Saturday, January 10, 2009

Yet another trainer session.

Well upon talking to my mechanic and procuring some bike tubes for what was supposed to be a frigid 50miler I was greeted with a fine layer of the white stuff falling from the sky. After some muttered cusses I resigned myself to using the trainer. 3 hours on that little track stand had me sweating like a Turkish weightlifter in a sauna. I worked through some nutrition as well granted I think that I was a little heavy on the simple sugars as my mouth felt like it was going going into sweet diabetic breath mode.A bottle of Gatorade, a pack of shot blocks and a gu in what would be the equivalent of a half iron bike leg. My training for this Ironman hasn't gone as well as I'd hoped but then again 2008 was a nightmare on the personal and financial front and 2009 has begun a little shaky on the same two fronts. My mind has been in 50 different directions, and I just haven't been able to keep my head in the game...the weather hasn't helped,the fact it's my senior year of college hasn't helped, it's just been so hard to focus on the things I need and want to do, instead of give up in frustration. for triathlon, the motivation for me to keep going is simple to find, I do it because there are people out there that can't. For the getting myself squared I know I need to because I want a decent life, and for graduating college it's the same reason I want a better life than my parents I want to succeed but I am so afraid of failure. I just hope that maybe this year I can take that anything is possible mantra out of the Ironman, that I'll be able to knuckle down and get things done and that in 2009 I'll be self suffcient and prosperous, that I'll be able to find where I want to be and get there and that maybe for the first time in a while I can look at myself in the mirror without second guessing myself, that I can feel pride in doing what I want to do instead of guilt. Sorry didn't mean to get deep but when you sit on the trainer for hours at a time the wheels start spinning and you get nowhere, and if there is anything I hate it's doing a lot of work to go nowhere.


2 For 1 :Go Speed Racer Go! and Trying to Race a Blizzard.

Well Claire Bad Ass MoFo just man handled the Walt Disney World Half Marathon pulling a time that would be good for me a 1:46.13 ( this actually beat my run split from Eagleman and RI 70.3) so her Goofy Race and a Half is off to a good start. I'm looking forward to seeing the results of the Marathon Battle Royale between her Runner Gal and the Crankmiester Also it's a frigid for Florida 55F down in the land of the Gators and Citrus fruits which is stark and bitter contrast to Connecticut.

This morning as I went out to warm up my car it was a tropical 15F and there is the "mother of all snowstorms" on the way. That's right more snow and there is talk of bitter cold and yet another storm next weekend which makes me think I'm going to be pulling a Ken Glah by doing all my bike training indoors. Tonight they are predicting between 5 inches to a foot and a half of the white this point it's more annoying than anything...I'm starting to get sick of life in the tundra especially WHEN IT SNOWS OR ICES EVERY FREAKING WEEKEND AND THOSE ARE THE ONLY DAYS I CAN RIDE/ RUN OUTDOORS! ok I'm better now.

So today despite the high is going to be a "break out the shorts" 28F I'm going to look at the weather forecasts and see if I can get in 50-60 miles on the bike before this place turns into a skier's paradise...which the weather forecasters can't agree on when it's supposed to start..some are saying 5PM which would allow me to get my frozen ride in, others are saying 3PM which would allow me to get 20-30 miles, others are saying dead at noon...I figure I'll just shoot out to the lake ( since the roads still have a little frozen residue from our last ice storm and I don't feel like descending a steep hill at a high rate of speed only to see an icy patch waiting for me at a sharp turn.) and do loops until it gets dark, I get too cold, or starts snowing and follow it from there, not the most organized training program on earth but in my climate it works.

Last night I managed to do my annual hour swim as my Ironman Test 4650 yds. (2.64 miles) in 60 min. That's holding roughly 1:25/ 100 meters so my estimated Ironman Swim split if it were to happen last night is a 54:42..granted add in the adrenaline factor, the wetsuit, drafting, the current at Lake Taupo and I stand to do about a 52 min swim..granted I still have 2 months of training ahead.

