Chrissie Wellington Show....I mean women's race, Chrissie Wellington is gunning for a top 10 overall spot, and the rest of the women are trying to keep the lead from going over 15 minutes.

My legs ache just watching...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Marathon week: ie Bobby goes on a shit happens rant.

When we last left our hero he was contemplating jobs in multiple locales, picked up a girlfriend, and entered a marathon.

This week he has resurrected the dead, had one job dry up, one contact him then ignore him, another give him a phone interview and a face to face, only to have his current employer dash the chances of making it to his face to face, and oh yeah a really painfully 16 mile prep run.

Figure I'm in a bad mood so I'll start with the bad crap and progress to the good stuff.
On the job front:
My attempts to get a job in Virginia took a hit when the company, which will do it share to keep you dry, offering them re-evaluated their manpower options. They decided to eliminate the position. All was not lost however as their New Jersey office sent me an email asking if I was interested in the same position. I have called and emailed twice but haven't heard a thing from them, I really hope this gig works out but we'll see. Another insurance company which rhymes with enigma called and gave me a phone interview for a call center rep job at their Philadelphia Office. The phone interview went well and I was called in for a face to face. The problem, they only had spots for face to face interviews open this week. Problem in a job that requires at least 2weeks notice for taking an off day. Well I was going to call in sick on tomorrow to haul out and interview but that got spoiled when one of my co-workers told me to tell the boss so he could take care of the schedule. Well I told the boss and got the "I need you here on Thursday, because you're the only one who can work late thing." After some finagling, one of my co-workers suggesting I skip the marathon and work Saturday for her, I managed to iron out a compromise that would have me working until 3pm on Friday then driving to Philly, interviewing then driving home or straight to Hartford and running the mary.( because damn it I spent what could have been 3 days worth of groceries and at least two packs of my parents's cigarettes on this things so paying $90 bucks to sit in the office and earn about $40 was not an option.) Well this plan got shot down when the company informed me that they only had interview slots open in the morning on Friday...they told me they'd let me know if anything opened up next week or I could take my chances with the phone assessment. The sad thing is I was confident I could land that job...and it paid enough more than what I make now. Almost on cue, two of my bill collectors called me right after that.

On the running front:

Sunday I decided to do at least a 15 mile training run. It went pretty well except for some granola making it's presence know at mile 12, and only having water but no Gatorade or gels on me. I got to mile 16 almost 17 on just H2O before the body said no mas and I was forced to walked half a mile to a convenience store for some Gatorade then another 3 miles to call for a ride. On the plus side of this if I hydrate and Eat I should be good to go in Saturday's marathon.

Today after my whole interview schedule fiasco I went for my 4 know you're an endurance athlete or had a really shitty day when a 4 miler does not produce sufficient endorphins to rouse you from your bad mood. And the only thing you can think of is not.."gee I'm running at 7:45/mile pace so I should be able to run a solid Marathon this weekend" but "damn it I'm going to be stuck in a dead end job that can't meet the bills for the rest of my pathetic life." mind set. Which leads me to writing this blog post because if I don't get this toxic negativity out of my system I shall surely do something I will run a 20 mile death march with nothing but an expired bottle of Baileys to regain a feeling of self worth...all right feeling better now.

On the plus side: Remember many moons ago when we all used to read the ramblings of a New York Road Runner. A sage that would enlighten us with running knowledge, wise cracks, and just bitch about those psychos who thought the preferred mode of transit in Central Park was a bike and not on two feet at 8:00/mile pace. Yes Cranky Runner Lives! and he's going to be at the Hartford Marathon this weekend, preferably dragging my sore but in tow for the last 10 miles.
Like wise on the positive news front the GF and a few of my friends who happen to be women should be cheering me on this weekend, one friend and her fiance are letting me crash at their apartment mere blocks from Bushnell park. No over priced lot for Bob-o this year. Granted I may be fighting the cats for the sofa.

But that's my rambling. To those racing Kona Good Luck and God's speed! Like wise to anyone up at Hartford if you see a hypoxic, angry looking fellow coming up from behind wearing a Blazeman T and a pair of Blue New Balance shorts,it's probably me so give me a shout out.

Will run for food....and a car...and an apartment....and a living wage...and a cure for ALS....and donations for Samona Tsunami victims...