Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's autumn in Connecticut

Which for Bobby means it's road race season. The run mileage has been increasing and my weekly mileage has gone up dramatically as I've gone from barely scraping out 20 miles per week to just over 30. Last week I only got a 10 miler in as I tried to add more yards in the pool. Today I decided to focus more on speed. I went down to the Cheshire rail trail and cranked out 5.6 miles on the flat and fast surface. In fact my last couple of runs have been on this rail trail as I could run after dark without having to worry about traffic, and if my reflective vest will keep me visible. So today since I know I have at least 2-3 road races on tap and they are more of the short distance variety I decided to really push speed over mileage. I managed to cover the 5.8 miles from the trail head to the Hamden border in 42:32. I began at a strong pace and in the middle sort of moderated especially at the cross walks. When I hit the Hamden border the sun was really beginning to set so I hustled the way back. My stride opened up and I really focused, getting my breathing back to race rate. I ended up slowing a little at the end as I tangoed with a cyclist. I stayed right and he zoomed around me like he was cutting off the trail then cut back on Cyclocross style came back on I cut left to give him room only to have him shout back " I'll go around on the right if you want me to." " Hey I didn't know where you were riding." " I didn't know where you were going either." he replied back. I made it back to my car and stretched. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get a longer run in as well as get back to the pool. I do have a trainer set up so this winter I'm going to train like I did the years I did Ironman New Zealand. I'm hoping to have a better 2011 than 2010 on many levels.

Likewise not to keep everything focused on training my friend Josie gave birth to her first child. Her daughter Amelia Kay was born at 1:30 this afternoon weighing in at 8lbs. 14 oz. At last check Mom and baby were doing fine.