My Achilles I've decided I'll start running again Tuesday to set up my in school running schedule ( Tuesday Afternoon, Thursday morning or night, Saturday long brick.) and also to give it a little more recoup time I don't want to be remembered as the guy who's tendon exploded at mile 5 of the marathon, or pull a Sam McGlone and sit out with injury. I still have good base and I figure I'll only taper two weeks going into the Ironman, it seems logical since I only give myself a week taper for my halves.

Well that's all for me I have to go gather supplies, and try to get somesort of training in today and hopefully it won't be 4-6 hours on the trainer again....I've already watched almost every dvd in my collection and seriously it gets annoying riding to no where.

Edit: It started snowing at a good clip when I arrived home to get my bike, looks like it's a date with the trainer and DVD win again old man winter!

Looking into job opportunities and Condos in New Zealand, Australia, San Diego, Miami, Orlando,Barbados.....


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ironman New Zealand:The Scouting Report so far...

Well upon searching the competitior list there are only 4 guys that beat me in my Age group last year re-upping for the 2009 edition.

One of them, Shanon Barnett is now a pro, which after his AG winning time last year, is fitting. I think he beat Jo Lawn ( the women's pro winner) because he was the last guy top pass me before they lapped me. He beats Cam Brown I owe him a beer.

Jared Bowden who now seems to be the favorite. The guy even swims faster than me...he pulled a 49:51 last year thoroughly toasting my 53. His bike Split is a 5:20 but his marathon is on pace with my goal pace...this is the guy I have to stay with if I want to leave with hardware.

Hamish Loveday another big contender not really fast on the swim but the guy is quick on the bike and fast on the run.

Todd Spackman, last year I out swam him, we were dead even on the run, but he had a nice little half hour cushion from the bike, I have to be faster on the bike this time around if I want a podium.

Alright so this scouting report is a little incomplete, I'm sure there's probably some kid in OZ or New Zealand who does sub 2hr.Olympic tri or sub 5hr. Half Ironman saying, "Maybe I'll give this Ironman thing a go." Or some crazy dude in Poland, Russia, or Canada pulling my crazy winter training scheme. I also didn't factor in the guys that finished behind me,I'm sure at least one of them is like " I got beat by some pudgy little Yank ...never again mate!" and then proceeded to go through an animalistic training program that only Sly Stallone would be proud of. One of these X-factor athletes might pound the field into submission but if this year is like last year I stand to finish 4th in my age group, but the thing I tend to realize is that this year is very seldom like last year.


Returning to Running..kinda sort of...

Well yesterday, New England was hit by a big ol' ice storm, unlike Judi, I decided not to risk it on the ice and instead went to the Y and got on the dread...I mean treadmill. I decided to take it easy for the first 15 min. going 7 mph or 8:34 miles after 15 min I cranked it up to 7.5 mph or 8 min miles, I held this pace for the next hour. My ankle started to ache again at this point and after talking to the guy running next to me it seems to be a common aliment from using my gym's particular brand of tread mill. I managed to get in just over 9 miles in an hour and 15 min. Not bad for a first day back. I got the trigger point roller and unlocked my left leg... one of my training partners suggested I get a massage but right now I don't have the dough so my little brother and his skillz that killz will have to do. ( Mike I'm paying for your massage therapy school.)

I managed to get a weight session in with Alex after attempting to do regular dead lifts, it became apparent that my back couldn't hold a neutral spine, he proceeded to show me how to do dumb bell dead lifts to build leg strength, as well as planks and hyper extensions to try to get my back with the program, he also suggested some minor machine work because my back was so weak..row and lat pulls but other than than everything else was either core or free weight. including first half Turkish get ups with kettlebell...crap I'm starting to turn into Angry Runner, I'm drooling over kettlebells...

On the swim front last night was sort of a sprint night, lots of rest, lots of speed, 4600 yards of pain and goodness. Friday I have my usual pre-Ironman test an hour straight trying to give myself an estimate of what I can realistically expect for a split in Taupo.

Tonight trainer love and maybe a swim, tomorrow a run and swim. Saturday, they're predicting snow but then again don't they always. I would love to ride outdoors but' I'll see if it's feasible. Otherwise a snow run might be on tap hopefully 15 + miles but it all rests on my ankle and how it feels. Sunday if the roads aren't crap an after mass ride is up on tap otherwise it will be an aftermass trainer session. I have one week before the semester and I begin to juggle time between school, research, work, and this crazy Ironman thing...only good thing out of this Bjoern is back and I'll have someone to ride with. So for now I need to crank out the miles while I have free time. I just hope the weather will co-operate.

