Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shut down by the man!

Well the company finally took notice that I was blogging between customers so my writing on company time is over...sigh...oh well I can see it their way...after all what would get accomplished if everyone was blogging on company band with... so if my posts are a little more infrequent...this is why..granted it does let me think them out some more so maybe I won't seem as "off the handle" as I have for the past year.

Training has been going well I got in a 72 mile ride on Saturday and am hitting the weight room twice a week. Yesterday was a 4-5 mile run and go out with the little bro to celebrate his birthday. Seriously it's frightening when I look at him it's like looking in a mirror 10 years in the past. Today I hit the weights mostly working on the back and arms, with some wood chops and TGU's thrown in for good measure. I followed that up with a 3000 yard maintenance swim. Park City is coming up in 2 weeks and I want to end 09 with a win damn it. There is debate to if I will do anything else this year but right now it's pretty low on the priority scale. Just got back from dinner and coffee with a rather intriguing woman and this weekend I join Bjoern on the Island for some rest and relaxation.

I've got a few job applications out and I'm hoping that I get some positive news from at least one of them. But life is moving on. Tomorrow is a short day at the office so hopefully a morning run and an evening bike or swim. I do have photos from most of the races I did this summer so I will post a summer photo album soon. I just want to wait until after Park City and my weekend away from it all.

Fight the man!