Praying for a freak heat wave...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Goofy Runners I salute you!

Well Cranky, Speed Racer and Runner Gal are in final preperations to go to Orlando for The Disney World Marathon and the Goofy Challenge, they will most likely be joined by the Angry Spectator. I am a tiny bit jealous as while they will be battling heat,humidity, the never ending chorus of "It's a small world." and a lines of kooky people in mascot wear, I will be battling cold temps, possible winter storms, darkness, and all that jazz here in the New England Tundra. I have their sites highlighted and I will most likely be following Speedy's exploits in her Half/ Full Goofy double. I could go into my personal shit but for once it's not about me...those about to rock Florida I salute you..and a few closing requests.

Cranky: please give Mickey a swift kick between the legs for me.
Runner Gal :good luck a marathon PR is in your future.
Speedy: Just look at this way it's 39.3 miles of icky cross training for RAAM.

Alright that's all from me.
His Body maybe in Connecticut but his soul is in Florida.


Ok I put up the Abbreviation....after reading Judi's which her part of Ohio was 50F ( 10C) and experience liquid..I stress LIQUID rain. I have been consumed by jelaousy. I need to ride out doors but the weather hasn't been really conducive to it, and with my next semester rapidly apporaching I need to get some miles in my legs, before I'm back to the post class pool sessions and early morining trainer work and whatever lifting I can get in.
Sunday is supposed to be in the 20's F absolutely freezing but it's looking like the only day on the weekend that we won't be dealing with or cleaning up frozen percipatation. Part of me is leary of riding in weather under 30F but at this point I need a long outdoor ride and realistically once classes begin I'm going to need to devote some time to my thesis.. so I need to ride this weekend and next weekend if the weather will allow. Tonight I plan on running after work trying to beat the FREEZING rain they are predicting , seriously I'm hoping ths storm trak flows a little more to the north so we end up with the liquid crap. My run is nothing much my normal 10 mile loop followed by some trainer 3-4 hours of trainer love... tomorrow if the roads are good I'm not due into the office until 11 so I might get a morning run in if not the trainer will be getting yet more love....I'm serioulsy thinking of getting a netflix account so I can rent some TDF dvds..because Troy's Aero Base Builder is well ..too easy. So regardless it looks like my weekends are going to be consumed by the 3 R's Riding, Running, and Researching ... HTFU of Harden The F**K Up is my mantra this week even if it's cold as long as the roads are good I need to crank out the mileage.

On the cash flow front I've got an interview for my first coaching gig. Two weeks of working in an intermediate and beginner tri camp in the Lake Placid region of New York I figure some time of getting back to basics and hanging with some fellow tri geeks, or soon to be tri geeks will help, not to mention if I do well here I can justify going for my USAT coaching Cert, and the cash will definitely help me in my escape from debtopia or in my 2010 tri endevaors, only thing is I have to do is renew my lifeguard cert...who knows will this be a stepping stone to a long Tri Coaching career...will my name be thrown around with the likes of Lance Watson, Troy Jacobson and Mark Allen...idk but if I can make a little for the race fund it would help.

My Ironman Scouting report will be posted soon...hopefully my age group won't have the pathenon or speed demons it had last year, or at least I'll be better able to compete. My swim is solid as Stef has been kicking my ass, tomorrow Alex will put me through weights. My bike is progressing granted I haven't gotten as many outdoor miles as I would like so I'm really hoping for a clear weekend this week so I can ride Saturday and Sunday. My run well tonight I'll see if 4 days rest was enough to get my achilles back in gear. I spun last night at the Y for about 45 minutes on their expresso road race simulator...let's just say this nothing replaces the open road. I've also been doing trigger point soft tissue work as well as pull ups and squats...if I start picking fights that I can deadlift more than you, start making dirty looks at people using the leg press machine instead of "manning up" on the Squat rack you will know that I have drunken the Crossfit Kool-Aid.

Well that' it from here

Doing the warm weather dance.